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Author Topic: Looking for someone to play Regina Mills/The Evil Queen in a FxF story  (Read 340 times)

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Offline AlphaWolfQuinTopic starter

First and foremost I would like to let anyone interested know that I am not on all the time and my posts will be slow at points but I WILL respond and I will let you know if I will be away for a while. Now with that said I am looking for someone who can play Regina Mills from Once Upon A Time. I am currently writing a fanfiction with her and an OC of mine but I would like to play a story out with another person, what can I say I love role-playing :) The OC I have her paired of with in my fanfic is a werewolf by the name of Skylar McKayne but I have other characters I can use to pair off with her as well and I will post pics each at the end of this post. OK so onto the ideas! Keep in mind also that I am open to any and all ideas/plot lines that my potential partners have as well as long as you're willing to play Regina I'll be happy :)

The Heart of the Beast: Regina has found herself heart broken yet again when Robin Hood's wife Marian shows up in StoryBrooke. Despite the man's love for Regina he can't help that he loves his wife and in the end chooses her over Regina. Feeling as if she could never truly be happy Regina is planning to cast yet another curse on the residents of StoryBrooke, one that will ensure her happiness and the misery of those that have hurt her but when her son Henry goes missing her plans change. Hell bent on finding her son Regina turns to Mr. Gold for help and he introduces her to an old friend of his who's tracking skills are far more effective then any magic he can use to find Henry. Not knowing who the woman Mr.Gold hired is Regina insists that she work with the stranger to find Henry. As the search progresses so does Regina's attraction to the woman and before she knows it she's falling for her and Henry is found. His captors are killed by Regina's new love interest and Regina is free to fix the rest of her problems and seek out the happy ending she deserves.

The Queen's Heart will Always belong to Me: After Regina's curse is cast her one true love is banished to another realm, one that nightmares are made of. Reason being is that the queen's one true love is protected by the curse but not protected enough to end up in StoryBrooke with the rest of the residents. After finally finding a portal that brings her to StoryBrooke she finds that she doesn't really fit into this new land and even worse Regina has been playing house with the huntsman during her absence. Heart broken and angry the woman confronts Regina who is overwhelmed with surprise and regret once she sees her love has returned to her. Despite what Regina says about loving her the woman doesn't believe it and thinks that the queen just threw her away because she got bored. Their love is toxic and no matter how angry the woman is with Regina she always finds herself drawn to the evil queen. Note: I want this to be a dark romance and I want to really get into the emotional part of things more so then just sex.

Another Note: I play mainly werewolves but I can play other creatures as well just ask. I'm not big on playing humans lately but I can make an exception with some really good convincing ;)

OK and here's some pics of my OC's

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Skylar McKayne

Rikki Braeden aka. Rex

Aries Braeden

Danielle Jackson aka. Dani

Dax Draven

I have more OC's but the one's posted are the one's I've played more then once and therefore are more solid and each have their own story and personality. I can give descriptions via PM if wanted but I do like to let people get to know the characters as the story progresses.

Offline AlphaWolfQuinTopic starter

Re: Looking for someone to play Regina Mills/The Evil Queen in a FxF story
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2014, 03:01:48 PM »
Bump. Still looking for someone to play Regina ;)  UPDATE: Posting will now be daily. I have a steady internet connection as well as a PS4 so my replies will be quicker.
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