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January 26, 2021, 05:26:10 AM

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Author Topic: Syanyte is craving a bondage story{EX/BON/NC seeking a DOM/TOP for M/M rp}  (Read 913 times)

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My name is Syanyte or Sy is fine, I have been roleplaying a very long time and well for the first time in a long time I am craving bondage. I don't really have a story idea but for me any pairing would work that you could think of. I tend to like things extreme and as some have said my characters tend to be pure masochists. I am looking for a story to go with this craving so that it is not just pure sex. My characters tend to have a mouth on them and they use it very well. As far as the idea goes it could be anything at all maybe my character came across a bondage site and well orders a bondage experience and meets yc at his place or something to try it out. Could be that my character is dating someone who refuses to do any experimenting or something. That's just something that came to mind but not a concrete idea. I am open to suggestions of pairings and ideas and it could also be sci-fi if you want. The story could be very simple or it could be complex to where there is more then meets the eye going on.

I'm sorry I don't have a fleshed out idea but if you are into this kind of thing don't pass me up please! I also tend to play multiple characters in a story would like to find someone who can do the same as well as do more then one liners for me the more detail the better and i will match the post i am given. This will be M/M roleplay and the picture I have below is the character I wish to use as my guy. I also play a bottom/sub.

PM me if interested please don't post in this thread thank you.

Anything in bold are roles I wish to play. If both Roles are bold then I am open to playing either or.

Pairings M/M open to suggestions.

I am also open to suggestions for pairings. Also I will do just about any setting. ^_^

Anything that is Crossed out like this means I am not open to playing anything from that category.

Parings M/M

The Streets
***Craving anything from here.***
Orphan/ Adopter or Orphan/street walker.
Stripper/Sugar Daddy
Prostitute/Sugar daddy.
Junkie/drug dealer

***Craving anything from here.***
Bf/Bf abusive lover
Older man/Younger man
Married man/Younger man

Mental Institution/Hospitals
***Craving anything from here.***
Mental Case/Doctor
Mental Case/Mental Case

Runaway/Any Kind Of Guy
transgender Female to male/Gay Guy-For this though it would be the only time I play a female.

Really craving this.

Craving things from here.
But also a role reversal where it would be Human/Vampire and the human is the top/Dominant one in the relationship
Uh any other kind of supernatural pairing.

***Craving anything from here.***
Brother/Brother{Twin or Older/Younger}
Father's friend/Son

***Craving anything from here.***
Porn star/Jealous lover.

***Craving this.***
Prince/Harem boy[/b
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Syanyte is craving a bondage story{EX/BON/NC seeking a DOM/TOP for M/M rp}
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Monthly bump...really searching for new partners.