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Author Topic: Iveril's Ceaseless Search  (Read 552 times)

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Iveril's Ceaseless Search
« on: October 26, 2014, 02:08:46 PM »
Hello and welcome lovelies, to my little search thread. A lot of this first post will probably just be a copy and paste of my ons/offs which you can find here. I'm a little rusty with this whole roleplaying thing, but I have been involved in different plots since around 2007, so I should get back in the swing of things easily enough. I'll start with some basic information, then move onto some fandoms I'd be intereted in, and then some original settings and whatnot. I'm working on a few plots in my head right now, so I'll add a post up for those as well once they've fully formed. So let's get this show on the road, shall we?

Availability: Classes are back in session, so I may be a little busy during the week. I’ll normally be available for at least a couple of hours most days, minus the couple of days I have late classes. I should be able to post at least once a week, maybe try to squeeze in a few more than that if we have something juicy going on. I'll try my best to keep you notified of my schedule, but if you haven't heard from me after a week or two, feel free to PM me.
Characters: I’ll play both males and females, but I lean much more heavily towards females, unless its for some boy love or we're using multiple characters. For males, I prefer to play either a switch or non-d/s character. For females, I’ll play anything but dominate. This might change in the future as I get comfortable roleplaying again, but for now I’m not feeling very domineering. I’m looking for some lady love, but I’m up for hetero and male love pairings or something even more unique if you’d like.
Contact: Feel free to send me a PM or post in my Search Thread once I get it set up. I’m up for roleplaying on threads or over PMs. I could maybe be convinces to roleplay over Skype if that's easier for you. I'd be game for at least using it for plotting.
Content: I’m relatively open to most kinks – minus anything with scat/watersports and extreme violence – but I really would like a little bit of plotting to take place first before we get those out there. If you’re just looking for something short and sweet, then let me know and I might just be up for it. I still would want an interesting short story going on though or some detailed scene you're wanting to play out, not just pure smut. Otherwise, I would like for us to do a fair amount of plotting throughout the roleplay. Please, always let me know of any little scenes or twists you think of with our characters so we can maybe play them out and use them to push the plot along.
Literacy: I really prefer for you to have decent grammar and spelling. I don’t mind a few mistakes, but it’s just kind of distracting for me when I’m reading it if there’s just one mistake after the other. It has been a long time since I last roleplayed, so I’m not really sure what my preferred post length is right now. I guess for now a paragraph+ on average would be best. I'd prefer no one-liners unless we're deep into it and just trying to push through some dialogue.
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Re: Iveril's Ceaseless Search
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2014, 02:10:06 PM »

If you like some of the basic plot stuff from these series, I'd be happy to pick some pieces from them and create our own settings and stories. This was mostly just copy and pasted from a previous roleplaying site I used. It'll be edited and expanded upon as I get around to it.

"Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave."

Jareth x Sarah
Jareth x OC
Jareth x Toby

If you can roleplay a good Jareth I'll give you my soul.

"You know nothing, Jon Snow."

I really don't know where to begin with a list for this. We can use all OCs or already existing characters. It can be a part of the plot that's going on or in some other time period with all new plots and enemies. I'm completely caught up on the show and I've already read all the books, so we can pick up where those left off and speculate on what could happen or pick up somewhere else and alter events that take place. Here are a few pairings I do like though that may or may not have happened.

Jon Snow x Ygritte
Jon Snow x Daenerys ( maybe )
OC x Daenerys
The Hound ( Sandor ) x Sansa
Gendry x Arya
Jaqen x Arya
Jaime x Brienne

Some characters will obviously need to have grown up a little more for the pairing to happen. I'm up for some lady love with this too, I just couldn't think of any exact pairings for the moment.

"After so long, being driven from one place to the next...I noticed, it was always people--that was the problem."

I've watched all of the show and have read up to vol. 19 of the comics, meaning I'm to the part where, um. . . Ezekiel. . . If you know that word you should know where I'm at. I'm up for just about anything with this. We can use the characters already in the comics/show or some completely made up ones. I know there's no way of telling quite how far the zombie disease (?) has spread, but I'm guessing its pretty much all over the planet, since they never see any planes (minus that one helicopter), so we could have the setting be pretty much anywhere if you wanted. I'd definitely be up for some in depth plotting and doubling for this. So, onto a few pairings. . .

OC x Pretty much any character
Michonne x Andrea
(Older) Carl x Sophia

"Eat righteous Ponyta dust!"

This is pretty open as well. We can be trainers or have gijinkas if you'd like. Maybe our characters could be rivals. We could maybe add some doubling in later. I only have one pairing in particular for this, but I'm up for anything.

N x OC

Other I may be interested in :: Kamisama Kiss, Sailor Moon, Harry Potter, Mass Effect, Fallout, Berserk, Battle Royale, Elder Scrolls, Legend of Zelda, Blade Runner, Cruel Intentions, Carmilla
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Re: Iveril's Ceaseless Search
« Reply #2 on: October 26, 2014, 02:10:41 PM »

Just a quick list of settings and pairings I'd be up for. You can mix and combine anything you'd like.

• Zombies
• Nuclear War
• Disease
• Ecological Catastrophe

• 19th Century ( Victorian Era, Romanticism, Bohemian )
• 1960s ( Hippies )
• Medieval

• Greek
• Roman
• Norse
• Japanese

Fairy Tales/Folklore
• Charles Perrault
• Grimm Brothers
• Hans Christian Anderson
• Madame d'Aulnoy
• Japanese Folklore

Anything Japanese
• Kami
• Geisha
• Samurai
• Yōkai

Modern Day
Magical Girls
Slice of Life
Forbidden Love

That's all I can think of for now, but please share any ideas and cravings that you have and I'll definitely consider it.

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Re: Iveril's Ceaseless Search
« Reply #3 on: October 26, 2014, 02:14:15 PM »

This will be updated in the near future.

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Re: Iveril's Ceaseless Search
« Reply #4 on: November 05, 2014, 01:41:44 PM »

❧ F// ( I'll do any other pairing as well, but this is just my main craving currently. )
❧ Hound x Sansa ( Probably would follow her leaving with the Hound during the wildfire night and their journey from there. )
❧ Folklore Twist ( I think it just sounds fun to pick out a story and act it out. We can easily twist it up to make it more interesting. )
❧ Masquerade ( Could be centered solely around this, or just a scene included. )
❧ Forbidden Love ( Yes, please. This could entail just about anything. )
❧ Carmilla ( f//, pre-Stoker vampire tale that we could take in all sorts of directions. If you've not heard of this before, feel free to ask me. )
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Re: Iveril's Ceaseless Search
« Reply #5 on: November 26, 2014, 12:13:42 AM »
Updated! I'm currently really just wanting to get some games started from my cravings list, especially something with Sansa x Hound or Carmilla. Feel free to send me your ideas though, but please give me something detailed if it's not from my cravings list.