A story with a slight twist because he is a bit unique...apply within...

Started by Whispered Desire, October 26, 2014, 05:47:23 PM

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Whispered Desire

A story with a slight twist, because he is slightly twisted! No, he's not really twisted in a bad way, but he is slightly....eccentric. He generally gets what he wants, only because he has worked so hard to get where he currently is in life.  He wants what he wants, when he wants it and he can afford it. 

I'm currently craving playing a male, which I've not often done but enjoy from time to time. He will be in his mid forties.  For this story, I need a female character to go with this particular story.  Male or females may apply for the female character, I have no preferences for who her writer is.

Because he lives in a rather large place, alone or often entertaining friends, he requires what would be a live in maid - so to speak.  This is where the twist comes in.  He wants a rather exotic looking maid, or possibly even Aisan, Phillipino, Brazilian or what have you.  While she would have to do the cooking and cleaning etc, there would also be a few stipulations to her job.  But if she can handle putting herself in that position, it may be worth it to some for the large salary she would be paid.  As well, she will be required to live at the estate.

If you are interested, pm me and I will discuss the plot with you a bit further.   I'd prefer to let the story build as it will, with both of our inputs into this but the two characters I am firm on.

What strange things will be brought to the foreign girl?  Will she be a shy girl, or more outgoing?  Will she be embarrassed or will she embrace her new life? 

There may be elements of mild bondage along with other elements but again, I would prefer to discuss that with you more in pm. 

Do you think you can make her rise to the challenge?  Or will she need to be coaxed or possibly even commanded to perform her job duties?  Let's find out together!