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Author Topic: The Last Men [M for F, Varies, Sci-Fi]  (Read 494 times)

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The Last Men [M for F, Varies, Sci-Fi]
« on: October 18, 2014, 07:11:05 pm »
Well, I seem to be liking the idea of grouping ideas together into themes and laying them out in groups so let's do another one to make this into a Quadrilogy. Being the 4th official one let's do 4 and This time the theme is variations on the famous "Last Man on Earth" fantasy. All these stories have male characters that are, at least in effect, one of the last males of their species. Tones range from hard explorations of this idea to playful smut, so let's see what you people think.

Sleep Timer- 187:294:10:21:36

Reboot Initiated

Welcome to the USAC Morpheus

"What do you know? Even the ship computer still works. You'd think after almost 200 years it would be slag."

"In space This deep, what's there to slag it with? Establishing datalink, Captain."

"We are going to make a fortune in Salvage. Anyone seen the state of the flux engines?"

"You won't find any, lieutenant. Ships this old were Sleepers. For long trips the crew went into cryosleep and slept it out instead of going faster than light. The old crew might still be alive, Technically. I want to know the status of the cryopods right now, people."

"A ship this size would of had a small crew, maybe even solo. Think we can still get the money if we cut a deal with them?"

Datalink Engaged

"Confirming the Link. Captain, I can't access most of the files yet but the ship just had one astronomer. This thing did space surveys."

"Hey, I found the cryo-pod!"

"... What the hell? Was there some sort of space parasite infestation."

"Checking. No, My diagnostic computer says that thing between the legs is a Penis - We're looking at a Man."

"What's a "Man"?"

Quote from: Info
Welcome to the year 2287, A time when Womankind is making its first real steps into the galaxy. Sadly, the male half of the species didn't make it. A runaway biological weapon killed every human being with a Y gene about 150 years ago, even in the Womb. Thanks to cloning and genetic engineering the species survived anyway but Men have only existed in old stories and in historical textbooks for well over a century. Scattered among 7 star systems are about 80 billion living humans and not only are all of them Women but most of them don't even know what a Man is.

But the crew a salvage ship has just made a startling discovery. Among the remains of an old astronomical survey ship that was lost almost 200 years ago is a living human male in cryonic suspension. They just made the salvage of a lifetime with the discovery of someone who might just be the Last Man Alive.

As you expect, this story will probably have a heavy smut bend. I am however hoping for a lot of serious story. Space exploration, functioning in an interstellar society literally built for women, etc.

The Leisure Suit from Beyond!

Kan'nar of the Vishanti People has just made an incredible discovery. His own species devastated by an interstellar war, his search for anything that can help his people has led to the discovery of an interesting little class 5 world. The beings are a primitive species barely capable of some rudimentary hydrocarbon transportation and only barely starting to make some key medical discoveries.

What's so exciting about this race however is that they're surprisingly similar to his own biochemically and physiologically. He could even pass for one of them with a little of the biotech of his species. They are, however, much more obsessed with their own mating. Heck, watching each other mate seems to have recently taken off as a form of entertainment called "pornography". Maybe his people could use that...

Quote from: Info
On Earth in the 1970's, the newest hotshot male porn actor has a secret - he's actually an alien trying to impregnate as many human women as he can with hybrids so he can study the results, possibly saving his own species in the process. Obviously a lighter tone then most, almost like a particularly humorous 70's porn movie but much more metaphysical and genre savvy.


The General Purpose Breeding License. Such an innocent sounding name for something seen as something so sinister.

The plague hit in 2017. A variation of the flu that achieved near-universal communicability, nearly everyone on the planet had it at some point - at the time we just thanks our respective gods and stars that the symptoms were only fatal to those whose immune systems were already compromised in some fashion so the actual fatality rate was very low.

Then the babies stopped coming.

Testing discovered that while the "Man Flu" killed very few it did greatly hinder male fertility. In 2018, most of the world's men didn't even have sex drives - let alone get erections. The worst news of all was that even the most optimistic of experts thought that no more in 1 in 100,000 men could still get a woman pregnant. The human race could very well be extinct by the end of the 21st century if something drastic isn't done.

So something drastic was done. GPBL's were formed and legally recognized in the vast majority of the world's countries. Licences given to the few men left that still test as fertile - licences which give the man the legal right to override a woman's consent, within reason. He could still be charged for assault if he harmed her too badly in the process for example, or maybe if she can prove that she's sterile. Critics say its legalized rape. Proponents agree, but claim that its also necessary to save the species. Most people just try not to think about it.

Quote from: Info
A variation on the theme, there are other men around but they're all sterile with no sex drives. In desperation, the remaining fertile ones have been given the legal ability to override consent. More NC then the other plot bunnies here, admittedly.

The Last Man

To Whoever Can Read This

I don't know what my name is, I don't know what year this is, I don't know anything about this place. I just know that I woke up in this glass tank. There was a foot locker at the feet of the tank with clothes in it, but I think moths got into it- everything is ruined. There's a language on the nameplate of the locker- it looks old and I don't even recognize the language at all. One of the letters does look kind of like a J but that's probably just a coincidence. I've taken to calling myself J anyway.

When I look outside the windows I see that I'm in the middle of a city but it's in ruins, something happened here. Something very bad.

They have computers here. I can't access much without understanding the language but there's pictures, videos, patterns I can follow. People lived in this city once, but then there was a war or an invasion or something like that I think. 3 years ago maybe? I have to get moving, I have to go find somewhere safe. If someone finds this and can read it, you aren't alone. We can find each other. We can survive this somehow.

Good Luck.

Quote from: Info
A serious version of the Last Man on Earth scenario, 3 years previous to the RP's start there was a war that ended human civilization and almost wiped out the human race. Among the rubble small groups of survivors cling to each other to fight off mutants and other groups.

What the main male character doesn't realize is that one of those weapons was a biological weapon that targeted the y-gene. He very well could be the last man on Earth. A shame he can't remember how he survived and why he was immune to the weapon.
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Re: The Last Men [M for F, Varies, Sci-Fi]
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2014, 11:46:52 am »
Bumping with a Note -

With Y there's a bit of flexibility with how we can populate the galaxy with aliens. That is written for something like a Firefly Universe where we haven't found any. We can also go the other way with that and give the galaxy all sorts of alien civilizations and cultures to navigate - basically making it like Mass Effect except we ARE the Asari.

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Re: The Last Men [M for F, Varies, Sci-Fi]
« Reply #2 on: February 24, 2015, 09:31:49 am »
Re-opening/expanding these ideas, if anyone is interested.