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Author Topic: Ollum's Fantasy/Steampunk/Warhammer ideas & Fun Times!  (Read 3676 times)

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Ollum's Fantasy/Steampunk/Warhammer ideas & Fun Times!
« on: November 01, 2014, 12:42:05 PM »
Hello Peoples. i'm currently only looking for people interested in the first two ideas. Strength Through Unity and my Age of Sigmar concept.

At times and highly dependent on what the current craving is, I may take on two different variants of the same story at once because sometimes it's fun to see how the same story could change so drastically between people. Or repost an old story that either failed to end or went( or is going) so well I wanted to try it a second time. But again that all depends on my current mood.

Current Craving:

Strength through unity

(none of these four are NSFW by the way, so click away) - the elven ranger captain -the beasts of the scourge -alternative enemy force -coryani army captain

Humans and elves are not mortal enemies, but nor have they historically been on fantastic speaking terms. Their relationship since the first time these two races have met, perhaps some thousands of years of history, can be best described as ‘strained’.

There have been wars, skirmishes, disagreements of all kinds and levels of severity. And both races have very ingrained opinions and thoughts about the other.

Not all of that history is negative however as there are multiple examples of peaceful accords, trade agreements and even historical accounts of co-operation, possibly even shared cities. But these never seem to last longer than a few short centuries, the lifespan of an elf.

A prime example of this mutual dislike is between the predominantly human kingdom state of Coryan and their neighbors, the Sylvanari. A group of elves many humans might commonly refer to as ‘wood elves’. The frequency of disagreement between both kingdoms is almost legendary and can fill its own library wing on the subject.

But nothing unites rivals quite like a crisis. And it is a crisis indeed that befell the region where these two nations call home. A great and old scourge has come from the south lands, the neighbors immediately in its path were caught completely unawares and the refuges that streamed up from those now shattered kingdoms speak of death and destruction and terrible savagery.

Now the two bickering nations have been forced into co-operation if only for mutual survival. They have been forced to rely heavily on each other while they beseech any allies they have for relief aid.

Most armies in the field are still composed entirely of one race or another, but armies fighting alongside each other has become increasingly common. The crucible of war has had the side effect of planting the seeds for begrudging, but growing respect from both sides. As well as forcing more co-operation and conversation, at least at the officer level. Both sides trying their best to bury, or at least not bring up old grudges and bite their tongues instead of reverting back to habitual slurs and comments they might otherwise throw at each other.

This is the basic setup for the story I want to play. Between two military officers trying to do their best to stem the tide of invasion and work alongside historically touchy allies. I planned for them to be junior-mid level officers to give them a bit of authority and importance(and reason to interact on a regular basis), but not so high ranking as to remove them from the potential for actual combat and action altogether. Not fresh faced lieutenants, but not generals or lord commanders either.

I also figure that these characters have probably dealt with each other for a-while now. They know each other, have fought a few battles together and bled a bit and have the scars to show of it.

So the RP would actually start off with the seeds of our characters eventual affair having already been planted, the spark already lit so to speak. All it needs is time, and in the stress and heat of constant warfare for literal survival... well emotions tend to erupt in funny ways. And few would fault two soldiers who face death on a weekly basis for giving into the moment and working out their stress in non regulation ways.

Obviously this is a basic outline and there is a lot to be worked out via pm and and some back and forth. In particular the nature of the enemy our character is fighting against needs to be worked out. I have two ideas I posted and honestly... I'm split on which one I prefer. The legion of the dead are classic as is the idea of a necromancer or lich rampage. But I also really like the idea of Draconian forces wreaking havoc and having sprung up straight out of myth and legend after who knows how long. Of course the stereotypical orc/goblin hordes are an option but they are just that, a little stereotypical and overdone. For a really good cast of villains and plot I could be convinced though. Maybe if they were more interesting take on orcs like those from Dark Messiah, rather than D&D or Tolkien orcs.

Various themes would be our own gradual overcoming of our more casual racism towards each others factions. Which would have already started to mend a little (not completely) as well as a nice build up of our characters attraction towards each other despite (or perhaps because of) the physical and behavioral reasons that so often make both races turn their noses up at each other.

So ya, I have some character ideas posted as well and I am keen on both of them. If someone is willing to play that elf lady I would be much obliged.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar:

Now I know this one might be a tougher sell. But the reason I would rather play an rp set in Aos instead of the old world is simply because I've played old world rps before. Too many of them and I've honestly run that river dry. I personally find AoS to be a really cool setting with a lot of potential and I want to get some games going in this setting to explore lore, go on adventures through the realms, etc. Do some crazy shit. The pairing options for this Are extensive, and games don't need to be sexual in nature (though they can involve the act) but they will definitely be going into the extreme section because... well it is still Warhammer.

Most of these pairings I don't have solid ideas for, I just think the potential is there for a good pairing. Others I do have an idea for.

Some possible pairing ideas that I think might work are, but by no means limited too

Stormcast Knight questor x Excelsior warpriest
Stormcast Knight questor x any Grand alliance order hero
-seriously knight questors are super versatile and the nature of their lore has them adventuring far and wide through the realms. Temporarily attaching themselves to allied forces or wandering into cities. Whether it's me or you playing the knight there will not be a lack of options for pairings or potential adventures.

Stormcast Lord Celestant x Hag queen, So I actually have a plot for this one if anyone is interested. The cole's notes version is that I would play the Lord Celestant (think space marine captain equivalent). Leading his warhost in defence of a shrine of the daughters of khaine. We would play the respective commanders and officers of both sides as the shrine braces under the attack of an ironjawz assault. It was more than the shrine could handle on it's own and none of their sister shrines could march to save them in time so they called on the only ally they really have for aid.

Witch hunter x anyone, For those who don't know. Witch hunters in Aos often refer to the 'Order of Azyr'. It's basically Sigmar's version of the inquisition, only less genocidal. There are witch hunters similar to the beloved vigilantes of the old world. Stateless investigatores who wander between settlements and cities rooting out chaos and heresy. Basically living by the skin of their teeth and surviving off wits, skill and luck. But it can also refer to a well connected and powerful organization operating under the eye and approval of the god king. Doing the unsavory acts that are sometimes needed to win the war against chaos.

By no means are the witch hunters as powerful or callously cruel as 40k's inquisition. They can't just condemn entire cities or populations to destruction. But they are given a wide degree of authority and resources to do what they need to do to further the god king's war against chaos. Steal dark relics before the enemy can find them, assassinate cult leaders and yes, arrest and interrogate suspected heretics. The potential for a good story between two witch hunters, or a witch hunter and 'hired help' is vast. Whether they are operating outside the law as vigilantes scraping an existence from one city to the next or operating the vast network of informants owned by the Order of Azyr and going on missions of the utmost importance and danger.

Darkling Sorceress x consort (possibly an darkling prince or a freeguild officer?), this one could be a lot of fun and I kinda have an idea for it. It needs a lot of fleshing out but the potential is there.
Darkling sorceress x Nomad prince.

Freeguild soldiers x2
Freeguild general/Dwarf king/elven commander x Stormcast Lord Celestant (this is where our characters would both be generals fighting a war. Either with the freeguild supporting the stormcast or the stormcast arriving to help the freeguild withstand a siege/fight a war.

Nomad prince/freeguild officer x Daughter of Khaine

Kharadron Captain/hero x Knight questor/ witch hunter/Darkling sorceress?, For this one I imagine the knight questor(or whoever) hires a small kharadron fleet (maybe a couple frigates and some escorts) to take them where they need to go. Paying them a significant sum for their ships and firepower to fufill their quest. I would greatly prefer to play the kharadron in this pairing as they are the faction that got me into AoS and the one I currently collect.

Kharadron x Fyreslayers, no real idea here. I just think this would be hilarious

Chaos Up in this bitch!

Chaos, One thing I have to give Aos, They did a much better job with chaos than WFB. It isn't just generic plate armour Vikings and generic Nordic marauders anymore. The model ranges are fantastic and they have done a suberb job setting up actual chaotic kingdoms and societies. The fleshing out still needs to be done admittedly, but the ground work is there and it is compelling.

One such kingdom is the kingdom of the Iron Golems. Launched as a warband for the Warcry subgame. These guys are actually really compelling as a faction, what little has been written about them speaks of laws, customs, family ties, social hierarchy and culture of their kingdom. Unsurprisingly they are a military nation, with Dominars (military captains) coming typically from powerful, well-to-do families. Then raising and commanding small, private companies of warriors as they desire then marching out for raids and skirmishes.

I would really like to play a MxF pairing between a Dominar and his drill sergeant as they lead a company to battle and glory. Adventure could take them literally anywhere in the realms. And the challenge being that at the end of the day the Iron golems are just regular mortals, not heavily armoured chaos warriors, and the dominar wouldn't necessarily lead an army but rather 2-4 dozen legionnaires or so. So victories will be hard won and earned on a razor's edge. I think there is a lot of potential for a great game here.

But, other possible chaos pairings might include but are not limited too

Spire tyrants (a similar story to the iron golems but less compelling culture and backstory. Still some good possibilities though, definitely willing to discuss them.)

chaos lord x Sorcerer, undivided, sworn to archeon or any god. Or no gods

Slaaneshii sorcerer(ess) Lord x Slaaneshii champion/general

Tzeentchian magister x Favoured commander

khornate warriors/ Khornate champions

Other ideas

To Forge an Empire

You are Queen Taliana (or whatever you want to call yourself) of Cyrene. A shining beacon of a city and a bastion of order and wealth during these dark years that the continent of Onara has found itself in. Your nation's relative stability is due to small host of factors. Geographically you are out of the way and your position is not the easiest to assault thanks to the fortress like nature and easy access to the sea. Your stern stance towards neutrality has helped keep you out of many wars, And ensured you had great access to continued trade with the widest variety of kingdoms. During these especially dark years this has helped protect Cyrene despite the envy and anger it's wealth and unwilling to shift it's neutral stance can sometimes provoke.

Until now that is. The enemy is quite literally at the gates. One thing Cyrene is not known for is having an especially large army, but of course that has never been a problem. The city is easily defensible and those who have tried to attack have found it's wall next to impossible to breach, And thanks to the sea it's supply lines are impossible to cut.

But now the outer walls are crumbling. Siege machines are rare these days because of the cost and materials needed to maintain them are difficult to accumulate. But this warlord has conjured some sort of infernal beast of iron. One that belches fire and smoke and shatters the wall stones and wooden gate with terrifying force.

When the front gate does finally crumble(which doesn't take too long) and the defenders rush to counter the inevitable infantry rush. Instead they are given a single demonstrative display of the power this deamon of iron can wreak on human flesh. An orb of hellish rage goes plowing through a dozen men as easily as a toddler might kick down an army of toy soldiers. After that terrifying display of carnage and the screams of the wounded it left behind, most of the soldiers are now too terrified to stand directly in the breech and provide a second target.

Finally the infernal beast is silenced and a single rider from the ranks of the invading warhost rides forward. Proudly carrying the unknown banner of whoomever this tyrant conquerer is. You have never heard of his name, but you have heard reports that there has been a particular warband growing rapidly in strength lately. There are and always have been would be warlords raising armies and trying to pillage cities. These petty tyrants live and die short brutal lives as they fall to each other's armies or the assassination attempts of underlings. It is hardly news, But this was the only warlord that has taken to calling himself by an unusual and frankly, brazen title that had not been heard in these lands for an age.

“Hail! Men of Cyrene!” Shouts the rider, A proud and straight backed man with a booming voice that carries itself through the now eerily quiet battlefield. He appears quite unafraid of the many archers aiming arrows at his heart, Just waiting for the order to silence him.

“His Majesty the Emperor wishes to speak with your fair and noble queen! He requests an immediate audience and permission to peacefully enter this great city.” A remarkably amicable and calmly delivered request. One that was offered before the siege began but was promptly turned down by those who smugly believed themselves safe behind their walls. Now the queen, but more importantly her officers were being given a choice. They could invite their conqueror through the shattered remains the front gate. Or the Emperor's men would clear the way to the palace for him.

“There are matters of great importance to discuss and his majesty respectfully requests a prompt reply.” The army standing behind him was not currently rushing forward into the breech. But the threat was very real at this point that they could. And if they did than the city as a whole was at the conqueror's mercy. No one knew enough about this 'Emperor' to know if he had any mercy to spare.


Pictures I have not found a use for yet

if you have any ideas after seeing these images by all means hit me up. (obviously steampunk. A mechanic, possibly a rebel against some tyranic ruler/kingdom putting together jury rigged machines and equipment for the cause?) (definatly a noble of some fashion, or at least from a refined background. Probably a mage as well or a dabbler in the arcane arts) (anything drawn by him. Any combination of girls drawn on this page. I personally feel they all belong in a low, dark fantasy type of setting. Conan, red Sonja that type of thing.)

Side notes Regarding all ideas posted here:

-Pretty much all details are open to ideas and adjustments if you want to put something forward. The worst I can say is no, but I am pretty open to most things.

-If you have any questions in general about the current idea(s) just fire away. I find that once my ideas are written down and posted they aren't nearly as refined as I thought they were. So everything is open to ideas and interpretation.

-Post frequency is once a week or every other week. God knows I get busy and may not adhear to this myself at all times but a quick apology and explanation can go a long way. And I know from experience I cannot commit to a daily or 3x a week schedule. Sometimes I can post multiple times a week, sometimes i'm lucky to get a few posts out in a month. A partner with patience and understanding is appreciated. 

-I try with grammer I do, and I hope you do as well. But I am not a Nazi by any means and hope you will not be one in return. I make mistakes, shit happens. If by chance you are perfect and never make grammical mistakes well than good on you, I am not one of those people and I would appreciate to not be looked down upon because of it. small reminders are nice every now and again if I completely and utterly butcher the English language. But not every little mistake.

-Length of posts I am very reasonable on as well. I understand there is not always enough to talk about to fill three paragraphs. And I hate it when people just type random things for the sake of filling space. I would rather have a single paragraph that speaks volumes than four filler paragraphs that say nothing.

-Details, How do things taste, Feel, sound, How do certain people and situations make your character feel. The little things they do like lick their lips, Flutter their lashes, Their breathing becomes shallower, Heavier, Whatever the case may be I hope you get my point. I drop the ball on this at times as well but I do try and I usually make the effort to go back and edit my posts to include many of the smaller details that I missed previously.

-The kinks and level of intensity desired changes with each idea. Some are much tamer and others are a little more extreme. If you express and interest and PM me with the Pairing listed in your subject line than I can Pm you a list of the kinks desired for that particular rp. And you can see if they match your own desires. Like the specifics of the Rp itself the kinks can be negotiated but you may find I am a little firmer on which ones I definatly want to keep and what I am willing to part with.

-Really just check my preferences. I don;t like a O&O's page because what I want can't change as i binge on one thing and get tired of it for a while or try something new. Or just ask. Nothing to lose by asking.

-If you don't like something that is happening in the rp, The direction it is taking, Feel it's to slow (I have been told I progress slowly at times) Or to fast or whatever. Tell me, we can either fix it or part ways. I am a big boy and I can take a criticism. Provided it is a criticism and not an insult or bitching. there is a difference.

-General note. I am not big into MxM. I have tried it a few times. And it's just not my thing. if you want a sexual MxM story or was thinking of adjusting one of the characters into a male or adding one for a threesome than sorry.

-I am pretty much always a dominant when it comes to the sexual aspects of these RPs.
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Re: Ollum's Fantasy/Steampunk Fun Times!
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2016, 08:06:46 PM »
Lighter (kink wise) stories. Mostly high fantasy settings and most involve princesses (yes i know i have a thing for that kind of pairing. Just roll with it.)

Princess x mercenary -

Three ideas for this one

The first idea revolves around a kind of loosely arabian/persian based kingdom. No clear idea yet but there has to be a story hidden in this picture.

The princess:


The second idea takes place in a kingdom themed heavily off Greco-roman culture and aesthetics. Probably one of several city state or small kingdoms in a collective league of similarly cultured kingdoms. Or the leaders of one powerful empire that commands the respect of others on the continent.

MC is a foreigner from a kingdom outside of the collection of city states you belong to. He commands a small band of mercenaries who are loyal to him. You are of course the princess of your little kingdom. As the oldest and perhaps only child of the ruling kin the throne will pass to you upon his death. Which makes you someone worth protecting and of incredible value to the kingdom. But it is not your life that My character has come to defend. It is no secret that many of the city states are often skirmishing against one another. Seeking to one up and get the advantage over each other by nearly any means. Some monarchs are more ruthless than others in their tactics. And foriegn mercenaries are a popular means by which to conduct these skirmishes and settle disputes. They wear no colours and have no loyalties to any of kind to rival cities. And if the hired mercenaries are to fail or be captured their actions are easily denied and dismissed by the perpetrator.

My character is here on a mission to escort the Sibyl of Vylene. Who is the patron goddess of your peoples city and an important figure overall in your pantheon. The sibyl is less of an artifact and more of a person. A priestess to be exact. A young woman born once every few generations who is a divine link to the Lady of Justice herself. A beacon by which she can make her will directly known and speak to the high priestesses to convey instruction and if necessary, condemn current or past actions.

The current sibyl of Vylene who is the first to appear in your city for nearly a hundred and fifty years just so happens to be related to you. Your half-sister or cousin has been identified as the current sibyl by the Clergy. This is normally something to be celebrated. The sibyl of Vylene is a much honoured position and one of great cultural importance to the people, and historically she is one of the few individuals with the authority to demand immediate audience with the Archon of the city. To express the displeasure of the goddess or to offer divinely inspired wisdom to steer a new course.

Only the ceremony of the Sibyl is a long and complex one. Requiring that the woman in question travel  to select shrines for the purpose of meditation and ritual cleansing of the soul. Again, normally not a problem. But YC's father believes that his kingdoms enemies may make an attempt against the Sibyl. Both as a religious icon and a close relative the uproar that could be caused if she was killed or gods forbid kidnapped while on her pilgrimage would tear the kingdom apart in it's scramble to assess and respond.

Her death would mean immediate war be declared, and any randsom demand from kidnappers would bankrupt the treasury. Worse, these are dark years that this kingomd and others have been sliding into. Sabre rattling and corruption has been on the steady rise for decades. And there are those who believe YC's cousin was only delcared the Sibyl as a political move. So much time has passed since one has been seen that many doubt the goddess has suddenly decided to pick someone.

With the Archon's mistrust of his own government and certain military officials at an all time high he feels the only safe option is to hire mercenaries. People who aren't politically motivated by the happenings of his kingdom. He finds one mercenary captain with a reputation for good work. One he believes will uphold his contract in the name of his own honour and reputation instead of taking a bribe from the Archon's opponents and betraying the Sybil.

Your character may not see it that way. She may be a little more naive to the political machinations of her fathers kingdom. Or naturally more mistrustful of these strangers from a foreign land to are taking the post of honour guard away from those who would otherwise traditionally hold it. Likely her father has not expressed his concerns to her fully and let his fears be known. Hoping she will simply acknowledge that these are his orders.

Fearing that her father knows something about her beloved cousin being in danger she sneaks out of the palace to join the honour guard procession. Hoping to follow them on their trail, stay skillfully out of sight and if necessary leap to her cousins rescue if these foreigners try to betray her. 

Your Character:

Your Character's cousin/sister:

My Character:


 The third idea takes it's inspiration from a excellent game called Jade Empire. Where the princess is a spoiled, arrogant brat and heir to a chinese style empire. But she is also young and idealistic and in frustrated that her role as the Emperor's daughter is merely to look beautiful, learn boring skills, act demure and feminine and eventually be married to someone she wont like because of politics. So she dons an alter persona, kind of like a superhero(in her mind only) only her skills are mostly self taught or taught to her by her royal tutors.

During her disguised roaming of the common lands she discovers just how different life is when you don't live in the palace. Life is often hard and crime can be thriving side by side with corruption. And she can't simply act on this information without divulging to her father how she came about it. As merely a princess and not an Emperess she can't simply remove people from office or have them hauled to the dungeons for questioning without eyebrows(and maybe swords) being raised.

She takes it upon herself to practice new skills that were denied to her as a woman of means. Skills of combat, swordplay and thievery. She than takes it upon herself to be the champion that she feels the common folk need. Someone who strikes against the criminals and the corrupt officials.

The hero she encounters can encounter her in one of a few ways. Sticking to the theme of Jade empire he could be a local folk hero himself that comes into sudden and abrupt contact with her while carrying out his own adventures. Maybe he saves her life, maybe she saves his. Maybe she mistakes him for her enemy and tries to attack him only to be beaten back.

YC: (her costume when prowling the streets) (What she might wear around the palace)


Assassin x Princess

Setting: Steampunk, Victorian, low-high fantasy

I am not talking about a assassin you is targeting the princess (You) but rather as assassin or figure who works for her father. Rooting out conspiracy and plot from the shadows and putting down threats to the realm. Always being watchful and protecting the institution of the crown, the king and the royal family.

Now as for my character I figured he would be an assassin/ Intelligence agent that had just returned to the kingdom after some substantial length of time away. Either Months or years but he has returned to enjoy a brief reprieve but finds himself back into duties relatively quickly as it turns out home is a far more hectic place than when he last left. There is conspiracy, Maybe the royal engineering college is still making these grand discoveries but the king feels those discoveries may be threatened by outside or inside forces. And all the while there is some annoying leather clad tart wandering around stealing and messing with the lives of the nobility. In short.... fun times. My character may encounter yours several times and may even suspect a few things about her identity. Your character may be good, but I was thinking mine would have the experience of years compared to relative months. Maybe it's something as little as her voice that she forgets to hide when she dons her alter-persona. The give away of her soft scented skin, The jewels in her hair that are clearly to expensive for most to afford and to impractical for a thief however vain to wear and risk losing if caught. Things that might go unnoticed by most, but are picked up by a professional.

The question is, when he corners her with his suspicions and maybe catches her changing in her quarters what will he do? Will he report her to her father or further try and teach her the skills of a rogue and use her to help him solve some of the kingdom's problems.

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Re: Ollum's Fantasy/Steampunk/Warhammer ideas & Fun Times!
« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2020, 11:14:13 AM »
A new idea that I've been holding onto for a few years now and i'm not sure why I've never posted it before.

Dwarven Warrior x dwarven princess

Princess under-the-mountain – this is the image I personally had in mind for the princess. It is also one of the pictures that got this idea rolling to begin with. It's pretty fucking awesome.

A bit of a different take on a classic pairing (that being the knight/adventurer x princess). I would love to have a partner play out this idea, inspired largely by a few select pictures and my own love affair with dwarves, the best fantasy race.

To discuss the basic story I should probably lay out my vision for the world, at least as it pertains to dwarves so maybe the story hooks makes a little more sense. I'm looking for a fairly classical take on fantasy dwarves. Living in rigidly honour bound societies grouped together in formal 'clans' and family units, and living in mostly subterranean holds. Society is by and large very strict and one might even say martial to a degree. For a dwarf to spend their life working hard nearly every day for the improvement and wealth of their clan is merely expected. Tasks considered back-breaking or menial by other races are embraced without complaint by dwarves because they are necessary to health of the hold and the preservation of the clan.

Honour is everything to a dwarf, its an inescapable truth that the actions of one dwarf reflect on the whole family and their clan. The shames of one member become the shame of every member, and the triumphs and accomplishments in turn become the accomplishments of their descendants. In that spirit, a dwarf's word is a solemn bond, and an oath once taken for any reason must be fulfilled. Even if the original bearer of the oath dies and leaves their task unfulfilled it is up for the family or clan to elect another to take up the oath and complete it, salvaging the honour of both the original oath-bearer and their family. An oath uncompleted, or that through circumstance can never be completed is a permanent shame in the family history.

In that vein the dwarves can also develop 'grudges', which are long standing hatreds and feuds with individuals who have stolen from or killed members of the clan, nations that made war or disrespected the clan, and even entire peoples that the clan as a whole feel have greatly wrong their people in some capacity. Settling one of these 'grudges' is one of the most honourable and song worthy things a dwarf can achieve.

So.... with the basics out of the way lets get back to the important part, our story. TL,DR is that one of the hold's princes, based on the fortellings of divinations and runcastings took upon himself an oath to settle one of the hold's older grudges and slay a long standing enemy of his people. After nearly a decade of awaiting word on his success, it has become clear to all that the prince's expedition has likely failed. Which means there is an oath left unfuffilled, and enemy of the clan still breathing and yet another soul to be avenged.

Queue, my character. The honour-bound (if perhaps unlucky) warrior who been selected to take up the oath and venture out into the wider world (or deeper underground depending on the direction we choose. It's no mean feat that is being undertaken as the honour of the clan itself is at stake. Not only does the original grudge need to be answered but if a prince of the clan truly did fall, than that demands a whole new grudge to be settled. Of course his remains must also be recovered if at all possible and returned to the hold.

Where the princess comes in is fairly obvious. Her brother is missing and probably dead, she needs to find him. I can easily imagine that she isn't supposed to be coming along(she may well be the last heir to the clan's throne and her parents do not want to lose a second child and put the clan's future at risk.) but she sneaks off to join MC anyway.

OOC note:

There are a couple ways to play this. It could be a story solely between our two characters. Their struggle and their adventure, with npc's only popping up as the story demands. But each of us will only have one main character each.

The second possibility is that between us we play a party of dwarves. This quest may be too important to trust to one lonely dwarf, after all the last dwarf went off alone and died. There is still the main hero and heroine, but also a small number of other significant party members we would brainstorm and play. If the story takes us out of the mountains and into the wider world than these party members need not be dwarves. They can be humans and elves and whatnot (just to have some variety) that our main characters meet throughout the story and travel with.