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May 20, 2018, 07:15:13 AM

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Author Topic: Erotic Transformation of the Magical Kind  (Read 392 times)

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Erotic Transformation of the Magical Kind
« on: October 20, 2014, 08:56:18 AM »
I have a few erotic transformation ideas I'm in the mood for, though I can most likely only commit to one idea at a time. I like to break trends and explore the unexplored. Also, there is a difference between eroticism and sex. While sexual acts may be a side theme, I'm looking for somebody who wants to explore ALL the effects of a particular transformation on a person's life. I'm also looking for a person who is willing to tolerate detail and contribute to a generally slow paced erotic transformation role play. The ideas here will range from nontraditional takes on traditional themes, to very outlandish themes.

I like a role play that explores one or more of the following transformation powers. Please note that I consider use of these powers to get a quick sex scene not really a transformation role play, mind control is the easiest to abuse in this respect.

Four Transformation Related Powers

Material: This is the ability to alter what a person is wearing, or carrying.

Body: This is the ability to alter the shape, structure, and function of the body. This can be used to alter gender, species, race, features, etc.

Mind: The ability to chip away at a person's mind, alter the personality and intelligence of the person being manipulated. ((Please, manipulation and not control, there is a difference. One clue is, don't force my character to do things, force her to slowly become things.))

Reality: The ability to alter who or what is around a person, what they do for a living, who their family is, their income, etc.

Plots, Settings, & Such

I'm looking mostly for modern settings, as it is easiest to explore the transformation. I prefer slightly public settings that allow for scenes which can explore the influence a transformation has on my character's life.  I have two scenarios here with similar settings but wildly different ideas.

Bimbofication/ whorification:  Lisa is a college student majoring in theoretical physics in the start of her senior year. She is a genius, a huge nerd, stays with a clean crowd, and only participates in activities that will help further her career. Then somebody decides it's time for Lisa to experience a change in her life, why would be left to the type and nature of the antagonist. What I'm most interested in is secondary erotic aspects of the transformation and Lisa's stubborn fight against them. I would like for Lisa to be struggling to maintain her preferred life as various aspects of her life change one things at a time. This can involve a boyfriend or girl friend with multiple sex scenes along the way. However, the main focus would be on the affects of the slow transformation that the antagonist is controlling. If Lisa can manage to fight back she might be able to take this life on her terms, if she doesn't she end up a nympho prostitute. Lisa should have at least some chance of getting out of her situation, so the antagonist should be careful.

Jockification: Reverse Gender Transformation! I see so many requests for men to become woman, but why would it be any less humiliating for a well adjusted to female to be forced to become a male? This would involve Lisa as the main character as well, only her antagonist possibly is in love with Lisa but also really wants a man. Another possibility is that the transformation is inflicted for revenge. I'm thinking this transformation would start with a female to futa--- then futa to herm---- then herm to shemale--- shemale to male dynamic. As the change progressed Lisa would go from being poorly endowed to very well endowed, and then begin to develop secondary male characteristics as she turned into an idealized hunky guy. Her intelligence may be reduced as well by the transformations, her personality altered as well. Reality transformation could be used to eliminate the history of female Lisa, or it could be done without reality transformation, forcing Lisa to adopt a new identity as her old self is considered missing. Much would depend on the nature and choices of the antagonist.


I'm looking for somebody fairly literate, who can write in some degree of detail and handle a bit of world creation. I'm also looking for somebody who'll appreciate the detailed exploration posts I prefer to write. I'm looking for somebody who is willing to forgo sex for plot and the erotic if necessary. Also, somebody who can handle his or her character being rejected by my character for quite a while if the issue is not forced in some way. I'm hoping for somebody who does not mind playing against an uppity transformation victim, or somebody who may fight to retain what she considers her dignified reality. Someone who doesn't mind plot twists and curve balls, and can use their powers to throw them right back at me is appreciated. Most importantly, somebody who enjoys a good sex scene but doesn't rush to that alone, who can plan and plot and wait for the right time. The magical aided chase so to speak.