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Author Topic: Dis-closing A Plot Idea [Marvel-Verse, M/F] - OPEN  (Read 501 times)

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Dis-closing A Plot Idea [Marvel-Verse, M/F] - OPEN
« on: October 30, 2014, 01:58:57 AM »
I haven't been writing for a while now, but have wanted to jump in with something interesting.  I'm a Marvel fan, and would love to do a one on one in the universe.  The concept I'm thinking about is of playing an original female character paired with your choice of either Captain America, Tony Stark, Thor, or Bruce Banner.  I'm very open to collaborating plot ideas with you in order to make an interesting and dynamic game.  If you're interested, please feel free to PM me.

Abbey King is a [sort of] retired agent of Shield, who struggles with wanting a normal life, while being an uncontrollable killing machine at the same time.  Implanted with fake memories, she's just now starting to remember that she isn't who she thought she was.  That the normal almost boring life she thought she had isn't real, and in reality, she's some kind of freaky super agent for a government agency that used to be pretty damned secret.  She has to make a choice, try to pretend to be normal and safe, or go back and do what she does best.  Maybe a test mission for Shield will help her make up her mind, right?  Right!

But this mission isn't a normal one, by any means, and she comes face to face with your character.  A hero, who is very much known to the world as being super heroic, and maybe a bit dangerous to be around.  Can she keep herself in control long enough to weigh the pro's and con's of keeping herself in control, or will this prove to be the catalyst that brings her back into the fold that is super secret agent work?

Name: Abigail "Abbey" King
pseudonym: Laura Abbatt
Play-By: Sophia Bush
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual
Age: Thirty-Two
Age abducted: Nineteen
Age rescued: Twenty-One
Age She Became A Shield Member: Twenty-Four
Age She Retired:Twenty-Nine
Family: Professor Richard King and Susan King, No siblings or children
Education: High school diploma, some college

Abilities: Advanced Survival Instinct(ASI)

Having an ASI entails a severe need to survive by any means.  She switches into a state of being in which her instincts and senses are sharpened, and she has a unique understanding of everything that is going on around her.  It enables her to hear, smell, taste, see, and feel on a level that's beyond human understanding.  She can preemptively understand what her opponents next move will be by the tiny movements the people and things around her make, and calculate the trajectory a projectile is moving at through the air.  Her motivation is based purely on surviving, and is a very selfish power, as she will leave anyone and anything behind in order to guarantee her survival.  Extensive training with Shield has allowed her enough control where she can override her instinct enough, so that she can complete missions without leaving her comrades to die, if at all possible.  When not in her survival state, she can be extremely cautious, if not downright paranoid.  She is a known escape artist, and she is extremely hard to capture.


She was home when she was kidnapped.  The last thing she remembers is reaching inside of her refrigerator when a loud banging noise, and a flash of bright light hit her.  When she awoke, it was to a room filled with twelve others, all ranging from the ages of 8-56.  For two years, she and the others were experimented on in the name of science.  When she was finally rescued, she was alone, everyone else had perished during and because of the experiments; and she was the only one to survive.  What they had done to her was irreversible, a depraved parody of the Super Soldier project.  It left her little more than a wild animal, bestial, wild, and extremely defensive.  Years of captivity and depravity left her easily riled, and hard to get near.  They had to sedate her with enough to take down a large beast, before they could safely transport her to safety. 

It took three more years before Shield determined that she had enough control to become an agent.  For years she was used for only the most dangerous of missions, where her unique qualities would be of use.  She worked as an agent of Shield for years, until she was "retired" after a rather disastrous mission failure, caused her to turn away from ever wanting to go on another mission again.  But she knew that after years of being a weapon, she'd never be able to go back to being a regular joe; so Shield wiped her memory, and gave her a new identity, where she lived in a quiet small coastal town in California.  Unfortunately for her, a rather unfortunate encounter with a mall shooter, reawakened her abilities and her real identity comes to light.  Now, unsure about what to do, she's tentatively contemplating getting out of retirement, while still struggling with wanting a normal life.  It's at this point in time where she meets your character, and romance/smut/exciting things happen. 
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