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Author Topic: Female Searching For Male! :D  (Read 1634 times)

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Offline MadsTopic starter

Female Searching For Male! :D
« on: October 25, 2014, 08:52:51 PM »
|| Rules & Requirements ||

+ I usually tend to play the female roles, I can attempt at a male, but I'm not very good at it, I get bored easy because I can't think like a man- but I wouldn't mind doubling at all.
+ I don't mind threads or PM's.
+ For my fandom pairings, I like using Canon x OC, but you should know a good bit of the canon character, and the show, of course.
+ I typically use a basic CS for my characters, I'd love if you did the same and we'd get along wonderfully.
+ I'm a chatter- I like to talk to my partner out of the RP, I'm very social and like to get to know my partners. :)
+ I'm looking for a regular partner- but I understand RL as well, just let me know if you are going to disappear,
+ I consider myself High Casual - Low Advance roleplayer, I'm not a big fan on one liners, but I understand writers block every once in awhile.
+ Correct punctuation is a must, I've got to understand what you put up.
+ Most importantly- let's have fun with it! If you've got ideas to put out there, do it! If you want to throw a curve ball in, do it! I won't stop you! :)

|| Fandoms ||

+ The Vampire Diaries +
+ The Originals +
+ Once Upon A Time +
+ The Walking Dead +
+ Modern twist on fairy tales +
+ Arrow +
+ True Blood +
+ Twilight +
+ Harry Potter +
+ The Hunger Games +
+ Modern Twist on Disney Movies +

|| Pairings ||

+ Vampire x Human
+ Vampire x Werewolf
+ Vampire x Hunter
+ Vampire x Vampire
+ Vampire x Witch
+ Werewolf x Human
+ Werewolf x Hunter
+ Werewolf x Werewolf
+ Werewolf x Witch
+ Witch/Warlock x Human
+ Witch/Warlock x Hunter
+ Superhero x Citizen
+ Superhero x Villain
+ Superhero x Superhero
+ Pirate x Thief
+ Pirate x Pirate
+ Pirate x Stowaway
+ Pirate x Princess
+ Demon x Angel
+ Demon x Human
+ Demon x Demon
+ Demon x Hunter
+ Angel x Human
+ Angel x Angel
+ Gang Leader x Gang Leader
+ Gang Leader x Runaway
+ Gang Leader x Detective
+ Detective x Criminal
+ Kidnapper x Kidnapped
+ Convicted Felon x Arresting Officer
+ Convicted Felon x Lawyer
+ Farmhand x Farmer's Daughter
+ Military Officer x Kidnapped Woman on Rival Base
+ Assassin x Target
+ Best Friend x Best Friend
+ Dominant x Submissive
+ Actress x Producer
+ Best Friend x Pregnant Best Friend
+ Friend x Single Mother
+ Best Friend x Best Friend's Sister

There are plenty more pairings, but the list can go on, and on, and on!

Just send me a message if interested!

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Re: Female Searching For Male! :D
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2014, 07:05:34 PM »
Update!! Plots available. (:

The Witch's Curse
Setting: Early 1900's
Genre: Fantasy
Role Needed: Pirate
In the early 1800's, a powerful witch fell in love with a pirate, despite the warnings she got. She let love blind her. And the pirate was blinded by love as well... but the love of gold. Back in those days witches weren't taken lightly by villagers, they were burned at the stake, and it's been done plenty of times. The witch didn't know of the dangers awaiting her because of the pirate- until it was too late. She was in her home in the forest when the village people invaded her space that night. She was tied down and brought to the stake- where they were preparing to put her to her death. She looked towards the leader of the group- and saw her pirate suitor. Glaring, she used her last breath to place a curse on the pirate. "I curse you and all your descendants from this day forward- you will not find love, you will appear ugly to every woman that sets her eyes one you, this will happen to every son you shall conceive! May you all rot in Hell!" Then they set the fire.

The pirate, who had already had a son, suffered the effects of that curse, and so did his son's sons, and so forth, suffering the curse of the witch whose heart he broke for the price of gold.

About 100 years later, the curse was still living on. The pirate's grandson was told the tale of the curse and he sets on his way to find the descendant of the witch who cursed his whole family. When he finds her, she's living in a small village. The burning of witches had been banned- but that didn't stop people from murdering these women, and sometimes these men. The pirate finds the young witch and takes her off guard, kidnapping her. He plans on using her to lift the curse. She is just learning her powers, so she doesn't know the spell, but she tells him of a spell book that belonged to her grandmother, but she had hid it away and the young witch didn't know where to find it- but she knew where to look. So they set off on sea to find the book and lift the curse..

True Meaning of Love

Setting: Modern Day
Genre: Fantasy
Role Needed: The beast.
A young girl at only ten was out with her mother, celebrating her mother's recent promotion at work. On their way walking back to their car. The young girl was in the car, buckled and ready to go, but her mother never got inside. Getting out, she looked around and screamed when she saw her mother laying by the car, having been stabbed to death. A man grabbed for the little girl, but she escaped and ran fast, she didn't know where she was running, but she knew what she was running from. She decided to go to the police station when the men, two of the, caught up with her. She whimpered and backed into the wall, scared. The little girl heard noises and she opened her eyes- the two men were gone. She looked around and saw the flashing lights- cops, she ran to the cops, she ran to safety.

Fourteen years later, that same young girl had become a detective. She still thought about that night, that night when a mysterious stranger had saved her from the men who killed her mother. She gets assigned a case to search for a missing person. Following what leads she had- it leads her to an old warehouse. Inside technology was set up everywhere, and it appeared someone was living there- then she saw him. She starts to get to know him and why he faked his disappearance. She learns he was part of an experiment of super humans, It made him much stronger then any other, and more intelligent, as well as faster. She sees his face for the first time and notices a large scar on the right side of his face.

She learns more about the night her mother died- and growing closer to this man, she finds herself protecting her. There were still people out there, looking for him, after him. She knew she was putting her life at risk, but you'd do anything for love, right?
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Offline MadsTopic starter

Re: Female Searching For Male! :D
« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2014, 01:19:08 AM »
Update with plot idea!

It's a darker version of Beauty and the Beast.

A ways outside of a secluded town, there stands a mansion that houses a cursed man. He carries the mark of his curse, an image of a rose, somewhere on his bodies (I'll let you decide), and must deal with turning into monstrous creatures under certain conditions (maybe when he is angry or lustful, it'll be up to you). Because of the effects of this curse, the people of the town came to fear the inhabitant of this mansion, and it was rumored that the girls that went missing every once in a while were eaten by the beast. The man stayed at the mansion, watched over by a caretaker for most of his life, but this caretaker has passed away and the changing of the marks to indicate the furthering of their curse sent him into a panic. More people started to disappear from the town until finally, in a panicked state of their own, the citizens decided to offer up a young woman to the monster in the hope that he would leave the village alone. And so, the young maiden was sent to the mansion as a sacrifice

The beast is running out of time before he turns completely, though, and if he does not find a way to be accepted for who he is, he may be doomed to terrorize the land as a monster forevermore. At the same time, though, can the young woman also find acceptance where others fear to tread?

So I'm looking for someone to play said beast, and I'll be the young maiden. I'm looking for someone who is at a casual level, like I am. I ask you be active and know how to use proper grammar. I would like this to be over thread, but we'll discuss it in PM's. If interested just post here or PM me.

Obviously this will be dark. At first I want the beast to be.. well, a beast, but only when the curse takes control. Apart from it, he is a caring guy and the young maiden starts to fall for that part. When the curse takes over he's violent and dominates the woman [no hardcore pain though] and ties her up and does as he wishes, attaching a collar to her. I'm thinking he turned more into a 'sex demon' or something from his curse. We'll talk more about it if I have an interested partner! (=

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Re: Female Searching For Male! :D
« Reply #3 on: November 05, 2014, 03:07:31 PM »
Update with plots! (:

Setting: Modern Day
Genre: Fantasy
Role Needed: Demon
A girl has had a crush on the same boy ever since elementary school but she has been too shy to ever approach him therefore she has been forced to watch from a distance, even after they graduated. After realizing she couldn't have him she finally, heart heavy with grief, retreated to her only safe haven: books. She had been walking home one day and stepped inside a bookstore that she had seen countless of times but never looked into. While she perused the stacks she came across a very curious volume about spells. She had never really believed in that sort of thing even though it was her favorite book genre. However she decided she needed a laugh and began flipping through the pages. She was about to close it when a spell caught her eye. It was about granting any wish your heart desired. Her mind immediately fell back on the guy she liked and she had bought the book before she fully realized what she was doing. Soon the ritual was set up and the spell cast. However, what she didn't expect to summon a demon. The wish will be granted but at a price- she must submit herself to the demon to be its sex slave for eternity.

On The Run
Setting: Modern Day
Genre: Realistic
Role Needed: Escaped Convict
After escaping prison, an inmate runs through the woods. He stumbles upon a small home. Dressed in his orange pants and a white tank-top, he runs for the house, barefoot and dirty. It seems as if no one was home, but someone did live there, a young woman. She worked at the local museum giving tours to schools or just anyone really. She's an artist and submits some of her paintings to the museum, and makes a decent amount of money doing so. After work that day, she heads home to her small woodside house, thinking there was nothing out of the ordinary there- but there was. She discovers the escaped convict in her home and is being forced by him to do things she wouldn't normally do to fulfill her sexual fantasies. He was locked up for rape, but she finds herself enjoying the thrill of it, so she happily complies and gets scared when feelings start to develop for this man.

Yes, Professor
Setting: Modern Day
Genre: Realistic
Role Needed: Professor
A young college student enjoys the partying life more then her school studies. She starts failing a required class for her to get her degree as a psychologist, so her professor, a very handsome young man in his late 30's, pulls her aside to talk about her grades. The college girl finds herself attracted to her professor, but she wouldn't admit it to him or anyone else, but the professor finds himself attracted to her as well, so he makes a deal with her. If she lets him have her tight, virgin body then he'd pass her with flying colors. The party girl more then happily agrees.
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Offline MadsTopic starter

Re: Female Searching For Male! :D
« Reply #4 on: November 06, 2014, 02:24:02 AM »
Update; New Plot Idea! I've got several focusing around Maroon 5 songs and these are BIG cravings of mine at the moment!


She worked at the coffee shop serving coffee, she had many customers coming in and out, one came every day. She never thought anything about it, just that he really liked coffee. One day she goes to the butcher to buy some meat for dinner, and her regular customer is there cutting meat. They exchange glances and she gives him a slight nod of her head, then she's gone. He follows her everywhere she goes, becoming her own personal stalker, and again she thinks nothing of it except that she is paranoid. He sneaks into her house and lays in bed with her when she's sleeping, he watches her in her window as she changes, he comes to her work every morning and he even followed her to the club one night- the night he finally mustered up the courage to talk to the young woman. She finds herself attracted to him, but she feels as if there is something off about him as well.

The young woman soon discovers she's been stalked- and he's her stalker. When she finds out, he dominants over her, and she finds herself loving it, like they were two 'animals', she responds to his pleasurable torture, amazed at how much she was aroused by it, and by him.

- - - -

"She Will Be Loved"

A woman is being abused by her husband. The woman is young, in her late 20's and early 30's. Her husband has a daughter from his previous marriage, so the abused woman's stepdaughter is dating an older man. The woman finds she is attracted to her stepdaughter's lover. One night after getting into a fight with her husband, she is knocked unconscious. The young boyfriend of her stepdaughter finds her first and approaches her and caught up in the moment, she kisses him and they end up being intimate.

The wife finds she is really attracted to this man her stepdaughter is dating, and sick of her abusive husband. The pair sneak off for their secret love affair, in hopes her stepdaughter wouldn't find out. The thrill of the sneaking around arouses the wife, and she soon finds herself falling in love with the younger man.

- - - -

"Won't Go Home Without You"

Her past relationships were abusive and she wasn't treated right. The woman meets this man at the bar one night and feels drawn to him, so they hook up, and the next night, and the next night. They stay friends with benefits for a couple months, then the man realizes he's starting to fall for this girl. She doesn't know how to love, she doesn't even know what it feels like to be in love, so every morning before he woke up she'd always get her clothes and leave, then do it over the very next day. Can he show her how much he truly cares for her and get her to stay with him a whole night?

As you can tell I'm a HUGE fan of Adam Levine and Maroon 5. ^_^

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Re: Female Searching For Male! :D
« Reply #5 on: November 10, 2014, 01:08:36 PM »
Update- plot ideas!

"Thinking Out Loud"

They have been married for a little over a year now. They were high school sweethearts and loved each other more then anything, they were even voted best couple in the yearbook and were prom king and queen. After their one year anniversary, things started to slowly fall apart. They grew apart, so for their anniversary, her husband surprises her with a vacation to Aspen, to go to a ski resort, hoping to rekindle their love and start a family, something they both wanted, in hopes he can rekindle their marriage instead of losing her.


They met one night at a nightclub, two upcoming artists, she was beautiful and he was handsome. He caught her eyes so she slowly approached him, only looking for a one night stand, but he was looking for more. She gives him the number to her apartment number, and he shows up and they end up having a one night stand. A week goes by and he can't get this girl out of her mind, so he goes back to that same club and finds her again. This time they spent the weekend together, then that was it. He never heard from her again.

Four months passed, they both for their careers lifted off the ground and are becoming big, then they cross paths again. She finds herself still attracted to him, so she tells him what hotel she's staying at and what time to be there and to bring gin. They hit if off and develop something stronger then just a one night stand. They start falling for each other and spend the next few weeks watching movies, eating pizza, drinking, and hooking up, when they aren't doing shows, of course.

One weekend they both had a show booked at the same time. He decides to cancel his show to go to hers, to surprise her, so he gets on a plane to surprise the girl he starts to fall for.

After the show, he goes to find her, but finds her kissing another guy, obviously feeling a good buzz going on. They disappear, and so does he. The following day, she ends up back at his hotel door, knocking and crying, regretting what she had done. He says it's too late and she shakes her head, wanting to be with him, obvious at the mistake she had made. She fights to get him back, giving him whatever he wants; but will he trust her again to develop a real relationship instead of just a fling?
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Re: Female Searching For Male! :D
« Reply #6 on: December 04, 2014, 02:21:21 PM »
Update: Plot Ideas!

My Boss' Boyfriend

This is an inspiration I got from a Christmas movie I recently watched. ^_^ I'd love to try it!

She finally reached her dream of climbing the ladder to becoming a well known interior designer, or at least being a personal assistant for one, anyways. Her boss, Miss Hall, is a total bitch. She walks all over the young dreamer, but the girl takes it. Miss Hall is the one who could really take her career in interior designing off in full gear, and she doesn't fail to remind the girl that every time. Having a CEO of a law firm as a boyfriend helps as well, the girl has never met him but Miss Hall talks about him all the time.

He comes into town after a trip, the same night the girl is asked by Miss Hall to stop by her place and make sure she turned all her electronics off and to make sure her cats are fed. She is dressed in a fancy dress and her make-up done heavily by her roommate, whose a make-up artists for the people in theater. She was on incognito, going out with her girlfriends to let loose.

At the fancy bar they attend, she drinks a little too much and meets a handsome man. They instantly click, and she finds herself drawn to him. She ends up going home with him and they have a one night stand, but it felt much more then that.

A couple days later, she's called to Miss Hall's house to assist her in a big designing job, and to her surprise she sees the handsome man from the other night, and he's by Miss Hall's side. He doesn't recognize her, from the make-up, but she knows who he is. He ends up being Miss Hall's boyfriend, and he has asked her to do a interior job at his place, to get ready for a Christmas part in two weeks, and she has asked the girl to help.

The RP will basically be the girl working with the boyfriend, I'll play Miss Hall who'll be there every now and then, but mostly the other two. He still doesn't realize that she's the girl he met at the bar. Miss Hall decides to go out of town for a whole week for a stress free spa weekend, leaving the girl and her boyfriend to spend a lot of alone time together. During this time, he starts to fall for the girl, and her him. What will happen when Miss Hall gets back?

Offline CatastrophicRaven

Re: Female Searching For Male! :D
« Reply #7 on: December 05, 2014, 01:33:51 AM »
I like your "My Boss's Boyfriend" Idea. :3 Could I do that with you? Erm, not sure on how Im supposed to ask. Still Kind of a new person here. I hope that is okay. xD

Offline MadsTopic starter

Re: Female Searching For Male! :D
« Reply #8 on: December 05, 2014, 09:28:49 AM »
Awesome, we can it get it going! Just send me a PM and we'll work things out!

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Re: Female Searching For Male! :D
« Reply #9 on: December 08, 2014, 09:17:20 PM »
Bump with updates!

I have a current craving to do either a Thor x OC or Captain Amercia x OC right now ! I've only seen both movies but I'd love to do something with them, asap! :)