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Author Topic: Karsten's Request Page (MxF)  (Read 542 times)

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Karsten's Request Page (MxF)
« on: October 25, 2014, 12:51:04 AM »
Feel free to browse My O/O

Hello!!  I’m new to Elliquiy, and this is my request page.  I’m looking a female writer who is interested in any of the following ideas:

This request is based off the movie Secretary that starred James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal which was released in 2002.  In the movie, the two characters are portrayed as each having psychological issues which lay beneath their mutual interest in bdsm. I'm not interested in exploring the psychological issues portrayed in the movie, just the love story part.  I also think a potential partner and I could put the movie to shame in regards to the 'scenes' described in the film  >:)   

The Fishermen(Futuristic)
The central theme of this idea has a futuristic setting where the captain and his crew are on a one year assignment to fish a squid like delicacy desired throughout the galaxy.  The water world they fish, however, is in a constant state of turbulent weather making this an extremely dangerous job. Yes, this request is based on one of my all-time favorite reality shows, Deadliest Catch

The captain recently lost his ship's engineer due to a tragic accident, and because of time restraints, reluctantly hires a female replacement. She is well qualified for the job, mean, tough, and of course, beautiful. She breaks one of the crew members nose soon after her arrival on board to ward off undesired advances.
The captain is tall, fierce, and proud of his ship and his crew.  I'm thinking he as a light scar across his face. He seems to desire nothing else than to fish.  A picture of a young girl is permanently fixed to his control panel. Any discussion about the picture is strictly forbidden. I wonder why?
Please note: I would like a partner for this story who is familiar with the Sci/Fi genre and is willing to work with me to flesh out this plot before we start the story.  If you have read my o/o, this story IS NOT meant to be D/s pairing I normally crave. 

Forbidden Desire - Taken
Father/Stepdaughter pairing in a modern setting.  The basic storyline is that an overbearing woman’s personality slowly destroys not only her marriage to the father, but also the relationship with the daughter. The family, together for ten years now, begins to crumble. Meanwhile, the daughter is coming of age. 

Accepting his stepdaughter as his own from the beginning, the father often held the daughter in his arms and consoled her after the mother inflicted unprovoked verbal abuse. Deep conflict develops in the father as his stepdaughter’s natural submissive nature and blossoming beauty begin to arouse deep forbidden desires.

To add pungent twist to the story, maybe the mom is a prominent government official. Possibly, unseen forces exist to ensure the mom wins an upcoming election....

A Dom Arises - Taken
*Currently Taken*
  • Kyle Richards has successfully built a multi-million dollar company. He is strong,  good-looking. and always well dressed.  He has an authoritative air about him that most people instinctively accept. His soft-spoken manner gets his point across while disarming most challengers immediately.
  • He is considered the perfect gentleman, and since women often seek him as a potential prize, sexual advances are nothing new to him.  Sex itself, however, is something he considers more a hassle than it is worth because the feelings of deep satisfaction elude him. He is currently single.
  • His strict religious upbringing--long since abandoned-- contributes greatly to the repression of his sexual desires.

Female: (Partner has free reign over this character’s details, my only hope is they follow or improve the story)
  • Karen Andrews (name doesn't matter) is a stunning beauty who always dresses to impress.
  • Also successful: she has created her own thriving consulting business.
  • Proves to be tough minded and strong willed when it comes to business.
  • She has a deep passion for being a submissive, but only with the right man.
The basic flow of the story is that Kyle needs a consultant to help navigate some problem at work that he doesn’t have time (or experience) to deal with.  So he recruits Karen.  When the two first meet, she notices something not quite right about Kyle.  Within a short time, the two start to grow fond of each other and fall in love.
Karen, however, has a problem with the lackluster, vanilla sex.  She is unwilling (or unable) to give up her submissive nature.  After a series of disappointing nights of unenthusiastic sex, Karen gets bold and decides to tackle Kyle’s issues head-on. She ultimately succeeds and gets Kyle to break through his long repressed sexual anxiety. He transforms before her eyes into the Dom of her dreams. (One possibility is Karen temporarily assumes the role of a Switch, and through her actions as a Domme, gets Kyle to break through his repressed upbringing. I’m open for other ideas that lead to this breakthrough.)

As stated above this is my first request on E, so I’m not only hopeful to find someone interested in my ideas, but also someone that will have patience as I get to know my way around. 

If interested, please PM me. My Mailbox is ALWAYS open

Karsten (Formerly unCivil Servant)
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Re: Uncivil Servant's Request Page (MxF)
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2014, 03:47:34 PM »
Added "Forbidden Desire"
And added Spoiler Tags

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Re: Uncivil Servant's Request Page (MxF)
« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2014, 06:50:45 PM »
Added "The Fishermen" and changed the status of my other two ideas to taken.
Other minor edits.