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Hello Peoples. i'm currently only looking for people interested in the first two ideas. Strength Through Unity and my Age of Sigmar concept.

At times and highly dependent on what the current craving is, I may take on two different variants of the same story at once because sometimes it's fun to see how the same story could change so drastically between people. Or repost an old story that either failed to end or went( or is going) so well I wanted to try it a second time. But again that all depends on my current mood.

Current Craving:

Dark Elves and Dark Eldar

I'm working on posting two plots ideas revolving around dark eldar (Drukhari) and Dark elves. Specifically warhammer fantasy themed dark elves but it doesn't actually need be in that particular setting. Just the Idea of that traditional dark elf culture, power structure and whatnot is what interests me.

anyway. I'll be posting those ideas here soon

The fantasy side of this story will draw heavily from the Warhammer novel series 'Darkblade'

The main characters will be MC who is a dark elf highborn. Born to an affluent and powerful mother who married an equally powerful lord. The only problem is he is not the child of that lord. He is a bastard from a dalliance between his mother and someone else. As such his stepfather has little patience or care for his life and the lord would have cast him out to the streets or sold him into slavery were it not for the boys mother, his new wife.

It was because of this connection that MC lived a fairly good life. He was largely ignored still and often glossed over in conversation and conveniently forgotten about. But his mother ensured that he still received the most valuable perks of Highborn status that would see his odds of surviving and making a name for himself that much easier.

He learned swordcraft and weaponry from masters in the combative arts. How to wear armour, how to ride, how to command. His scholarly teachings were of the uptmost quality. The instructors were often much harsher on him than his half-siblings but the bastard never complained and used that to fuel himself to work even harder just to spite those same instructors and his smug siblings.

And once his childhood was over the favourtism never stopped. His step father never pulled strings to get him cushy appointments that his brothers received. And being sponsored to learn the arts of the arcane at the universities? Why waste the time and money on a lowly bastard, his sisters were obviously far more deserving.

And he spent years growing up in that environment. Nurturing a deep and bitter loathing towards his 'family'. During this time he had to learn many things not taught to him by those harsh and often cruel instructors. He had to learn how to survive as a bastard. Which was alot harder than one might think. Dark elf politics was a notoriously dangerous battlefield. Ripe with bribery, blackmail and assassination. Plots and conspiracy are the order of the day every day. From a jealous junior officer wishing to usurp his commanders position to the some dozens if not scores of seperate assassination attempts the Witch-king has deflected or survived during his centuries on the throne. Alliances were everything and to get alliances you needed a name and a powerbase to expand from. The bastard has neither. Not because he cannot, but because he was never given either to begin with. And all attempts for him to do so are quickly discovered and brutally supressed by his step-father. Which only encourages other nobles to take up the mantle of pretending he doesn;t exist and ignoring any communication to avoid the wrath of his step-father. Which in turn only forces the bastard to make inroads with the more unsavory elements of society and nuture his influence from the seedy underbelly of Dark elf society.

Little of the above matters though for how the Rp is going to start. The Rp will start with the bastard finally having his father pull strings to get him an appointment. But this is far from usual dark elf nepotism. This is a move purely designed to finely and permanently remove a thorn from the Dread Lords side. He is having the bastard sent far away from the Dark elf capital. To command an obscure outpost and the measly garrison within. It is a mockery of a command, humiliating for someone of noble birth to be assigned to and the bastard knows it, his step father knows it but there is no way to refuse or disobey without being branded a traitor and a coward which would only see him put to death or hunted as a criminal if he tried to run. So with few options left to him he accepts the position.

So fluff aside this is where your character comes in. You will play a lowborn female soldier serving in the garrison to the bastards command. You will quickly become his second in command. Either because you were in that position before MC arrives or you demonstrate to him that you are worthy of some level of trust early on. Maybe informing him of a jilted Officer who beleives he should have that position and plots to kill you. Your reasons for helping MC are your own. Are you latching yourself onto someone with high prospects and potential? Someone who could lift you out of this gods forsaken dump and give you a nice soft position in life if you play the good girl? Are you simply a little taken by him and want to help your crush? Or are your motives something deeper and more layered?

Whatever the case together we will face adventures. Fight in wars and navigate through the political and social circles of the dark elves from the ground up. A worthless bastard and a lowborn bitch. What could possibly stand in their way?

Inspiration for your character - http://postimg.org/image/58zf811mv/


https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/61/bb/d0/61bbd057da5d2a0773f969370f9b05dc.jpg (a little more higborn and noble, but your character probably has aspirations too)


My Character - http://orig11.deviantart.net/0ec7/f/2013/031/d/5/druchii_executioner_by_waldes-d5tdeej.png

Malign Sorcery

Malign Sorcery

Sorcery is a highly valued skill to the Dark elves, and a symbol of great social and political status. Sorcerous bloodlines are held akin in influence and pedigree as noble bloodlines. With meticulous records kept about parentage and ancestry. But there is no such thing as a sorcerous family or formal house, this is because sorcery, at least to the dark elves is a deeply matriarchal institution, also unreliable as there is no garruntee that magical power will succeed to the next generation. Sorcerers, male magic users are incredibly rare and not nearly as powerful as a sorceress, and many sorceress's believe that there is little benefit to having a child with a weaker male sorcerer over some other lover. At least in terms of improving the odds of 'succession' as it were.

A sorceress, due to their inherent political power and utility to the nation enjoy many special privileges. One of which are Incubi, Or Black Guards. Essentially Bodyguards and life-wards who are magically bound to serve and protect a specific sorceress. Though these men aren't treated as simple valets and footmen (though often they are valued as concubines and lovers)

 In times past Incubi were simply well decorated soldiers who were promoted to what was considered a simple and respected posting. but over the centuries Incubi have taken on a role similar to that of a divinely appointed warrior. Specially trained in shrines dedicated to the dark elven gods of war, Their training is grueling, frequently lethal, and highly secretive. Even Incubi don't tell their mistresses about the secrets of the shrine, and those sorceresses who try to pry such information, or treat their guardians too poorly risk earning the ire of the warshrine and the refusal of any future protection.

When a sorceress graduates from being a mere apprentice, she is taken to a shrine (One her particular coven has long standing ties with) and allowed to select her guardian. This can be in the form of arranged trials or simply based on that sorceress's own vanity. Either way, Contracts are signed, promises of favours exchanged, and hefty amounts of coin handed over. Then the warrior and the sorceress are bound permanently together through magic.

OOC: This is the basic setup I have for a pairing between a dark elven sorceress and her bodyguard. I envision this game could go in multiple directions. From battlefields and far flung adventuring, to politics as magic, faith and noble bloodlines all compete for power and influence within the dark elven kingdom. Maybe the sorceresses are called to aid in the kingdoms wars, or they are chasing down rumours of magical artifacts and rare ingredients or experiments. I also wouldn't be apposed to the idea of Exploring Dark elf high society. Grand balls held in sinister mansions, the constant threat of backstabbing even among other sorcerers as everyone tries to ascend the next link in the chain of power.

And I would love to brainstorm the specifics of this nation. Again, I envision it as something similar to the warhammer fantasy kingdom of Naggrond. But it certainly doesn't have to be. I will say that I do very much envision this as a dark elven nation, and that means the entire game will have a certain 'edge' to it. Dark elves are evil and their society reflects that. Things Will at the very least be dark, if not extreme. Not from any kinky shenanigans but simply the setting.

Other than that i'm open to discussing specifics. Are the Dark elves patriarchal and it's only the sorcerous covens that are female dominated? Or is it the reverse. A matriarchal society ruled by black magic, but some key institutions are largely male, Like the priests who operate the various temples and shrines, and who train the incubi.

Or is the kingdom neither patriarchal or matriarchal, and it's simply a curious (and explorable) coincidence that magic is dominated by one gender and faith by another.

Criminal skies

Setting: High fantasy/ airships/ magic/ pirates & underworld elements. This could also work as a cyberpunk/sci-fi/dieselpunk style of game as well, but I think I would prefer a high fantasy setting. But other settings are not off the table.
Pairing: F x F or Fu x F

This idea is set in a high fantasy or steampunk setting. One where airships soar between floating islands and cities, and corruption and piracy are rife at nearly all levels of society. From low level gangs and smugglers fighting for control of impoverished slums and work down sky-docks, to the cut-throat political machinations of the 'higher nobility', Both refinement and skullduggery exist in equal measure.

Our characters will be, from the surface as unlikely a pairing as possible. My character is a smuggler and ship captain with nearly no past to speak of or at least not a past that's she's willing and eager to divulge. While your character is from well-to-do society. Either the daughter of a (once) powerful noble house whose reputation and future is teetering on the brink, or the heiress of a rising merchant prince who find themselves on the receiving end of a suspiciously brutal string of bad luck and thinks there may be more to their recent misfortune than a mere twist of fortune.

I have ideas for both the merchant heiress and the 'old blood' nobility twists and what their respective issues may be as to why a young woman feels driven and desperate enough to reach out and seek the aid of a common criminal. But that is the end result, your character feels like the situation is desperate enough to consort with someone as beneath them as my character and pay whatever price is demanded. As to why my character specifically... Well that's because your character heard about her from her own contacts. The heiress made her own efforts at discreet inquiries. Admittedly she wasn't very skilled at bribery and investigation, nor was she very successful despite spending plenty of coin and coming dangerously close to exposing herself and humiliating her family name. It's one thing to bribe petty dock officials and lowly officers of the city watch but wringing information out of the underworld gangsters requires a different approach, a method in where she has precious little experience and no contacts to speak of.

But what she was able to learn from one of those bribed watch officers was that there was a smuggler that regularly made port in the city. One that could help provide the contacts or gather the information the heiress desired. The trick would be convincing her, and then affording her. The Guard warned that money might not be enough to convince this smuggler. He also warned the heiress that, if she did talk to the smuggler to prepare herself, that the smuggler in question was known for her.... acerbic attitude.... especially towards the nobility.

As for were to find her, The watchman only gave the heiress a (lengthy) list of brothels and taverns that the smuggler is known to frequent while in the city.  Most, if not all of these establishments are not something the heiress would be caught dead in normally. They range from the usual scabby and questionable haunts of beggars and common thieves to some surprisingly high end businesses. One of the listed taverns are right in the Blacklake district, the city quarter that should be restricted exclusively to the nobility.

OOC: As you might have guessed I really want this to be a game that focuses on the clash of nobility and criminality. Where the scenes and set pieces can range from elegant ballrooms to seedy taverns and horrifyingly brutal and terrifying pirate dens. I have some ideas for specific regions. Like for example I really want to explore the idea of a pirate city. A floating island that operates basically like Omega from Mass effect. Not just anyone can enter this place and certainly not someone like your character, without proper protection anyway. I'm thinking access to this island in particular is one of the reasons your character is seeking out mine. Only pirates and criminals know where it is and where to go once you get there. It's an incredibly dangerous place where the wrong turn or glance can see you beaten, kidnapped or worse.

I also really want to play up the opposites attract elements of our characters. I am hoping for a partner willing to play a haughty noble type. High nosed, well dressed and the pinnacle of 'polite society' in terms of manners. Highly intelligent and learned, if lacking in practical experience. Vs the salt of the earth type criminal. Deliberately crude and rude to those she sees as arrogant and self obsessed.

This would be my character for a cyberpunk/sci-fi version of this story
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Life of an apprentice

So this title is terrible, i'm going to come up with a better one. But for now let's get on with the synposis. The inspiration was entirely based around these two character photos, both of which I absolutely adore. They are totally SFW, so no worries. I want to play the traditional fantasy warrior x mage pairing but with the physically able warrior being the lady and mage being the young man. And by young I personally picture the pair being 19-23, young and just starting their lives and establishing their respective 'careers'. In this i'm wanting to play the wizard and looking for someone to play the young squire. Serious gratitude points if my partner agrees to use the inspirational picture below for the squire.

https://i.imgur.com/Ke1Gw4M.jpeg - A young lady squire or officer cadet

https://art.ngfiles.com/images/186000/186245_alvinhew_masen-half-elf-wizard.jpg?f1322584599 - A young mage apprentice

Now for the plot! I'll be honest, I don't have anything concrete, just vague ideas. I'm hoping a potential partner is as interested in this pairing and these characters as I am and is willing to help brainstorm something. All I have is some cute ideas about our characters, their early interactions and opinions of each other at the onset of the game. As well as some fun little scenes to sprinkle into the game. If you want to hear some of these ramblings then by all means, hit me up in PMs.

I'm looking for this plot to lean more towards good old romantic cheese and play up, and/or subvert a variety of fun fantasy tropes, like her being the salt of the earth sword swinger and probably physically stronger than him, so that might be awkward for him. But he's far more learned and just dipping a toe into his world of alchemy and magical theory is head-spinningly terrifying for her.

Hers is a world of swords, sweat and soldier's comradery, In which MC is very much out of place. And MC's world is one of books, arcane sagacity, alchemy and things that are waaay over YC's head and she knows it.

You get my intention I hope. These are just general points and the specifics are to be discussed for sure. But the gist of it is two young adventurers falling in love and getting in way over their heads at the same time.

Other ideas

Pictures I have not found a use for yet

if you have any ideas after seeing these images by all means hit me up.

http://th08.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/i/2012/118/3/e/claret_spencer_by_saehral-d4xwsb9.jpg (obviously steampunk. A mechanic, possibly a rebel against some tyranic ruler/kingdom putting together jury rigged machines and equipment for the cause?)

http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/183/6/7/Deadly_Sin__Ruby_by_Saehral.jpg (definatly a noble of some fashion, or at least from a refined background. Probably a mage as well or a dabbler in the arcane arts)

Side notes Regarding all ideas posted here:

-Pretty much all details are open to ideas and adjustments if you want to put something forward. The worst I can say is no, but I am pretty open to most things.

-If you have any questions in general about the current idea(s) just fire away. I find that once my ideas are written down and posted they aren't nearly as refined as I thought they were. So everything is open to ideas and interpretation.

-Post frequency is once every other week. God knows I get busy and may not adhear to this myself at all times but a quick apology and explanation can go a long way. And I know from experience I cannot commit to a daily or 3x a week schedule. Sometimes i'm lucky to get a few posts out in a month. A partner with patience and understanding is appreciated.

-I try with grammer I do, and I hope you do as well. But I am not a Nazi by any means and hope you will not be one in return. I make mistakes, shit happens. If by chance you are perfect and never make grammical mistakes well than good on you, I am not one of those people and I would appreciate to not be looked down upon because of it. small reminders are nice every now and again if I completely and utterly butcher the English language. But not every little mistake.

-Length of posts I am very reasonable on as well. I understand there is not always enough to talk about to fill three paragraphs. And I hate it when people just type random things for the sake of filling space. I would rather have a single paragraph that speaks volumes than four filler paragraphs that say nothing.

-Details, How do things taste, Feel, sound, How do certain people and situations make your character feel. The little things they do like lick their lips, Flutter their lashes, Their breathing becomes shallower, Heavier, Whatever the case may be I hope you get my point. I drop the ball on this at times as well but I do try and I usually make the effort to go back and edit my posts to include many of the smaller details that I missed previously.

-The kinks and level of intensity desired changes with each idea. Some are much tamer and others are a little more extreme. If you express and interest and PM me with the Pairing listed in your subject line than I can Pm you a list of the kinks desired for that particular rp. And you can see if they match your own desires. Like the specifics of the Rp itself the kinks can be negotiated but you may find I am a little firmer on which ones I definatly want to keep and what I am willing to part with.

-Really just check my preferences. I don;t like a O&O's page because what I want can't change as i binge on one thing and get tired of it for a while or try something new. Or just ask. Nothing to lose by asking.

-If you don't like something that is happening in the rp, The direction it is taking, Feel it's to slow (I have been told I progress slowly at times) Or to fast or whatever. Tell me, we can either fix it or part ways. I am a big boy and I can take a criticism. Provided it is a criticism and not an insult or bitching. there is a difference.

-General note. I am not big into MxM. I have tried it a few times. And it's just not my thing. if you want a sexual MxM story or was thinking of adjusting one of the characters into a male or adding one for a threesome than sorry.

-I am pretty much always a dominant when it comes to the sexual aspects of these RPs.
Hi i'm a polymorphic alien who has taken the form of this signiature to have sex with your pupils, and by the smile on your face I can tell your enjoying it.


Lighter (kink wise) stories, though may stray into more serious and extreme in other ways. I.e stories involving daemons, dark rituals, terrible things happening to peaceful villages, etc, etc. Mostly high fantasy settings and most involve princesses (I have a thing for that kind of pairing, Just roll with it.)

Templar x Witch

This is an idea heavily inspired by Dragon age Origins character 'Morrigan, Witch of the Wilds'. This story does not have to be exactly like that one, or take place in the World of Thedas, It can be another cannon setting entirely or a made up one. Regrettably I don't have an actual plot for this one yet. At least nothing beyond a few loose fragments. But I would be happy to brainstorm and discuss something.

But as far as characters are concerned. I love the idea of a witch and a templar teaming up. The 'templar' in this instance need not be a religious paladin type. I more mean Templar as a general martial archtype. They could be a knight, paladin, prince, military officer or a member of a specific pseudo military order who exist to combat a very specific enemy or threat not bound to any specific king or nation. Like the Grey wardens or the Dawnguard from Skyrim. Disciplined, strong and likely accustomed to being in charge and people respecting authority of his position.

The 'Witch' I also don't necessarily see as an exact copy of Morrigan. She could be living alone and in seclusion for the sake of personal safety, or be from an established cabal of sorcerers and/or warlocks, State sanctioned or illegal. Though she is definitely a practitioner of what would be considered the 'Darker schools of magic'. Necromancy, daemonology, etc, things forbidden amongst the reputable and state funded arcane Colleges. Likely viewed as a necessary evil that is permitted to continue existing without molestation as long as they never refuse a request from the crown and provide whatever assistance they can when called upon.

Despite describing this as a MxF thing with the templar being male and the witch a woman. i'm open to discussing FxF, or FxM with a female templar and a male warlock.

Princess x mercenary -

Three ideas for this one

The first idea revolves around a kind of loosely arabian/persian based kingdom. No clear idea yet but there has to be a story hidden in this picture.

The princess: http://www.southwestpuzzles.com/assets/images/artist/luis%20royo/meditation_4a98a1479155b.jpg


The second idea takes place in a kingdom themed heavily off Greco-roman culture and aesthetics. Probably one of several city state or small kingdoms in a collective league of similarly cultured kingdoms. Or the leaders of one powerful empire that commands the respect of others on the continent.

MC is a foreigner from a kingdom outside of the collection of city states you belong to. He commands a small band of mercenaries who are loyal to him. You are of course the princess of your little kingdom. As the oldest and perhaps only child of the ruling kin the throne will pass to you upon his death. Which makes you someone worth protecting and of incredible value to the kingdom. But it is not your life that My character has come to defend. It is no secret that many of the city states are often skirmishing against one another. Seeking to one up and get the advantage over each other by nearly any means. Some monarchs are more ruthless than others in their tactics. And foriegn mercenaries are a popular means by which to conduct these skirmishes and settle disputes. They wear no colours and have no loyalties to any of kind to rival cities. And if the hired mercenaries are to fail or be captured their actions are easily denied and dismissed by the perpetrator.

My character is here on a mission to escort the Sibyl of Vylene. Who is the patron goddess of your peoples city and an important figure overall in your pantheon. The sibyl is less of an artifact and more of a person. A priestess to be exact. A young woman born once every few generations who is a divine link to the Lady of Justice herself. A beacon by which she can make her will directly known and speak to the high priestesses to convey instruction and if necessary, condemn current or past actions.

The current sibyl of Vylene who is the first to appear in your city for nearly a hundred and fifty years just so happens to be related to you. Your half-sister or cousin has been identified as the current sibyl by the Clergy. This is normally something to be celebrated. The sibyl of Vylene is a much honoured position and one of great cultural importance to the people, and historically she is one of the few individuals with the authority to demand immediate audience with the Archon of the city. To express the displeasure of the goddess or to offer divinely inspired wisdom to steer a new course.

Only the ceremony of the Sibyl is a long and complex one. Requiring that the woman in question travel  to select shrines for the purpose of meditation and ritual cleansing of the soul. Again, normally not a problem. But YC's father believes that his kingdoms enemies may make an attempt against the Sibyl. Both as a religious icon and a close relative the uproar that could be caused if she was killed or gods forbid kidnapped while on her pilgrimage would tear the kingdom apart in it's scramble to assess and respond.

Her death would mean immediate war be declared, and any randsom demand from kidnappers would bankrupt the treasury. Worse, these are dark years that this kingomd and others have been sliding into. Sabre rattling and corruption has been on the steady rise for decades. And there are those who believe YC's cousin was only delcared the Sibyl as a political move. So much time has passed since one has been seen that many doubt the goddess has suddenly decided to pick someone.

With the Archon's mistrust of his own government and certain military officials at an all time high he feels the only safe option is to hire mercenaries. People who aren't politically motivated by the happenings of his kingdom. He finds one mercenary captain with a reputation for good work. One he believes will uphold his contract in the name of his own honour and reputation instead of taking a bribe from the Archon's opponents and betraying the Sybil.

Your character may not see it that way. She may be a little more naive to the political machinations of her fathers kingdom. Or naturally more mistrustful of these strangers from a foreign land to are taking the post of honour guard away from those who would otherwise traditionally hold it. Likely her father has not expressed his concerns to her fully and let his fears be known. Hoping she will simply acknowledge that these are his orders.

Fearing that her father knows something about her beloved cousin being in danger she sneaks out of the palace to join the honour guard procession. Hoping to follow them on their trail, stay skillfully out of sight and if necessary leap to her cousins rescue if these foreigners try to betray her. 

Your Character: http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/soulcalibur/images/c/c9/Sc4-sophitia.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20080206074636

Your Character's cousin/sister: http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3276885

My Character: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/29/4e/2e/294e2eaad604be4527a7920dce8d9b4d.jpg


The third idea takes it's inspiration from a excellent game called Jade Empire. Where the princess is a spoiled, arrogant brat and heir to a chinese style empire. But she is also young and idealistic and in frustrated that her role as the Emperor's daughter is merely to look beautiful, learn boring skills, act demure and feminine and eventually be married to someone she wont like because of politics. So she dons an alter persona, kind of like a superhero(in her mind only) only her skills are mostly self taught or taught to her by her royal tutors.

During her disguised roaming of the common lands she discovers just how different life is when you don't live in the palace. Life is often hard and crime can be thriving side by side with corruption. And she can't simply act on this information without divulging to her father how she came about it. As merely a princess and not an Emperess she can't simply remove people from office or have them hauled to the dungeons for questioning without eyebrows(and maybe swords) being raised.

She takes it upon herself to practice new skills that were denied to her as a woman of means. Skills of combat, swordplay and thievery. She than takes it upon herself to be the champion that she feels the common folk need. Someone who strikes against the criminals and the corrupt officials.

The hero she encounters can encounter her in one of a few ways. Sticking to the theme of Jade empire he could be a local folk hero himself that comes into sudden and abrupt contact with her while carrying out his own adventures. Maybe he saves her life, maybe she saves his. Maybe she mistakes him for her enemy and tries to attack him only to be beaten back.

YC: http://pre08.deviantart.net/660f/th/pre/f/2015/020/7/0/assassin_s_creed__china_chronicles___shao_jun__02__by_beethy-d8eounp.jpg (her costume when prowling the streets)

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/2d/94/e4/2d94e4579eb976c4e1fa79f8a7f1d364.jpg (What she might wear around the palace)



Assassin x Princess

Setting: Steampunk, Victorian, low-high fantasy

I am not talking about a assassin you is targeting the princess (You) but rather as assassin or figure who works for her father. Rooting out conspiracy and plot from the shadows and putting down threats to the realm. Always being watchful and protecting the institution of the crown, the king and the royal family.

Now as for my character I figured he would be an assassin/ Intelligence agent that had just returned to the kingdom after some substantial length of time away. Either Months or years but he has returned to enjoy a brief reprieve but finds himself back into duties relatively quickly as it turns out home is a far more hectic place than when he last left. There is conspiracy, Maybe the royal engineering college is still making these grand discoveries but the king feels those discoveries may be threatened by outside or inside forces. And all the while there is some annoying leather clad tart wandering around stealing and messing with the lives of the nobility. In short.... fun times. My character may encounter yours several times and may even suspect a few things about her identity. Your character may be good, but I was thinking mine would have the experience of years compared to relative months. Maybe it's something as little as her voice that she forgets to hide when she dons her alter-persona. The give away of her soft scented skin, The jewels in her hair that are clearly to expensive for most to afford and to impractical for a thief however vain to wear and risk losing if caught. Things that might go unnoticed by most, but are picked up by a professional.

The question is, when he corners her with his suspicions and maybe catches her changing in her quarters what will he do? Will he report her to her father or further try and teach her the skills of a rogue and use her to help him solve some of the kingdom's problems.


To Forge an Empire

You are Queen Taliana (or whatever you want to call yourself) of Cyrene. A shining beacon of a city and a bastion of order and wealth during these dark years that the continent of Onara has found itself in. Your nation's relative stability is due to small host of factors. Geographically you are out of the way and your position is not the easiest to assault thanks to the fortress like nature and easy access to the sea. Your stern stance towards neutrality has helped keep you out of many wars, And ensured you had great access to continued trade with the widest variety of kingdoms. During these especially dark years this has helped protect Cyrene despite the envy and anger it's wealth and unwilling to shift it's neutral stance can sometimes provoke.

Until now that is. The enemy is quite literally at the gates. One thing Cyrene is not known for is having an especially large army, but of course that has never been a problem. The city is easily defensible and those who have tried to attack have found it's wall next to impossible to breach, And thanks to the sea it's supply lines are impossible to cut.

But now the outer walls are crumbling. Siege machines are rare these days because of the cost and materials needed to maintain them are difficult to accumulate. But this warlord has conjured some sort of infernal beast of iron. One that belches fire and smoke and shatters the wall stones and wooden gate with terrifying force.

When the front gate does finally crumble(which doesn't take too long) and the defenders rush to counter the inevitable infantry rush. Instead they are given a single demonstrative display of the power this deamon of iron can wreak on human flesh. An orb of hellish rage goes plowing through a dozen men as easily as a toddler might kick down an army of toy soldiers. After that terrifying display of carnage and the screams of the wounded it left behind, most of the soldiers are now too terrified to stand directly in the breech and provide a second target.

Finally the infernal beast is silenced and a single rider from the ranks of the invading warhost rides forward. Proudly carrying the unknown banner of whoomever this tyrant conquerer is. You have never heard of his name, but you have heard reports that there has been a particular warband growing rapidly in strength lately. There are and always have been would be warlords raising armies and trying to pillage cities. These petty tyrants live and die short brutal lives as they fall to each other's armies or the assassination attempts of underlings. It is hardly news, But this was the only warlord that has taken to calling himself by an unusual and frankly, brazen title that had not been heard in these lands for an age.

“Hail! Men of Cyrene!” Shouts the rider, A proud and straight backed man with a booming voice that carries itself through the now eerily quiet battlefield. He appears quite unafraid of the many archers aiming arrows at his heart, Just waiting for the order to silence him.

“His Majesty the Emperor wishes to speak with your fair and noble queen! He requests an immediate audience and permission to peacefully enter this great city.” A remarkably amicable and calmly delivered request. One that was offered before the siege began but was promptly turned down by those who smugly believed themselves safe behind their walls. Now the queen, but more importantly her officers were being given a choice. They could invite their conqueror through the shattered remains the front gate. Or the Emperor's men would clear the way to the palace for him.

“There are matters of great importance to discuss and his majesty respectfully requests a prompt reply.” The army standing behind him was not currently rushing forward into the breech. But the threat was very real at this point that they could. And if they did than the city as a whole was at the conqueror's mercy. No one knew enough about this 'Emperor' to know if he had any mercy to spare.
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A new idea that I've been holding onto for a few years now and i'm not sure why I've never posted it before.

Dwarven Warrior x dwarven princess

Princess under-the-mountain

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– this is the image I personally had in mind for the princess. It is also one of the pictures that got this idea rolling to begin with. It's pretty fucking awesome.

A bit of a different take on a classic pairing (that being the knight/adventurer x princess). I would love to have a partner play out this idea, inspired largely by a few select pictures and my own love affair with dwarves, the best fantasy race.

To discuss the basic story I should probably lay out my vision for the world, at least as it pertains to dwarves so maybe the story hooks makes a little more sense. I'm looking for a fairly classical take on fantasy dwarves. Living in rigidly honour bound societies grouped together in formal 'clans' and family units, and living in mostly subterranean holds. Society is by and large very strict and one might even say martial to a degree. For a dwarf to spend their life working hard nearly every day for the improvement and wealth of their clan is merely expected. Tasks considered back-breaking or menial by other races are embraced without complaint by dwarves because they are necessary to health of the hold and the preservation of the clan.

Honour is everything to a dwarf, its an inescapable truth that the actions of one dwarf reflect on the whole family and their clan. The shames of one member become the shame of every member, and the triumphs and accomplishments in turn become the accomplishments of their descendants. In that spirit, a dwarf's word is a solemn bond, and an oath once taken for any reason must be fulfilled. Even if the original bearer of the oath dies and leaves their task unfulfilled it is up for the family or clan to elect another to take up the oath and complete it, salvaging the honour of both the original oath-bearer and their family. An oath uncompleted, or that through circumstance can never be completed is a permanent shame in the family history.

In that vein the dwarves can also develop 'grudges', which are long standing hatreds and feuds with individuals who have stolen from or killed members of the clan, nations that made war or disrespected the clan, and even entire peoples that the clan as a whole feel have greatly wrong their people in some capacity. Settling one of these 'grudges' is one of the most honourable and song worthy things a dwarf can achieve.

So.... with the basics out of the way lets get back to the important part, our story. TL,DR is that one of the hold's princes, based on the fortellings of divinations and runcastings took upon himself an oath to settle one of the hold's older grudges and slay a long standing enemy of his people. After nearly a decade of awaiting word on his success, it has become clear to all that the prince's expedition has likely failed. Which means there is an oath left unfuffilled, and enemy of the clan still breathing and yet another soul to be avenged.

Queue, my character. The honour-bound (if perhaps unlucky) warrior who been selected to take up the oath and venture out into the wider world (or deeper underground depending on the direction we choose. It's no mean feat that is being undertaken as the honour of the clan itself is at stake. Not only does the original grudge need to be answered but if a prince of the clan truly did fall, than that demands a whole new grudge to be settled. Of course his remains must also be recovered if at all possible and returned to the hold.

Where the princess comes in is fairly obvious. Her brother is missing and probably dead, she needs to find him. I can easily imagine that she isn't supposed to be coming along(she may well be the last heir to the clan's throne and her parents do not want to lose a second child and put the clan's future at risk.) but she sneaks off to join MC anyway.

OOC note:

There are a couple ways to play this. It could be a story solely between our two characters. Their struggle and their adventure, with npc's only popping up as the story demands. But each of us will only have one main character each.

The second possibility is that between us we play a party of dwarves. This quest may be too important to trust to one lonely dwarf, after all the last dwarf went off alone and died. There is still the main hero and heroine, but also a small number of other significant party members we would brainstorm and play. If the story takes us out of the mountains and into the wider world than these party members need not be dwarves. They can be humans and elves and whatnot (just to have some variety) that our main characters meet throughout the story and travel with.

From Duchess to Maid to Concubine (A terrible title I know but it's the best I have right now)

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For this rp I imagine something in a steampunk/victorian or Napoleonic era. In fact a good chunk of this comes from the French revolution in particular. It can be fantastical or mundane. No magic or elves or what not, just imaginative and wondeorus team technology that we can have some fun with. Or it can be a world brimming with races, nation states and a bizzaire fusion of barely comprehensible technology and magic.

Regardless, the plot of this idea is the same. A young woman, the daughter of a very wealthy and powerful family is now a refugee in a foreign land. War has come to the continent and it began in her homeland as a revolution against the old regime. The people rose up and swept aside the Empress, her court and most of the nobility who were declared 'morally corrupt' and traitors to the people and replaced by a new, self styled 'fairer' regime. In reality little has changed, one aristocracy has been exchanged for another, And though her nation may no longer have an 'Emperor' it does have a dictator in all but name. Most of those old families with roots stretching back centuries were either killed to the last child, forced to renounce all land, wealth and titles or otherwise driven into exile.

This particular young woman has fled far into a land her people once warred with many times. She considered revealing her heritage and background. Most nations have been surprisingly sympathetic to the plight of these people, especially those with noble blood who have been largely taken into the homes of their foreign peers and offered charity and luxury befitting their status. But just as many of these exiled nobles have been killed. Either assassinated by agents from her former homeland or forcibly sent back home as some of the smaller nations were essentially bullied into returning these aristocractic refugees under threat of invasion. Officially these exiled nobles were returned to stand trial for their crimes against the people, but in reality these trails were little more than kangaroo courts and no defendant to stand before one has yet to be declared innocent.

Fearing for her life she chooses to keep her upbringing a secret and pass herself off as a common refugee. To that end she begs her way into the most mundane job she can think of, a housekeeper to a young heir living in the capital. An earl's son serving as an officer and living in the family's smaller urban estate. Many wealthy families have taken in such refugees into their estate labour pool. It makes them look generous and charitable amongst their peers. Unsuprisingly it's a job she is terrible at. She has no experience doing any of the domestic work expected of her and only a year ago would have considered those she now worked alongside as her inferiors, as unnoticable as the wallpaper or furniture in her own estate.

(still being written)

Primal Princess
A union made for political purposes. Agreed upon by both sides to further strengthen military social ties between the tribal people and the kingdom. One of the king's daughters is to be wed to the son of the a tribal leader, she will also be required to live with them and indeed spend her life with them. She has heard rumours of these barbarians and all wilder folk have certain views on marriage and the proper place of wives. She knows she will have none of the comforts a princess is accustomed to while staying with the tribe but she also knows her father would not have given away his daughter to savages if he didn't think it absolutely necessary for the good of his kingdom.

She is a delicate creature. Very unlike the people she will become a part of. And life for her will be difficult and confusing at first. But one of the elements I want to explore in the rp is the idea of her transformation. Going from being afraid and confused by what she considers to be a savage people to becoming a part of them and learning from her husband and others how to be one of those 'savages'. Embracing their culture and their ways and truly becoming a member of the Tribe and respected both because of who she is mated to and her willingness to embrace her new people. There are all kinds of things to explore, culture religion, inter tribe politics.

I like the idea of having her return home one day completely unrecognizable to her parents and very much proud of what she is a part of.

An idea of her transformation, Going from something like this
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And becoming something like this
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

There are a lot of twists that can be thrown in to complicate their relationship (in her mind) and her feelings.

The big theme here is obviously culture shock. She probably has a very low opinion of the 'barbarian' tribes and her initial aloofness and arrogance earns her no friends in return. Hearing all manner of stories in her youth about how they behave, probably assuming their women are treated as property.

There is also room to play with why she was given to the barbarians. Presumably it was to help cement some formal alliance, but why her? Did her parents see it as a way to get rid of her, If she was an unruly child preferring to play with swords rather than sewing needles it could be a convenient excuse to sweep an embaressming twig on the family tree under the proverbial rug.

Were her prospects as one of the younger children of her father poor from the outset? She would never inherit the throne, and she wouldn't be allowed to simply do whatever she wanted, with her bloodlines even less important member of the family tree can still be of political use. She at least assumed that if she was to be carted off like a prized cow to some lord or princeling she had never met, she would at least find herself in a civilized part of the world.

My idea of the barbarian chieftain
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Primal Princess (Version 2)

Basically the opposite of the above plot idea. Where the prince of a civilized land finds himself the eventual object of attraction to a young tribal warrior, likely somone of roughly equal importance. A king's daughter or shaman. The prince may or may not be bethrothed already and the warrior may or may not care. Perhaps thinking nothing of sharing a man who she thinks is strong and worthy.

For this idea I imagine what keeps these two interacting is war. The tribes have swallowed their considerable pride and asked their neighbours for help. Not an easy thing to ask of a people your own have conducted petty raids against for centuries. Naturally there were many within the kingdom who proposed letting the barbarians suffer their justly deserved fate, or even invade them now while they are weak and finish the job. But the king decides that there may be some advantage to having these savage peoples in his debt. If nothing else their current casulties will ensure they wont be a serious threat to his realm for decades to come anyway, and they will continue to remain a useful buffer between his nation and whatever is attacking them for the forseeable future.

So the king raises and sends an army, to be led, at least in part by one of his sons to fight beside the tribes. Naturally there remains a good deal of distrust and no small amount of hatred from either side. But the chieftains know they are in no position to turn down any help

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Culture Shock

This one to me is really fun. It's between a common tribal warrior woman and a Knight. I want to have a clash between warrior philosophies. Between a warrior who lets their passions and rage flow overwhelm and fuel their strength versus one who approaches the field of war with a more measured and tactical mindset and fights under a strict set of rules and conduct, sometimes to their own detriment. Codes of chivalry and knighthood alongside tribal honour and pride.

I especially like the idea of the knight being a woman. Something a tribal warrior would find very amusing. Some ideas on what she might look like below.


Or a tribal huntress who finds it entertaining to needle the prim and proper paladin/knight she travels with. Prodding over and over to get a reaction, perhaps she finds him physically attractive and makes her intentions towards him both obvious and awkward to respond too. She prods and challenges him until she knows he will attack and duel her, wanting to see if he has the strength and skill to defeat her, in which instance he may just find himself pursued by her for far more than mere dalliance and pleasure. She might even insist that defeating her makes him her husband by their traditions.
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Ancient Fantasy, lost of Bronze age/prehistoric themes

Some of these ideas will come from historical inspirations. Some perhaps more obvious than others, but i'm nothing if not a history nerd, particularly bronze age civilizations often fascinate me.

Marriage of Diplomacy:

Heavily based on the political clusterfuck that was ancient Greece and the Hellenic league. Particularly the rise of Macedon and it's long line of.... colourful monarchs. In this time polygamy was not unheard of, especially amongst the upper classes where only being allowed to have one wife was almost seen as ludicrous from a purely diplomatic point of view. For this I imagine a bronze age setting, maybe with light to mild fantasy elements but maybe not. i'm open to discussing it.

I would love an idea set to a similar theme. A greco roman style of culture, and severely fucked and complicated political make-up like the Grecian city states. And YC would play a noble woman married to a foreign king. He is the newly arisen ruler of a small northern kingdom that quite seen as cultural or intellectual equals by their southern cousins, but close enough culturally to at least be viewed as a potential ally, if still barely above a barbarian. YC might view this forced marriage as a punishment, an other injustice in a long line of injustices forced upon you as a young noblewoman. Or, it's an opportunity for a level of power and influence you never thought you might have.

Your new husband is shrewd, calculating and utterly devoted to seeing his small kingdom rise in stature and be granted the respect it so rightly deserves. You learn quickly that he is also pitiless, he killed his own brother to ascend the throne and killed two cousins after the fact to ensure there could be no rival claimants while he embarked upon his mission to reform and empower his kingdom. Whether this knowledge repulses YC or excites her is up to you. Without a doubt her family expects her to be loyal to them first and him second, to act as a spy in his court. Will she be the spy her family desires or be the dutiful, loving wife and use her well educated mind and natural charms to advance his interests. Even at the expense of her old homeland. After all as his husband, his rise to power is also her rise to power, and if he falls there is no telling who might replace him.

Just a quick aside; I would love to play a political themed rp where the a king and queen are equally pitiless and calculating in their combined wills. Where YC is attracted to him precisely because he is confident and intensely driven. He is willing to do anything and make hard sacrifices to play the long game. And he likes her because she proves herself just as devious as the most dangerous spies and courtiers.

I would also like to add in the idea of polygamy. Not that i'm asking you to play mutliple wives. But just the idea of it, The competitive nature of a purely political harem. All his marriages are political and all of his wives are after the same thing as you. More power, influence over him to favour their respective homelands in matters of diplomacy and war. What exactly does it take to become the 'favourite' of a man who will pay any price or kill any man that stands in the way of his goals?

Then again if your interested in playing mutliple characters i'm open to working out that too. In such a game the wives don't have to be rivals They certainly can be and maybe start off that way. But maybe they band together? For their own sake if not his? A harem of beautiful woman, educated nobles, warlike tribal princesses can accomplish a lot, especially when underestimated. 

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Reclaim a legacy:

In this world elves are the primary species. Do other races like orcs and dwarves exist? maybe, maybe this is very early in this world's history and other, younger races simply haven't arrived on the scene yet. It truly doesn't matter. I have to get a little bit of world building out of the way though just to set the stage and i'll try to keep it brief. If you have any questions or this idea tickles your fancy and you want me to expand on it, shoot me a PM. This idea draws inspiration from a few sources, The history of the elves in the elder scrolls series, Dungeons and dragons & the Warhammer Fantasy series as well is a big influence.

So without further Ado...

Aelinthaldaar, The lost city. Sometimes called the first city of the Aelenar people. Or the 'elves' to the younger upstart races. Obviously by it's moniker the city, it's people, and it's treasures are lost to the ravages of time. So much time has passed since it's fall that no one even knows where it once was. Even with the centuries long Elven lifespans, any first-hand stories of it's grandeur and magnificence still predate most people's great, great grandparents. Popular myth holds it as the first true city of the Aelenar people. 'The place where civilization was born.' Other stories merely paint it as the seat of the first Aelenar kingdom. Most contemporary scholars agree however that neither is likely to be true. The city itself is positively ancient and any records of what might have been elven civilization before the rise of that city are near impossible to find.

What is agreed upon is that Aelinthaldaar was the seat of the Elves greatest Empire, if not it's first. One that spanned continents and oceans and brought the light of true Aelenar civilization to nearly every corner of the globe. When the great empire fractured it was a time of mass confusion and panic amongst it's outlying colonies. But it was this distance from the capital that seems to have saved the Alenar people from total extinction. Few know what precisely happened, obviously no one alive is left to testify as to the cause of it's fall. But it happened quickly, or at least quickly by Elven standards. And the core realms of the world's greatest empire seemingly imploded within a single century. Few cities were left, the citizens living in them were all but killed. Put simply, there were no refugees to take in. No witnesses to attest to what happened.

Naturally civil unrest followed. With the core cities fallen, communication and diplomacy between the splintered colonies vanished. Wars were fought, new kingdoms and boundaries were established, some fell and some endured. During this tumultuous time countless expeditions were launched into the core realms to recover invaluable secrets, relics and the like. But the capital itself, secreted on the isle of Caledor, possibly the birthplace of the elven people themselves was never rediscovered. All expeditions over the millennia were either lost with all hands or returned empty handed. As if the island itself vanished, or was purposefully keeping prying eyes and hands at bay.

The Legacy of Aelinthaldaar persists however. Though over time the former colonies of the old empire have turned into proper kingdoms of their own right, and Millennia without a centralized authority has created distinct  cultures, politics and ethnicities that seem ever more alien to each other with each passing century. All of these kingdoms claim to be the rightful heirs to the Empire's legacy and authority. In fact the very foundation of any noble or royal family's claim to power is based on ancient bloodlines meticulously maintained and stretching back to the golden age of the empire.


Ooookay... with that Cole's notes exposition out of the way let's get cracking onto the actual story. It's starts with an expedition. Whether by pure chance or powerful magic, a small fleet of ships arrives on the shores of what they believe to the isle of Caledor. But it's not a time for celebrations just yet. The expediton is wary, and they have every reason to be. Simply finding the island has proven incredibly hazardous over the centuries, and there was no reason to believe the forests and cities of the ancient homeland would be any less lethal. Even the old, ruined imperial cities on the mainland that comprised the fabled core realms were and still are riddled with hazards both mechanical and arcane despite countless plunderings for their priceless treasures. The magisters and generals of the old Empire hid their secrets well, and those cities were not nearly as important or wealthy as those on Caledor itself, according to legend anyway. The only thing this expedition could be certain of, is that whatever they find will be wonderous... Full of discoveries and answers to millennia old questions. But it was not going to be a journey for the feint hearted.

What the expedition did not ever expect to find however, were people. Apparently not everyone in the heart of the Empire perished. Scattered tribes of Elves living a stone age existence in outside the ruins of what were once the most luxurious and oppulant cities in the world.

Be it hope, or burning curiosity the expedition has been watched since it set foot on Caledor. Skillfully so, it's worth noting. The expedition's own scouts did not discover the native population until they themselves were approached. Naturally, both sides have plenty of questions for the other.


So that is the basis of the world building and beginning of the rp itself. I would like to play one of the leaders of the expedition as they seek to explore the lost homeland of their people, and i'm looking for someone to play one of the tribal elves who takes an interest in these strange people from across the sea. Naturally there are a bunch of ways this story could play out, I have some ideas but would love to brainstorm and hammer something out.

The exact nature of the fall, legends from both the tribal people and the civilized elves. The dangers of the island and the cities, why the tribes avoid the ruins entirely. Do the tribes welcome the newcomers? Perhaps they too believed there were no other elves alive and are fascinated that there are people who look so much like them, but don't use stone tools and wear rough furs. Or they had simply forgotten about the world outside the island itself, simple survival is far more important to focus on. Maybe they try to convince the expedition to leave and view themselves and guardians and keepers of things they are convinced must remain forgotten forever and all time.

For the expedition themselves. I kind of view them as coming from a typical high elven style of culture, my mind continuously brings up images of the WFB high elves when i think of this plot. Though i'm open to discussing other options.

some ideas for the tribal woman I would love to play against.


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Silly, smutty themes. Light fantasy, comedy 50/50 plot & smut

A Divinely Sinful partnership

(To be written soon)

https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=5251403&tags=houtengeki+ -nsfw

https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=4304375&tags=laura_%28houtengeki%29 -nsfw

https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=4192875&tags=laura_%28houtengeki%29 -nsfw

A Scion of True Evil!

So I don't have a witty intro for this one. Just a fun pitch and idea. Basically i'm looking for someone to play the woman linked below, or someone else if you prefer. To be the most innefectual villain ever. It's not that she's bad at her job perse.... just not nearly as evil as she thinks. But what she lacks in real world experience she makes up for in enthusiasm and energy. She's incredibly nieve, I would actually love it if my partner was willing to portray her as a bit of an air-head/bimbo. I'm thinking a sheltered former acolyte of a very strict and goodly faith and she decided to rebel and go out into the real world and master true power that her instructors would not teach her. Or maybe she had a bad break up with said instructors or a former paladin boyfriend and this is her way of getting petty revenge. Become the next great villain they have to fight.

The fun to be had here is that this woman's idea of true evil is basically a child's idea of true evil. Mild inconveniences, out of place speeches and threats. She believes wearing black, using a spooky looking staff and dressing provocatively is enough to help her look the part. And probably gives her confidence to do and say half the things she does, but in truth she's no more evil than a schoolyard bully and no more powerful than your typical low level adventurer.

As for my character and where he comes in. I have a few ideas for that but the one I think I like the most is this. My character is a warrior type who meets the great evil sorceress by sheer chance while adventuring. The Aspiring villainess, looking to experiment with her new spells and begin establishing a base of followers and servants tries to enthrall MC with magic. After all what better servant to start with than a bodyguard? and if he's handsome and athletic... well that's just a bonus.

Of course it doesn't really work. Either MC has some kind of magical protection, natural willpower or YC simply miscasts the spell. But MC out of boredom and/or amused curiosity decides to play along. After all if a barely dressed woman with huge tits and a killer figure demands that you follow her back to her tent. You would definitely think twice before saying no.

And that's the basic setup of the story. From here the pair acts like a normal pair of adventurers. YC thinks she has a loyal magically enthralled slave and MC thinks travelling with this crazy bimbo is nothing short of hilarious. She's clearly in a bit over her head and he figures he might as well travel with her to keep an eye on her, and witness her hijinks firsthand.

Behold! Lady Azreala, mistress of Evil! (name her whatever you want)
https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=5371551&tags=houtengeki+ -nsfw

An adventerous spirit, An Inexperienced body.

The Name is a working title. But for this plot I really like the idea of the over-eager princess played accross from the worn out paladin/former knight trying desperately to keep up and keep her safe. The gist of this story is that a young princess is tired of her sheltered life and wants desperately to see the world, live life and maybe even experience a little danger before she is married off to some lord or prince and forced to bear him heirs and attend banquets for the rest of her days. The only things she knows about the outside world are from the palace's extensive library but just reading about far off wonders and dashing heroes only goes so far.

So she does what any nineteen year old girl with no military training or practical worldly experience would do and plans her escape. She did managed to get decently far too. Even bumbling her way into one of the seedier taverns by the city gate in the hopes of finding some caravan or carriage master she could pay to take her along for the journey. Naturally of course, a beautiful young woman in obviously rich clothes flashing handfuls of coin around and looking to all the world like a lost baby deer in a den of wolves is bound to attract the wrong kind of attention.

She can only hope someone comes to her rescue as the proverbial wolves begin closing in.

Basically that's the start of this idea. A tired warrior, maybe a righteous paladin or a dishonoured knight decides to step in and protect this woman. Eventually agreeing to allow her to travel with him to the next village, if only because she wouldn't stop asking and he's pretty sure if she tried to wander the roads on her own, she'd be dead within a week. This starts off a light hearted adventure where the worn out paladin gradually gets his spirits and his honour redeemed while travelling with this young woman, and she gets to experience some of the wider world. Dangers and all. He can teach her the basics of how to fight, cook, etc.

I personally like the idea that occasionally the royal guards, or other people hired by her parents to find and bring her back home do catch up with them from time to time. but the princess has convinced her valiant protector that they are taking her back to a miserable life. Maybe she lies about being a princess, or says she is forced to marry an abusive, older husband or some other lie. After all what knight worth his honour wouldn't believe a doe-eyed maiden at her word? It's only right that he steps in to protect her when these cretins come!

I envision the princess as both wildly nieve and wildly energetic. Far more so than her companion on both counts. Everything is new to her and everything is a wonder to be explored, it could be played for comedy or cuteness as a more jaded warrior sees even the simplest of things through new eyes. As far as their inevitable love affair is concerned, that could be played early or late. Carnal pleasures could be one of the many things she has only read about and wants to experience first hand, have a frivilous affair and make love by campfires and under the stars. Maybe she is determined that her first lover is someone she chooses, and who better than her knight in not-so shining armour?

Some NSFW links of my idea of the princess. It would be awesome if someone was willing to play this girl.
https://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3381657 -nsfw

https://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3077373 -nsfw

https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=5473386&tags=pecorine_%28princess_connect%21%29 -nsfw

Hi i'm a polymorphic alien who has taken the form of this signiature to have sex with your pupils, and by the smile on your face I can tell your enjoying it.


Chosen of the Dark gods!!!


This is an idea I had up here once upon a time but took it down because after re-reading it I thought I did a trash job pitching it. Anyway, This little video (linked above, not NSFW so don't worry) is awesome. Not just for obvious erotic reasons but the outfit, the sword, the blindfold and the whole thing is just perfect. But enough of my drooling, onto the idea itself.

I am looking for someone to play the woman in that video, For this RP I envision a fantasy setting partially inspired by Fable(specifically the character Theresa), warhammer fantasy and a few others. The Dark gods are real, their servants are plentiful and not always hidden in the shadows. Several times already the world has almost fallen to the combined armies of these dark deities. Fortunately for the goodly races of the world, the dark gods, and subsequently their servants view each other as just as much a threat as they do the kingdoms and peoples of the world.

Competition among champions, those both established and those aspiring to glory is fierce. Battles are fought daily between servants of rival gods or simply rival warlords in service to the same god. The consequences of failure are severe, but the great game is eternal, and as fickle as the Dark god's favour may be those that prove themselves true champions of the gods become living legends. Legends who rally armies and shatter kingdoms. Legends who, even if they fall in battle earn themselves immortality through story and history and may kneel at the side of their gods in honour. Unlike most who will suffer for eons for the crime of mediocrity.

I would be playing one of these aspiring champions, sworn to one of the dark gods. YC would be an young woman captured during a raid against a rival warband/tribe or captured during a village raid. Initially she was simply going to be used as entertainment for her new master. Abused for a few days then eventually sacrificed on the altar or flame once her master grew tired of her novelty. Almost immediately She peaks his interest for other reasons. For one she is surprisingly fearless when addressing him. Yes she calls him 'My lord' and kowtows like a good servant, but she is also confident. Not afraid to interrupt him or act without being commanded. And she seems to have no worries of him harming her, much less killing her.

At first her boldness is of great amusement. The novelty of a fearless slave, a wisp of a woman against his mountainous stature makes the warlord smile, 'maybe she will live for a few days longer than most' he thinks. Now obviously there is more to this story. The young woman he captured, unbenownst to him is an oracle. Herself touched by one of the dark gods and gifted to whisper dark prophetic truths in her sleep and seemingly read the hearts of minds of men with unerring accuracy, thwarting assassinations and warning her master about the true intentions of those who come to 'pay tribute' to his rising glory.

Whether her capture and enslavement to this particular warlord is merely part of some great unknowable master plan or simply a development she is taking in stride. Either way she sees an opportunity before her. Her new master may be a blunt tool, a mountain of muscle and steel shaped like a man, but all tools have a purpose. Maybe she forsaw his rising star and is choosing to attach herself to it? To ride it alongside him as the concubine and advisor of the man who will become the undisputed champion of his god in years to come? But he can't rise alone. He may be strong but without her subtle guidance she forsee's only failure, and her god's great plan will fall apart before it can shake the world to it's foundations.

Or she is manipulating him to her own purpose, and the dark gods alone know what that purpose truly is. But a man as large as him makes an effective shield and distraction. And few suspect a woman, much less a slave to be the true threat. She will use him as she needs him, and move to discard him when the time is right.

Guiding the light


This is basically the same story as the idea above, inspired by the same video. Only the characters in question are on the side of good instead of evil. In this idea MC would be a paladin or a religious knight of some kind. Embarking on a special pilgrimage. Relics of the faith from its most ancient days need to be recovered. He is hardly the first man to embark on this quest. Indeed hundreds of would be champions have met their end. Riding off into the unknown, hoping they will be the one worthy enough and blessed enough to be given the true guidance and faith of their god(s) and return in glory. But for thousands of years every attempt has only met with failure.

In all honestly even the high priests of the faith have their doubts as to whether these relics are even real. And those that do believe in them also think that they are undoubtedly lost to time and forever gone. But they could never admit as such in public. So despite the fuitility and enormous risk it has become a grim tradition of the faith to continue with this hunt. Once a generation a new champion is chosen to embark on this hopeless quest, and because he is not permitted to return unless in triumph, he is never expected to return at all.

MC suspects this. And unsurprisingly this is a trying test of his faith. He is sent on a seemingly impossible quest and functionally exiled from his home and family. More often than naught these paladins simply become wandering knights errant. Without solid leads or evidence to follow save thousand year old scriptures written in impossibly cryptic prose from a long dead dialect. It is no surprised many knights simply end up wandering between villages on the outskirts of civilization for decades. Slaying goblins and other beasts until age and exhaustion slows their reflexes enough that one of these creatures finally ends their 'quest'. These men and woman save countless citizens and homes and are beloved in these regions for their service, but rarely if ever get closer to their true goal.

Enter your character. A young woman blessed with holy visions (or so she claims). She may be from one of the villages saved by MC or rescued by him as she delves into some dark cavern and slays her monsterous captors who planned to eat her, or worse. In either case she is convinced that their shared god has sent her to aid him. He, obviously thinks she is crazy, or at best traumatized by her experience and offers to take her back home. But she is adamant that she and her are destined to travel together. He was destined to rescue her and prove he was still a worthy champion of his god, and she was destined to aid him on his quest.

it becomes quickly apparent to him that despite his best efforts she wont leave him alone. He even tried carrying her back to her parents, Listening to her berate him and beat her fists uselessly against his armour all the while. But despite being blind she somehow she managed to sneak out and stumble into his campsite in the wild. Where she found herself a sword along the way he had no idea. Realizing that he can't get rid of her he decides to indulge her for a time, hoping that the dangers and uncertainty of the wild and the loneliness of his quest will gradually convince her to go back to her quiet and safe life.

Obviously, things only get more interesting from there. For some unknown reason this young woman actually seems to be able to read the ancient scriptures. Or at least is better able to guess at the meaning of the cryptic riddles. With few options and nothing but time on his hands the holy champion decides to listen to her. At first he probably assumes that she will be wrong and maybe once she realizes this she will be embaressed enough to go back home and leave him in peace.

For this Idea I love the idea of slowly exploring an ages old religion. Finding the relics in old tombs and long since destroyed temples. Finding clues about the faith that in no way match modern beliefs.
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Warhammer Age of Sigmar ideas:

Now I know this one might be a tougher sell. But the reason I would rather play an rp set in Aos instead of the old world is simply because I've played old world rps before. Too many of them and I've honestly run that river dry. I personally find AoS to be a really cool setting with a lot of potential and I want to get some games going in this setting to explore lore, go on adventures through the realms, etc. Do some crazy shit. The pairing options for this Are extensive, and games don't need to be sexual in nature (though they can involve the act) but they will definitely be going into the extreme section because... well it is still Warhammer.

Most of these pairings I don't have solid ideas for, I just think the potential is there for a good pairing. Others I do have an idea for.

Some possible pairing ideas that I think might work are, but by no means limited too

Stormcast Knight questor x Excelsior warpriest
Stormcast Knight questor x any Grand alliance order hero
-seriously knight questors are super versatile and the nature of their lore has them adventuring far and wide through the realms. Temporarily attaching themselves to allied forces or wandering into cities. Whether it's me or you playing the knight there will not be a lack of options for pairings or potential adventures.

-Stormcast Lord Celestant x Hag queen, So I actually have a plot for this one if anyone is interested. The cole's notes version is that I would play the Lord Celestant (think space marine captain equivalent), Leading his warhost in defense of a shrine of the daughters of khaine. We would play the respective commanders and officers of both sides as the shrine braces under the attack of an ironjawz assault. It was more than the shrine could handle on it's own and none of their sister shrines could march to save them in time so they called on the only ally they really have for aid.

-Witch hunter x anyone, For those who don't know. Witch hunters in Aos often referred to the 'Order of Azyr'. It's basically Sigmar's version of the inquisition, only less genocidal. Some witch hunters similar to the beloved vigilantes of the old world. Stateless investigators who wander between settlements and cities rooting out chaos and heresy. Living by the skin of their teeth and surviving off wits, skill and luck. But it can also refer to a well connected and powerful organization operating under the approval and resources of the god king. Doing the unsavory acts that are sometimes needed to win the war against chaos.

By no means are the witch hunters as powerful or callously cruel as 40k's inquisition. They can't just condemn entire cities or populations to destruction. But they are given a wide degree of authority and resources to do what they need to do to further the god king's war effort. Steal dark relics before the enemy can find them, assassinate cult leaders and yes, arrest and interrogate suspected heretics. The potential for a good story between two witch hunters, or a witch hunter and 'hired/compelled help' is vast. Whether they are operating outside the law as vigilantes scraping by. Or acting above the law, operating the vast network of informants owned by the Order of Azyr and going on missions of the utmost importance and danger.

-Darkling Sorceress x consort (possibly an darkling prince or a freeguild officer?), this one could be a lot of fun and I kinda have an idea for it. It needs a lot of fleshing out but the potential is there.

-Freeguild soldiers x2 - Freeguild have taken over what was the old Empire range. At least on the tabletop. The freeguild in the lore is a catch-all term for mostly independant human cities, nations and whatnot who are broadly speaking, allied to Sigmar. And they vary hugely in culture, ambitions and military might. As such the possibilities are nearly endless. Think of this as the AoS equivalent of an Imperial guard story.

-Freeguild general/Dwarf king/elven commander x Stormcast Lord Celestant (this is where our characters would both be generals fighting a war. Either with the freeguild supporting the stormcast or the stormcast arriving to help the freeguild withstand a siege/fight a war.

-Nomad prince/freeguild officer x Daughter of Khaine

-Kharadron Captain/hero x Knight questor/ witch hunter/Darkling sorceress?, For this one I imagine the knight questor(or whoever) hires a small kharadron fleet (maybe a couple frigates and some escorts) to take them where they need to go. Paying them a significant sum for their ships and firepower to fufill their quest. I would greatly prefer to play the kharadron in this pairing as they are the faction that got me into AoS and the one I currently collect.

-Kharadron arkanaut x Fyreslayer, no real idea here. I just think this would be hilarious

Chaos Up in this bitch!

Chaos, One thing I have to give AoS, They did a much better job with chaos than WFB. It isn't just generic plate armour Vikings and generic Nordic marauders anymore. The model ranges are fantastic and they have done a superb job setting up actual chaotic kingdoms and societies. The fleshing out still needs to be done admittedly, but the foundation work is there and it is highly compelling.

One such kingdom is the kingdom of the Iron Golems. Launched as a warband for the Warcry subgame. These guys are actually really compelling as a faction, what little has been written about them speaks of laws, customs, family ties, social hierarchy and culture of their kingdom. Unsurprisingly they are a military nation, with Dominars (military captains) coming typically from powerful, well-to-do families. Then raising and commanding small, private companies of warriors as they desire then marching out for raids and skirmishes.

I would really like to play a MxF pairing between a Dominar and his drill sergeant as they lead a company to battle and glory. Adventure could take them literally anywhere in the realms. And the challenge being that at the end of the day the Iron golems are just regular mortals, not heavily armoured chaos warriors, and the Dominar wouldn't necessarily lead an army but rather 2-4 dozen legionnaires or so. So victories will be hard won and earned on a razor's edge. I think there is a lot of potential for a great game here.

But, other possible chaos pairings might include but are not limited too

Spire tyrants (a similar story to the iron golems but less compelling culture and backstory. Still some very good possibilities though, definitely willing to discuss them.)

chaos lord x Sorcerer, undivided, sworn to archeon or any god. Or no gods

Slaaneshii sorcerer(ess) Lord x Slaaneshii champion/general

Tzeentchian magister x Favoured commander - The will of the great architect is infamously fickle. Even to his most devoted followers his labyrinthian schemes are difficult to follow and his omens so subtle that only the most skilled of seers can interpret them. But when the architect of fate makes a decree it must be obeyed to the letter. Regardless of what is demanded and where the faithful must go to accomplish his ever changing will.

khornate warriors/ aspiring champions - Two warriors, maybe rivals maybe brothers/sisters in arms. This game in no way needs to involve romance and can just be two bloodthirsty psycopaths carving their way to glory, perhaps even to daemonhood itself.
Hi i'm a polymorphic alien who has taken the form of this signiature to have sex with your pupils, and by the smile on your face I can tell your enjoying it.