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Author Topic: Sentinel Watchers of the Realm: (Recruiting Free Form Modern Fantasy)  (Read 790 times)

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The History
Tens of thousands of years ago, all walks of life existed on a single plane. Legends state that the realm was in a constant state of chaos as various creatures and beings struggled to adapt and survive one another. These creatures were large and small, prone to virtues and vices, favoring magic and science, tradition and freedom, nature and expansion. Eventually these different walks of life grew to resent each other. The resentment festered and grew, and soon wars broke out. At first peace was able to be achieved, but little by little the wars grew and further violence erupted. Eventually the whole of existence was caught in a chaotic war, no longer able to turn a blind eye to one another's atrocities. So great did the chaos erupt the whole of creation was pushed to the brink of oblivion. Then as the destruction was at it's worst and all hope seemed lost a event took place that changed everything and very well may have saved everything. The various factions and races separated and transported to different planes of existence. Able to grow and evolve on a course that would save the whole of existence. This even became known as "The Fracture."

The fracture created five planes of life that grew to be known as Terra, Gaia, Nocturne, Nirvana, and Inferno. Though most of them are completely separate from one another, the central plane Terra is connected to all of them. Through the ages many beings have passed through time and space to visit Terra, some bringing wisdom, some bringing wonder, some bringing terror. For awhile they were legends spoken of, the faeries in the trees, the vampires in the night, the monsters that lurk in the deep caves or below the ocean's surface. Many of these creatures preyed upon the humans of Terra and eventually a order was established in order to protect the people from these beings.

The Order would become known as Sentinel the watchers of the realm. Originally Sentinel was put together to destroy the enemies to the world. Monster slayers, these were the heroes that eventually became remembered through fairy tales and myths. At first well known and a beacon of hope. Guardians and protectors not ignorant of the monsters preying on their people.

As time passed the organization began to learn and grow, opening their ranks to certain beings that proved themselves worthy of the responsibility. Growing into something more then simple monster slayers. As ignorant as they were of the beings passing over, the beings were just as ignorant of them most of the time. New protocols were set into motion and in many spots around the world colonies and areas were established specifically for the visitors. While their numbers would never flourish on Terra if they posed no threat and didn't bring chaos with them there was no reason not to allow them to settle.

As time passed further Sentinel became a myth in and of itself, whispered only by the paranoid and kept secret. The fear being that the general public couldn't handle the truth after so many years of ignorance. Now their job is to seek out beings that have fallen into Terra and sort them out. As well as keep those there to stay in line. Their general protocols start with identifying the threat. Reasoning with it's actions, and from there deciding whether or not to send it back to it's own plane, allow it to stay within Terra, or if it leaves no other option terminating it. The following are their chronicles and adventures.

The Setting

The game will takes place in a fictional town called New Frontier City. The City is located off the west coast of the United States. The area is a ideal location for a Sentinel cell to be established due to the variety of different areas that make it easily comfortable for visitors of many different planes to establish a home and help keep them hidden. The city is moderately sized with a population of 30,000 people. The beach to the west of the town is only twenty minute drive away. Along to the southeast is a large forest reserve used specifically to house and protect various creatures usually hailing from Gaia. To the northeast is a large expansion of meadowlands. During the winter the city is a popular tourist spot, though due to supernatural stories of monsters and ghosts New Frontier gets tourism year round.

New Frontier lies within the Marine west coast climate zone (Köppen Cfb), with very mild temperatures year-round, some of the most consistent in the contiguous United States; winters are mild for this latitude (it usually remains above freezing at night) and wet. Summers are cool, although short heat waves can occur. Rainfall is most abundant in late fall and winter and is lightest in July and August. Snowfall is relatively rare, occurring in only three-fifths of years. Nevertheless, when conditions are ripe, significant snowfalls can occur.

Points of interest

Harrington Marine Museum: A museum dedicated to marine animals
                                   The Beach: All the general activities that go with a beach.
                        Tailgate Tavern: Popular bar downtown in which many college students love to frequent.
                                       Infinity: Popular Dance club in northwestern part of the town
                                       Club Atlas: A dance club owned by a Devil named Atlas, very popular among visitors.
                           Frontier Trail: A series of trails that cut through and around town that allow hiking, biking, and in certain areas ATVs, and Motorcycles.
New Frontier Fairgrounds: A cleared area in central New Frontier where concerts, fairs, and other community activites take place.
The New Frontier Lighthouse: A famous historical lighthouse almost two hundred years old, built on the fondation of the city.

Concept of the game

Welcome to New Frontier City. A moderately sized town hanging off the west coast of Oregon. It's always been the type of place that gets a regular amount of activity. As visitors from multiple plans reguarly find themselves lost in with surroundings and inside of the city. For the Sentinel order it's been a ideal place to teach new recruits, as well as establish peaceful community for visitors intending to stay. The area's allowing for creatures of all kinds to settle in and remain hidden to the naked eye. Though there is always danger in such hot spots, there has never truly been high risk from the town. For the last fifty years New Frontier has been on of the ideal places to live among the order.

That is all starting to change. The visitors that have started to appear are not the type that can be reasoned with. These feral beasts have started to attack the residents. In fifty years the deaths related from visitors had only been 46. In the last year there have been 62 fatalities, and many more injuries. This has lead to a increase of security around town. Most often these attacks have taken place at night, the residents harmed swearing that these were monsters from their dreams and fairy tales. The events and claims have been rationalized away with explanations such as it being a trick of the light. Or superstitious paranoia playing around the town. Over active imaginations, or simply people playing off lies and making up stories in order to create a stir. So far the "sightings" have been treated like a drunk man's rambling, or tall tales from over imaginative children.

Just as suddenly as the attacks have increased have a large number of visitors from the plane of Gaia have rapidly begun to express a high desire to move. Demanding they either move to another cell and settle down there, or return to their plane altogether. They've given no explanation for their sudden fear, not justification. In response Sentinel has increased the number of watchers within the town. Ready and waiting for any danger that might be lurking just beyond the shadows. What used to be a normally quite town has started to become a anything but, and the events that have taken place, are only the beginning.

Meta game info

The game will take place within a sandbox, advancing one month at a time. With each month having a event taking place about the overall plot of the story. Underneath the main plot will be several other happenings to give the game some flavor. Assignments will be posted and interest players will be allowed to accept them in groups of 2-4. Players in the game may also create their own assignments and their own side plots to create character growth and give themselves something to do.

I'm open to allowing any type of race to be played, but since Sentinel is a human controlled and centric group, I'd prefer that there be more humans. (Be it witch, extraordinary, or mundane), then other races. Races are not limited to the ones listed and given examples of below. If you have specific races in mind not mentioned, or some of your own creation they are welcome, so long as you're not making demi gods. Give me a PM and we can discuss the abilities your character might possess.

What will the players role be?

Players will step into the role of members of the Sentinel Order, either just arriving in town to help handle the situation, or were already life long residents. They will balance personal lives with their extraordinary lives as they slowly unravel the truth of what's behind the events taken place inside the town and it's outlying areas.

What section will the game be placed in?

I think the game will probably do well in the Non-consenual exotic thread.

Who is the RP open to?

The game is open to any member of E!

What is the plot?

There will be a overarching plot happening in the game, involving directly the cause and source of the sudden increase of violent visitors. The motivations and the bigger picture behind them etc. As well as various side missions and plots created by myself as well. However it's my intention that much of the meat and subplots will be character driven by the various players in the game. The creatures your characters might encounter, fight, or reason with can be entirely of your own creation so long as it's within reason. A massive gigantic dragon flying down central park is a little much for example.

Can I create multiple characters?

To start with, I think I'll limit it to a single character. That way we can make sure everyone adjusts and begins to understand the game and setting. Afterwards I will open it up to more then one if people are interested.

What do I need to play?

There is nothing specifically required other then your own imagination.

Will there be a tagging system?

Yes, that way we can establish who's talking to who, when and where the scenes are taking place clearly, and avoid confusion.

How will combat be handled?

It's my preferrence that battles and confrontations are handled free form. Because there are so many possible different magical abilities it'd over saturate and take away from the creativity to turn different magic into hit points and the like. So I'd like to stay with free form as often as possible.

If ever a situation comes up within two different members feeling their characters should win a fight, we'll turn to rolling dice and leave it at that.

IF a situation occurs where there is a fight going on and the odds are heavily against a certain individual I may judge that they shouldn't win. I.E. A pure-blood vampire is fighting a something in broad daylight. The Vampire will always lose that fight. Or a mundane human going up against the hulk unprepared.

Those are some extreme conditions.

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Re: Sentinel Watchers of the Realm: (Recruiting Free Form Modern Fantasy)
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2014, 10:58:50 am »
The Sentinel Order

Originally called the Eyes of Azure, the Sentinel order has been around for a little over seven thousand years. It was founded by a noble lord who lost his brother to ghoul attacks. The original purpose was very simple. Find the monsters harming people and destroy them. No longer would mankind run in fear of the supernatural and mystical. Instead they would arm themselves and fight back against the tide. At first the order was based strictly in Persia where the founder Sirrah Tarf started the establishment. However everything would change with the arrival of one of the most famous heroes the order has nown Lesath Izar.

Lesath joined the order at a young age but was a type of prodigy. He had been summoned from a different country after vanquishing a giant by himself with cunning strategy. For awhile he existed in harmony however the constant letters from home speaking of incidents taking place convinced Lesath that the order couldn't be based in one area. It took too long to send out help and Lesath established moving cells to the order. Groups of a dozen or so that traveled from area to area as a band of mercenaries for hire looking to protect and reduce villages from the threats that lurked in the shadows.

It was slow but has the centuries passed the order spread across Asia, Europe, and Africa, gaining fame and infamy as famous creatures were slain by heroes. However the fame came with a price. Eventually a true enemy for the order arrived in the form of a devil named Atticus. Atticus took it upon himself to go from village to village and find a noble he could sway, and for the first time since it's inception the Eyes of Azure were under attack constantly. Many different cells were utterly annihlated. Eventually however the order managed to slay Atticus and his Crimson Order along with him. The trend of enemies using political power and misinformation to harm the organization didn't go away however.

When the Roman Empire rose to the height of it's power, it was then that the order was nearly annihlated. A single demon enchantress kept close to each emperor and as the Roman Empire grew, the order began to dwindle. So much so that a change was forced in order to survive. No longer would they call themselves the Eyes of Azure, and no longer would they bask in glory over their deeds. Instead it was decided that they should go into secret, become a order that operates in the shadows to combat the shadows themselves.

In the year 100 A.D. various leaders gathered for a meeting and the Eyes of Azure officially disbanded. In that same year the organization would take on a new title and a new role. The Sentinel Order was established, and they would watch the shadows silently putting to rest threats that appeared. There wouldn't be fame in their work. The people they helped would know them as a enigma there one moment and gone the next. In this way they could avoid watchful eyes, their enemies never having discovered a true identity for them. Secrecy would be their shield, and precision would be their blade.

In the year 210 A.D. the first non human was allowed to enter the order. A forest elf of Gaia by the name of Elion Lysanthir appealed to a cell in Rome to allow him to help. Elion was pivotal in explaining and bringing understanding that most of the creatures lost in the world were not malicious. Simply lost and confused, many of the actions taken in the world were horrors to their people. He suggest diplomacy and mercy, and offered to act a a ambassador of sorts to try and lead to peaceful resolutions to the various conflicts that might arise. His success lead to a change in structure and order. By 350 A.D. the order was no longer a organization destined simply to slay monsters.

Instead the Order would identify what was happening and why it was happening. No longer simply serving the troubles of humans but trying a empathic approach with the visitors that came to them. This lead to many advantages, as some of the creatures possessed magical ability that was extremely rare for the order to come across. A equalizer to further protect their ranks and their world. The infusion of visitors led in many cases to cross breeding. Half bloods and descendents of these unions would come to be called Extraordinay Humans, and these beings would become the muscle of the order.

By the 1500s the various cells were no longer a secret from each other and began to contact each other regularly. Establishing a council in which they could plan and protect themselves. Discipline and seek out traitors and those that were causing problems. Protocols which used to be set by individual cells were done away and instead a overall protocol for the entire group was established. No member of Sentinel would have different priorities in their missions then one across the world. The Order would become uniform, and this success allowed them to grow. When the world discovered North and South America the order traveled with it. Flourishing with each other.

The only setback facing the order came as constant wars around the world erupting testing the loyalty of various members. This led to a strict code of isolation. Anyone of sentinel would never affiliate with the political affairs of any aspect of the world. They would not take sides in a war, they would not appeal to leaders. Their goal was specifically to protect Terra from it's visitors, and the visitors from Terra. In this way they might avoid internal bloodshed and hard feelings. It was not always that simple as massive wars tested loyalty, but the oath remained all the same. They were not looking for territory or power. They were not members of these countries they were loyal to the world, and to the world alone no matter what form it took.

The guidelines and Protocols of the Sentinel Order.

1.) Above all else Sentinel must remain a secret
   -Mind your surroundings, attacking a vampire in a busy street is likely to have consequences
   -Try to keep any extraordinary abilities to a minimum if protecting a witness
2.) Always remember we are guardians here to protect the innocent, we are here to protect them, and their safety must take priority above all.
-Evacuating and removing bystanders from a potential hostile situation is always a wise move.
-Only sacrifice the life of someone innocent for capturing a threat, ift he threat poses a high risk for infection. I.E. Ghouls, Feral Vampires, Werewolves inside a town. In such worst case scenarios the safety of your town must trump the safety of the individual.
3.) Always go through the process when establishing a threat.
    -What has the visitor done that requires your interference
    -Are there beings in danger immediately as you engage it?
    -Can you safely establish a means of communication?
    -Can the visitor be reasoned with?
4.) Should a encounter lead to combat for any reason always remember.
      -If it is possible to subdue visitor without fatal force always try to do this
      -Safety of yourself, of your team, and of bystanders in the vicinity must always take precedence.
      -If forced to slay a visitor always burn the body and remove the evidence.
5.) Always report to your director after a mission for debriefing and advice on how to improve the next situation.
6.) Always remember none of you are expendable.

Sentinel Dynamics

Council> Director> Mentor > Ambassador > Witch > Watcher > Sweeper > Rookie > Student

Council: At the top of everything is the council. Based in Rome, the rules, guidelines, and direction Sentinel takes and it's future is all decided from there. All changes that effect more then a single cell come from the council. They place directors in charge of the various cells, and it will also be the council that judges and decides the appropriate punishments and actions to place upon Watchers that have seriously endangered the order. These members are the oldest and most worthy heroes. Those who have spent their entire lives to the service and proven themselves worthy of leading the only true line of defense of Terra.

Director: Directors are extremely experienced Watchers who have in a sense retired from field work. These people have risen above and beyond the call of duty displaying actions of true wisdom and leadership and are trusted with the lives of a entire cell. Directors take command of a single cell usually tasked with protecting a city and it's outlying areas. They are responsible for organizing intelligence and posting assignments. Assigning leaders to those assignments. Other responsibilities include recruiting new members both terran and visitor, handling finances, handling problems with law that may arise in work, choosing mentors to lead the next area of training, and judging punishments small enough not to require the attention of the council.

Mentor: Mentors are essentially trainers, using the years of experience in order to help educate and prepare new recruits for the tasks ahead of them. Mentors help students learn martial skill, magical skill, and have a readily educate them on all avaialble knowledge when it comes to dealing with visitors. A mentor doesn't eduate a classroom instead a mentor chooses from new recruits those who they feel will be able to learn from them the most. Usually choosing between 3-5 students to teach.

Visitors from other planes who have chosen to join the order will generally learn under another visitor, to help the transition. Instead of learning from a human perspective they learn from a outsider perspective. Though sometimes there simply isn't a perfect situation for a outsider to learn as there are many different worlds a mentor may come from, and sometimes visitors have as much trouble understanding each other as they do the terrans.

Ambassador:  When vistors decide they wish to stay within the plane of Terra, be it for curiosity or a desire to do good, they are usually sent to live in small cul-de-sacs and various areas where they can be with their own kind and there is less chance of trouble arising. In these communities a leader of sorts is elected. A ambassador's job is essentially to look after the other visitors in their communities and act a direct bridge between Sentinel and the other worlds. The first person a visitor will go to for help is usually a ambassador. Most communities have 1-3 ambassadors looking after them.

Witch: These are humans born with magical ability and are not descended from a supernatural force. These beings are extremely rare, the one in a hundred million type of rare. Almost 100% of the time these beings are females. These beings usually excelling at enchanting the world around them. Witches are invaluable resources to the Sentinel order, and few ever experience life as a mundane. Generally they can be split into four different categories.

Enchantress: These witches have the ability to imbue weapons and people with wards and protections that allow them to combat enemies that a watcher might otherwise be incapable of defeating by normal means. Whether it is blessing a blade with fire, or it's blessing a jacket with protection from it. A Enchantress is a watcher's best friend.

Healer: These witches have various healing abilities. Generally the ability to heal and stabilize wounds. Though sever injuries generally aren't able to instantly be cured a healer can help them recover faster. As well as avoid a trip to a hospital which might draw questions and eyes. The more adapt healers may even be able to help cure and prevent diseases. Like everything else their abilities are so varied.

Fury: A fury is a witch with offensive magical power. Though witches are generally well protected and kept out of combat. A Fury's use is directly on the field of combat. Their abilities are varied, falling anywhere between cursing their opponents with hexes, or blasting them away with elemental powers.

Gate Seeker: These witches have the direct ability to consciously open gates. Allowing the order to send visitors back to their worlds. In extreme cases they also have the ability to send exiled members of Sentinel to other planes.

Watcher: If witches are the backbone, watchers are the meat. These are the protectors of Terra. The first and last line of defense from the creatures that might seek to do harm to the world. Or to protect the creatures that may be harmed by the inhabitants of Terra itself. Watchers do not spend all their time within the establishment, many choose to lead a mundane life alongside their life in Sentinel. As there isn't a crisis everyday some prefer to do more then wait around. This allows them to serve as a supernatural neighborhood watch. Some pick up jobs and pay for homes of their own. These people check in with the order at least once a week and accept assignments as they rise.

Sweeper: Usually a mundane, who is apart of a clean up crew goes particuarly wrong. Usually wearing disguises and making up issues to help seal off the area. A gas leak here, a dangerous animal over there. These individuals usually do not fight and avoid defending with their lives, but their presence is every bit as vital as anyone else in the order.

Rookie: Rookie is a newly graduated student given the responsibilities of a watcher, but still are not trusted with high danger situations. A rookie is not able to accept a assignment that might present a high degree of risk or danger. The philosophy it is better to put them in the shallow end of the pull and allow them to prove they can swim in the deep end. Usually they are held to safer assignments for about a year, before they are allowed to take on the more dangerous assignments.

Student: A new recruit to Sentinel, some of them have been raised by watchers that have been in the order for years and are following their parents footsteps. Some of them were discovered when they came across a visitor or were protected by a member of shield and displayed potential. Students are not allowed to take assignments, nor are they allowed to live in private residence. Their lives are dedicated entirely to martial training, magical training, and culture training. Preparing them to the best possible extent for the task the wait for them.

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Re: Sentinel Watchers of the Realm: (Recruiting Free Form Modern Fantasy)
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2014, 11:08:10 am »
Posting Etiquette and Expectation

1.) Every post needs to have the tag information at the top of it.
2.) Please post in third person
3.) Please no dialogue only, or one liner posts.
4.) No Godmoding, meta-gaming, or power gaming other people's characters.
5.) I don't have a expectation for posting speeds, just try to make sure the people you're writting with understand if you'll be slower or expect quicker posting.
6.) No killing any characters without both GM Approval, and full player permission.
7.) Follow the Elliquiy TOS at all times.

Play and Creation Rules

The Universe itself: This universe is one of my own creation, and the specific point to it, is that anything is possible to exist within it. So that being said, any ideas, races, magic, abilities, etc. You feel might be cool to add include, feel free to give me a poke.

I will not approve anything that gives you or your race incredibly unbeatable power. I expect everything within the universe to be able to balance itself out. Even the most amazing of badasses have vulnerabilities to protect somewhere.

Sentinel Order: When it comes to creating characters for Sentinel, I don't mind a few characters from another race, so long as they are Humanoid in some form. However Sentinel is a human group, and therefore I'd like to see a stronger human presence within the group then say one dominated by vampires and elves.

So in those regards it'll be a first come first serve basis for other races. Assuming we have a situation in which visitors greatly outnumber the humans.

There is no limit or expectations for Extraordinary humans.

Assignments and Missions: Missions or "assignments," are posted on a board inside the loungue of the main headquarters building. Individuals with interest of them are able to sign up. Groups will be of 2-4 people. Missions will fall under four categories....

Investigation: Strange events have started to take place in this specific area in town. Sometimes dangerous, sometimes mysterious. Regardless the mission is to figure out what is causing the events, and if possible bring a resolution to it.

Hunt: Sometimes a investigation fails to end the problem, and other times it's incredibly obvious what the problem is. A hunt is a mission where specific termination of a creature is expected. These are for magical beasts that lack sentience. Never leave the body in the open.

Bounty: A bounty is similar to hunts in the aspect that you are specifically tracking down a single entity. The difference is, in a bounty the expectation is to take in the target alive. Never terminate a target unless the safety of others is specifically at risk in that instance.

Termination: The other side of the coin to a bounty, the creature has proven itself a danger and can't be trusted to be brought back without posing high risk both towards innocents and the order itself. Subjects are expected to be terminated. Never leave a body to be discovered.

-Players are allowed to create and lead their own missions and assignments provided they have gotten approval from me first.

-All situations regarding disputes between visitors are to be handled directly by Mentors, Directors, and Ambassadors.

Creating a Race of your own

This game features 4 other worlds besides our own. Filled to the brim with other creatures and wonders. The ones I list below are just examples and ideas of what I'm looking for in a race. If you wish to create a creature to play as, or wish to create a creature that your character is descended from you may are free to do so, so long as the creature is humanoid. When creating a race or bringing in a race I didn't list please include three details.

Home Plane: (Gaia, Nocturne, Inferno, Nirvana)

Special Strengths: (Is this a magically inclined race? Can they see in the dark? Etc.)

Specific weaknesses or vulnerabilities:  (Are there specific weaknesses they have I.E. Vampires are weak to sunlight,)

-When discerning strengths and weaknesses just try to keep it balanced. The less supernatural the race is, the less weaknesses it'll have as well. For example.

A creature that has improved senses, (see in the dark, strong sense of smell, etc.) Wouldn't be a massive edge and wouldn't require a edge to keep it balance.

However a Phoenix has the ability to ressrect itself in it's own ashes.

So I gave them a specific weakness of water, as well as a means to get around the resurrection (scatter the ashes).


Magic comes in all different forms. It can be as small and simple as turning someone's shirt pink, or so powerful it fractures the whole of creation. The talent What is known for certain is that those who wield magic are born with the gifts and skills they can learn. Those born with magical abilities work from the gifts and abilities they are born with. They are unable to learn magic they do not possess naturally. (In this sense it's similar to the sorcerer class in D&D and Pathfinder, magic isn't learned through education, but innately gifted from birth).

In this sense if a Fury (damager witch) couldn't teach a Enchantress how to use her abilities to turn the flame she's imbuing a weapon with into a fireball to hurl at enemies. At the same time a enchantress couldn't teach a Fury how to enchant weapons and armor.

Someone born with the ability to cast magic might in fact have special abilities they have not yet discovers, and could learn to improve upon and make better use of their powers. Such as a Fury who at first only has the ability to summon a flame the size of a candle light, hones her talent and eventually learns how to turn that candle light into a bonfire.

Tagging info

Code: [Select]
[b]Name of PC:[/b]
[b]Time of Day[/b]: 

Character Sheet
Code: [Select]
[floatright][img]<image file here>[/img][/floatright]

[b]Player Name:[/b]

[b]Character Name:[/b]

[b]Race/Lineage:[/b]  (What race is your character, or what race is mixed into your characters blood?)

[b]Concealment:[/b] (assuming it has too, what your character does to hide itself from being discovered by the mundane world)


[b]Physical Description: [/b]


[b]Sexual Orientation:[/b]

[b]Ons & Offs:[/b]  (Please provide a link to your own, and add any character relevant ones here.)

[b]Place of Birth:[/b]

[b]Position:[/b] (What is your position in sentinel? Watcher, Mentor, Rookie, witch, ambassador etc.)

[b]Living Arrangements:[/b] (Does your character live seperate from the living situation in Sentinel?)

[b]Occupation:[/b] (Does your character work to be able to proide for himself outside of Sentinel?)


[b]History:[/b] (Must be detailed and include at least three paragraphs)


[b]Special Abilities:[/b] (Special gifts, magics, or abilities the character was born with)

[b]Special artifact/item:[/b] (Any weapon or item that is magicall enchanted)

[b]Martial Skills:[/b] (Does your character fight? And with what?)

Limited spots and roles to fill
There are specific important roles to be filled that make up  a heirarchy and leadership. I may take away or add spots depending on interest, this is a first come first serve basis. If roles aren't claimed or grabbed they will be NPC'd out until someone wants the spot.

Ambassador's must be a visitor race
Mentors must have a great deal of experience within the order

          Director: Bill Lawrence/ Untamed_skies
Assistant Director: This spot is currently being handled in game, officially it's Claire Winters, but she's looking to find someone talented enough to fill this position. If interested we'll handled it in game over the month of June
Ambassador: Xirxu Vexis/ Pentagious_666
Ambassador: Razi/ LimitlessNikkie
Ambassador: Open
          Mentor: Sasski Emmerson/ LimitlessNikkie
          Mentor: Bjorn Jarn/ Skyre
          Mentor: Open
          Mentor: Open
          Mentor: Open
             Witch: Laura Dumas/ Untamed_Skies (If you want to be a witch let me know, and I can probably remove Laura)
             Witch: Mortianna Cromwell/ Loves
             Witch: Cassandra Ericson/ Limitlessnikkie
             Witch: Willow Ember/Loves
             Witch: Open

The Fearsome Foursome and Where you Come in

The Cell in New Frontier has run into many problems over the course of June. There is a group a cursed blood vampires that seem to have the ability to read Sentinel's mind and evade their movements. There appears to be a mole within the order feeding information to their enemies. Worst of all following a attack on the headquarters on June four of the greatest villains New Frontier has ever faced have been released back onto the streets. At the time The Sandman who had up to the point affected 5% of the total population of New Frontier with his Sleeping Poison was still on the loose. For all extents and purposes New Frontier appeared to be on the verge of collapse.

However at the end of the month, the order sent in a being to move in and clean up the Cell. This new acting Assistant director has moved in and has whipped the order into shape. Removing a number of Mentors and ambassadors, as well as sending in orders to bring in more Sentinels who are fit for the job and up to the task of defending the city. Her first action was arranging a assignment to take down The Sandman who has plagued the order for most of June, and put a end to his reign of terror, and now with the help of her watchers, intends to lay to rest the remaining problems.

The Challenge will not be easy, there exist four fearsome villains all who have individually been a menace on their own, and at the heart of it all there appears to be a shadow pulling the string. The Next act in Sentinel Watchers of the realm has begun. Are You ready?

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Re: Sentinel Watchers of the Realm: (Recruiting Free Form Modern Fantasy)
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Various Links to help you get a Idea of what you can expect to find inside Sentinel

Planes and Creatures: Keep in mind you can add your own races to the various planes these are just examples and ones you'll find inside the game already.

Accepted Characters Thread: These are the characters that have been accepted into the thread, and will give you more of an idea of the type of characters your own will interact with.

Sentinel Watchers of the Realm: This a link to the portal for Sentinels Watchers of the realm, we're a big game group, and you can feel free to explore around. Please refrain from posting over there until you've been accepted though.

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Re: Sentinel Watchers of the Realm: (Recruiting Free Form Modern Fantasy)
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We've had another player dropped out which has opened up another Mentor spot and a witch spot to anyone interested in those positions.

If you have any questions feel free to post them here or PM me.