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August 12, 2022, 03:56:51 am

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Author Topic: Special Request (F for M/F, NC/BON/XTR)  (Read 701 times)

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Special Request (F for M/F, NC/BON/XTR)
« on: October 23, 2014, 12:26:35 am »
I have a special request for anyone interested.  It's a bit outside my usual realm, as it's not intended to have much of a story.  Truthfully, even with the NC tag, it's not going to be NC, since I want it too much to pretend my character doesn't for long.  Likely, the NC will only be present at the start.  The bondage, and etc. will be present throughout.

This is a special request.  Do not solicit me for any similar ideas, whether now or in the future.  If I desire any additional such RPs, I will seek them out and/or make a formal request of my own.  My hard limits remain.  No vore, no death, no gore*, no mutilation**, no threats of killing, no child endangerment of any kind - even implied, no needles, no castration (etc.), no permanent physical or psychological damage†, no strangulation or asphyxiation††, no watersports (etc.).  Indications of wanting to include these will result in immediate termination of discussions and/or RP (if it has been started).

*Gore is defined as excessive amounts of blood or the presence of any "guts," etc.  Blood play and trivial, careful cuts are acceptable.
**Mutilation is defined as severe bodily damage.  Branding, blood play (see above), tattooing, whipping (etc.), clawing/biting (etc.) are all acceptable and expected.
†Physical alteration as listed above acceptable.  All other forms not acceptable.  Psychological damage is not acceptable.  My character will discover a powerful sense of pleasure derived from the acts in which she will be involved - she will not be "brainwashed," or otherwise undergo psychological conditioning to arrive at this discovery.
††Choking via hands, collar/leash, or bedsheets is acceptable.  No damage will be sustained, and choking will cause extreme arousal for my character (though, possibly not immediately).

My character will be a natural female, with no work done.  She will be of average height, and slightly "overweight" by American BMI standards.  Personally, I find the BMI to be a load of bull, but that's neither here nor there.  She will have hazel (green/brown) eyes, dye bright pink hair at shoulder length, fair skin (as I'm most familiar with playing Caucasian characters), and will not be a virgin.  She will have had vaginal sex once or twice, but never with a well-endowed man.  She will not have had anal nor oral sex.

Her name will be Sarah Rowely.  She will respond to the following names: Sarah, girl, bitch*, slut*, whore*, toy*.  She will not respond to the following words: slave, cow, cunt, or other derogatory terms.

*These names will have to grow on her, after she realizes how much they turn her on.  Do not expect an immediate pleasurable reaction at first.

As mentioned, there is little story here.  It's more smut than anything.  Of course, there needs to be something holding it all together.  Therefore, what little story there is will be as such:

Sarah is a typical 22-year-old college student.  She is studying medicine, with the intent to become a doctor (not a nurse).  She is a bright young woman, though somewhat sexually repressed.  She will encounter your character (either male or female, there are many advantages to either), and things will change.  The specifics of how she meets your character are up for discussion.  While not involved in immediate sexual actions, the story will focus on developing the characters' relationship and bond, as a stronger relationship permits for more pleasurable sex.  If you desire, the story may be expanded upon to include fringe elements of romance, but that will be for a later time.

Consult my o/o list before messaging me or replying to this topic (either will work).  I would prefer if you had an o/o list, as well, for me to consult.  If you don't, that's fine.  Just tell me if you agree to the involvements I've mentioned, and the kinks I've requested to not include.

I look forward to a hot, enjoyable RP.