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Author Topic: Ollum's Fantasy/Steampunk Fun Times!  (Read 2504 times)

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Ollum's Fantasy/Steampunk Fun Times!
« on: November 01, 2014, 12:42:05 PM »
Hello Peoples. I will usually only post one or two ideas in here at most, and that idea will be updated as soon as my mood and desires change. Pretty straightforward.

At times and highly dependent on what the current craving is, I may take on two different variants of the same story at once because sometimes it's fun to see how the same story could change so drastically between people. Or repost an old story that either failed to end or went( or is going) so well I wanted to try it a second time. But again that all depends on my current mood.

Current Craving:

Strength through unity

(none of these four are NSFW by the way, so click away) - the elven ranger captain -the beasts of the scourge -alternative enemy force -coryani army captain

Humans and elves are not mortal enemies, but nor have they historically been on fantastic speaking terms. Their relationship since the first time these two races have met, perhaps some thousands of years of history, can be best described as ‘strained’.

There have been wars, skirmishes, disagreements of all kinds and levels of severity. And both races have very ingrained opinions and thoughts about the other.

Not all of that history is negative however as there are multiple examples of peaceful accords, trade agreements and even historical accounts of co-operation, possibly even shared cities. But these never seem to last longer than a few short centuries, the lifespan of an elf.

A prime example of this mutual dislike is between the predominantly human kingdom state of Coryan and their neighbors, the Sylvanari. A group of elves many humans might commonly refer to as ‘wood elves’. The frequency of disagreement between both kingdoms is almost legendary and can fill its own library wing on the subject.

But nothing unites rivals quite like a crisis. And it is a crisis indeed that befell the region where these two nations call home. A great and old scourge has come from the south lands, the neighbors immediately in its path were caught completely unawares and the refuges that streamed up from those now shattered kingdoms speak of death and destruction and terrible savagery.

Now the two bickering nations have been forced into co-operation if only for mutual survival. They have been forced to rely heavily on each other while they beseech any allies and friends they have abroad for any and all help with relief.

Most armies are still composed entirely of one race, but armies fighting alongside each other has become increasingly common. The crucible of war has had the side effect of planting the seeds for begrudging, but growing respect from both sides. As well as forcing more co-operation and conversation, at least at the officer level. Both sides trying their best to bury, or at least not bring up old grudges and bite their tongues instead of reverting back to habitual slurs and comments they might otherwise throw at each other.

This is the basic setup for the story I want to play. Between two military officers trying to do their best to stem the tide of invasion and work alongside historically touchy allies. I planned for them to be junior-mid level officers to give them a bit of authority and importance(and reason to interact on a regular basis), but not so high ranking as to remove them from the potential for actual combat and action altogether. Not fresh faced lieutenants, but not generals or lord commanders either.

I also figure that these characters have probably dealt with each other for a-while now. They know each other, have fought a few battles together and bled a bit and have the scars to show of it.

So the RP would actually start off with the seeds of our characters eventual affair having already been planted, the spark already lit so to speak. All it needs is time. And in the stress and heat of constant warfare for literal survival, well emotions will explode in funny ways. And few would fault two soldiers who face death on a weekly basis for giving into the moment and working out their stress in non regulation ways.

Obviously this is a basic outline and there is a lot to be worked out via pm and and some back and forth. In particular the nature of the enemy our character is fighting against needs to be worked out. I have two ideas I posted and honestly... I'm split on which one I prefer. The legion of the dead are classic as is the idea of a necromancer or lich rampage. But I also really like the idea of Draconian forces wreaking havoc and having sprung up straight out of myth and legend after who knows how long.

Various themes would be our own gradual overcoming of our more casual racism towards each others factions. Which would have already started to mend a little (not completely) as well as a nice build up of our characters attraction towards each other despite (or perhaps because of) the physical and behavior reasons that so often make both races turn their noses up at each other.

So ya, I have some character ideas posted as well and I am keen on both of them. If someone is willing to play that elf lady I would be much obliged. (love the eyepatch actually, I think it fits the idea of them already being well into the fight with scars to show for it)


The fantasy side of this story will draw heavily from the Warhammer novel series 'Darkblade'

The main characters will be MC who is a dark elf highborn. Born to an affluent and powerful mother who married an equally powerful lord. The only problem is he is not the child of that lord. He is a bastard from a dalliance between his mother and someone else. As such his stepfather has little patience or care for his life and the lord would have cast him out to the streets or sold him into slavery were it not for the boys mother, his new wife.

It was because of this connection that MC lived a fairly good life. He was largely ignored still and often glossed over in conversation and conveniently forgotten about. But his mother ensured that he still received the most valuable perks of Highborn status that would see his odds of surviving and making a name for himself that much easier.

He learned swordcraft and weaponry from masters in the combative arts. How to wear armour, how to ride, how to command. His scholarly teachings were of the uptmost quality. The instructors were often much harsher on him than his half-siblings but the bastard never complained and used that to fuel himself to work even harder just to spite those same instructors and his smug siblings.

And once his childhood was over the favourtism never stopped. His step father never pulled strings to get him cushy appointments that his brothers received. And being sponsored to learn the arts of the arcane at the universities? Why waste the time and money on a lowly bastard, his sisters were obviously far more deserving.

And he spent years growing up in that environment. Nurturing a deep and bitter loathing towards his 'family'. During this time he had to learn many things not taught to him by those harsh and often cruel instructors. He had to learn how to survive as a bastard. Which was alot harder than one might think. Dark elf politics was a notoriously dangerous battlefield. Ripe with bribery, blackmail and assassination. Plots and conspiracy are the order of the day every day. From a jealous junior officer wishing to usurp his commanders position to the some dozens if not scores of seperate assassination attempts the Witch-king has deflected or survived during his centuries on the throne. Alliances were everything and to get alliances you needed a name and a powerbase to expand from. The bastard has neither. Not because he cannot, but because he was never given either to begin with. And all attempts for him to do so are quickly discovered and brutally supressed by his step-father. Which only encourages other nobles to take up the mantle of pretending he doesn;t exist and ignoring any communication to avoid the wrath of his step-father. Which in turn only forces the bastard to make inroads with the more unsavory elements of society and nuture his influence from the seedy underbelly of Dark elf society.

Little of the above matters though for how the Rp is going to start. The Rp will start with the bastard finally having his father pull strings to get him an appointment. But this is far from usual dark elf nepotism. This is a move purely designed to finely and permanently remove a thorn from the Dread Lords side. He is having the bastard sent far away from the Dark elf capital. To command an obscure outpost and the measly garrison within. It is a mockery of a command, humiliating for someone of noble birth to be assigned to and the bastard knows it, his step father knows it but there is no way to refuse or disobey without being branded a traitor and a coward which would only see him put to death or hunted as a criminal if he tried to run. So with few options left to him he accepts the position.

So fluff aside this is where your character comes in. You will play a lowborn female soldier serving in the garrison to the bastards command. You will quickly become his second in command. Either because you were in that position before MC arrives or you demonstrate to him that you are worthy of some level of trust early on. Maybe informing him of a jilted Officer who beleives he should have that position and plots to kill you. Your reasons for helping MC are your own. Are you latching yourself onto someone with high prospects and potential? Someone who could lift you out of this gods forsaken dump and give you a nice soft position in life if you play the good girl? Are you simply a little taken by him and want to help your crush? Or are your motives something deeper and more layered?

Whatever the case together we will face adventures. Fight in wars and navigate through the political and social circles of the dark elves from the ground up. A worthless bastard and a lowborn bitch. What could possibly stand in their way?

Inspiration for your character - (a little more higborn and noble, but your character probably has aspirations too)

My Character -

Another idea for the fantasy version is that my character is never exiled. In this version of the tale my character's mother, who is the only parent that actually cares for her child. Forces her husband to give MC some sort of chance. Agreeing to the inevitable whim that he be sent far away but ensuring that he has a good opportunity to try and make a name for himself. A rare but not unheard of gesture of affection in highborn society.

Being given a moderate position as second in command of a military regiment. That would see him campaigning far away from home for extended periods of time. And in the off chance that he does fail spectacularly, he is a bastard and no shame will befall his house.

The Story would begin with my character's return home after a surprisingly successful campaign. Something his stepfather never thought would actually happen. It wasn't much but it was a victory, and a victory narrowly pulled from the jaws of defeat. After a display of incompetence by the regimental commander that nearly saw the whole unit ambushed and routed, my character acted quickly to execute him and usurp his position. Then leading what remained of his command back into dark elf territory after beating back the ambushers.

All in all it was his stepfather's worst nightmare. Not only had his bastard child survived. But now he was being given a commendation and allowed to keep his new rank as regimental commander. Effectively giving him a small but solid power base. And because he was a disowned bastard, none of that glory earned by the successful engagement would reflect on his former house.

Queue your character. A woman from a house of minor nobility. A young sorceress who's family has pulled strings to be assigned to my character's regiment. Believing that they should take the chance and try to attach themselves and their name to this potential rising star.

Sorcerer's attached to dark elf regiments are not uncommon. Being a magically attuned race and the many benefits that sorcery can offer to help turn the tide of a conflict. Usually it is only one sorcerer. And luckily, or unluckily as your character may see it. The old regimental sorcerer was killed in the ambush.

How your character views being part of a military unit is up to you. But I imagine she would at least see the opportunity her family is trying to exploit to gain prestige and what passes for honour in their society.

Now obviously our characters are going to end up working with each other very closely. Why we start fucking is anyone's guess. Dark elves never need too much of a reason to indulge in good old fashioned debauchery. But like all of the other ideas in this setting. Manipulation is key.

By taking to my character's bed, your character is probably trying to do several things. The first is assure her safety and position in her new commanders good graces.

Second is to stay as close as possible to him in an effort to seem invaluable or at the very least worth keeping. This part would also include showcasing your magical talents during campaigns and missions. Showing off that your magic is indeed an asset. Whether by trying to divine possible outcomes and futures, temporarily enchanting weapons or simply wreaking total devastation upon enemy formations. The key to your continued survival is to seem useful. That way my character might go out of his way to try to protect such an asset.

Third is to try and influence him. An obvious point to be sure. But they will not spend all of their time on the battle field. They will return to the capital to make reports, get new assignments and receive laurels (less so you as a mere underling, primarily my character). But our characters will learn to work together to survive the infighting and turmoil of dark elf politics.

Maybe you even try to offer my character a place within your house. As he grows more and more successful in the eyes of society and their dreaded witch king. Having such a man within your ranks would only propel the status of your house from the slums to the highest spires. Maybe even to the ranks of the highborn themselves.

This would not be an entirely one sided exchange either because my character would view it as expanding his own power base and giving him more security against the scheming of his father. And he knows it is entirely possible that with a few drops of poison and a dagger in the night that he could easily take the place as head of the house. Thereby gaining all of the influence and manpower tied to it's name.

He would even seal such a pact by marrying into the family. Choosing a bride in the form of a lovely daughter of the house. A talented sorceress that just so happens to be already sharing his bed.

For this one I was thinking YC would be more like this -

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Alright. Some set up for the setting. As far as the futuristic version goes. I am only looking for something in the warhammer universe at this time. For those interested in the fantasy versions however I see two options.

Either we play in the warhammer fantasy universe. Which is totally viable and I would be fine with. Or, we make our own universe. And create our own dark elf customs and culture and generally build the entire world around that culture as well.

If anyone is willing or curious to take that route than I have ideas already put to paper as far as lore and ideas go.

Light backstory. So the elves of this world are a divided lot. There are several different kingdoms of elves and while like humans, they are all fundamentaly the same in terms of prominent features and all one collective race (I'm pretty sure everyone knows what an elf is). Thousands of years of being split apart has started to form subraces amongst them.

Of the main factions of elves you have the obligitory three, the high elves, the wood elves and the dark elves. And there are physical differences between these proverbial giants of elven society. Mostly skin tones, common eye colour, etc. Focusing on Dark elves for now. Your average dark elf (and they wont actually be known in game as dark elves, wood elves, etc. They will have cultural names for themselves) is tall, alabaster pale skin, black haired and with eyes ranging from dark pink, to rich deep purple to grey to silver to black. 

Like most elves they do appear to have an ethreal beauty to them compared to other races. But with Dark elves their presence usually carries with it sinister aura's. They are beautiful yes, lithe and graceful. But they carry themselves with the grace of a fierce predator as opposed to a noble hunter. Where as a high elf warrior walks and strikes with the fury of a lion. Standing nobly and fighting with his shoulders square and his chin held high. A dark elf is more like a jaguar. He to0 stands tall and firm in the face of adversity. But he keeps himself calm and relaxed. Watching and waiting for the right moment to pounce upon a foe that has no chance of escape or retaliation. Ending the fight with the minimum energy that needs to be spent.

Enough about personalities. I am sure most people have a good idea of what a dark elf is. Onto his history.

So the reason there are multiple kinds of elves today is because once upon a time there was only one kind of elf. And in millenia past they had an empire that spanned the continent and was setting eyes on those unexplored lands beyond the horizon of the great seas that sorrounded them. Now this empire was certainly able to achieve many great things. And all elves are taught to view it as a source of pride and themselves as the products of it's great legacy.

Now like all empires, this one wasn't perfect. It did have it's issues and as it grew to a state of undisputed dominion over the landscape of the continent it also started to slip into a state of decadence.  Threats like the orcs that they once warred bitterly against were all but a thing of the past. Things didn't get interesting until those elven explorers charting new lands found a new peoples. Namely Humans.

As the elves tell the rest of the story. They took pity on the apparent simple and backward cultures of the humans. Offering them the hand of friendship and guidance as potential subjects of their expanding empire. Even taking some of the humans back to their home to display the wonders of elven culture and art. To let it inspire them and to let them take a role in elven society. After all why just appreciate this art when they could learn to make it? And all manner of other skills and trades could be taught to these humans and in return the elves would look over them and care for them like a father teaches skills to a child. Entire communities of humans volunteered to take the voyage back to elven lands over the decades and they prospered and grew in number.

As the humans tell it. The elves arrived on the shores of their ancestral homeland thousands of years ago. They came with deadly weapons and callous arrogance. Inumeral humans were herded like cattle on board cargo vessels and taken back to elven cities across the oceans to work as slaves. To take upon the dirty and dangerous labours that elves now saw as beneath such enlightened beings as themselves.

What all parties do agree on is the eventual, and arguably innevtiable revolt. It is hard to say what exactly started it. Human's have their martyr stories about certain individuals who led the revolt after some great travesty or something as such. And elves view it again in the manner of a child/parent relationship. As proverbial parents they spoiled the children by given them so much free knowledge and opportunity that these children, lacking the years of wisdom and experience possessed by the elves, sought to overthrow their teachers and educators and steal their secrets.

With the elf populations have become so reliant on human labour in so many key areas. Including personal guards and soldiering. The empire quickly fell into chaos and fractured. A hundred years of warfare followed and these days there are little remnants of that empire. Most of the ruins are so old they have long since crumbled to dust. The high elves are rumoured to have some well preserved cities dating back to the empire. And would have much of what little remains of their culture and literature from that time. But they guard their borders jealously against all non elves and allow none but their own kind passage through their lands.

The wood elves have become isolationists. Taking refuge in the harsh wilderness of the world during the early days of the revolt and holing themselves up tight. Not even other elves can safely enter their lands without fear of a swift death.

There are rumours that some elves broke off from the empire just before or during the revolt and established their own colonies in the new world. If true that means they have may have largely escaped the devestation wrought upon their race by the human's aggression. But they make little attempt to contact their former bretheren. And in kind most elven kingdoms in the homeland have far more to worry about than bother wasting resources scouring the globe for lost cities that may or may not exist.

The dark elves are part of a group that quickly took up arms. Seperated by the fracturing of the empire they sought refuge in a harsh desolate landscape that offered many natural protections against incursion. They were the most active minority in taking the fight to the human's. And many who today fall under their banner are of the exact type of vile creature that human's believe they revolted against.

These elves see elven kind in general as superior to all other forms of life. That they are the only people who are capable, nay! Deserving to rule over any empire and all peoples. And they hold a special distain in their hearts for humanity. Thinking them little better than monkeys who play at being civilized. They had their chance to learn and become great under the tutalege of the elves. And they repayed such benevolent kindness and opportunity with violence and bloodshed. So what if that ment they would be subjects. Such was their unlucky lot in life not to be born an elf. Of course they would be servants. They are not a people capable of rational thought and long term planning. With short, laughable life spans and a feeble mind barely able to grasp any technique they were taught beyond the most basic. What did they expect? The elves were and are the only beings with the mind and wisdom to rule.

As it stands now the different kinds of elves have stayed largely fractured for a number of reasons. Primarily in disagreement over the idea of rebuilding the empire and how to deal with the humans. Each subrace of elf believes that their way of life is the best and most appropriate way for the future of their species.

The wood elves believe that elves had their chance and failed. Like all things their time of empire came and went and will never return. They must isolate themselves and grow. To rise from the ashes of the old empire into new societies.

The high elves are traditionalists (big surprise). They fervently guard what remains of their heritage and study it intently for the knowledge of their ancestors. Many great marvels of crafting, art, technology and magic were destroyed or forgotten during the revolt. And the high elves seek to rebuild what they can. To make a stronger, wiser and better elven people. Who wont make the same mistakes as the last. These elves are the most willing to acknowledge that they probably did enslave humans. And perhaps they did deserve to be overthrown for become a lazy slave master society. Coincidentily these are the elves that tend to get along best with the human kingdoms.

And the dark elves believe that their people must reach out and regain their legacy. That strength of arms and mind is the key. These are the most warlike of the elves. They are constantly told that their heritage was robbed from them but that they will one day reclaim it. It is a rhetoric pounded into them from birth over and over. They are taught to view the ungrateful humans as slaves. Little better than animals, and nearly all criminals. Guilty of destroying the most beautiful culture this world had ever known. And it's best chance at a brighter and more perfect future.

These elves take human slaves unashamedly. And have a great number of warriors in their population. They have a rigidly hierarchical society. Made up of strict layers and codes. They even possess honour after a fashion. Or rather their own twisted version of it. Obedience to superiors is everything. And all dark elves are taught to loyalty to their people and their ruler in the highest regard. They even have their own knightly orders.

Their societal structure is like a great chain. At it's apex is the their Grand Prince. The ruler of the most powerful noble house in dark elf society. The Black Prince, as the humans call him. Each person is a link and the chain splits many times as noble houses descend into lesser houses into common military ranks and so forth. One is allowed to ascend their position on this chain. But doing so requires the elimination or demotion of the man above you. And elimination is far more common.

This is not as strange as you might think for a race that is also taught to praise loyatly to it's king and people. Because they view this constantly churning sea of violence that is the 'chain of ascension' as necessary. Ensuring only the strongest and most cunning of their kind is allowed to keep their position. Every day they live they prove their ability and worthiness. And if they die than that is a sign they let their guard down and failed. And it is for the betterment of all that they did die.

Years of being reminded that they are heirs to a broken empire has also made them bitter and cruel towards those they view as lesser races. Which is to say everyone not elven. They are remarkably civil towards other elves. Even from the other kingdoms that they have often had conflicts with over the centuries like the high elves. They treat elven prisoners of war fairly, and refuse to take other elves hostage on the principle. Believing them to be blood kin and brothers, worthy of respect but simply unwilling and afraid to take the necessary steps to reclaim their legacy.

It is not that they hate their elven kin. They just don't like or agree with them. And their respect towards other elves is the main reason why they are ruled by a Grand Prince and not a king or emperor. By the traditions and rights of their people the the Emperor must be chosen either from the old bloodline. Or a new ruler is selected from a collective moot of all even lords. Followed by a ceremony that involves beseeching the gods and testing the candidates worthiness before being allowed to sit on the eldari throne (the royal seat of elven kings) As the current state of interracial diplomacy is at an all time low. The odds of a moot being assembled are nonexistant. And the Dark elves respect that without the moot and the trials, there can be no true king of the elven people. So none of their number lay claim to the throne. Yet.   

Other ideas

Racial Tensions-

Just a quick run down until I can think up some kind of backstory to go with this. I am looking for someone to play this woman.

An elf ranger. She is a warrior for her kingdom and one of many who patrol within the borders of her peoples kingdom. And like many rangers she has a natural affinity with nature and can even call of it's aid to a limited degree. Is she a commoner? A noble? Or the king's own daughter? Her backstory is up to you.

It is a typical elvan land in many ways. Rich, beautiful forests teeming with all manner of animals and fauna. The elves of this nation are mostly isolantionists. They trade with the outside world and allow certain travellers. But no one other than them is allowed to roam freely in their lands.

My character is an orc. A warrior and shaman of his people. A tribal and warlike species. Often hated by most other sentient 'goodly' species for being the cause of numerours wars and conflicts. Despite their seemingly primative culture and technology they are inhumanly strong and very cunning. There is a myth that the orcs were an artificial race created by an ancient empire to serve as shock troops and slaves during a great war. Either during or after the conflict the orcs turned on their masters and the empire was crumbled in a single lightning quick uprising.

 Whether that is true or not is next to impossible to say. As by now such myths are centuries old at least and many records from that time are spotty at best.

In any case those myths are to be explored and expanded on in the game. What concerns our characters is how they get to meet. Your character is leading a band of warriors to try and ambush a group of orcs you know are living on your lands. They haven't caused any problems, yet but you and your people know that is only a matter of time before the nuesence that is their presence becomes a problem. One that the king has tried to eliminate previously but now feels that a sterner response is necessary.

Spoiler alert your plan doesn't quite work out. As you spy a group of orc hunters seemingly chasing some prey your patrol is ambushed themselves. Orcs hidden in the foliage spring up and others jump down from the trees to land on the elven warriors. Nearly crushing them instantly.

The battle that follows is short and bloody and leaves most of the elves dead and your character disarmed and held in an iron grip by an orc easily twice her size. And the weapons and useful pieces of elven equipment are plucked from the corpses the leader of the orc band approaches you. A head and then some above your height he glares down with barely restrained fury. But it isn't a simple primal rage. But a knowledable and purposed hate. Almost like this entire affair was a wound to his pride. His sense of presence is still overwhelming and his sheer bulk dominates her vision. And the scent of orc fills her nostrils. A musky scent mixed with sweat from the exertion of the fight.

When he opens his mouth a boorish but passable string of elven comes out.

“Tell your chieftan that my people will not be hunted like animals!” The grip on his spear tightens until his knuckles start to whiten. “If he wants to fight than he fight himself. Not send others to battle for him. And we will kill all that we have to to defend ourselves.” His next action was less wordy and more of a swift backhand to knock you out.

Chosen of the Dark God! NSFW (To me this one is the closest in ideal to a dark prophetess.)

My character:

I am looking for someone to play this character. A Dark prophetess/priestess to my Warlord. A woman who is either part of a coven of oracles and prophets or sought out my character on her own and now seeks to guide him in response to the prophetic visions granted by her magic and her faith.

My character is a warrior of that god. An instrument of his unholy will and an aspiring champion in his service. Eager for an opportunity to earn favour and power from his master. Like many he has his own minor warband. One that is loyal to him

Your character believes my character has a important role to play is achieving something important for their master. And thinks that their god has guiding and instructed her to take to his service. Keeping him nudged in the right direction and whispering portents and divinations of coming battles and challenges.

And there are alot of Challenges. There are many aspiring champions of our god. All of which see each other as rivals battling for favour. Each commands their own warband and conflicts between such groups is a very common occurance. The dark god insists that only the strongest and most cunning are worthy of his notice and encourages this meat grinder of a system to weed out the weak and unworthy.

On top of that there are other evil gods who may send their servants to try and stop their rival from gaining too much power over the mortal world. Goodly folk that will raise armies and try to fight back against being invaded and conquered. And there is always the risk that the dark gods notoriously fickle attention span grow bored or frustrated with lack of progress or repeated mistakes and turn it's gaze on someone else.

OOC Notes:

Alright so obviously this is going to be a darker themed plot. What with both of us being heralds of a dark god spreading war and suffering in our wake. So some of the themes are going to reflect that.

To Forge an Empire

You are Queen Taliana (or whatever you want to call yourself) of Cyrene. A shining beacon of a city and a bastion of order and wealth during these dark years that the continent of Onara has found itself in. Your nation's relative stability is due to small host of reasons. Geographically you are out of the way and your position is not the easiest to assault thanks to the fortress like nature and easy access to the sea. Your stern stance towards neutrality has helped keep you out of war. And ensured you had great access to continued trade with the widest variety of kingdoms. During these dark years this has helped protect Cyrene. Despite the envy and anger it's wealth and insisted neutrality provoke.

Until now that is. The enemy is quite literally at the gates. One thing Cyrene is not known for is having an especially large army. But that has never been a problem. The city is easily defensible and those who have tried to attack have found it's wall next to impossible to breach, And thanks to the sea it's supply lines are impossible to severe.

But now the outer walls are crumbling. Siege machines are rare these days because of the cost and materials needed to maintain them are difficult to accumulate. But this warlord has conjured some sort of infernal beast of iron. One that belches fire and smoke and shatters the wall stones and wooden gate with terrifying force.

When the front gate does finally crumble(which doesn't take too long) and the defenders rush to counter the inevitable infantry rush. Instead they are given a single demonstrative display of the power this deamon of iron can wreak on human flesh. An orb of hellish rage goes plowing through a dozen men as easily as a toddler might kick down an army of toy soldiers. Most of the men of Cyrene are now too terrified to stand directly in the breech and provide a second target.

Finally the infernal beast is silenced and a single rider from the ranks of the invading warhost rides forward. Proudly carrying the unknown banner of whoomever this tyrant conquerer is. You have never heard of his name, but you have heard reports that there has been a particular warband growing rapidly in strength lately. There are  and always have been conquering warbands trying to pillage and raid cities. Would be tyrants that live and die short brutal lives as they fall to each other or their underlings. It is hardly news, But this was the only warlord that has taken to calling himself by an unusual and frankly, brazen title.

“Hail! Men of Cyrene!” Shouts the rider, A proud and straight backed man with a booming voice that carries itself through the now eerily quiet battlefield. He appears quite unafraid of the many archers aiming their arrows at his heart. Just waiting for the order to silence him.

“His Majesty the Emperor wishes to speak with your fair and noble queen! He requests an immediate audience and permission to peacefully enter this great city.” A remarkably amicable and calmly delivered request. One that was offered before the siege began but was promptly turned down by those who smugly believed themselves safe behind their walls. Now the queen, but more importantly her officers were being given a choice. They could invite their conqueror through the remains front gate. Or the 'Emperor's' men would clear the way to the palace for him.

“There are matters of great importance to discuss and his majesty respectfully requests a prompt reply.” The army standing behind him was not currently rushing forward into the breech. But the threat was very real at this point that they could. And if they did than the city as a whole was at the conqueror's mercy. Which none knew enough about this man to know if he had any.

Assassin x Princess

Setting: Steampunk, Victorian, low-high fantasy

I am not talking about a assassin you is targeting the princess (You) but rather as assassin or figure who works for her father. Rooting out conspiracy and plot from the shadows and putting down threats to the realm. Always being watchful and protecting the institution of the crown, the king and the royal family.

Now as for my character I figured he would be an assassin/ Intelligence agent that had just returned to the kingdom after some substantial length of time away. Either Months or years but he has returned to enjoy a brief reprieve but finds himself back into duties relatively quickly as it turns out home is a far more hectic place than when he last left. There is conspiracy, Maybe the royal engineering college is still making these grand discoveries but the king feels those discoveries may be threatened by outside or inside forces. And all the while there is some annoying leather clad tart wandering around stealing and messing with the lives of the nobility. In short.... fun times. My character may encounter yours several times and may even suspect a few things about her identity. Your character may be good, but I was thinking mine would have the experience of years compared to relative months. Maybe it's something as little as her voice that she forgets to hide when she dons her alter-persona. The give away of her soft scented skin, The jewels in her hair that are clearly to expensive for most to afford and to impractical for a thief however vain to wear and risk losing if caught. Things that might go unnoticed by most, but are picked up by a professional.

The question is, when he corners her with his suspicions and maybe catches her changing in her quarters what will he do? Will he report her to her father or further try and teach her the skills of a rogue and use her to help him solve some of the kingdom's problems.

Character inspiration for the princess would be these. - this would be more akin to what she would wear and appear as in public and in her formal life. - This would be her 'action and travel' attire.

Pictures I have not found a use for yet (obviously steampunk. A mechanic, possibly a rebel against some tyranic ruler/kingdom putting together jury rigged machines and equipment for the cause?) (definatly a noble of some fashion, or at least from a refined background. Probably a mage as well or a dabbler in the arcane arts) (The perfect innocent girl. Sexy and unaware of just how sexy she is but also aware that boys do give her strange glances and inviting gestures that make her blush.), (Ever heard the phrase don't put your dick in crazy? Ya well fuck that warning. Either of these girls on the scale of one to insane have already passed the 'batshit fucking crazy' mark and beyond. That would be a hilarious mix with a paladin or similar ethics kind of character. I would prefer to play the more paladin or knight archtype.) (anything drawn by him. The realism is incredible. Any combination of girls drawn on this page. I personally feel they all belong in a low, dark fantasy type of setting. Conan, red Sonja that type of thing.)

If you have an idea to pitch to me on these or just really like the picture than by all means give me a shout (just anything involving either of these girls. The only other inspiration is a little blurb I heard recently that I found to be all too true.  "Let's face it, nothing is sexier than a girl with attitude." and these girls seem to sum that up perfectly) (These two, at least in my mind would make a show of extremes on behaviour and actions. I would love for someone to play both of those woman.)

Side notes Regarding all ideas posted here:

-Pretty much all details are open to ideas and adjustments if you want to put something forward. The worst I can say is no, but I am pretty open to most things.

-If you have any questions in general about the current idea(s) just fire away. I find that once my ideas are written down and posted they aren't nearly as refined as I thought they were. So everything is open to ideas and interpretation.

-Post frequency is once a week at least please. preferably a couple times a week. God knows I get busy and may not adhear to this myself at all times but a quick apology and explanation can go a long way.

-I try with grammer I do, and I hope you do as well. But I am not a Nazi by any means and hope you will not be one in return. I make mistakes, shit happens. If by chance you are perfect and never make grammical mistakes well than good on you, I am not one of those people and I would appreciate to not be looked down upon because of it. small reminders are nice every now and again if I completely and utterly butcher the English language. But not every little mistake.

-Length of posts I am very reasonable on as well. I understand there is not always enough to talk about to fill three paragraphs. And I hate it when people just type random things for the sake of filling space. I would rather have a single paragraph that speaks volumes than four filler paragraphs that say nothing.

-Details, How do things taste, Feel, sound, How do certain people and situations make your character feel. The little things they do like lick their lips, Flutter their lashes, Their breathing becomes shallower, Heavier, Whatever the case may be I hope you get my point. I drop the ball on this at times as well but I do try and I usually make the effort to go back and edit my posts to include many of the smaller details that I missed previously.

-The kinks and level of intensity desired changes with each idea. Some are much tamer and others are a little more extreme. If you express and interest and PM me with the Pairing listed in your subject line than I can Pm you a list of the kinks desired for that particular rp. And you can see if they match your own desires. Like the specifics of the Rp itself the kinks can be negotiated but you may find I am a little firmer on which ones I definatly want to keep and what I am willing to part with.

-Really just check my preferences. I don;t like a O&O's page because what I want can't change as i binge on one thing and get tired of it for a while or try something new. Or just ask. Nothing to lose by asking.

-If you don't like something that is happening in the rp, The direction it is taking, Feel it's to slow (I have been told I progress slowly at times) Or to fast or whatever. Tell me, we can either fix it or part ways. I am a big boy and I can take a criticism. Provided it is a criticism and not an insult or bitching. there is a difference.

-General note. I am not big into MxM. I have tried it a few times. And it's just not my thing. if you want a sexual MxM story or was thinking of adjusting one of the characters into a male or adding one for a threesome than sorry.

-I am pretty much always a dominant when it comes to the sexual aspects of the RP. I don't tend to submit easily or comfortably and will naturally try
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Re: Ollum's Fantasy/Steampunk Fun Times!
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Steampunk Specific Ideas

In the name of the King
Setting: Early 1600’s, low-mid fantasy, Steampunk, low magic

My Character:

Your Character:

Kinks: At most light bondage, playful. Blindfolds, tying wrists, some hair-pulling perhaps, spanking (i will always include spanking in any rp) but not much beyond that for BDSM. Other than that I would like the usual vanilla inclusions. Oral, anal, rough play.
It is a time of great technological innovation and cultural change across the continent. With the invention of wonders like black powder and the steam engine and clockwork engineering there was seemingly no limit to the wonders that could be produced in the years to come.
But this rp is less on the whole steampunk invention thing and more on the Cultural change. The main change in particular being that woman are stepping out of the home and putting down their crochet and needles to take up roles and positions that only a few short decades ago would have been impossible for them to obtain.
It is a slow transition that certainly won’t be complete any time soon. But equality of gender is becoming a reality. Woman are taking on certain secretarial posts in government, even owning certain small businesses and most shockingly. The last ten years have seen the ever increasing numbers of woman applying for service the army of all things.
A sweeping reform to the legal system was enacted as well. Woman now have more rights and protections granted to them by the crown.
The king himself is a Young man, he took the throne when he was barely a day over twenty two after his much beloved father passed away. Since his ascent to the throne ten years ago he has continued his father’s legacy in championing these new changes and laws. While overall they are popular with the common folk, the elite or ‘Old Guard’ and many old military types are more resentful of these changes. Believing that they are being thrown about with no thought to the consequences and that the king is being a young idealist fool. Listening too much to his radical Queen (some even think she controls his decisions completely).
In particular there is company strength force. Both part of the military but removed from it. Subject to no one but it’s own officers and other generals and of course, the king’s own commands and wishes. This company operates and acts much in the style of the real world ‘Musketeers of the guard’ of France. A force comprised of those from the lesser nobility or the wealthier members of the common and merchant classes. A lot of Bastards sired from Barons and Dukes and others who hold similar titles. Their fathers ensure their estranged children have a respectable opportunity at an honourable existence in service to king and country. And they in turn can be no longer responsible for their bastard’s fate.
Entrance to this company requires that one displays an already basic understanding of basic swordsmanship, Musketry and horse riding. All members must be well literate and able to pay for their essential equipment. A sword, Horse, saddle, personal clothing and a pistol. Food, lodging, muskets and the uniform are provided by the crown.
There are arguably more prestigious or ‘gentlemanly’ groups within the army. Like most dedicated cavalry regiments or a particularly famous infantry regiment. But this ‘King’s company’ has it’s own reputation. With many tales of it’s members boisterous attitudes and repeated (often fantacized) adventures. Its members have never been known to turn down a fight and in many taverns are often the cause of them.  And the personal nature of their assignments from the king himself is often cause for other even more wild rumours and tales about their exploits.
It is considered as sort of special force within the army. They are stationed within the capital itself. They maintain their own barracks, stables and armoury. They aren’t royal guards, that is a separate group altogether. They also aren’t a dedicated cavalry or infantry force. serve at the pleasure of the king, Doing whatever he wishes whenever he asks. They perform all manner of tasks, usually dangerous ones in the name of King and Country. While capable of being an effective frontline force on any battlefield their numbers are usually more spread out unless rallied for a single purpose. They are trained to be swordsman, marksman and cavalry all in one.
You are Valyrie Ashcroft. One of the several daughters of Count Ashcroft. With the widening allowance of woman in traditionally male roles of society you decide that you will try to live just such a life. A far more adventurous one than is still customary for a woman of noble heritage such as yourself (some traditions are still holding firm). As you are a woman your father is firmly against the idea of you enlisting as a common soldier. And most cavalry regiments were still putting up a damn good fight against the idea of woman in their ranks. But that hardly mattered to you because you had bigger ambitions. You wanted to join the King’s own Company. It had a good name, being a noble was almost a requirement, and even thought you were technically enlisted it was still considered socially acceptable for someone of your birth and status. Plus in your mind in garrunteed the kind of unending adventure that you craved to be a part of.
You petitioned for a full year to be allowed entrance into the King’s company. It has, as many other regiments obstinately held out against woman being allowed to join and for as long as it could. But eventually the king himself all but ordered the captain to allow her a chance to take the necessary tests of skill and ability. When she passed them all and showed off just how effective her private tutoring and high born educations were, it was very difficult for the captain or anyone to say anything else against her joining.
With those hurdles overcome and your father willing to pay well for your personal items and equipment. There was nothing left for you to do other than be officially sworn in as a member of the King’s own Company.
The first order of business is your assignment to a superior. He will oversee you in a sort of probationary period. Responsible for training you into an asset of the king. And teaching you the ropes of how life in the company works. Spoiler alert, it isn’t as fantastical as all of the stories and tales make it out to be. Certainly there are adventures galore to be had but they seem far less romantic in the moment while you’re actively being shot at.
Things wont always go as expected. Living as a soldier wont be everything Valyrie thought it would be. Some people will resent the fact that a woman calls herself their equal and peer. Others will hate her because she is far more well-off than most of them. Her parents both recognize her as their child and support her financially. Which is more than can be said for many other members of the company. My own character and Valyrie’s training officer will be a bastard. No money or lands or titles to his name. Which in itself was given to him to remove association with who his father was.
So ya, this story is all about high adventure in a steampunk world. There can be magic and in fact I would like there to be magic. More in a scholarly form studied at Universities by the small minority that are born with the gift. And it will not be all fireballs and lightning bolts out of the fingertips. Not entirely anyway. It is something that is used Rarely but when it is used it is awesome and badass.
But neither of our characters can use magic. They are both soldiers. The kind of work our characters do varies but is often high profile stuff. If there is an attempt or plot against the king’s life than we race against the clock to thwart it. A relic of great value is missing from its pedestal in the royal vault? Invaluable information about our capital’s defenses is going to be traded to our nation’s enemies? The top mind of the Royal college of Engineering turns up dead and the blueprints for his greatest invention stolen? All are just samples of the many problems that will demand our attention. And there almost never seems to be a break in the excitement longer than a few days.
This will have some overarching plot but I also want some more random episodic adventures to happen as well. Small side quests if you will that take us off the beaten path. But our characters will grit their teeth and push through it all in the name of King and country.

(working on a title)

My Character:

Your Character:

Kinks: At most light bondage, playful. Blindfolds, tying wrists, some hair-pulling perhaps, spanking (i will always include spanking in any rp) but not much beyond that for BDSM. Other than that I would like the usual vanilla inclusions. Oral, anal, rough play.

This idea is very similar to the above in setting and background info. Only in this version either certain forms of magic or all magic is viewed as terrible and evil by most of the world. All who display magical ability are rounded up and given a swift execution on order of the king, often before the mob has a chance to tear the accused apart themselves.
Your character is from a group of Gypsy like outcasts. Among your people magic is not viewed with loathing or fear. But rather those who can wield it are often lauded and given titles and importance within their society. This lends an air of mysticism to your people. They are often scorned by most villages and cities as little more than thieves and beggars. And the rumours that abound about their sorcerous powers are less than flattering. Some of the more outlandish claims include accusations of blood rituals and child sacrifice. Utter nonsense of course but such ideas are hard to remove from the minds of common folk. 
What is important about this is that your character is a sorceress. Your magical talents are those of healing and divination, you are not a battle mage who stride into combat atop an armoured steed slinging fireballs into ranks of spearman. You are considered blessed(or cursed) with premonitions of what is and what will be. You can’t always control what you see or how clearly you see it but meditation and practice have taught you degrees of control and clarity.  Your arts are more peaceful than aggressive.
Your people are currently camped in the countryside a few days from the capital of this kingdom you travel through. There have been rumours of a sickness infecting small villages here and there but most people believe the problem to be contained or at least not close enough to their own lives to care right now. The King took the usual steps to quarantine these villages as is normal and as far as anyone is aware the problem is being handled and will burn itself out like any sickness.
Only you already know by the laws of story telling that it doesn’t end there. Nor is this sickness going to be anything as simple as a plague or fever. It is far more insidious than that. Just how much so no citizen knows. All the affected villages are lined with soldiers preventing anything from coming within a league of the area. Few of these soldiers will speak about what if anything they see while performing this duty. But some of the men who ventured initially to determine the damage, returned with white knuckles wrapped around their spears and disturbed expressions etched into their faces.
The kingdom keeps track of your people whenever it discovers them in their kingdom. They don’t do anything to clear you out traditionally, but they keep tabs on your actions and any criminal accusations that follow in the wake of your travels. If your group ever causes too much trouble than a few heads might have to be cracked but your caravan has been well behaved for the most part. So you have been left relatively undisturbed. Plus the king and the army have more important concerns right now than a few gypsies.
The king’s intelligence master has heard a very specific rumour regarding your caravan group. And a certain woman within it who was said to trade her skills as a healer in exchange for goods and food at villages she passed. Deciding to take a risk if it means finding a solution for the sake of his people the king has ordered one of his men to track down and bring back your character to the palace. To enlist her aid in solving the problem of this sickness.
Several days later a small party of riders arrives in the late morning. They make sure they are clearly noticed by any sentries and lookouts your caravan posts. They are dressed in uniforms and regalia of King’s soldiers. Not exactly an image that is popular with many people in the caravan. Many fear the worst, that we represent a vanguard of more soldiers sent to clear them out and scatter their camp. Or at worst put them all to the sword. Or to deliver some sort of ultimatum demanding tribute or payment in gold and/or woman in exchange for continued safe passage like other kings or lords.
The small party is careful not to antagonize and ignite an already tense situation. They wait patiently at the edge of the gypsy camp and requests to meet with whatever leadership they have as well as this rumoured sorceress. They claim to come in peace, on the direct authority of the king.

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Re: Ollum's Fantasy/Steampunk Fun Times!
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Lighter (kink wise) stories. Mostly high fantasy settings and most involve princesses (yes i know i have a thing for that kind of pairing. Just roll with it.)

For these ideas I want us both to play young adventurers. Around 20-22 years, no older than that.

Cowgirl x Human (original titles are challenging sometimes)

I saw this picture and I had a sudden idea for a sillier fantasy adventure. One centring around that girl and her desire to prove herself.

I imagine she comes from a race of minotaur like people. Almost entirely male dominated and woman are barred from certain paths in life. Mainly they are expected to be submissive mother figures. Bred by the males or 'bulls' of their people and caring for the offspring. They have little say in the day to day decisions of their people and whatever communities they live in.

For most of the woman in her species this isn't a problem because they are more naturally submissive than their male counterparts and take to their lot in life readily. But this girl was born a little more stubborn and a little more fiery than most females. She yearns for something more and her habit of standing up for herself gets her into trouble back home so eventually she left home and sought her way in the wider world. Determined to be more than a breeding cow in life.

Now of course it isn't that easy. She is young and headstrong and 'thinks' she is capable but that isn't nearly enough. She also has certain.... noticable features that will make her noticed by almost everyone. Her figure and breasts may not be the most extreme back where she came from, in fact they were both likely very tame features of hers. But compared to human and elves and other races her body is quite exotic and very fetching. Which only frustrates her further because she is still treated like a ditsy girl and most people(men and woman) pay more attention to her jutting tits than to her face.

She wants to be something strong and independent. So she decides she is going to be a warrior, and adventurer! Who will become famous for her deeds and not her tits. The only problem is she has no prior training in fighting. And only thinks she knows how to use a sword properly (just swing the pointy end at them, how hard could it be?!) And she is beset by problems while adventuring. Not the least of which is constant male attention (finding properly fitting clothes outside of her homeland just isn't going to happen) And her lack of actual experience with.... well with anything.

I personally want to play the man who is going to end up being her travelling companion. We can work out the details of how but she will need someone to teach her how to properly defend herself (and first point out she doesn't know how.) as well as teach her some wisdom the world outside her home and how to behave. Mostly to act as a more experienced head against her more impulsive and stubborn ways.

And of course, eventually after many hardships and close calls they both end up spending their nights sharing more than just the same tent and a warm fire.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A second option for this game that I rather enjoy the thought of is this. Your character's untamed aggression and and short temper has already landed her in trouble. Enough trouble that she is arrested and heavily bound, even gagged to prevent her from fighting back against her guards. The extent of her crimes can be discussed but personally I am thinking it is something like starting a large tavern brawl that resulted in alot of property damage, or maybe she got drunk and made a complete ass of herself in another sense, like assaulting a priest stealing from a merchant/church/establishment and when the guards tried to break it up and arrest those responsible she bit, clawed and wrestled with them and they had to go to some length to subdue her.

In this variation your character is basically going to be released from prison only on the condition of her own parole to my character. He could be a paladin from the church she stole from, come to see her work off her penance via honest labour or accompanying him on a enforce pilgrimage.

Or my character is the leader of an adventuring guild who heard about the fight she managed to put up and figured she would make a great addition to his guild. With a little training and discipline she might make something of herself as a sellsword.

Whoever's custody you are released to, you are probably not released solely on your own word and bond. I like the idea of some sort of countermeasure being in place for parolees in case they need to be brought back in. Like a magical obedience brand or something. We can discuss specifics but I would like to implement some form of enforcement plot device that she likely will resent. But will also be key in my characters initial attempts to help deal with her wild and aggressive nature.

Major Kinks & themes: Breast play & lactation, potential growth (obviously) are going to play a theme in this what with her species and all. If your not ok with either of those things well, they are kind of non negotiable for this one.

This will be less BDSM but light bondage and submission can play a roll in their relationship. That being said there is not reason two lovers cant still go at it like rabbits and the Rp can still be plenty sexy and filled with wild romping.

Also yes, the size of her breasts will play a roll in the rp, how she is perceived by people, first impressions, that sort of thing. They are massive and sometimes will be in the way. Almost everything she wears will become inappropriate in some way. And forget about finding any suit of armour that was built to contain her figure. (actually I wouldn't mind if sexuality and skimpy attire was a norm for most of this fantasy world.) Most of her clothes will be inappropriate  and her general attire will be best described as 'revealing'

Her naivete is something I also want to be a thing. I am thinking she is easily enraged when something, anything doesn't go her way and prone to anything from a childlike tantrum to lashing out.

Princess x mercenary -

Three ideas for this one

The first idea revolves around a kind of loosely arabian/persian based kingdom

Your Character:

My Character:

The second idea takes place in a kingdom themed heavily off Greco-roman culture and aesthetics. Probably one of several city state or small kingdoms in a collective league of similarly cultured kingdoms. Or the leaders of one powerful empire that commands the respect of others on the continent.

MC is a foreigner from a kingdom outside of the collection of city states you belong to. He commands a small band of mercenaries who are loyal to him. You are of course the princess of your little kingdom. As the oldest and perhaps only child of the ruling kin the throne will pass to you upon his death. Which makes you someone worth protecting and of incredible value to the kingdom. But it is not your life that My character has come to defend. It is no secret that many of the city states are often skirmishing against one another. Seeking to one up and get the advantage over each other by nearly any means. Some monarchs are more ruthless than others in their tactics. And foriegn mercenaries are a popular means by which to conduct these skirmishes and settle disputes. They wear no colours and have no loyalties to any of kind to rival cities. And if the hired mercenaries are to fail or be captured their actions are easily denied and dismissed by the perpetrator.

My character is here on a mission to escort the Sibyl of Vylene. Who is the patron goddess of your peoples city and an important figure overall in your pantheon. The sibyl is less of an artifact and more of a person. A priestess to be exact. A young woman born once every few generations who is a divine link to the Lady of Justice herself. A beacon by which she can make her will directly known and speak to the high priestesses to convey instruction and if necessary, condemn current or past actions.

The current sibyl of Vylene who is the first to appear in your city for nearly a hundred and fifty years just so happens to be related to you. Your half-sister or cousin has been identified as the current sibyl by the Clergy. This is normally something to be celebrated. The sibyl of Vylene is a much honoured position and one of great cultural importance to the people, and historically she is one of the few individuals with the authority to demand immediate audience with the Archon of the city. To express the displeasure of the goddess or to offer divinely inspired wisdom to steer a new course.

Only the ceremony of the Sibyl is a long and complex one. Requiring that the woman in question travel  to select shrines for the purpose of meditation and ritual cleansing of the soul. Again, normally not a problem. But YC's father believes that his kingdoms enemies may make an attempt against the Sibyl. Both as a religious icon and a close relative the uproar that could be caused if she was killed or gods forbid kidnapped while on her pilgrimage would tear the kingdom apart in it's scramble to assess and respond.

Her death would mean immediate war be declared, and any randsom demand from kidnappers would bankrupt the treasury. Worse, these are dark years that this kingomd and others have been sliding into. Sabre rattling and corruption has been on the steady rise for decades. And there are those who believe YC's cousin was only delcared the Sibyl as a political move. So much time has passed since one has been seen that many doubt the goddess has suddenly decided to pick someone.

With the Archon's mistrust of his own government and certain military officials at an all time high he feels the only safe option is to hire mercenaries. People who aren't politically motivated by the happenings of his kingdom. He finds one mercenary captain with a reputation for good work. One he believes will uphold his contract in the name of his own honour and reputation instead of taking a bribe from the Archon's opponents and betraying the Sybil.

Your character may not see it that way. She may be a little more naive to the political machinations of her fathers kingdom. Or naturally more mistrustful of these strangers from a foreign land to are taking the post of honour guard away from those who would otherwise traditionally hold it. Likely her father has not expressed his concerns to her fully and let his fears be known. Hoping she will simply acknowledge that these are his orders.

Fearing that her father knows something about her beloved cousin being in danger she sneaks out of the palace to join the honour guard procession. Hoping to follow them on their trail, stay skillfully out of sight and if necessary leap to her cousins rescue if these foreigners try to betray her. 

Your Character:

Your Character's cousin/sister:

My Character:

 The third idea takes it's inspiration from a excellent game called Jade Empire. Where the princess is a spoiled, arrogant brat and heir to a chinese style empire. But she is also young and idealistic and in frustrated that her role as the Emperor's daughter is merely to look beautiful, learn boring skills, act demure and feminine and eventually be married to someone she wont like because of politics. So she dons an alter persona, kind of like a superhero(in her mind only) only her skills are mostly self taught or taught to her by her royal tutors.

During her disguised roaming of the common lands she discovers just how different life is when you don't live in the palace. Life is often hard and crime can be thriving side by side with corruption. And she can't simply act on this information without divulging to her father how she came about it. As merely a princess and not an Emperess she can't simply remove people from office or have them hauled to the dungeons for questioning without eyebrows(and maybe swords) being raised.

She takes it upon herself to practice new skills that were denied to her as a woman. Skills of combat and swordplay and thievery. She than takes it upon herself to be the champion that she feels the common folk need. Someone who strikes against the criminals and the corrupt officials.

YC: (her costume when prowling the streets) (What she might wear around the palace)
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