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Author Topic: the pack: a gathering of wolves (take 2)  (Read 749 times)

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the pack: a gathering of wolves (take 2)
« on: October 28, 2014, 03:49:36 pm »
Ok so this is a retry for a modern day wearwolf pack rp and figured i might as well try again and see how it goes this time.


In the early ages of man, when swords still allowed the strong to rule over the week and Rome held the lands of England, a clan of Scotts from the north of Hadriens wall made a pact with the spirits in which they worshiped, power in exchange for sacrifieses of Roman blood. To seal the pact the warriors of the clan drank the blood of the great Direwolf.

Direwolves were great hulking monstrosities, capable of taking down a fully grown modern Elephant single handedly. There strength was unequiled and with the spirits blessing the clan's warriors were able to harness the power of these wolves.
The clan became a pack and with the new power became one of the biggest reasons why the romans left the shores of England.

Over the centuries the wolves continued to grow in number, spreading all over England until the church caught wind of there existance. The wolves were hunted like common rabid dogs and forced to flee all over the world and into hideing, the once great pack forced into smaller warring packs fighting over food and territory a war that became etched in the wolves memories for all eternity.

It has been several hundred years since then and with the thinning of the blood lines they now transform into nothing more then the modern wolves with a humans mind. A radical sect of the church still hunts the wolf menace and the wolves themselfs grow tired of hideing.

Nathaniel Grey is one of the last survivors of the origional pact. Having survived hunters, the inquisition and even the wolf wars. He stands ready to reunite the thinning wolf species into a single pack once again and lead them against all who would seek to destroy them.

A little bit of info on wolves:

1. When transforming a wearwolf becomes a true wolf but with a humans mind

2. A wearwolf can transform at will and become human again also at will unless it is a full moon in which case they are forced to transform. Those who origionally drank the wolf blood almost loose all humanity at this point, those born of a wearweolf parent become more savage and angry but are still in control, those who were bitten keep all control during the full moon.

3. One who drinks the wolfs blood becomes a beast of monsterous size and incredibly strong, wolves born with the power in them are larger then the common wolf but not as big as the origional wolves, there venom is most potent and can choose to either turn or paralize those they bite and those bitten are normal in size but much faster, there venom is slow working and will paralize only for a few hours, it wont take effect until the next full moon whilst born wolves take effect in an instant but the origional wolves carry no Venom, all they bite die from blood loss or infection from illness.

4. Wolves are still weak against silver, the older you are the more it takes to kill them.

5. Wolf venom from a born or bitten will kill anyone under the age of sixteen in minutes and most under twenty are still at risk and those born are unable to transform until they are sixteen.

6. Unlike the wolves in twilight, wolves can not communicate mind to mind in wolf form but instead understand the meaning of each others barks like true wolves.

7. Born wolves continue to grow and age like real humans until they reach sixteen where they slow to aging ten times slower then humans.

Ok so that should be all you need to know i think.... For your wolves you can either be born or bitten but please pm me first if you want to be one of the origional wolves.

And here is the character sheet.

Age: (both appearence and natural)
Human appearence: (no anime pics please)
Wolf fur color: (please keep it natural)
Back story:
Ons and offs:

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Re: the pack: a gathering of wolves (take 2)
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2014, 11:49:10 am »
Name: Age:26, appears 17-185
Gender: Male
Human appearance: (sorry, wont let me post the pic. But this is the link, but picture him with white hair.
Wolf fur color: White

personality: Self defacing, Self-loathing, kind, generous, agressive towards bullies, thugs, werewolves, and sadistic people, doesn't trust anyone very much, silent until he opens up, loner, but desires company.

Back story: When Corbin Lane was born, everyone knew he was unusual. His har was snow whit and his eyes were a sapphiire blue while every other pack member had brown or black hair and chocolate brown eyes. Due to the monthly shiftings his mother went through while bearing him, he should have died. In fact, that is the rumor behind his white hair and blue eyes. They are the mark of one who has died, or so the pack claimed. His childhood was rough even for a werewolf. He had no friends because he was different. He would be tripped, punched or stoned while he walked. He couldn't prove anything because by the time he was home, the bruises disappeared. So he delt with it. Around the age of six, he began feeling off during the full moon. He was normally peaceful, bit during the full moon, he became angry and agressive over the smallest things. A non-pack memeber would smile and he grew angry because he thought it was forced. When he got into a fist fight around his mother, she signed him up for Tai Chi lessons. He was frustrated at first. It was very slow paced and he had too much energy and a desire towove faster. Howevere, it taught him to make precise movements, move no more than you must, and, most importantly, it taught him to control his emotions. It took him Two years to master Tai Chi. A couple of months afterwards, the bullies attempted to resume their bullying only to find their attacks redirected or nullified.
     When Corbin was 10, the pack desided it was time that he learned to be a follower to their wishes. The would demand him to do little things. Such as, fetch groceries, sweep a specific section of the ir house. He would always ask why or how come, angering the pack leader. When he swept his house, he would do the whole house, not just the part assigned. Thus further alienating himself from the leader.  When he was 12, they had had enough. The banished him on the grounds that he was non willing to obey his leader. He was chased out of the territory with only a knife and his clothing on his back.  He went until he found a major city that didn't have the smell of a single werewolf in it. Inhis time on the run, he had learned haw to make traps, skin his kills, make fire. So, when he went into the city, he had many furs. He sold them and recieve a substantial amount of money. He walked around until he heard the sound of fighting and and cheering. He discovered a fighting tournament. It was the final match. One contender used Muay Thai and the other used Tai Jutsu. However, the man using Tai Jutsu seemed to be new to his black belt. The man using Muay Thai seemed to be used to fighting. He watched and after the fight asked the man where he learned Muay Thai. So began his time training in Muay Thai. He recieved a room in the dojo and training in exchange for cleaning it. He used his money from the furs to buy his training clothes and food for a while. Every month, he went out for a few days to kill prey. He sold the furs and used the meat to supplement his food. It took him 3 years to master Muay Thai. It wasn't long after that that further complications arose. He was out huntin a the sun sank over the horizon. He started feeling wierd, but put it down to normal full moon agression. However, as the full moon rose in the sky, he dropped his knife and hugged himself as pain ripped along his body. He was in agony as his bones shifted, gre, or shrank as needed for the transformation. It was then that he realized what was happening. He had forgotten that it was his 16th birthday a few nights ago. He knew he couldn't stay. He left a note for his teacher and left the city. He traveled North as he went, where his stark eyes and hair were a little less of a shock. He stopped in a city to trade in his furs for money, clothes and supplies. He was about to leave when he came across this kung Fu Dojo. He looked in interested and saw a beautiful woman sparring agains a tall, broad-shouldered man. They seemed to be using different styles. Hers was fluid, swift, and precise. His was powerful, destructive, and agressive. Corbin walked inside and asked to learn. The sensei asked him questions, had him perfom several forms, and began his instructin in Dragon-style Kung Fu. While he trained, he grew close to the woman he had seen. They began to go out. It took him 5 years to master every dragon-style technique. He was due to learn eagle-style next and wanted to celebrate. Only problem was, the next night was a full moon. He also wanted to move foreward in his relationship with Sue. He brought her with him for his transformation. At first, she was skeptical, but as she watched his transformation in horror, she came to realize the truth. She ran before he could finish the transformation, but he quickly caught up to her, his tail wagging and his tongue lolling out. That was when she called him a monster, among other things and ran again. He stood ther in shock. When he reverted to his human form, he dazedly retrieved his knife and a different pair of clothhes from his room. He sold the rest and left. He was about an hour outside of the citybefore he came back to himself. He looked at his hands in disgust, he finally realized that he was a monster. During his next shifting, the transformation was even more excruciating. He gripped his head as he felt pressure build up. He ripped at his body gashing himself with his claws as the pain inside became unbearable. For two hours, he had to deal with the pain, the worst part wasn't that he usually only took 30-45 minutes to change. It wasn't that the pain was so much worse. It was that he stopped transforming into a wolf after the first hour and the second hour transfomed him back into a man. He lay there afterwards bleeding from several gashes. His healing was now that of a normal human.