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September 28, 2022, 09:31:49 pm

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Author Topic: The Tricks of E that have taken some of us forever to find!  (Read 7141 times)

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The Tricks of E that have taken some of us forever to find!
« on: October 27, 2014, 04:42:08 pm »
Hello and welcome to the little tricks that some of us have taken forever to find, all in one nice shiny little place.

For Those Unfamiliar with Forums:


There are many wonderful buttons that help navigate Elliquiy (affectionately known as E).Bookmarks and Unread Posts 101 details many of them.

You'll notice that there are also "Theme" buttons at the top. While you can click on them as an Unapproved member, getting them to stick requires going into your "Look and Layout" area of your profile, an area that can't be accessed yet. Vek's troubleshooting thread details how to do it... and provides a nifty little link, though he emphasizes it for disabling the Shoutbox. Simply go to the second selection box, under Elliquiy2 and choose your theme. DON'T FORGET TO CLICK THE USE THIS THEME BUTTON

There's also many other wonderful tutorials already made. I recommend reading all of them.


One of these little tricks is activating checkboxes so that you can get rid of all of those active threads that you no longer partake in but continue to clog up your "Show new replies to your posts" area. It's actually quite easy.

You go to "Look and Layout" via your profile:

The very last option here is "Show quick moderation as". Select Checkboxes.

Click the Change Profile.... And hurrah! We've done it! Check boxes are active and you can now mark selective read:

Really easy, but a lot of people haven't realized it's even an option and it's often requested in the New CMS features board.

Make the Gifs stop:

There are multiple ways to fix this:

For Avatars and Signatures, you can turn them off all together. While irritating because you can't marvel at the pretty pictures or click on the links in the signatures, it makes it to where your computer isn't lagged down. This also helps with reducing how much data you use reading E from your phone.

Similarly to above go to "Look and Layout". Scroll down a little bit and there is the option to stop showing avatars and signatures. This is also helpful for semi-safe for work browsing (assuming no one actually reads what you are doing).

This doesn't help for random gifs that one might find in a thread however. The quick solution for this is to hit ESC. This disables them entirely but doesn't allow you to see what the actual image is.

A more complicated solution on Firefox to fix gifs was brought to my attention by Valthazar:

1.  In the Location Bar, type about:config and hit Enter.
2.  Scroll down the huge list and find the image.animation_mode line and double click it.
3.  type any of the following:
                 none - will prevent image animation
                 once - will let the image animate once then stop
                 normal - will allow the gif to play over and over.

You don't even need to restart Firefox, and these will take effect.


In Chrome, there are multiple apps that you can install to have a similar affect like Gif Jam.

Saving your posts:

We've all had it happen. We hit backspace and instead of removing a letter it takes us back a page in the browser. There are many ways to deal with this!

The most obvious way would be to write your posts in another word processing program. It's a bit tedious but if you use something like Google Drive you can edit it anywhere! This is my favorite way of handling posts for partners, especially since losing posts is a real muse killer.

The other way is this nifty little program called Lazurus. Lazurus will work on multiple sites including E! And it works on basically everything! PMs, posting, everything except the Shoutbox.  Links can be found here for Chrome and here for Safari and Firefox. Thus far, no support for IE as far as I can see.

I actually can't think of any other common questions that aren't covered in the already created tutorials. Please feel free to PM me any suggestions to improve the tutorial. Thank you.

**Note from Staff: At some point, the original screenshots used in this thread were no longer available or visible, so, staff have edited the thread just to update the images.
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