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Author Topic: Peachy's Peachy Page (FxF)  (Read 815 times)

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Peachy's Peachy Page (FxF)
« on: October 29, 2014, 04:18:22 PM »
Feeling Peachy

These ideas are those that I am currently craving above anything else, and are listed on this page in no particular order. I am always open to brainstorming a brand new scene from the ground up with my partners. If you'd rather do this than play out one of my ready made games, then please take a look at my O/Os page (listed at the top of this page and my signature), and get back to me on whatever you have in mind.

I like to think I'm a friendly person, open minded, and generally a nice person. I'm willing to play with both male and female writers. Male authors have female characters in their books, and female authors have male characters. I don't see why we as roleplayers should feel any different.

I play both male and female characters, though more often females. My female characters are attracted to other females, while my male characters are attracted to characters of all genders. I usually prefer to play the submissive character when D/s is involved, and I do like my D/s.

Relationships are my favourite part about roleplay. Action, adventure, a thrilling plotline are all well and good. But in the end what interests me most is the relationship between my character and your own. Romance is my favourite genre.

Most importantly, I want us both to have fun. So let's do that!

- -

Setting: Earth
Theme: Romance, adultery, scandal, age gaps.
Seeking: Dominant female to play the older woman.

This story is about two women at two very different stages of their life. One is the daughter of an elite businessman. She just had her eighteenth birthday, just graduated high school, and is just getting ready to begin the rest of her life.

The other woman is a thirty something heiress. She is married, though not happily, and has no children. Her husband (or wife) is a successful lawyer in one of their city's elite law firms. She owns her own multimillion dollar corporation. One of her business associates is the first girl's father, and the two have known each other for quite a few years now, though their relationship is mostly professional. Aside from a few social meetings at parties, they don't spend any time together.

The older woman is bored with her husband. Whatever their reason was for getting married, it wasn't love. She didn't even know if she liked men at all. Girls always caught her eye a little more. Now there is one girl in particular who's caught her eye. She's eighteen years old now, too. Which means the law can't get in the way. The only thing that stands in her way of getting into the pants of the girl is the girl's father, and her own husband. But she is the kind of woman who gets what she wants, one way or another.

- I want someone to play the older woman, while I play the younger girl. I want the story to be an actual love story, rather than two lesbians blowing off some steam with each other.

Setting: Earth
Theme: Romance, age gap, drama.
Seeking: Dominant female to play the police officer.

This is the story of a city police officer and a young teenage girl (19) to figure herself out. The teenager grew up in a house with very little love. Her father was an alcoholic who rarely spent any time at home. Her mother was no better. Ever since she graduated high school, she's been trying to make her life better. College was the first step. However, she's finding it hard to break old habits. She spends more time at parties and nursing hangovers than she does in class.

The cop is . . . (totally up to you, since this will be your character!).

They have known each other for a few years now. Early in her career, the cop spent much of her time hanging around the girl's school. It was part of her assignment to watch the students and make sure nothing illegal was happening on campus. There was one girl in particular who she took a special interest in. Though she was attracted to her, it wasn't sexual or romantic at first. She felt sorry for the girl, felt protective of her. She had seen enough in her police career to know that the kind of life she grew up in wasn't easy.

Since she graduated, the two remained in touch. The college the girl decided to attend was nearby her school, and the cop had rose far enough in her career that she no longer had to spend any time on campus babysitting teenagers. She knew the girl was trying to build a better life for herself, but she wasn't kicking any of her old habits. It seemed like every weekend she had to put the girl in the back of her car, and either take her home or to the drunk tank. What could she do?

Early one Saturday morning, the cop gets a phone call from the jail house. It was the girl. Once again, she'd been picked up, and needed someone to come bail her out.

Setting: Earth
Theme: Taboo romance, domestic discipline, age gap
Seeking: Dominant female to play the teacher

This story is about an eighteen year old senior in high school and her (blank!) teacher. The girl is the youngest of three daughters in her family. Her parents are wealthy, and although her two older sisters excelled throughout their academic career and had gone on to enroll in Ivy League universities, the baby of the family was a little more spoiled, a little less driven, and possibly the sweetest, friendliest high school girl you will ever meet.

The two started dating near the end of her junior year, which puts them about four months into their romance, though they weren't able to spend more than a few days together during the summer. Their relationship has had its rocky patches, but they love each other, even if they haven't said it yet. They knew it would be hard from the get go. They would have to keep it secret at least until the student graduated, and knew that it would be quite suspicious if she they were to suddenly announce that they were together the day after it was no longer against the rules.

It was also difficult because the girl never took school seriously. It was boring, and she didn't even want to go to college, though she knew her parents would force her. She was irresponsible and lazy. How could a teacher, someone who loved academics, date a girl like that? But they loved each other. They'd figure it out together.



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Re: Peachy's Stories of Romance and Adventure! (FxF)
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2014, 02:51:09 AM »
Updated with a brand new fantasy story and some other minor details.

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Re: Peachy's Stories of Romance and Adventure! (FxF)
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Updated with an added modern prison scene.

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Re: Peachy's Cravings (Female x Female)
« Reply #3 on: November 16, 2014, 07:35:32 PM »
Big update with three new stories and some pairings that I especially love.

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Re: Peachy's Cravings (Female x Female)
« Reply #4 on: November 19, 2014, 11:39:25 PM »
Big update and overhaul. Hopefully the last one for a long time!

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Re: Peachy's Revamped Cravings (FxF)
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Added my current craving!

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Re: Peachy's Revamped Cravings (FxF)
« Reply #6 on: November 27, 2014, 04:38:30 AM »

Changed the layout completely, altered a few stories, and added a brand new one down at the bottom.

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Re: Peachy's Cravings (Seeking female characters)
« Reply #7 on: November 30, 2014, 01:44:54 AM »
Got rid of a bunch of stories and added the teacher student one at the end.