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January 22, 2018, 10:32:47 AM

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Author Topic: [M/M] [Persona] [Psychological-Supernatural-Drama] Looking for a Protagonist  (Read 284 times)

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Offline DotleyTopic starter

Persona: Amor Fati
Love your fate,
which is in fact your life.

Genres: Psychological. Supernatural. Horror. Mystery. Drama. Slice of Life.
Inspirations: Heavily inspired by the Persona video games, the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Lovecraftian horror, Jungian psychology theories, and Tarot.

Basic Plot Summation: Due to circumstances beyond his control a young man is forced to relocate from a rural town to the big city. He must also enroll in a new educational institution (senior year of high school or any year of university) to continue his studies. The move goes well enough, though as he attempts to settle in during his first night something strange happens when the clock strikes midnight. The world comes to a complete stand still. As he explores the frozen streets the young man is lured and then trapped in a maze styled after his worst nightmares, greatest fears, and secret insecurities. And he isn’t alone. Shadowy monsters stalk, taunt, and attempt to kill him.

Luckily he is a saved by another young man with mystical powers dressed in odd clothes and escorted out of the labyrinth. His savior takes him back home and explains the hidden world that has just been revealed to him: persona, shadows, and labyrinths. But his savior doesn’t just offer explanations. He also invites the young man to enter into a contract that imbues him with the power of persona and join him in the fight against the malevolent shadows in order to save other the unlucky, lost souls that occasionally become trapped in the horrific labyrinths that are constructed during the cold hour.

The young man will have to juggle the competing demands of school, work, and relationships while also combating monstrosities born from humanity’s collective subconscious psyche.

Vital Information
  • I’m looking for someone to take on the role of the Protagonist. While my writing partner will need to help me create other background characters and help me flesh out some supporting characters I have already created a strong core cast. Some of these characters can be tweaked, but overall they will come as they are in personality and appearance. My writing partner is free to decide the Protagonist’s name, appearance, personality, etc. All I ask is that he be a dominant top or switchy top and that he have an intriguing personality and psychological depth to him. He should have flaws, weaknesses, etc. Please no “blank slate” or “perfect” protagonist.
  • I won’t GM the whole story. While I want to write out multiple main characters for the Protagonist to befriend and bond with I don’t want to be the sole leader of the story. I need my writing partner to be an equal collaborator. They’ll need to help me create and carry on the plot.
  • Freeform Only. While this idea hugely borrows from the video games Persona 3 and Persona 4 I won’t be introducing any system or dice roll aspects. All plot twists, successes or failures, injuries, etc will be decided OOCly based on what will be the most interesting course for the story. Characters will have stats and spells but it will be only for fun and flavor.
  • The setting will be a major city in Japan. It could be placed in a real city or a fictional one. I do not plan on having the entire cast be Japanese, but many of them will be. The Protagonist is not required to be of Japanese descent though. He could be an exchange student from any other country in the world and can be of any race or ethnicity, but he will need to be able to speak Japanese. Due to the heavy influence of of the Persona games for this story I simply can't divorce the Japanese influence from it.
  • The Protagonist cannot be in a strictly monogamous relationship. I’ll just be real honest here: I want to see some “harem” shenanigans. I’m going to be creating a lot of handsome and interesting men for the Protagonist to interact with and I’d like to see him engage in sexual and/or romantic pursuits with them. The Protagonist can be a smooth player, an unrepentant cheater, an ethical slut, or honestly polyamorous - it doesn’t matter what direction my writing partner wants to take with him being in multiple relationships. What matters is that he isn’t limited to one monogamous relationship for the whole course of the story or ignores the cast in favor of one particular character.

Please PM me if this idea catches your interest and express a few of your own ideas for either the story or the protagonist. Don't post in this thread.
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