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Started by WindWhisperer, October 20, 2014, 09:37:16 PM

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Fantasy RP

- Seeking short-term permanent RP. 
- 1X1
- M/F -F/F
- BDSM orientated.
- Relationship building.
- World building
- Romance, erotica, BDSM, action adevneture, and more.
- Multi paragraph, well-written descriptive proses – posts

My Desired :
- It is my wish to maintain this for as long as possible and eventually developing it into new subplots and etc
- It is long term, it is to fully develop with additional characters added periodically and extended environments created as necessary.
- It is to be writing partners that are dedicated, permanent and building the main story to then rebuild more and more.
- I desire to have collaboration in the creative process.
- I need a constant communication and regular feedback.
- I will do multi-characters, as will my RP partner.
- There will be maintaining and developing 2 main characters that are the basis of this Roleplay.

RP Concept:

- Humans/Non Humans
- BDSM Love Story
- Fantasy Story/Myths

Writing Partner Requirements:
- Dedicated writing partner.
- Must take the main Dominant role.
- Literate partner who will post paragraphs with good depth in story and quality description.
- Honesty.
- Communication.


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