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Author Topic: Fandom Fantasy Extravaganza! (M seeking F)  (Read 627 times)

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Fandom Fantasy Extravaganza! (M seeking F)
« on: October 22, 2014, 10:19:20 am »
Hi there, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my request thread.
These are just a few plot idea that I've got based on a few different fandoms that I like (Spider-man, x-men, harry potter, batman).
Oh, and if none of these ideas really strike your fantasy, but you've got an idea of your own, feel free to message me.

LIGHT (These are stories that don't necessarily have any extreme sexual content. More Rough elements could be added, but they aren't ingrained into the story's concept)

The Spider's Shadow
Inspirational Image

Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man, is having some problems.
He and Mary Jane just broke up after he found her cheating on him. With the entire Empire State Football team.
There's a new girl in his graduate program, Kitty Pryde, who's honestly a better programmer than he is. And she knows it.
Oh, and There's a new villain in town, one who seems to specialize in stealing things from places that should be impregnable. And he's been framing his crimes so that it looks like Spider-man is the one responsible

Pulling a Bat From a Hat (Batman, Zatanna) (sexual tension, possible romance, possible bondage, possible more)
Inspirational Image

Zatanna is a magical force to be reckoned with. Batman is as close to a force of nature as humanity can get. The two have had an on and off relationship for years, and both have said things that can’t be taken back. But, when push comes to shove, they both recognize that the other is one of the best in their fields. So, when Batman comes across a crime of clearly mystical nature, he knows he has to call on the fish-netted femme fatale.
How long can the pair go without ripping the other’s clothes off? Or without ripping off the other’s heads?

Should I try again?
Inspirational Image

Neville Longbottom is having a bit of a crisis. The Battle of Hogwarts was almost a decade ago, and it’s starting to feel like ancient history. None of his Herbology students seem to respect him. And to top it off, Luna Lovegood is back in town as a guest professor at Hogwarts.

(These are stories that have some sort of questionable sexual content ingrained into the core concept. Adultery, Non-consensual scenes, Dom/sub, etc are all possible story elements in this section)
Loved Spidey, Went Home with Venom (Spider-Man, Mary Jane, Venom) (Non/Con, Rough sex, adultery, tentacles, possibly more)
Inspirational Image

Mary Jane Watson, the devoted wife of Spider-Man. Also the personal cumdumpster for Venom. It all started one day when Venom broke into her apartment and she mistook him for Peter. The symbiote took advantage of that, and decided to get rough with the gorgeous supermodel. By the time she realized that it wasn’t her husband in his black costume, but actually a monstrous creature dedicated to getting revenge on Peter, it was too late. She was left broken, used, and filled. And incredibly aroused.
Now, the redhead craves the rough, primal fucking that Venom gives her. If only she could get Peter to take back the symbiote costume, she could have the best of both worlds…

Breaking in the New Student (Emma Frost, OC) (bondage, Dom/Sub, Fem Dom, Mind Fuckery, possible pegging, possibly more)
Inspirational Image

Emma Frost of the X-men has a bad habit, one that she keeps meaning to rid herself of. Every Year, she picks one student, at random, and makes them her pet project. She’ll see to it that they excel in academics, that they run circles around the other students in sparring matches, that they always have the latest fashions, and that they will be a social superstar around the campus. The only thing she requires in exchange is complete and total sexual submission. She requires the student to please her, in anyway she requests, whenever she pleases.
So, how does the quiet nerd react when he’s called to Miss Frost’s office and told exactly what being her ‘pet project’ entails?
(This story could also be played as an f/f story if you prefer)
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