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Author Topic: ❤R O L E P L A Y W I T H M E❤ |F e m a l e S e e k i n g M a l e|  (Read 729 times)

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Re: ❤R O L E P L A Y W I T H M E❤ |F e m a l e S e e k i n g M a l e|
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The only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.
Paris Hilton

  • Please be respectful to me
  • Respect the rules of the site
  • Use proper grammar
  • Post a paragraph
  • Be as mush detail as you can
  • Read my Ons & Offs before messaging please!
  • I like to use Images from time to time
  • Anything with a means I have an OC i would like to use |With Certain roleplays|
  • Let me know when your going to be going away for a while
  • Have Fun and Enjoy!!!

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Re: ❤R O L E P L A Y W I T H M E❤ |F e m a l e S e e k i n g M a l e|
« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2014, 10:15:38 AM »

Death Note  
Diabolik Lovers
Dragon Ball
Fruits Basket
Full Metal Alchemist
Hellsing Ultimate


Assassin's Creed
Legend Of Zelda
The Wolf Among Us




Game of Thrones  
House M.D  
Sons of Anarchy    
Walking Dead


Batman/The Dark Knight
Guardians of the Galaxy
Harry Potter
Pirates of the Caribbean
Rush Hour
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles |Old Version|


Accidental Pregnancy   
Arranged Marriage   
Best Friends   
Coach x Student   
Doctor x Patience   
Famous PeoplexFans   

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Re: ❤R O L E P L A Y W I T H M E❤ |F e m a l e S e e k i n g M a l e|
« Reply #3 on: November 14, 2014, 10:57:58 AM »

    • We Made A Pact:
      Muse a and Muse b were once high school seniors, and best friends to boot, who made a pact that if they were not married by (insert determined age here), they’d find each other, and they’d marry. not date, not get in touch have a long, annoying talk about it. they’d find one another and get married, because they love each other, and they've always been attracted to one another, and it makes sense. now, they’re decidedly older, and wiser, and surprisingly unmarried, and it’s time they’re debts were paid.
    • Strictly Business:
      Muse A is a wealthy CEO who runs their own fortune 500 company in a bustling city. Muse A is in their 40s and has been married to their college sweetheart for 12 years, though the passion between them has long since fizzled out. Muse B is a 20-something, fresh out of college, possessing a business degree and needing to get their foot in the door of the business world. Muse B is lucky enough to be hired by Muse A’s firm and becomes Muse A’s personal assistant/secretary. Muse A and Muse B exchange pleasantries from day to day, but don’t socialize much beyond the details of their business together. One evening, Muse B gets a call from Muse A asking a favor. Muse A must go to a charity gala and their spouse is not able to attend; they want Muse B to attend the event with them. Muse B is flattered and agrees to go for the sake of not letting their boss down.
      Muse A sends a private car for Muse B along with an expensive outfit for them to wear. When Muse B arrives at the gala, they are blown away by the elegant venue. Champagne is flowing freely and Muse A looks attractive as ever in formal wear. Throughout the evening, Muse A reveals a playful, charming side to Muse B that they don’t get to see in the office. Muse A is flirtatious even, lightly touching the small of Muse B’s back, sliding their arm around Muse B’s shoulder, complimenting Muse B in front of business associates. Muse B knows that they shouldn't read to heavily into Muse A’s flirtation, because Muse A is married and they work together, but it’s difficult not to get swept up.
      When the gala is over, Muse A insists that they retire to the hotel room they've reserved upstairs until they've sobered up some. Muse B agrees to stay and the pair takes the elevator up to a penthouse suite, the likes of which Muse B has only seen on luxury blogs and in travel magazines. Fueled by a mutual attraction and champagne, Muse A makes a bold move on Muse B, crossing professional and marital lines. Muse B feels guilty the next morning, knowing that Muse A is married, but the attraction between boss and employee can no longer be ignored. Over the course of the following weeks, Muse A and Muse B embark on a secret affair; sharing intimate moments between business meetings,  going away on overnight  “business trips” together, indulging in private shopping sprees with Muse B’s platinum card. 

      Optional: When Muse C (Muse A’s spouse)  finds questionable charges on Muse A’s credit card statement/gets a call from the credit card company about suspicious activity, they become concerned that their spouse is cheating.  Muse C confronts Muse A, who denies an affair, but it doesn't take long for Muse C to fixate on Muse B as the source of their spouse’s deception.
    • Pay-Per-View:
      Muse A and Muse B share a one bedroom apartment as it’s all they can afford in the neighborhood they live in. Despite their cramped quarters, they’re happy with their living arrangements and more importantly they love living together. They’ve been together (roommates/lovers/dating/married) for a little over a year now and they have a healthy intimate life behind closed doors. Both Muse A and Muse B are adventurous spirits, typically willing to try anything at least once. When Muse B comes home with a brand new video camera, the couple is quick to put it to use by making their own sex tape. The frisky pair have a blast performing for each other and for the camera and enjoy the end result when they play it back. Curious and turned on by the steamy footage, the couple decide to post their video online and see what others think of it. When the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, the pair can’t wait to get started on their next video. Eventually, the couple ventures into the adult industry by starting a live webcam show together.

      How will their rising popularity as online sex stars affect their relationship?
    • Stranger Danger:
      Muse A is driving on a dark road in the middle of the night, trying to get home before an impending thunderstorm. They peek up in the rearview mirror briefly, out of habit, though there’s no one behind them. When Muse A’s eyes return to the road, they have to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting the human figure suddenly standing in the path of their vehicle. Muse A shifts into ‘park’ as calmly as possible and gets out of the car to make sure that the person standing in the road is alright. Muse B is quiet and staring off into space, but otherwise they seemed unharmed. Worried, Muse A insists that Muse B get in the car so they can be taken to the hospital. Muse A figures that Muse B must be in shock; they’re certainly shaken up. Muse B says nothing, but follows Muse A to the car and gets in. Muse A proceeds to drive straight on the road, sitting in silence with their eerily quiet companion. After a few minutes, Muse B murmurs that Muse A needs to “turn left”.  Muse A is caught off guard, but they know that the hospital isn’t that way so they explain that they’re going to keep driving straight. As they draw near exit on the left, Muse B reaches over and yanks the wheel hard to force Muse A off the road and down the off ramp. Panicked because they could’ve been in a wreck, Muse A regains control of the car and demands an explanation. Muse B sits back in their seat calmly replying that they would have been in a terrible accident if they didn’t turn then. Muse A thinks that Muse B is crazy and swears that once they reach the hospital (via local streets) they’ll get as far away from Muse B as possible. When they arrive at the hospital, Muse A escorts Muse B in, though Muse B is resisting. Muse A struggles a bit to get Muse B inside, but the news story playing on the waiting room TV catches their attention before they can reach the nurse’s station. Sure enough, there’s a breaking news bulletin about a turned over truck and a massive fire on the road that Muse A was determined to take..
    • Reservations & Revelations:
      Muse A and Muse B have been together romantically for 2 years and they’ve known each other for almost 5 years in total. Since their second date they’ve sworn to a policy of telling each other the truth no matter what, which they believe has kept their relationship strong for so long. Lately, the honest couple has been incredibly busy with work and family obligations, barely having time to sit down together for a full meal before one has to dash off. Their anniversary date approaches and the couple promises to set some time aside for the occasion. Whether by pure forgetfulness, a lack of time to talk, or a desire to surprise their significant other, Muse A and Muse B have been keeping some news from their partner –news that each of them will share during the anniversary dinner. The couple dresses up and heads out to their favorite spot in town, each person waiting for the right time to confess what they’ve been hiding. While waiting for dessert, Muse A finally speaks up and says they have news to share. But so does Muse B, at the same time. Each insists that the other say what they have to say first and they ultimately rely on the flip of a coin to decide who spills first. Muse A is one month pregnant. Muse B is leaving (for someone else or for a job assignment thousands of miles away).

      Who will lose the coin flip and have tell their secret first? Will the other person decide to keep their secret (or change plans) after learning what their lover has been hiding? Will the sharing of the secrets make or break the relationship?
    • Frost Bitten:
      Muse A is driving along an unfamiliar road on what the meteorologists have dubbed ‘the coldest day of the year’. The sky is overcast and gray, signaling that a blizzard is imminent. Anxious to get home before the snow begins, Muse A drives faster and his/her car slides on a patch of black ice. The car swerves off the road and into a ravine that Muse A is unable to maneuver out of. There’s no cell phone reception here, and there are no other cars passing by. Panic begins to creep in until Muse A hears a sound coming from within the thick of the snow-capped trees. He/She treks into the woods that border the desolate road in hopes of finding help. What little daylight there was is dwindling and the bite of frigid, winter air is setting in. Muse A can barely feel his/her fingers or toes when he/she stumbles upon a small cabin, smoke rising from a thin chimney. Muse B inhabits this cabin. He/She is on his/her way back to the cozy dwelling with an armful of fire wood when he/she spots Muse A, shivering in the ankle-deep snow. Muse B invites Muse A inside to warm up. 
    • Light My Candle:
      Muse A has recently moved into a new place - a cozy apartment in a 6-story apartment building. Muse B lives across the hall and has resided in the building for the past 2 years. Apart from a few casual conversations on the walk up to their floor or brief meetings at the mailbox, Muse A and Muse B haven’t gotten the chance to get to know each other. Muse A definitely wants to see more of their neighbor though. Muse B is kind, funny, and sexy in Muse A’s eyes; Muse B’s just not very good at hinting whether or not they’re attracted to Muse A back. When the power goes out throughout the building, on a particularly warm night, Muse A quickly sets out some candles to light their home, but they realize that they don’t have any matches to light them (and their stove only works on electrical power). Seeing a bit of an opportunity there, Muse A heads over to Muse B’s apartment and asks for assistance.
    • Beyond the Kingdom:
      Muse A is a princess/prince living in a peaceful kingdom, with no knowledge of the whole other realm that exists beyond its borders. While wandering in the forest near dusk, much to their escort’s dismay, the kingdom comes under attack by creatures/beings thought only to exist in fairytales and ancient legends. When a rider comes to warn Muse A that the castle has been taken, they are beseeched to flee to safety. Fearing for their parents’ lives, Muse A refuses to run away and makes haste back to the castle. Before they can reunite with their royal parents, Muse A is captured by the enemy. Muse B is Muse A’s captor, who is under orders from their king/queen to kidnap the prince/princess for the purposes of ransom. Muse A is taken to the other realm, where no person in the kingdom has ever gone. Muse A is locked up in a cell with Muse B as their guard.
      Despite the circumstances, Muse B treats Muse A with compassion, providing companionship, kind words and extra sustenance. After a few days of captivity, Muse A and Muse B are managing to get along; Muse A is terribly homesick and worried about the state of their kingdom. In an act of selflessness, Muse B helps Muse A escape. Muse B promises to keep Muse A safe from harm, as long as Muse A does not run away from them. Muse A agrees and Muse B keeps their promise. One night, while they’re asleep in the forest, soldiers from Muse A’s fallen kingdom attack. They rescue Muse A and take Muse B as prisoner. Upon returning to the castle, Muse B is imprisoned. Feeling for their captor/turned savior, Muse A shows Muse B the same compassion and care that Muse B showed them while they were imprisoned.

      With the threat of backlash from the other realm looming, will Muse A and Muse B’s budding friendship survive? Will Muse A appeal to the king and queen to spare Muse B’s life and to end the impending war between realms?
    • Intertwined Souls:
      In a world in which people are born with soul-mates, distinguished by identical marks on their forearms, Muse A was born with no such mark and therefore destined to be alone. Ashamed of bringing an outcast into the world, Muse A’s parents abandoned them when they were just a few weeks old. A compassionate couple brought Muse A into their home and nurtured the unfortunate child as if Muse A was their own flesh and blood (though there was no official adoption). Muse B was the only child born to the couple before they took Muse A in. Muse A and Muse B were instantly inseparable, even as infants one would cry if the other wasn’t beside them. As a child, Muse B happily shared all they possessed with Muse A and was always there to comfort Muse A whenever they were sad about not having a destined love. They lived like siblings, but even more like best friends, in the same home until Muse A turned 18. Though Muse A grew to love their foster family, they felt that it was time to move on and see the world, even if there was no one waiting out there for them. Though Muse B has met their soul-mate by this time, they are adamant about taking this journey with Muse A, who they haven’t been without for so much as one day of their young life. They set off to explore the world with Muse B’s parents’ blessing with the condition that Muse B will return home in 3 weeks time to marry their rightful soul-mate, whether or not Muse A returns home with them.

      Option A: Muse A and Muse B fall for each other on their travels and Muse B decides break to the agreement made with their parents/abandon their soul mate, in order to stay by Muse A’s side. Muse C, Muse B’s sou lmate goes after them to bring Muse B back home. 

      Option B: Muse A finds someone on their journey who also doesn’t have a soul-mate mark, Muse C. Muse B returns home to be with their soulmate, Muse D. The connection (friendship and/or romance) between Muse A and Muse B endures regardless of the distance and other people between the
    • Beauty and the Boss:
      Muse A is the daughter of a man with a serious gambling problem. He’s a sweet man, always doting on Muse A with her favorite books and rare flowers, but he’s up to his ears in debt after borrowing money from the wrong people. One afternoon, Muse A’s father is confronted by Muse B, the ruthless crime boss of the city. Few people have ever seen Muse B’s face, as his henchmen usually do his dirty work, but everyone knows his name and cowers in fear appropriately. Muse A’s father owes Muse B a considerable debt, which he cannot pay. Rather than kill the man, Muse B offers a trade – the man’s beautiful daughter in exchange for the forgiveness of his financial debts. He has one night to make this deal happen or Muse B will come for him. When Muse A’s father explains the predicament to her, she is willing to go, as long as it ensures the safety of her family and her father promises to put an end to his troublesome gambling habits. Muse A moves in to Muse B’s mansion outside of town the following day. From the moment Muse A arrives, Muse B is on his best behavior, lavishing her with gifts – a library wing for her, a pretty garden filled with the finest, imported roses – jewelry, and so on. Gradually, Muse A comes to see that Muse B isn’t a horrible person, behind closed doors, but the circumstances of their arrangement (and the terrible crimes he commits as a crime boss) make it difficult for her to fall in love with him as he’s fallen in love with her. Each time Muse B proposes marriage, Muse A refuses. Muse A becomes terribly homesick and begs to be allowed to visit her father. Muse B allows her to leave him as long as she returns to him within a week’s time. While Muse A is away, Muse B is attacked by a disloyal bunch of conspiring underlings.  When Muse A returns, she finds Muse B wounded and left for dead in his home office. She realizes in this moment that she does love him and if he recovers she’ll marry him. Her quick actions save his life and once he is well enough, they marry.
    • Sharing is Caring?:
      Muse A has been dating Muse B for a few weeks. They have a lot of things in common and the physical attraction that drew them to one another initially is obvious. It isn’t long before an infatuated Muse B takes Muse A home to meet their family, which apparently only consists of their older sibling, Muse C. Muse B and Muse C are super close, on account of their parents passing away when just after Muse C’s 18th birthday. Rather than letting their sibling become ward of the state, Muse C took over guardianship of their younger sibling and they’ve been inseparable ever since.  Muse B knows that Muse A must meet Muse C’s approval before they get any more serious with their relationship. When Muse A and Muse C meet, it’s a bit tense. Muse C wants to make sure Muse A is going to treat their younger sibling right. Despite a few uneasy minutes of grilling, Muse C seems to approve. Everyone breathes easier. Over time, Muse C and Muse A form a bond, even hanging out when Muse B isn’t around. Eventually, Muse C lets it slip that they are attracted to Muse A and though surprised, Muse A can’t help but give in to temptation. Despite the clear potential of hurting Muse B, who’s dear to both Muse A and Muse C, the pair fool around behind Muse B’s back unable to deny their own chemistry.

      |Two guys for this Plot|
    • Million Dollar Wedding:
      Muse A and Muse B have just been cast to participate in the most popular game show on TV. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, since the prizes are always amazing for anyone who finishes the game. And the premise is simple, it’s a live version of Truth or Dare; all Muse A and Muse B have to do is complete all of the rounds! Simple enough, or so they both think until the final round. A million dollar prize is offered if Muse A agrees to exchange wedding vows with the mysterious Muse B, whose identity is concealed behind a silhouetted curtain. The condition is that Muse A and Muse B must stay married for one full year to keep the money. Young and in a considerable amount of debt, Muse A and Muse B go for it and agree to get hitched on live TV. When the curtain is pulled back, Muse A’s face falls in shock. Muse B is all too familiar. Muse A has vivid memories of Muse B bullying them in school, years ago. Muse B doesn’t recognize Muse A right away, but senses that Muse A isn’t happy to see them. The wedding proceeds and after the show’s over, Muse A and Muse B must work through their issues if they want to keep that million dollar prize. Along the bumpy road of getting to know each other again, the pair realize that they've both changed a lot since high school.

      But have they both changed enough for real feelings to develop?

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    Re: ❤R O L E P L A Y W I T H M E❤ |F e m a l e S e e k i n g M a l e|
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    Thread Re-Done and updated!!

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    Re: ❤R O L E P L A Y W I T H M E❤ |F e m a l e S e e k i n g M a l e|
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    Still Searching For Roleplays