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Author Topic: traci`s idea post (m/m m/f f/f)  (Read 369 times)

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Offline traci80Topic starter

traci`s idea post (m/m m/f f/f)
« on: October 26, 2014, 03:00:15 AM »

  I am hoping you will find a role play below that you would like to play out with me.

  The link to my F-List is in my profile. I only play in third person. While my initial post can be quite long I tend to settle on two to three decent sized paragraphs after that. I would like to include at least some plot in all the ideas no matter how smutty they may seem. I much prefer PM, but I can be talked using the forum.

  All characters are 16 and up.hmm y

STAR (m/m m/f)---Dylan is a Hollywood brat. He has had a few small parts in big movies you may have seen. Most of his face time has been in movies you will likely never see. He does have a nice little bank account going tho he can't touch any of it for a few years. Anyway, most of that will be to pay for college. But for now Dylan has about as much money in his pocket as your average unemployed teenager. His manager implied that there were ways for a `cute` kid like him to make pocket money. Dylan knew what things the man was hinting at. He just wasn't ready to start dropping his pants for perverts. He had fooled around with a few of his buddies in the biz. That had only been do to a lack of girls. No cock had passed between his lips. His best friend, John, was gay. John was the one person he trusted most. John looked out for him and tried to talk him out of stupid things he might do like giving in to his manager for a bit of spending money. His girlfriend was named, Kelli. Dylan pretty much kept her around so he could say he actually had a girlfriend. He was sure that once Kelli got her claws into some boy who's star is bigger than his own he will be history anyway.
  One of us would play Dylan. The other would handle John, Kelii and his manager. There would be a number of NPCs.

THE GEOGRAPHY CLUB (m/m m/f)---A teenage boy gives in to his buddy`s stupid request to join the Geography Club. Who in there right mind would choose this as an after school activity? Hell, he was already active. He was in band. No sooner had the meeting started when he learned the club wasn't at all about finding out exactly where Little Rock was in the state of Arkansas. The chubby tomboy who was doing most all of the talking from the start told him the club was for gay, lesbian and misfit students. They only called it The Geography Club to make it sound so boring that no one who was uninvited would join. Well, he was none of those and he told her so. She just smiled and said that his friend had told the group how the two of them have been having sex. He denied it. It was a lie. They had fooled around once and nothing more. No one in the room seemed to believe him. He should have walked away and never returned. The looks he was getting from a few of the other boy were...Maybe he liked the attention. Maybe he was a cock-teaser because he was present at the next meeting.

CAMP COUNSELOR (m/m)---A teenager lands a job thru his dad as a camp counselor for the summer supervising 7 and 8yo boys. At first he is excited by the idea, but then he thought of the girls he knew who were finally starting to recognize the hottie he was. Now he would be gone for the whole summer. He soon learns the absence of girls for almost 3 months makes the straightest of boys consider at least playing around with another guy. Being cute drew girls to him. Unfortunately pretty-boys also caught the eye of horny males with no female outlet.

ZOMBIES OMG! OMG!---The Bug as it was called arrived bright and early on a Thursday morning tho at the time it wasn't called The Bug. The TV only referred to a pair of people having escaped from quarantine at a local hospital. By the noon hour there was talk of violence in the area of the hospital and into downtown. The rumor was people were dead on the streets. Most schools went into lockdown shortly thereafter.
  Chase was able to run off a little after 10pm when a teacher allowed a group of boys a bathroom break. No one was allowed to leave school until they were claimed by a parent. He was one of the 27 students that remained. He had counted. There were now 26 remaining.
  Upon arriving home he found the house dark. Where were his parents? Knowing they worked downtown Chase decided not to think about what may have happened too much, for now. He tried calling his mom and dad with no luck. He tried friends, neighbors and relatives in different cities. Nothing.
  Chase got a few hours of sleep just as the sun began to rise in the sky. He was woken to the sound of the doorbell. Looking out a side window onto the front porch he saw...
  It could be a man, woman, girl, or boy. It could be someone he knows, or not. I can be the boy or the new arrival.

WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOUR BEST BUDDIES ARE GAY? (m/m)---A 16yo boy is struggling to deal with girls who have discovered what a hottie he is all at once. His friends are useless when he tries to discuss girl problems with the. He recently learned all 3 of them were gay. What's worse is they all have him has their prime target. What do yo do? You cock-tease the shit out of them. That only makes them more aggressive. Yikes!

WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOUR BEST FRIENDS ARE LESBIAN? (f/f)---Pretty much the same idea as above.

HIS GIRLFRIEND'S BIG BROTHER (m/m m/f)---A girl is suspicious that her boyfriend might not be completely straight. She seeks the help of her gay older brother. She gives him the go ahead to see if he can get into her boy`s pants.

MOM WANTS A PROMOTION (m/m m/f)---A woman wants a promotion at her place of work. The choice is down to her and a man. She knows what her boss (a male) likes. She decides to tip the scales in her favor. She offers him her straight so as a boy-toy.

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