An old book with a bloody past. Paranormal romance mxf

Started by seeker619, October 21, 2014, 12:01:58 AM

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Blood stained pages-  I guess you would call this book a paranormal romance although it deals with both the romance is not paranormal.  A rash of mysterious deaths occur in a small town to woman all under forty and all of the deaths were suspicious in nature but there was not a shred of evidence linking a murder to them.

I'm a private detective and the mayor has called on me to look into these deaths and find what I can.  Your character works for me and we are friends but I have withheld my more romantic leanings with you in fear that it would jeopardize our working relationship and it was one job I knew you both needed and loved.

I find a link between all of the victims and an old page stained book with yellowing pages and antiquated English.  It is agreed between us that the book seems to alter as different people read it.  I'm off gathering evidence from the different crime scenes and you are studying the book and experimenting with it.  Perhaps reading it alters their personality and over time your char. might change dramatically yet refuse to see it.

I rather imagine the book alters itself to each reader and is primed and made to seduce each woman differently.  Men are spooked by the book and woman seem attracted to it.  It eventually convinces them to do something dangerous by convincing them it serves the higher good whether that involves saving lives or lining their wallet with cash.  It would not discriminate.

Suggestions welcome

I get back late to the office and find a note you had left.  "I think I know the origins of the book and the curse.  I could not destroy the book and in fact it does not burn.  I must reverse the curse but I need time.  I know I'll be careful but don't look for me."

From there I race to find you and have to figure out where you would go based on what you have told me you learned about the book so far in the story.  Using that and what I know about you I must find you before you join the endless parade of woman who have died because of this book.