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May 24, 2018, 09:19:39 AM

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Author Topic: Seeking Dominant Men (M/M Scenes - Canon, Original, and Otherwise.)  (Read 350 times)

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Offline TsumeTopic starter

Hello all,

Thought I'd post a new, updated ad on here. It's been a while since I've poked around on Elliquiy, and I'd like to get back into the swing of things.  As per usual, I prefer burlier, masculine males. I tend to lean towards submissive, but I am open. I don't care what gender you are IRL, so long as you can effectively play as a male.  Below, I'll have a sample of some scenes that I would like to see, as well as canon character I would like to play against, if that strikes your fancy.

Some Breed, Some are Bred: The year is 2035. Fifteen years ago, a cataclysmic event struck the planet and all female humans - children, infants, elderly and adult alike - vanished. Wives were gone. Daughters, sisters, and mothers were gone. For a time, there was a great period of mourning. Then the panic set in. Mankind, now man and man alone, knew that it would die out if something wasn't done. That's when the Ganymede Project was initiated. A worldwide initiative, Ganymede set into motion a new social order - starting with men convicted of criminal activity, the began to take intact men and 'modify' them - removing their manhood and affixing to them artificial, but functional, female anatomy. The world's problems seemed solved - there were breedable options again, and mankind could propagate. But something changed in society, as a result of Ganymede. The desire to hold power over those weaker than you became stronger - when you could not just conquer your foe, but impregnate him. That brings us to North America - where the public school system, now a series of boarding schools where students stay full-time until they turn 24. There they are wards of the state - working assigned jobs and receiving government provided educations. At the age of 18, a reckoning is called. Testing occurs - and those boys that prove superior are considered 'alphas' - real citizens of the new USA. Those that prove inferior have a new place - breeding slaves to their betters. I would very much like to play a young man who, through some twist of fate, is declared inferior - likely due to an emphasis being placed on physical might and obedience to country, over book smarts.

"Our Race is Dying": Hyahm is a talented, gentle young mage, a student at the Arcane University. He also has a secret. A curse had been placed upon him by a jealous rival - making him supernaturally fertile, as well as desirable. Meant to humiliate, the curse ensures that were someone to 'take him', he would almost certainly bear them children. And the second part of the curse ensures that he's never short for suiters. Enter a young, noble Orcish warrior - one of the very last of his kind, who is searching desperately for one who might be able to bear his kin. Looking for kinks like M-Preg, being made a cuntboy, and romance for this one.

Steampunk Fantasy: Liam Halbright is a gifted student at the University of Kilhan, a city by the sea, built on the backs of slave laborers toiling endlessly in the mines below it, ruled by an oppressive government that doesn’t hesitate to make it’s opponent’s disappear, stripped of their name and rank and sent to join the teeming masses below. But, all told, the free citizens of Kilhan live fairly well. And they are happy. But Liam is not. A sensitive boy, and a humanist, he sees the injustice perpetrated below, and decides to write a paper denouncing the evil practice of slavery. This is a mistake. Goons come for him in the night, preparing to make him disappear just the same as everyone else, down to the mines. But lucky for Liam, he has someone looking out for him. A member of the Enforcers, and a neighbor to the young man for most of their lives, this friend has a plan. As an Enforcer, he has the right to demand a slave of his own, from any enslaved by the city, to serve as his house-slave and steward. And he has his eyes set on Liam. Twisted Steampunk Slavery Romance, ho!

Mythical Creature Preservation Center [NC-E/EX]: It seems that Dumas drew the short end of the stick, when it came to life-paths. Kidnapped off the street, taken into some uncharted hellhole and experimented on, his insides re-arranged in order to make him . . . fertile. God knows why they didn't just pick up some girl, they sure as hell aren't telling. Now, with his re-arranged insides, he's given a briefing on what his lot in life is, now: he's currently stationed at the NAMCPC (North American Mythical Creature Preservation Center). His role will be "host", meaning that his job will be to "accommodate" the various beasts, carrying their young, birth them, then move onto the next one, cycling through the various species until his body either breaks, or he's birthed 250+ offspring.  Great. Just great. Couple in the fact that his charges run the spectrum from Orcs, Ogres, and Beastmen to Dragons, Golems, and Minotaurs, and it looks like he's got his work cut out for him.

"Is This What a Human Female Looks Like?"[NC-E/EX] : After humanity finally made the jump into space, and established connections with other life forms, it would then come to wonder if such an action was the wisest thing to do. As it turns out, it wasn't. It left them open to be preyed upon by all manner of vicious creature, their slimy, putrid bodies far stronger, their technology far advanced. And, upon seeing the pink, soft forms of these new creatures, knew that they had struck gold. Now, any space-faring human runs the risk of being ambushed, and dragged off to some space brothel far out in the inky black, to be used by all manner of monster. When Otto, a young colonist, is intercepted whilst traveling between Athens, the Mars Colony, and Earth, he thinks he has little to worry about, being male. He is quickly proven wrong, as any soft, pink frame with orifices will suffice for these depraved space creatures.

 The Hills Have Eyes [EX]: First, let me point out I never saw the movie. I have only the most loose idea of the plot and what happens therein. That said: Thomas Jennings is what they call an "urban explorer." He thrives on old buildings, ghost towns, the remnants of human civilization. So when he hears that there is an entire town out in the middle of the desert, abandoned, and still intact, he can't help but pack up his things and go to investigate it. What he finds, though, are a bunch of visious, psychotic, hideous mutants with long un-satisfied lusts. And he's in their territory now.

Superiority [BON or EX]: Twenty years into the future, things have become royally fucked up. Our rapidly expanding population has essentially hit it's limit. Something had to be done. Enter new legislation, regarding the state of our nation's youth. The new law states that, from age 12 onward, young men will be paired off together. They will take the same classes, including academics and athletics (though extra-curricular co-participation is not necessary.) At the end of their junior year, when both boys have reached the age of 17, the two young men will be analyzed, and the one who proves to be inferior (through averages based on academia, athletics, community service hours, and other factors) will be permanently collared - a slave to the other young man. Forbidden to breed, and meant to serve as a sexual outlet. (Yeah, I know, not the most realistic of situations. But still, hot? Right? Maybe . . .)

Red Rock Saloon [NC] or [EX]: Similar to the above, only this one is more-than-a-little inspired by an erotic story from JuliusToons. I'd like to play a young man, striking out west in search of fame and fortune. He manages to find his way into the rustic town of (Insert Name Here), a way station for various cowpokes heading south, miners heading west, fur traders heading north, and army men heading every which way. Needless to say, with all of these virile men in their prime wanderin' about with no receptacle for their lust. (Women-folk didn't tend to come out this way . . . nothin' but dust and dirty, smelly vagrants out in these parts.)) So what are a bunch of horny men to do? Well, turn to other men of course. So it comes to pass that the Red Rock Saloon is formed. A place where the younger, beardless young men invariably end up, to tend to the needs of a sex-starved populace. Wouldn't you know it, our young hero ends up finding his way to the most happening place in town, and invariably finds himself "drafted" as it were, and quickly falls prey to a seemingly endless line of horny, hairy, burly men, looking to bust in that pretty ass for a nickle. Anyone interested?

Pokemon [NC or EX]: I suppose what the scene entails can vary from person to person, depending on what you want. I, personally, prefer playing a human trainer, and my partner playing a pokemon (or many pokemon) that are on my team. Whether we go by traditional "pokemon can only say their name" or move towards the "pokemorph" area can be debated.  Pokemon that I'm interested in seeing: Ursaring, Nidoking, Charizard, Blastoise, Tyranitar, Machoke, Aggron, and I'm certainly up for suggestion as to others.

Don't Worry, Pet [NC-E}: For an Orc, there is no mark of power than having one's own, personal human pet. But lately, what with the electric fences being thrown up all over the continent, sequestering the human lands from the Orcish lands, poaching is becoming harder and harder, leaving the number of Orcs with human pets even lower than before. But what's this? A human that's strayed past the fence, for one reason or another? This is an opportunity that any reasonable Orc (or Orcs) wouldn't dare to pass up.

Unfortunate Circumstance [BON-E]: He hadn't done it. Really, he hadn't. Okay, maybe he had. But he wasn't the only damn person on the block to have a little bit of coke. Or a lot. But he'd been the one to get caught, and the one to get sent to the local penitentiary. Unlucky enough for him, the justice system didn't often take race into account (at least in terms of who gets which cell) and he's about to get an eyeful of his new, significantly greener cellmate.

The Tribe, Captured [EX]: Pretty much the opposite of the one above, this would be a chance for me to flex my dominant muscles. The plot would be this - a young, human lord would hear stories of a band of mighty Orc warriors. A cruel sadist, the boy would immediately get it into his head that he'd like to have some fun with these Orcs. He immediately calls for their capture. Once they're within his power, he would use, abuse, humiliate, degrade, torture, break, and generally mis-treat his captives. If they submit, they may become treasured pets. But really, when are Orcs ever known for submitting?

Canon Characters</B>

Bold= I'm looking particularly hard for someone to play this character.

Dave Karofsky


The Stabbington Twins


The Goon
Again, obvious.



Beauty and the Beast

Soul Calibur

Fighting Games
Iron Tager


Dragon Age

World of Warcraft
Vindicator Maraad

Freaks and Geeks

Harvest Moon
Dale [ToT]
Bob [MM]
Owen [ToT]

<U>Mass Effect
Male Shepherd

Fire Emblem
Mordecai (Radiant Dawn/Path of Radiance)
Garcia (Sacred Stones)

Mortal Kombat
Shao Kahn

Dead Rising 2

<U>His Dark Materials

Hodunk Clan

If any of this catches your attention, drop me a line on here or at the contact info in my profile. Either one works, I'm always on both at the same time.