Avalon's Hopeful Search to Rekindle an Old RP (M seeking dominant)

Started by Avalon29, October 30, 2014, 10:18:28 AM

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Hello I’m looking for someone to restart this rp Caged and Caught with someone.  The premise is that in a future dystopian society comprised of anthros, humans, and potentially other races if there are more you wish to include, the rule of law is that those who do not contribute to society, the homeless, beggars, etc. can be made into slaves and sold. These slaves have chips implanted in them that can track them and create feelings of pain in the slave giving their owners an easy way to punish and avoid scarring the slave although more traditional punishments are still often used. My character would be someone whose luck has recently run out and has been captured. Unlike the original I'd be fine with my character just having ears and tail instead of being a full anthro if that would be better. Your character is someone who has their eye on my character and decides to purchase him or acquire him through other means.  This isn’t supposed pure smut. While the idea does leave things open for plenty of it I still want there to be character development and some plot.

You're mostly free to make your own character in whatever way you with however there are a few things that need to be present. One the character has some kind of secret second life that they don't want anyone not even my own character to know. Whether that be them being an assassin or hit man, ex mob leader, underground fighter etc. The second thing is that they need to be dominant, believe my character is really theirs etc. but kind or at least feel some form of responsibility for my character.  Jen the opposing character in my first attempt is a prime example of what I'm searching for. The gender of the opposing character doesn't matter although I havea slight preference for a character who unexpectedly has a cock like a  trap or futanari/hermaphrodite.

I realize that I’m being a bit picky but this was both one of my first and one that I was really enjoying the direction it was going in and the way it was developing. I'm also open to other plots and ideas. So If my idea interests you or you have your own idea for a plot that you would like to write with me, please send me a PM instead of posting here.



Made a couple of edits and added things I forgot to mention.