Nevermore's rp ideas. New kidnapper ideas added. [NC-H][UN]

Started by Mydearnevermore, September 29, 2008, 01:18:14 AM

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       Hello I am very new to this site but not to Role-playing in general, I am a western fanatic and a horror fanatic. Through these two strong genres I have cultivated a certain Role-playing plots I would like to follow. I want bondage, rape, violence and twisted fantasies galore. I would prefer a male partner.   

Horror Wester Idea #1   
My character would be Native American women,  a wolf spirit dwells within her from her trial in the Sun Dance as a young Lakota. Her killing and sexual desire is strong and well honed; slowly the animal spirit will come to swallow what humanity is left in her. She fights to control it…but certain incidents are unavoidable.  The beast within has given her the gift of seduction but not of self-control.
- To weave the real with the unreal, encircle him with a web and a smile. Cox and pull, the aura unassuming. The tail, the ears they always lose out the legs and breasts anyone for a night of bliss but no one forever.

I would like to play my character against two different male leads, played by two different people:
BUT: I am entirely open for other characters thanks.

1.)   Male Bounty hunter veteran of the civil war, he has severe facial scaring on the left side of his face. (I modeled this very lightly after Jonah Hex, Dc comic character) your own background and explanation would be good. Also I would like him to be Undead, Zombie whatever you want to call it.
2.)   Any type of male Werewolf character its totally up to you.

Forget what you think you know about the old west, in the years between the beginning of the civil war and the massacre at Wounded Knee the West was wild in ways you could only imagine. Vampire saloon girls, cannibalistic Forts, Zombie Rancheros…all very common, greed, sex, opium, and Gold. The Wild West, one hell of a time provided you could survive long enough to experience it.

Kidnapper Idea #2

****I want to play a kidnapped girl, preferably kidnapped by her tutor of some kind. He is older and without many prospects, alone in an isolated cabin he prepares it for his ideal woman. In her stay there the NC training sex will slowly become consensual and she will learn to love her twisted teacher. Until she is taken from him...
I would be the submissive in this, so I would need a dominate male. 

****I want to have one where I am dominate, I will be the kidnapper in this one. I picture a pale china doll like girl becomes obsessed by an older dominate male, she follows him and takes pictures of the rough hard core sex he has with various women. He is bad to the bone, a sex god to her and she will do anything to have him all to herself so he can pop her cherry. Including kidnapping, drugging him and a various other forms of training.

SO…Pm me if you’re interested and we could discuss some of the finer details of any of these plots.





If you like this sort of thing you should probably check out the Deadlands game. I've never played it, but from what I know if it it'd suit this pretty good.
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I never played the actual game but I read the first novel based on it, 'A fist full of dead guys' and found it very inspiring.