Jason's Request thread. MxF Only! Consensual, Canon, Romance and many more!

Started by Jason Smith, October 30, 2014, 11:14:13 AM

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Jason Smith

Welcome to Jason's request thread!

Hi there! I am fairly new on Elliquiy, though I am looking forward to RPing with you Girls. Just a little note. I do not do any kind of non-consensual or Vore/Scat themed Roleplays. If you are looking for that, then please, You should go check somewhere else. Also, My post length is around One large Para (7-10 lines) or a few short Paras (2-3 Lines each) And I am looking only for Long Term RPers as of now.
Now that the latter is sorted, I have a few kinks of my own that I generally RP around. The main ones are Forbidden Roleplays, which can include Incest as well as other sort of Pairings.
My second, Kink is the act of Cuckolding. Well, not exactly the whole thing where the husband or the cuckold participates in the act but like A Woman is married and she has a lover. That sort of thing.
Third, I am always Dominant, though I don't mind being on Equal terms in certain Romance Roleplays were Lovemaking scenes and I do light bondage. (Blindfold, spanking, cuffs etc.)
There are more of my kinks, but I would rather add them in RPs than explain each onje of them right here.
Now, I have 2 of my OCs which can be used for their own specific storylines. For the independent scenarios I will posting, I will make up my own character for each RP. If you want me to use a specific character in a RP or want to start one them Contact me.


1.Name: Jason Richard Smith

Age: 24

Sexuality: Straight.

History: Born in Nevada, Jason came from a Family of Doctors and Engineers. That was expected from him too, to become a Doctor like his Parent. But he decided on a different course of life. Jason decided to go into the army at a very young age and worked for it since his teenage years. He was a perfect marksman, capable of  shooting over a long range and he was chosen as a sniper in the Marines.
Later on after a couple of years, He moved to the FBI as an Agent, and that's where he is now.

Personality: He is generally Sarcastic, even in a if in a firefight. He is a happy go lucky guy and doesn't really care about what anybody thinks about him. In the end, he get's the job done. One way or another.

Appearance: Well muscled, Lean and yet having a Toned body. 6'0 Feet and has Dark Green eyes along with Black hair.

2. ((MARVEL OC ONLY. I SHIP HIM WITH BLACK CAT. If anyone wants to play her, you are so welcome to :P))
John Carter. Not many knew his name. And if they did, they didnt know his name. One of the most dangerous assassins I met and yeah, one of the smoothest too. But yeah... I guess a bit of backstory is needed.
It all started from our very own Wolverine. A small piece of puzzle for the rather big mutant world, but it was a piece that changed lives. As well as end them. Stryker kept experimenting on his DNA even after Logan broke out of his facility, thus giving rise to Deadpool. But he turned insane. What next? So Stryker decided to try his cards one last time and used Deadpools DNA on a Non Mutant. It didnt work and he was stopped by the original X Men. The soldier survived even after injection and didnt bear any changes. Until along came his son, John.
In th beginning, John was like any other boy. Chocolate Brown eyes and Black Spiky hair. His Parents by then thought they had passed the mutant phase and could lead normal lives. But it was not to be so. At 15 years of age, John first exhibited his powers: Regeneration.
Their house had caught fire. John managed to pull out his mother before a section of the burning room landed flat on his head. He was presumed dead. But you dont get to see a Corpse wih a burnt face sit up after a few hours and talk. His fmily was obviously freaked out.
He was thrown out. Considered an Outcast like any other mutant. He managed to find another home at an Army Veteran's house who taught him to shoot. A trained Sniper has very few job opprtunities and he was sent to border Patrol at 19 and transferred to Spec Ops at 20. Growing tired of his job, he faked his own death. He contined to use his skills and became an assasin. Until he was picked up by shield, that is.
And Now here he is. Spending his time flirting around with Black Cat and Sharing a pizza with Iron Man.



Note: I will be adding more soon. Along with starters.
Butler x Mistress (Current Craving. Grab it while its hot.)
He was a member of the Butler family and like all the other children, He was trained in providing services in a remote area of Japan. Along with the usual chores like gourmet cooking and washing clothes, He was also trained in various Martial Arts and Combat, to double as a bodyguard. He was a rather good looking Young man, Which made most girls crush on him while at school. As he matured, He grew up to 6ft tall with a slight tan which was somehow maintained all year round. His chocolate brown eyes tended to remain calm, just like his usual demeanor. His black hair stood high at the front, though sat down as the eyes travelled behind. He always wore the tuxedo, a uniform of sorts for people like him. It was tight, fitting him like a second skin.

Now that he was 24, He was shipped out to serve as a Personal Butler to Y/C , A wife of a rather important Democrat. He had no qualms about his job and he had been serving her for a few months now, attending to her every need. Well, almost.

It was a rather pleasant sunny morning. The Democrat had alerted him about a party later in the evening where his wife had to come. Jason walked through the mansion and gently knocked on the wooden door, the old wood giving in to his sharp force to utter a loud knock which almost spread through the large house. "Ma'am, Its your Butler, may I come in?"

Masquerade Party.

John put on his mask, the black glossy material reflecting off the light from the bulb as he stared arat himself in the mirror. His blue eyes clearly stood out of the his rather dark attire. He wore a black suit, with a bit of crimson lining at the edge of the pockets of his blazer. He adjusted the cuffs of his white shirt under the rather tight jacket. The suit fitted him like a second skin, perfectly outlining the curves of his lean body. His black hair stood with a slight tilt to the right, shining a bit since they were still wet from the warm shower he had.

This party was a private one. Only around seventy people were coming. John was one, of course since he was the host of the night. It had been a pain in the butt to arrange everything, especially since they werent allowed to disclose names. Everyone was given a codename, for instance John's was Adam. Sadly, he didnt have the time to get a date with all his work and he walked down the staircase of the seven star alone towards the ball room. As he entered the hall, he swore the music playing was the starting notes of Wet. Minus the vocals, that is.

The usually empty ballroom was now filled with people, each one dressed in a different attire. Adam took a look around, making sure everything was okay. Until it was the time to dance. The people crowded the floor in pairs while Adam stepped out, sighing as he pocketed his hands, looking around if he was the only one. He spotted a girl a bit far away and caught her looking at him.

Marvel/DC Canon Pairings.

Jason Smith


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I have gone off in search of myself. If I should get back before I return, please keep me here.

Jason Smith

Jason Smith

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