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Author Topic: The Circle Starts Again (We're starting, still Recruiting! Freeform game)  (Read 1453 times)

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Offline AngieTopic starter

Re: The Circle Starts Again (Recruiting! Freeform game)
« Reply #50 on: November 02, 2014, 12:49:57 PM »
Yeah, personally I was considering I could make probably 1-3 posts a week indeed. Probably more if there happened to be a just 2 character scene and both me and the other player are around at the same time. The more people you throw in the same scene the more it slows down of course. If people move around in those 4 people groups you'd probably have approximately 1-2 posts a week if you're going fast. I should be able to manage this.

So was the broom/cane/mace concept alright then Angie :D? Perhaps I should go with a suited lady since the party looks rather male heavy.

Start with it being a cane/mace. It'll grow into being a broom as well.

Offline NubianLegend

Re: The Circle Starts Again (Recruiting! Freeform game)
« Reply #51 on: November 02, 2014, 01:59:47 PM »
One decent-sized post every other day is more than fine by me as I suppose it is for anyone else. I'm more concerned about the makeup of the game. That's just as important imo.

Online Sain

Re: The Circle Starts Again (Recruiting! Freeform game)
« Reply #52 on: November 02, 2014, 02:53:06 PM »
    Player: Sain

    Name: Sophia Wellims

    Nickname/Alias: Miss knight.

    Age: 25

    Vital Stats:
    • Approximately 171 cm (5'6") foot tall with a athletic build.
    • Weighs about 51 kg (112 lb).
    • Bright teal blue eyes.
    • Slightly dominant bisexual. Somewhat inexperienced for her age, but broadcasts the opposite image.
    Mage/Hunter: Hunter

    Base element: Gravity

    • Majesty. An aura of supernatural charisma or magnetic personality that runs in the family of Wellims. It can work as an outright jedi mind trick against people with weak resistance to the supernatural (mundanes), but even towards mages can help to stop them in their tracks to give the one speaking a chance to explain themselves. Has helped the family get in a comfortable position in both mundane world and within the circle.
    • Spiderwalk. A power little more dignified than it's namesake. Basically allows the hunters with this specialty to walk on walls. Related to their element so for gravity aligned people it would likely look like the wall/ceiling is a floor for them.
    • Bonded weapon. An intricate binding ritual has given the weapon's owner an ability to command and control Grav cane. It can be summoned and dismissed with a small gesture or a command, as well as recalled from distance if control of it is lost.
    • Martial arts with main focus on quarterstaffs, canes and basic unarmed defense.
    • Basic, though not that extensive training with some common firearms.
    • Etiquette and class.
    • The grav cane/staff of Wellims. One of the heirloom weapon of the Wellims family. In it's inert form it resembles a regular albeit expensive cane with a small steel ball handle connecting to a few feet long dark cane. However, the weapon can expand and unravel to it's full form. It becomes a 2 meter tall quarterstaff with. The small steel ball expands and shatters into cubical strips of metal that revolve around the center of the tip. Currently Sophia is only able to control the weapon's gravity manipulating properties to make it pack extra punch to her blows.
    • An expensive wardrobe.
    • A perfectly legally registered handgun.
    • Access to family villa and some vehicles. (Whatever makes sense. I'm assuming the characters main struggles won't be of monetary nature anyway.)
    Personality: The general mask that Sophia wears in public could be called gentlemanly. She will respond to every smile and flirt with composed manner and look for opportunities to make others feel good about themselves with little things.

    Sophia can be kind, but it is hard to say whether this is due to good heart or the fact that kind behavior tends to result in praise and recognition. She likes to feel admiration and can be somewhat weak for compliments. Due to her lineage the very idea that someone would hate her feels alien to Sophia, and even scary. So while she may put up a strong confident front in her suave majesty, she is rather weak to rejection and negative response.

    She pretty much leeches her self image and confidence from others, constantly mirroring her performance and behavior on how they respond to her. Sophia likes having people around even if it is just to have some servants tag along and give her their anemic replies. Alone she quickly begins to feel anxious and begins to tear apart her own persona from the inside.

    Being from an older hunter family, she seems to often put consideration on how the supernatural business would affect the civilian populace in a bigger picture. From a young girl she's understood the weight of responsibility placed on those associated with the Circle and seen her own role in it. She often assumes that others should also be fully aware of their position, and can be offended when someone forgets what the fight for and endangers civilians.

    Bio: Groomed from birth to become a respectable member of an old wealthy hunter family of Wellims. They have been around for couple of centuries, and though they family does not originate from Seattle, they have a respectable sized villa located there. After coming of age she has delayed her marriage arrangements for years to continue acting as the family's representative in Seattle. To her father's and brothers great dismay however, her focus however has been more in helping the Circle to create safe mechanisms for keeping the city in blissful oblivion rather than to establish good contacts with other hunter & mage families on the West coast.

    Extra: The list is indeed a bit funky. Don't make the mistake of putting too many of them there.[/list][/list]

    Offline AngieTopic starter

    Re: The Circle Starts Again (Recruiting! Freeform game)
    « Reply #53 on: November 02, 2014, 02:56:57 PM »
    Sain is good to go!

    Also, everyone, the characters thread is up in Bondage human small groups. Still working on Useful Notes and IC, though.

    Online Sain

    Re: The Circle Starts Again (Recruiting! Freeform game)
    « Reply #54 on: November 02, 2014, 03:06:38 PM »
    Will you add the characters there or shall we?

    Offline AngieTopic starter

    Re: The Circle Starts Again (Recruiting! Freeform game)
    « Reply #55 on: November 02, 2014, 03:07:35 PM »
    You guys please do it, if you can. I'll add a link in the original post.

    Offline Izaya Orihara

    Re: The Circle Starts Again (We're starting, still Recruiting! Freeform game)
    « Reply #56 on: November 02, 2014, 06:55:04 PM »
    May be subject to a fair amount of editing, with suggestions appreciated if offered.

    Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
    Player: Izaya Orihara

    Name: Alexander Cornelius von Hohenheim

    Nickname/Alias: Herrscher der Schatten (Ruler/Master of Shadow)

    Age: 21

    Vital Stats: 5'10, 113 lb, eyes can alternate between grey-blue and red, heterosexual. Despite how he often seems, he's more submissive than dominant.

    Mage/Hunter: Mage

    Elements: Darkness (3), Death (2).

    Powers/Skills: Strategy, occult, literary and scientific knowledge. Skilled with both sword and gun alike, though not so much in unarmed combat.

    Gear: An ornate longsword covered in runes and Old High German, which can have magic channelled through it, often sheathed in a cane. M-63 RAK Machine Pistol. Clothes, money, generic stuff.

    Personality: Somewhat eccentric and dramatic, as well as highly intelligent and polite. He is an individual who often seems mysterious in the eyes of others, himself rather calculating, ambitious and perhaps overcautious, at times even paranoid. He can also seem arrogant, with an element of his distrust in others going on into a deceitful, manipulative, predatory and ruthless area. He tends to like thinking things through, being uncomfortable with being forced to act prematurely. As ever, he seldom lets others see sides of him that would rather hide. Likewise, Alexander is rather insightful and perceptive, often figuring out the true natures of others rather rapidly. Despite his arrogance, he is aware of his limitations, and can mentally snap when cornered or overpowered.

    He is usually emotionally distant, refusing to allow anyone to become too close to him, seeing others mostly as subordinates and pawns, rather than friends, with a certain concept of the strong and the weak.  Due to lack of much in terms of relationships, he's easily flustered and uncomfortable around girls, despite his attempts to hide such things, and his usual talent at deceit. He seems to have little knowledge of the concept of compassion, it not being something that was exactly taught to him.  His mind is quite the complex place, and there are far more elements to it than can be expressed in mere words. He possesses both a superiority complex and an inferiority complex. He usually considers most other people weaker, and beneath him. He treats them as you might expect, yet when he believes others to be stronger- a rare thing indeed, or they have proven themselves to be stronger, Alexander obsesses over them, wanting to become as strong as them, yet also seeming fanatical towards them, and perhaps as scared of them, as well as desiring to be recognised by them.  At times, he also possesses a lack of self-worth. Of course, there are yet many other facets of his personality.

    Mostly done- though I can edit and change things if necessary
    Born into an extremely wealthy family of mages, associated with several companies, in Eltz Castle, the castle itself being acquired by the family around two hundred years ago, when the lord of the castle lacked sons, and his daughter married a member of the von Hohenheim House- with the most historically famous member of the minor noble family being Paracelsus (whose full name was Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim), the Renaissance physician, occultist, alchemist, botanist and astrologist, among other things. Thus, the place came into their possession. From an early age, he was seen to be highly intelligent, even possessing eidetic memory, despite being regarded with scorn and hatred by his older sister, Anna, for shunting her to the sidelines in terms of inheritance, due to the continuation of the agnatic-cognatic primogeniture form of succession, preferring the oldest male heir (blame Crusader Kings 2 for me knowing this stuff).

    Being fully German, his mother was also said to be a descendent of the family of Germelshausen, a German noble family that had flourished in the 13th century, with a castle that stood in the Thuringian Forest on the Border of Hesse until Konrad von Marburg put most of them to death for their Cathar beliefs, and was said to have died out with the mythical figure known as Christian Rosenkreutz. Said individual being the man who had been raised by Cathars in a monastery, and who had founded the secretive Rosicrucian Order, also being rumoured to have reappeared in the 1700s as the mysterious Count of St. Germain, rumoured by Theosophy to be an immortal, and perhaps a supernatural being known as an Ascended Master, also known as a Secret Chief by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The name Germelshausen, may also be related to a tale published in the 1860s concerning a cursed village that sank into the earth long ago and is permitted to appear for only one day every century, a tale of lost love, with young artist who falls in love with a young woman, and him leaving the vicinity just in time to avoid being entombed with the village and its denizens, but thereby being sundered from his love forever, with elements taken from earlier folktales and old German motifs.

    Accordingly, with a family history such as his, Alexander found a voracious appetite for history, as well as matters of the occult and supernatural, often finding himself perusing the library of the castle, reading books both old and new, as well as purchasing all manner of obscure books on magic, alchemy, the occult, and supernatural creatures, places and mysterious events, as well as books about the past and cultures of other countries, from Scotland, to the Mayans, to Japan, the arts and sciences, and wars and strategies.  With his interest in books, his literary levels tended to be far higher than others his age. He also had quite a passion for history and mythology, in different parts of the world, including gnostic sects such as Manichaeism and Catharism, among other things, as well as Norse/Germanic and ancient Sumerian myths, Egyptian and Romano-Greek stuff, and various other things. He also had quite the varied taste in music, often listening to classical, as well as rock and metal, among various other things. One such band being Therion, a Swedish symphonic metal band with its members also being part of a Draconian Initiatory Left Hand Path Order known as the Dragon Rouge, lead by the band's unofficial lyricist, and named after a French Alchemical order from medieval times.

    Isolated, and having no need to attend school, as he possessed a college level education from his childhood, Alexander accordingly developed a differing view of the world from the average individual, also lacking somewhat in experience with that area, instead being taught by a large and knowledgeable staff of personal tutors who schooled him in whatever he needed to know. His social life at best extended to official functions, and meetings with other noble families and the upper echelons of society. The experience that he did get wasn't always too pleasant, either. Anna von Hohenheim, likewise made opportunity to humiliate and hurt him, torturing and abusing him in secret. This, of course, would make him more distrusting of others, and lead his mind down a darker path. Being treated like he was worthless would have some psychological repercussions, also making him increasingly desire to be recognised, and to have his achievements be recognised, be it by his older sister, or by other people. And on the other end of the spectrum, yet another part of his mind believed that he was indeed worthless, that part becoming apathetic and uncaring.

    He often played chess, whilst delving further into texts such as the Key of Solomon, and the Lesser Key of Solomon, as well as the Grimoire of Armadel, and numerous other texts on the occult, demonology, magick, alchemy, rituals and so on. At one point, during a sojourn to southern France, in a forest near village called Belesta, in Ariege, he went as far as to experiment with combining Death and Darkness, and succeeded on his first attempt, creating a demonic familiar from some of the residual energy of those who had died at the ill-rumoured Ravens' chasm- a place where bodies had been dumped since time immemorial, though this killed several people who accompanied him in the process. Alexander cared little for that, though, seeing them as incompetent. He also held the view that death was far from the end of things, and that what one could experience in life was far worse.  The experiment he carried out had essentially combined those types of magic to deceive the dead into believing they were still alive, and drew upon their assorted nightmares, combined with deathly energy to create the aforementioned entity, which refers to itself as Vetis.

    In recent times, he has become involved in numerous occult orders and societies, including one named "Der Orden der Ewigen Schwarzen Sonne von Sorath" or The Order of the Eternal Black Sun of Sorath" named in honour of the demon of revelation, the sun, "the unexplained, unexpected, and unknown" as well as miracles, and whom is said to rule the current of energy that deals with the "id", of the human psyche, altered states of consciousness, thought-forms, elementals, and hallucinogens. Often being associated with an ever-burning Black Sun said to exist in another dimension, also being a symbol found within Wewelsburg castle, which was an important site for the SS, being the main site for their occult activities and rituals, with many rumors and myths abounding the place. Whilst one legend claims that Sorath advised Hitler, and served to guard him for a time.

    This particular order he has joined has involvement in numerous areas, including a search for hidden knowledge, seeking to reveal unto themselves, the truth regarding many of the supernatural and occult mysteries of the world, whilst also growing themselves in power over magic and alchemy, with elements of the Left Hand Path obvious in some of their ideology, including a belief regarding how rather than serving under gods, they can walk alongside gods themselves, in a manner of apotheosis, holding in themselves a divine potential that can be reached through initiation into the mysteries of the worldwide occult, and with greater knowledge and awakened wisdom, the power of a god, through the investigation of a darker side of spirituality and mysticism. Likewise, there is also a military aspect of the order, with a number of the founders being ex-SS, or heavily associated with them. Accordingly, Alexander also expanded upon his knowledge of strategy, as well as becoming proficient with guns, whilst his noble status granted him some skill with a sword, despite how old fashioned and traditional that may be. He also delves a fair degree into science, combining this with the alchemy of old- or at least the elements of it that can be covered by his magical specialization, with an interest in experimentation in the very borders of what some would call pseudo-science, merged with the occult.

    Over a year ago, he came to join the Circle.

    Extra: Theme or this, because why not.
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    Offline AngieTopic starter

    Re: The Circle Starts Again (We're starting, still Recruiting! Freeform game)
    « Reply #57 on: November 02, 2014, 06:59:13 PM »
    Alexander is good-I make the point again that "Powers" are a Hunter thing. For mages, your magic is your power.

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    Re: The Circle Starts Again (Recruiting! Freeform game)
    « Reply #58 on: November 03, 2014, 01:41:20 AM »

    Drake Valentine
    Felicia Godwind
    Vital Stats:
    • Intersex
    • Silver Hair
    • 5'8 Height
    • ??? Weight
    • Lesbian




    *Head keyboard.* Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Sheet Code (Kudos to Reaper, since I am basically copying her format and quoting/editing it bit, for prior character)
    Code: [Select]
    [floatright][img height=###]URL[/img][/floatright][b]Player:[/b]



    [b]Vital Stats:[/b]








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