Fiction becomes Fact - Looking for Male or Female - Story and Intrigue Based.

Started by Lady Laura, October 20, 2014, 12:39:40 AM

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Lady Laura

I have two trains of thought on this idea both involve the concept of something "make believe" coming to life in some way. I am looking for a creative Role Player to play this out with, I am not one for smut only and I love intrigue and story line as well as character development, you can see more about me in my O/O's which are attached to my signature.


1/ An Author is writing a novel, one day he/she sees something in their house that they haven't seen before, it is a talisman, weird enough, but on closer inspection the Talisman is the same one right down to the finest detail that the lead character in the book he/she is writing wears, thinking her friend is playing a joke on her she lets it go. But slowly things keep turning up, one night she hears a creak and a thud.....

2/ x2 People Role Play a story, one day one of them is walking down the street and they see a person behaving in exactly the same way as the character their RP Partner is playing, this person even sees them and gives a knowing look. The next day the same thing happens, soon this person approaches and says "Well, aren't you going to talk to me?" and addresses this person as their RP character. What happens next??

3/ What if you started being held responsible for what your RP character had done? What if people started talking to you as if you were that character?

So yep, I'm out there, open to suggestions on both inquire via PM only.

Lady Laura