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Author Topic: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Accepting Applications)  (Read 2088 times)

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Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Accepting Applications)
« on: October 17, 2014, 07:05:00 PM »
This is a reboot of a previous group game. All new players, and old players are welcome!

Hey everyone! I wanted to recruit interest for a Fast and the Furious-esk street racing/heist game. First, big shout out to Lithium for coming up with this concept in the first place. I really would love to see this get off the ground.

IC Thread: Money Park -

Character Sheets -

OOC Thread:

The Game

The game centers around a group of amateur street racers trying to make a name for themselves in the underground racing circuit, while also trying to pull in a profit to fix up their cars. I'm going to be setting the game in Miami, Florida so think suntan and beaches. The group of players (number depends on interest) will all start already knowing each other for the most part. This can mean they are already family, friends who have met through school/jobs/racing, or past flings. The overall group has been together for the last couple of months, and just thrown the money in to open their own small auto shop and rent a house together. The city has good roads for racing, the scene is booming, and money getting traded to the right hands keeps the cops off our backs.

As said before, all of the characters are going to be amateurs with only minimal experience in the street racing world of Miami. If this means you were maybe bigger in another city but had to bail before the fuzz caught up, that's fine too. Everyone starting off is going to be 'poor', meaning we can only afford the bare minimum to keep our cars at racing level. That being said, the car you select has a $20,000 maximum cost. No exceptions.

The Racing

The is the fun stuff! Races will generally happen pretty quick so we don't get bogged down with waiting on posts from other people. Abbreviated, based on the Strengths and Weakness's you select I will be rolling some dice to determine placement in the match itself. Obviously GMing a few scenarios for story-telling purposes. When racing, everyone will have their first post to sort of describe how it all gets going, and how they want to approach the entirety of the race from a driving standpoint. Meaning they could be 'cautious' or 'risky', these are the sort of things I will take into account. Afterwards, there will be maybe 1 or 2 more posts before I throw up a larger description of what happened in the end, and the placements. I'm always open to new ideas for how to improve this method so that it's more fun for the players!

The Future

Like the movies, eventually we are going to transition into sort of a heist gang, whether out of necessity or greed, who knows!

The Cars

The game is set in the present, i.e. 2014, but most of the cars that we start with will likely be from the 90s or early 2000s given the sub-20k budget. Don't bother spending too much time planning every single detail about your car either, because there's a good chance that shit will happen and that you won't be keeping the same one the entire time. I would not recommend making it your daddy's old car that he left you. I will probably create some rudimentary upgrade system in the future.

The Rules

I don't have many, but my two biggest pet peeves are A) Posting what some other character does or says without their consent and B) Not abiding by the required post rate. The required post rate for this game will be once every 3 days minimum. You can post as much as you like otherwise. If after 5+ days you have not yet posted without shooting a reason in the OOC or via PM to me, then your character is going to be moved into a Inactive state. We do not have a posting order because I don't want those available to be waiting on posts from those not available.

There is a system that has been created for the racing of this game. I will explain this system in depth in the OOC for those players who join. All of it is handled behind the scenes, so players will not have to do anything. Only the GMs.

The Characters

Feel free to post your character sheets in this thread. Do not transition them over to the OOC section until you have received approval from me. If you want to get your sheet out there, but leave in a note that says you are going to discuss pre-existing relationships with other characters after approval, that is fine with me as well. Try to have your hobbies or job outside of racing be something not related to racing! This creates depth, and ultimately makes for a more interesting character.

Code: [Select]
[center][size=12pt][b]Name Here[b][/size][/center]

[floatright][img padding=10]Character Image Here, Duh[/img][/floatright]

[b]Nickname:[/b] *Not required*

[b]Current Occupation:[/b] [Your character's current day job. Nothing that pays too well, remember they're not supposed to start out rich.]

[b]Hobbies outside of racing:[/b]

[b]Appearance/Style Description:[/b]
[b]Personality:[/b] [The most important part. Try to make it interesting and believable.]


[b]Current Situation:[/b]


[img]Picture of your car, optional[/img]

[b]Strengths:[/b] This can be anything, related or not related to your driving capabilities. My recommendation would be to pick 2 things that make you a good driver, and 2 things that are not related to racing at all. Or 3 - 1

[b]Weaknesses:[/b] This can also be anything, but note that [b]you must[/b] have at least 1 driving weakness. Try to shy away from just having personality related weaknesses, these need to be actual limitations of your character that can be used in the story. If you would like to PM me for discussion on this, because you want it to be a story element that's fine! For instance, if you want to tie in your job and Weakness, you can be a cop. Always trying to hide your hobby from the boys on the force.

Currently I am looking for:

Team Racer 1 - RedLobster

Team Racer 2 -

Team Racer 3 -

Team Racer 4 -

Team Racer 5 -

Team Racer 6 -

Team Racer 7 -

New Team Member 1 -

New Team Member 2 -

New Team Member 3 -
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Offline Rel Mayer

Re: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Reboot - Recruiting!)
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2014, 07:09:17 PM »
I think I proofread it. Let me know if I need any changes!

Rebecca 'Becca' Kimura
Theme Music for Becca

Age: 25

Nickname:  Becca, Reby, Bec, Becky, Revver, Kim,  Old Stripper Name: Pinky (She has a lot of nicknames.)

Current Occupation:Waitress/Bartender at a run down Bar near the beach named 'Seaside Shots!'. (Used to be a stripper at the Pink Cadillac)

Hobbies outside of racing:
  • Dancer!- She's always been a dancer at heart. Obsessed with music with a good beat. She's a damn good dancer and she takes any oppertunity to show it off.
  • Social Gatherings - Because of dancing, she generally loves anything having to deal with parties, social events, and just being around people. She's very extroverted
  • Loves the Beach- If she has free time, she's at the beach getting a tan, swimming in the ocean, playing some beach volley ball, or just having a picnic.
Appearance/Style Description:

Rebecca has long and bright hot pink hair that is wavy and thick - flowing down to the small of her back.  She keeps up with it very well too, it's never faded or her roots aren't showing for too long. She's very proud of hot pink hair. She's a bit short and petite, but the girl has curves for miles. One could say her ass is a spaceship that everyone wants to ride. Obviously she didn't have issues having the body to be a stripper and she's not afraid to show her skin. Usually she's wearing short shorts of some kind. Her favorite is jeans that are frayed and cut off right where the curve of her ass cheek begins. The pockets usually are coming out the bottom of her super short shorts and her thong straps are usually showing. Usually she wears a white tank top and a colorful bikini top under it or sometimes she doesn't wear the white top. She also has a lot of piercings. Her belly button is pierced and usually has some fun jewelry in it. Her tongue is pierced, her lip is pierced, and her eyebrow is pierced. Rebecca is also rumored to have more 'hidden' piercings, but doesn't show them off unless it's to the right person. She has a few tattoos on her body, including a dragon on her shoulder that goes slightly down her back and down her arm. She has a few other tattoos, but most of them are hidden in her clothing. Other than an ankle tattoo and a tattoo of a sugar skull on her lower back.


First and foremost: The woman loves the thrill. She's quite addicted to adrenaline rushes and she always gets it when she's behind the wheel. Pushing her car to the maximum and making sure to shift at the opportune moment. This applies outside of driving too. She likes to take risks and be a bit daring. Always the first to volunteer to do something dangerous. Becca is also really generally fun to be around. She likes to have fun in all situations! Very social with people and tries to egg people on in parties to have fun. Very much a 'matchmaker' type of personality and tries to force connections between single people. She has a lot of empathy and cares for people quite a bit. If someone she cares about is hurt - she will do everything in her power to care for that person. The woman has a big heart and isn't afraid to show it.

One thing that she's absolutely terrible at is spending money. She's rather addicted to spending all of her freshly earned money on her car or possibly other things that she likes. She is terrible at saving money and amazing at spending it as fast as she can. Usually she's pretty broke. Even though she's almost always a very nice person, the woman has a hot-headed switch that is easily flicked on and off. The person who knows just how to push her buttons and make her turn into an angry mess is her current boyfriend. He can bring out the rage out of her like no one else. She also has quite the competitive streak in her. She knows what she's good at and she expects to be the one to win. She's known for making bets and a bit of trash talking. Her sexuality is also bisexual, even though she leans toward a preference toward men.


Rebecca came from a family of racers. Her father raced, her mother raced, and her brothers currently race as well. They all live in Japan (recently they moved back to support the younger brothers.) Rebecca was the only one who was a bit different from her family. She always loved dancing since a young age and even though she was trained to race by her family - she always preferred dancing. So, when her family packed up and went to move back to Japan - Rebecca stayed in the states. She tried getting hired on by various bands, backup dancing, broadway, whatever! But she just didn't have the moves to cut it. Bills began to pile up and she had to make a tough decision. Deciding that she would become a stripper in the meantime, just as a temporary thing to earn a few bills. When she realized how much money she could make being a stripper - well she obviously continued on with the job and was able to finally buy herself a proper racing car.  Rebecca takes care of that car like it's her child. Spoiling it and constantly upgrading it.

She was forced to quit stripping when her ex-boyfriend demanded it of her. So, respecting him she went with his wishes. Since he threatened to kick her out of their home if she didn't. She went to work at a shitty bar as a waitress and bartender by the beach called 'Seaside Shots!'. It's pretty trashy and it's not her favorite job. She barely makes any money because most of the customers are college students who don't tip very well. To make matters even worse, recently she came home early to find her ex boyfriend in bed with her best friend. Needless to say Becca was furious. She was sort of irrational and hot headed and ended up stealing his nice car. Being a bit devious she crashed it into a pole, but ended up hurting herself on the head. Oh, and to make matters worse her ex-boyfriend had slid in the car with her at the time and was also pretty beaten up and bruised - far worse than she was.

That's how she met John. He was the attending that night and offered her a deal she couldn't refuse. The cops were moments away and about to arrest her not only for grand theft auto, but probably something else dealing with destruction to government property, reckless driving, and who knows what else. John said that if she would race for him in the team that he was forming, he would tell the police that the other guy was found in the driver seat of the car and that her wounds were from him beating her. Becca agreed to go along with the lie to prevent herself going into jail (and also to get back at her ex-boyfriend.) Needless to say. Her ex boyfriend is currently in jail and probably fuming mad.

Current Situation:

Becca is still barely scraping by - still. Luckily she's getting some money from her waitress/bar tending job, but it's not enough to give her car the upgrades she wants. Luckily because she is racing with John's team, she moved into the house that all the other racers are currently living in as well. So, it does make her rent situation a bit easier to deal with. She's already healed up from the little accident that she had and only has a little scar at the edge of her hairline. There are rumors that she's dating someone and they're all true. Currently she's trying her hand at dating again with John, but they're a makeup/breakup couple. They've only been together for a few weeks and have already decided to call it - only to get back together shortly after numerous times. It seems to be working for them and Becca seems to be generally happy... when they're not fighting.


1995 240SX

Tons of upgrades.
Very tricked out.


Experienced- Been Racing ever since her parents let her behind the wheel. She's been seriously racing with her brothers since she has been sixteen.
Very Quick Reactions- She's quick to react. She has a pretty good sense of what is around her. It also works in trying to anticipate things that are going to happen in front of her.
She's fucking hot- She'll use her sex appeal in any way possible to win a race. She's not against it.
Great at Drifting - This is what she prefers and what she excels at. She even made special modification to her car to make her better at drifting.


She's Asian and a woman - Expect fiery wrecks everywhere. But no seriously. (Just kidding. This is just for giggles.)

Straight-away- Not her strongest suit. Has something to do with her car as well as her skill.
Doesn't want the fame- Doesn't want everyone to know she's racing (Related to Ex finding her for revenge easily when he gets out of jail.)
Reckless when emotional - If she goes into a race feeling emotional, she can be reckless and it can change her driving abilities.
Not the best at car repair - She can do general things, but she always needs someone to help her with the more complicated things.
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Offline xSnorkleRainbow

Re: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Reboot - Recruiting!)
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2014, 07:13:32 PM »
Will get a character up ASAP!

- Rainbow

Online Juggtacular

Re: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Reboot - Recruiting!)
« Reply #3 on: October 17, 2014, 07:55:17 PM »
I'm bringing DK back. I'll put his app up when I get home.

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Re: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Reboot - Recruiting!)
« Reply #4 on: October 17, 2014, 10:19:59 PM »
If it wasn't for the love of automobiles...

I'll have a sheet up sometime this weekend.

Online PrestaDGTation

Re: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Reboot - Recruiting!)
« Reply #5 on: October 18, 2014, 12:54:56 AM »
  Oh my god, yes!

Lori Penzans

Age: 21
Nickname: Iron Dora, BP-DJ

  -Previous nicknames: KIT-dub, Lower Gear, Cog-teeth

Current Occupation:

  Lori works at a BP Station.  Usually, she gets the night shift and early morning shifts, which generally suit her fine, since she is allowed to pick her own music.  Still, it's a low paying dead-end job, full of monotony.

Hobbies outside of racing:

  Lori loves four things above all else: Cars. Music. Steam-punk. And Good Italian Food.  A confessed audiophile, Lori loves metal, but has a unique fondness for Jazz and Swing.  She plays saxophone, frequents jazz pubs, and actually has an unrequited soft-spot for dancing.  She's a bit of a groupie for her favorite band, Anarchy In Harmony.  Lori is also active in the Steam-Punk communities, and has a flair for salvaging parts to make jewelry to sell on Etsy.  Beyond that, the girl is a sucker for a prize fight, a hookah, or a bit of innocent crime.

Appearance/Style Description:

  Lori has short black hair which bunches around her ears, and bored green eyes.  She was always somewhat fair skinned, and although the Miami Sun has changed that to a degree, she is still pleasantly pale by local standards.  She tends to dress in blacks, and is fond of wearing a necklace with a bear tooth on it.  What most people notice about her first, however, is that she walks with a slight limp, and wears a leg brace composed of clockwork gears.  She has several tattoos under her shirt, which go from her right shoulder blade to her left elbow, depicting ghastly spirits manifesting in the snow.  She also has several scars, one just below her right collar bone, indicating a bullet wound.

   Lori leads something of a double life.  Many people mistake her for a goth, owing to her monotone apathy and cynicism.  This is a disguise, however, for the artsy, curious and tough as nails young woman she actually is.  She has a capacity for theatrics, and has a deep appreciation for solemn enjoyments and the 'less fine' arts.  She has been told that she has an expression, a warped sneer of sorts, when she's having an idea she means to pursue.  Despite her talents, however, Lori is somewhat insecure, owning to recent events that have shaped her life.


  Lori was born as Lorelei Bianchi, to an Italian Immigrant Chef and an American Para-legal.  She grew up enjoying fine cooking, accordion music, and the like.  She was nerdy as a youth, smart and quiet, more prone to being lost in her own world than actually hanging out with others.  When she started to hit her rebellious years, during which her temperamental father and ice-berg like mother got on her very last nerve, she began to seek companionship.  She found music her calling card, at the time, going to jazz houses and coffee shops.  After making some quirky friends that, while not nerdy, seemed to understand her for what she was, she was invited to the Maw, the parking garage that served as the headquarters for a gang called The Teeth.  That was where she saw her first cover show concert.

  Lori was already familiar with their leader, Kaitlin Naus, who had been part of an experimental rock band.  The energy was entrancing, and she began to try to go to these cover shows as often as she could.  Her grades suffered as she began to fall into various substance abuses and small acts of hoodlumism with her gang-member friends.  A very confusing period followed, in which Lori teetered between giving up the gang for the life she'd had, or vice versa.  This confusion ended rather suddenly one night when a member of a rival gang attempted to kill her.  Naus herself was the one who saved her life, following it with hard but well-meaning advice to "fucking pick" where she stood.  After this, Lori formally began her life as one of The Teeth.

  While the nerdiness she'd carried as a youth had to be quickly beaten out of her, the gang members welcomed her curiosity.  Various mentors appeared, teaching her music, mechanics, driving, and fighting.  Under Naus's tutelage, Lori gained a deep appreciation for one on one fights.  A tall and imposing woman named Silver taught her to drift during street races.  And her first lover, a boy named French Fry, taught her the joys of junking.  It was he who re-awakened her nerdier side by showing her how to craft junk-jewelry. 

  It was during one of these junking expeditions that Lori's leg was crushed by a falling car in a junk yard.  Unable to walk under her own power, she fashioned a clock-work leg brace.  Thereafter, even the other members of The Teeth had to respect her nerdiness.  She started working more on steam-punk fashions in her spare time, running a profile on Etsy to raise money for the Gang.  She also rekindled her love of Jazz Music, buying a saxophone and taking lessons in her spare time.

  This was a fine time for her, but it was due to end.  Sadly, a gang member's foremost skill must be the art of violence.  Even with her brace, Lori no longer had the agility for it.  After nearly getting herself killed for the second time, Naus threw her out, partly for her own protection, but mostly out of frustration.  The event broke her heart.  She took what money she had and moved to Miami, consoling herself for a time on the beaches, taking her leg brace off and letting the waves caress her.

  She loved the musical venues there, and as she began to feel more like herself, she decided she would find a way to get this going.  Taking a job as a cashier at a gas station, Lori started saving up for a car that could compete in street races, resolving to get all the other stuff she wanted with the prize money.

Current Situation:

  She is currently shacking up for some low rent, saving up to build a competitive vehicle, and hopes to earn some fast cash.  Getting thrown out by The Teeth forced her to start over, and to reassess how big a handicap her leg really is.  Once she has enough money, she wants to get her leg fixed.  After that.. who knows.


1991 Nissan 300 ZX

I call it Neon Marine


  Scion of the Silver Tooth:  Among her many mentors, a woman who called herself Silver was her driving instructor.  She taught that even the fastest drive must be done with grace, and to accent that point taught her how to round tight corners with drift.  She never got as good as her teacher, of course.  But she can none-the-less pull off some beautiful maneuvers, and seems to have a sense for how a car will perform on unfamiliar terrian.
  Grove is in the Heart:  Lori likes to say that her interests split her into pieces.  The more of them she can reunite into a single thing, the better she will perform.  She proves this point on the track.  When she sinks into just the right music and starts to feel the rhythm in her bones, she gets into a unique head-space for driving, that often leaves people in the echo of her custom tuned speakers.
  KIT-dub: Of all Lori's talents, mechanics comes most easily to her.  She loves junking for parts, and if she can find the right stuff, she can modify a car extensively.  That's only part of the story behind that particular nickname, however..
  Jack of All Trades and Their Connections:  In addition to her gang life, Lori is also involved in the local Steampunk and Jazz Communities, as well as running a fairly successful profile on Etsy.  She does try to keep those separate, however.  Not the least reason for which being that she occasionally launders money through her art sales.  Ho hum.
  When life gives you lemons..:  Lori is a survivor, who once earned her place among The Teeth almost entirely on her ability to improvise an increasingly bad situation into something awesome!  This trait is responsible for her junking skills, as well as many other things.


  Snapping Turtle in a Porcelain Mask:  Lori's withdrawn nature is based on a whole lot of internal issues.  She isn't immune to her own life's regrets, or to the insecurities of her leg injury.  Add to that, most of her formative years were spent inside a gang, and one she's recently been cast out of.  Lori hides whatever this makes her feel in her hobbies, in her cynicism, and when needed, in her anger.  It makes her hard to get close to, and she's well aware.
  Something to prove:  Lori was a good student to her mentors.  Not a great student, but a good one.  When she is in her element on the track, she sometimes forgets that there are certain moves she can't pull off, and others that even Silver would have told her were dangerous.  As her insecurities began to peak, this manageable need to prove herself became more pronounced.  This may be the primary reason why Naus threw her out.
  Thirst for the Life: Lori won't admit it, but she loves this lifestyle.  Live fast, die young.  Skid into your grave with a half drunk bottle of Yeager and flames in your wake.  Her old Gang boss gave her the keys to get out, knowing she would need them.  It's a temptation she finds hard to resist.
  That Damn Leg:  Good thing it was the left leg!  All I need to manipulate is the clutch!  Just tap the clutch and.. move, leg.. Move!, fuck.

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Re: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Reboot - Recruiting!)
« Reply #6 on: October 18, 2014, 01:14:38 AM »
Approved Rel and Presta! Please post your Character Sheets!

I have setup the first IC post. For those players who are joining again, it is similar to my starting post from last game. Please re-read it as I have changed some details, and the first race completely.

IC Thread: Money Park -

Character Sheets -

OOC Thread:
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Re: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Reboot - Recruiting!)
« Reply #7 on: October 18, 2014, 01:52:41 AM »
Jonathan Hellyer

Age: 27
Nickname: John, Doc

Current Occupation: John is currently undergoing the last year of his residency at Saint Hellen's General Hospital in Miami.

Hobbies outside of racing: Clubs, Movies, Excerise, Dating.

Appearance/Style Description: Unless it's a racing night, or party night, John can most often be found wearing his scrubs or whatever was most comfortable and available in his closet. Already pretty well broken in to the racing scene and the group he doesn't try too hard to impress any more than he has too. More often then not he looks tired.
Personality: Jonathan is a up and coming doctor. As a result of that he has adopted a pretty charismatic bedside manner with everyone around him. He is kind, smile's easily, and usually goes out of his way to make other's feel comfortable around him. More so than medicine, he take's racing extremely seriously because he knows the sort of people this sport attracts. He is quick to show that he is not afraid of a fight (or worse), and intentionally tries to appear over-confident during race nights. To say that he never underestimates his opponents is not correct, rather he recognizes that everyone has potential. This primarily comes from the fact that he considers himself an unlikely person to be involved in this scene. If he could do it, why not anyone else?

Racing to him is a true passion, which he considers a team sport more than anything else. He is always on the lookout for new team members to join the new Scooby Gang of the Miami streets. Still, he often talks about wanting more, and what it would take to really hit it big in the scene. Though never willing to outwardly admit it, he's extremely ambitious.

John can be stubborn and have a temper on him, especially when it comes to arguing with his female team mates, or significant other Rebecca. Typically this only comes out during arguments about race strategies, or car parts.

History: Truth be told John's life has not really been that difficult so far. The worst he could probably say about his upbringing is that his parents were extremely strict, and (in his opinion) expected far too much out of him. Most of that had to do with the fact that his parents are multi-millionaires, and the idea is that he was always going to pick up the torch once his father finally passes away. John however never had an interest in business, and always found himself more interested in cars and bikes, living life by gauge of your fuel tank over some corporate office. Probably because it was so different compared to what he was used too.

Regardless his father would have none of it, he was barely even allowed to participate in sports from his mother's fear that he might snap his neck! Well near the end of High School, which was of course spent at only the best male boarding school in the country, John realized that the only way he was going to get out of his responsibility was if he did something that was still seen as respectable. Having always thought medicine was sort of interesting. I mean, he loved ER and watched Scrubs constantly in college. So, he went into Med-School once his father consented, and has actually developed quite an aptitude for medical science. Spurred on all the more by the fact that his father seems to have left him alone in Miami while knowing that he is doing well in his residency. At this point, his parents barely speak to him anymore.

Since jumping in to the Miami street racing underground, John has participated in quite a few races. Obtaining notoriety as a contestant but never a champion. At least not yet. John and the crew purchased a old Miami beach house and adjoining shop to work out of, now finally seeing the beginnings of what he's been trying to find.

Current Situation: Currently John is living out of the team house. Spending most of his days at the hospital, and the nights out practicing with the team. Recently he started dating one of the new team members, Rebecca Kimura. Since that started he's begun to add arguments into his list of growing hobbies.

Car: 2012 Mitsubishi Eclipse


Med School - John has the knowledge and near experience of a starting off doctor, specifically a surgeon. This provides him with a unique skill in the street racing thing, where post people do everything they can to stay out of the hospital.

Good Fundamentals - Not necessarily a expert at any one piece of racing, John has shown a aptitude at all required skills necessary during the race. This typically guarantees he doesn't get last place, but usually also keeps him below first.

In Crowd - John has been in Miami for several years, and involved in the street racing scene for more than a year now. With marginal success in actual races, plus a friendly personality, John has developed several contacts and friends among the local amateurs and even a few of the higher ups.

Knows the Tracks - Practice in a ambulance has afforded John an enormous amount of time getting to speed around the city. He knows most of the choice tracks by heart, and is largely unaffected by the unfamiliar downside that comes with being surprised by the location of a new race.


Breakaway - John has always had an enormous amount of difficulty with the first few seconds of the race, never quite getting down the smooth shift between gears from a stationary position. He never gets the lead, and always has to fight tooth and nail for it later.

Ambition - John loves racing, and he's growing in to loving medicine. But just getting to do what he loves never seems to be enough, he has to be the best at it. Or at least surrounded by the best. His ambition to move up in the world of street racing is off-putting to the more experienced who consider him a amateur.

Hospital - He can't get caught breaking the law, or else all that hard work at school goes to shit. So, John would do just about anything to keep his two worlds separate from one another. Also, his work schedule can frequently conflict with his team obligations. In game terms, accidents have longer term effects on this character.

Kind of a dick – John was not immune to the effects of growing up with everything provided, and being one of the main starters of this team. He often can come off as being a little entilted, or a bit of a asshole. Especially when being directly called out or mocked in front of his team.
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Re: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Reboot - Recruiting!)
« Reply #8 on: October 18, 2014, 02:12:56 AM »
Slightly adjusted from the previous installment of this story, I am once again applying for the position of newcomer driver.

Character Name: Zhao Meizhen

Nickname: Mei

Age: 28 years old

Current Occupation: Personal secretary to a medium level manager at a local IT company. She likes her work, but is in it for the salary that allows her to spend a modest amount on her racing hobby.

Hobbies outside of racing: She has taking it upon herself to become an amateur makeup artist, preferring herself as test subject. She is nearly always dressed up wears immaculate make up as well as having her hair in a fancy but not too extreme style. She occasionally likes to get creative in the kitchen, particularly when it relates to seafood. She restricts this to her own home most of the time, and hardly anyone around her would know about this.

Appearance: She likes to dress fashionably, even when she's racing. Her style leans more to stylish than sexy, almost leaning to conservative. Particular attention is given to her make up and hair, which she enjoys working on herself. Her appearance and attire will be elaborated on whenever it changes, or may be represented by a picture as example. She has no (visible) tattoos or markings.

Personality: Mei can be manipulative if needed, using others for her own benefit and covering up with her alluring appearance. Towards women, she may come across as bitchy at times, even hostile, with exception to her close friends. She has had a history of seducing and discarding men, but has given up on that since landing a fairly good job. She comes across as more conservative and calculating over time, seemingly having grown out of her earlier wilder lifestyle. Her fondness for racing are a notable exception to that.

History: She is a recent immigrant from mainland China, coming to the United States at age 10 with her parents. Her father is a well placed manager of a larger Chinese company and was sent overseas to help expand its operations to the US. Her mother used to be a small time fashion model and it is from her that Mei has taken her likings to fashion, make up and stylish appearances in general. Not growing up in a classic Chinatown environment, Mei has quickly assimilated in the local culture. Unlike many of her fellow countrymen, she and her family moved to the Sunshine State instead of the West Coast. As such, she was taught English, but can speak her native language as well. In high school, she came acquainted with the car culture and some of her boyfriends were from this scene. She hadn't considered seriously driving herself at that point in time, but the seeds at been sown.

After high school and a brief college career, she landed a few quick jobs as office secretary and administrative aid, before finally landing a reasonable job as secretary to manager at a nearby IT company. At this point, she was able to afford her first proper ride, which reminded her of the subculture she'd been into at high school.

Current Situation: Recently, she'd been showing up at street races, mainly spectating. She's been observing the drivers and how they work, under the guise of talking to the many women around. She's made some friends among those, with many coming to her for advice on how to do their makeup.

Mei is single and lives on her own in a small house in one of the suburbs. Small enough to house herself and perhaps someone else in the future, but large enough to have her own garage.

Car: 2004 BMW M3


Precision Driver: With a good ride, she can corner very sharply. She is by no means an F1 driver, but she's good at staying on the quickest line. This gives her an edge in races that involve plenty of high speed cornering.

Risk Taker: Results before safety. If there's a chance to overtake someone, she will take it. "If you no longer go for a gap that exists, you are no longer a racing driver because we are competing, we are competing to win."

Stern Upbringing: She isn't from a 'tiger mom' family, but its not far off. At home, she was pushed to perform better than her peers, especially once they relocated to Florida. Your best is not good enough, it's either go big, or go home. She edges on perfectionism, but will not go crazy over it.


Track Racer: Mei's favorites are races that involve quick corners, laps and overall longer events. She had done some drag races and observed many, but she's not very good at it. Her ride isn't suitable for this either.

Mechanics Failure: No matter how much she likes cars, racing and the whole scene around it, Mei is not a mechanic. Like everyone, she knows the basics, knows how a car works and can solve problems, but when it gets serious, she needs help.

Risk Taker: That gap she went for? It was closed by the time she got there and now she's stranded on the side. Mei is not reckless, but she is known to take more risks than an average driver would take. She hasn't been in the hospital due to her behavior, but its looming.

Foreigner: While being fluent in English, she's still somewhat of an outsider. Her accent is obvious and her upbringing is very different from what most natives received in Florida. She has very few connections, few friends and can seem distant at times.
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Re: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Reboot - Recruiting!)
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Dontae King

Age: 21

Nickname: DK, Don-Don, Tae, Your Highness

Current Occupation: Gym Trainer

Hobbies outside of racing: Sports, Video Games, Making Music, Computers, Partying, Martial Arts

Appearance/Style Description: Dontae is about 6'2, and 220+. He also works out all the time so he's a well muscled 220+. He's pretty handsome and also has a killer smile. He sports a few tats, and knows how to dress for the occasion, although he's usually just dressed in the latest fashion.
Personality: Darrius is the nicest guy you'll ever meet. He helps people if he can, and if he can't he tries to find a way to help them anyway, especially friends. On the inverse, he can also be the worst enemy you'll ever have if you screw with him or the people he cares about. He likes to joke and make people laugh, and loves music. In fact, the only thing he loves as much as racing is music...and women. He's a ladies man and loves to flirt and get them at home with him.

History: Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Dontae was only in the states for 2 years before his family was shipped to Tokyo on his fathers base placement(Camp Zama). His mother was Japanese though, so they already had a place to live while his father worked on base. As a result, he was mostly raised in Tokyo. And that meant from a young age he was exposed to street racing of all kinds, but mostly drifting. Before he could drive, he watched, and learned all he could about cars as a kid.

As he got older, his dad and some of his parents friends started letting him help with their cars and he absorbed everything like a sponge. He also got into music and electronics(mainly computers). When he wasn't working on cars or training with his dad who insisted he know how to fight to defend himself, he was recording songs or listening to music or messing around with his computer. When he turned 15, he passed his test to get his permit and found himself driving alone on the backroads whenever he could.

When he turned 16, he got his license and did more of the same. Except now he could leave and not worry about his parents asking where he was. That meant he could finally do what he'd wanted for so long. He got into street racing, and thanks to his 200SX that he'd tuned up with help from his dad, he quickly started to make a name for himself. By the time he was 18, he'd earned the title DK(Drift King) and was something of a legend around Tokyo. Unfortunately, he didn't get to hold his title for that long, as his family was once again relocated due to his military job.

This time they went to Miami. He didn't want to leave, but they didn't really have a choice. He packed his stuff up, had his car shipped to their new address and said his goodbyes. Miami was a different world from Tokyo, but he certainly wasn't complaining when he saw all that it had to offer. Thankfully he wasn't forced into College by his parents, so he found a job working at a Gym as a martial arts trainer. It paid pretty good considering how young he was, and after a bit he moved out and got his own apartment. Living on his own was a bit harder though, so he got into dealing weed as well. He's mostly small time, but he moves enough product on top of his real job to live comfortably. During this entire time though, he'd found himself drawn back into the world of racing, and starting making moves in Miami. That's how he met John, and the rest is history.

Current Situation: Working and trying to further mod his car. Hoping to make a name for himself in Miami like he did in Tokyo.

Car: Nissan 200SX


Drifting - He was called DK for a reason. Since drifting style racing is so prominent in Japan, Dontae has become very proficient in this particular racing style and can take corners like nobody's business.

Tuning - Because of his know how with cars and computers, he's been able to tweak his car as much as possible with the resources he has, making it very powerful for it's size.

Tech Head - He's incredible with computers and electronics. He doesn't do it much because he doesn't want to add more potential illegal activities to his potential rapsheet, but he can even hack into computer systems.

Muscle - He's very strong and damn good in a fight. If people need a friend for a scrap, he's who they call. But that's only natural when you have been studying martial arts your whole life.


Show Off - He tends to think over much of himself during races and often jeopardizes his position or even his health when he showboats and flaunts for the people watching.

Flirt - Like his friends, he's a sucker for a pretty face and a nice pair of legs. It's hard to say no to a woman, especially when she shows interest in you.

Physicality - His job is very physically demanding, and as such there are times where he'll be less helpful in a fight or something because he's tired after two four round matches in one afternoon.

Anxious - He tends to get trigger happy so to speak and finds himself sacrificing race position by making moves too early. Hitting the NOS too early or trying to cut past someone in front of him before he's ready to make his move for example.
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Re: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Reboot - Recruiting!)
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This is an old character that I'm going to reuse. Putting her in a spoiler for now so people can see what to expect, but I need to modify her to this games sheet. Should have her finished by Monday I think. (As weekends are stupidly busy for me.) This is also for my convenience, so I don't have to sift through all my posts again LOL XD

Jamie Mendez

Age: 20 Years.

Nickname: N/A.

Current Occupation: Mechanic apprenticeship. (Though she's done this kind of thing since she was young, so knows what she's doing. She's just not making much money.) She has been fixing up cars pretty much all her life from the age of 4, with the help of her father of course. She also considers herself a formidable driver, though more of a joyrider in it for the adrenaline rush.

Extra Eye Candy: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Hobbies outside of racing:
♦ Sports/Exercize - She enjoys taking part in things like dance, yoga, kick boxing and gymnastics as well as working out at home and at the Gym when she can.
♦ Dance - Mostly untrained; she did a few ballet classes when she was younger, but didn't keep it up. Her love of dance mostly implies getting down to a heavy bass in a club, rubbing up on someone she barely knows.
♦ Spending Money - Money she doesn't have. Though it doesn't necessarily have to be hers...
♦ Working Her Tan - She loves to just hang out on the beach and chill under the sun in as little clothing as she can manage; she doesn't like tan-lines.

Appearance/Style Description: Standing at 5'2" (158cm), Jamie is a curvy and athletic girl with mixed roots. Those roots being that she's a quarter Mexican, a quarter Taiwanese and half Caucasian. Jamie has long, dirty blond/caramel brown hair that just about reaches the small of her back. Her eyes are a dark brown, almost a chocolate colour. Her skin is tanned; a nice natural shade of bronze. She has a couple of piercings; her bellybutton and her ears. Jamie has one tattoo; a feminine rose and vine pattern along the spine of her back, reaching between her shoulder blades to beginning of her buttocks. She very much enjoys keeping fit and working out, so she a bit more toned than someone else of her stature may be; she does a work-out every night and enjoys going to the Gym when she can. Her style is somewhat promiscuous, though she just thinks it flirty, bubbly and fun, a bit like herself!
Personality: Jamie is an adrenaline junkie at heart. She's daring and isn't afraid to try new things. On one hand, Jamie can be a really friendly and helpful person to pretty much everyone. On the other hand however, she can be a bit grumpy at times and refuse to take instruction; she's a very proud girl. She's extremely bubbly and has been told she's quite a likable person; however that doesn't always mean she wants to make friends. Jamie is also a very touchy-feely person and likes to be intimate with everyone if possible. As a mechanic, Jamie is very good at her job and enjoys driving/being driven very much but can sometimes get distracted easily and veer off topic on occasion. She likes to think she's one of the best at her job, but at the same time Jamie really loves to learn new things; not only about cars. All in all, Jamie is a very trusting character, though shes not gullible enough to believe everything that's people tell her. She's a very honest, down-to-earth girl and at the end of the day, she'll tell it like it is; no mollycoddling.

History: Jamie grew up in a loving household that included her mother and father and their 4 dogs; Benny, Patch, Razzle and Jude. The area they resided in wasn't exactly Boulevard Avenue, but it was better to have a house in a shitty neighborhood than not have a house at all. As far back as she can remember, Jamie had always been roped in with helping her father work on his and his friends cars; it was his only other passion other than her mother. She did enjoy the work, but more than the labor, she enjoyed her dads company. Of course, she loved her mum too, but they didn't spend half as much time together as her and her father. Her dad promised her when he'd finished fixing up his beautiful Ford Mustang that he would take her for a spin in it and when he left her, he would leave it to her. Of course, she was extremely excited though she wasn't pleased at the idea of her father leaving her. When she was 16, her father was murdered in a drive by shooting right out the front of their family home. It tore their world apart. Rather than sticking closer as a family, her mother distanced herself and Jamie found it hard to living with her. Her mother even tried selling the car her father had left for her, but Jamie protected it and promised she'd get it up and running so that she could move it to another location. Not only did she feel she wanted to fix it up for herself, she wanted to get it running for her fathers sake as well. Upon her 18th birthday, Jamie moved out of the house to live with a friend in her apartment in the city, taking her fathers car along with her, though it was never completed.

Current Situation:

Car: A 1992 Honda Civic Si. (Modified.)

○ Her looks - Jamie knows that she looks good and she isn't afraid to use her looks and gender to get what she wants, whether that's winning a race or something else entirely. Because of her looks and her personality, she can also fit in easily with any group, therefore being the perfect 'bait' or 'spy'.
• Good with a Spanner - Obviously, Jamie is a mechanic and this helps her not only earn money, but tend to her own car with complete confidence.
○ Determination - When racing, she wants to win and that's just how it is. Her determination helps her concentrate and keep her eyes on the prize.
• All-rounder - Jamie has solid fundamentals when driving; she OK at turning, OK at drifting and OK driving in most conditions. This doesn't mean she has no room to improve, because she has a lot of time to go before she's considered a great racer, but she has everything she needs to get to that point.

○ Easily Distracted - Jamie struggles to keep on topic most of the time and if she spots something that interests her, she usually doesn't have much self control in approaching or talking about it.
• Sensitive - Probably an understatement. Jamie can be a little emotional and this sometimes makes her reckless during any situation.
○ Slow Reactions - Simply when racing, Jamie can get panicky and is slow to react to things. This can often leave her losing out and that sucks for her, since she likes to win.

EDIT: Started Editing, just got one more thing to fill out and then another weakness to add and I'll be finished.

- Rainbow ♥
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Re: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Reboot - Recruiting!)
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I'll have my old sheet up again sometime today, though I'm just going to say right away, I've been in a bit of a lousy mood since Thursday, as someone I knew and that I'm related too passed away in a traffic accident. My posting rate and the quality of the posts might vary a bit.

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Re: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Reboot - Recruiting!)
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I'll have my old sheet up again sometime today, though I'm just going to say right away, I've been in a bit of a lousy mood since Thursday, as someone I knew and that I'm related too passed away in a traffic accident. My posting rate and the quality of the posts might vary a bit.

I'm so sorry to hear that.

* Rel Mayer offers a hug.

Feel free to vent to me in PM, if you just want someone to chat with.

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Re: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Reboot - Recruiting!)
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I'll have my old sheet up again sometime today, though I'm just going to say right away, I've been in a bit of a lousy mood since Thursday, as someone I knew and that I'm related too passed away in a traffic accident. My posting rate and the quality of the posts might vary a bit.

I, as well, am sorry to hear that my prayers are out to you guys.

I'll also have a character up later today.  I'm thinking of becoming a new team member.

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Re: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Reboot - Recruiting!)
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I should probably re-write a few parts seeing that my writing style has changed a fair bit, but I just don't feel like it right now, I'd rather go back and change it later.

Miranda Hellyer

Age: 29
Nickname: Mira

Current Occupation: None, living off savings

Hobbies outside of racing: Video games and parties for the most part, as well as regular painting, though it is something she for the most part keeps to herself.

Appearance/Style Description: Normally seen wearing jeans and some kind of jacket, Miranda has yet to fully adapt her wardrobe to the Miami weather, her wardrobe still consists mostly of long jeans and tank-tops with jackets to go over them, along with ankle-tall shoes. Besides that, she own a couple aviators and occasionally wear ear-rings. Has a belly-button piercing with a short chain hanging from it.
Personality: Miranda has always had a fair bit of attitude, especially during her younger ages. She didn't get along too well with her and her brother's parents, and fought with them more times than she'd like to admit. She's a fairly sore loser in more or less anything but racing. However, in a more relaxed setting, she's of the type who's head seems to be filled with nothing but clouds, just laying back and not giving a fuck about the world around her. In conversations, she'd normally seem rather care-free, though she has a more serious side that shows itself when she's either angered, frustrated or really pumped up about something.

History: Much like her younger brother, Miranda grew up with rich parents that had high expectations to both her and later her brother. She was a fairly good student at school, getting good grades and staying out of trouble. However, it annoyed her that even if she topped her class, her parents didn't truly seem satisfied. It was frustrating coming home with An A- but yet disappointing her parents, and after a while, she started to slow down on the school and focus more on herself and her own wishes. They fought a lot with one another, which went on for several years, before she eventually was fed up with it all.

When she was 16, having just gotten her drivers license and was ready to get on in life. However, she didn't want her parents to be hanging over her shoulder constantly, so she ended up stealing with her a fair amount of cash, leaving in one of their parent's cars, selling it and buying the car that she still use. While it had been a bit of a project, she had after a good while managed to get it up and running perfectly again. However, she was stuck as a 16 year old girl without an education and nothing better to do, she slowly got involved with racing. However, she had picked a bad car for racing in Seattle, the city she had ended up in while running away from the police and her parents. The car was an RWD, which wasn't very good for the slippery and wet roads of the city with non-stop rain. She did however end up having to get used to it, which she eventually did. Racing with an RWD was going against all the norms of Seattle racing, but regardless of that, she managed to make a name for herself eventually.

After a while living in the back of her car, she managed to get herself a job with one of the people she had been racing against after he got to know that she had renovated her car from scratch. He was a mechanic and offered her a job in his workshop. The pay was pretty shit, but she'd get a place to live and a small income, so it wasn't too much stress. She slowed down on the racing and started to study on the side, enjoying the daily work in the workshop. This went on from she was 17 till 22. She didn't have too much time in her schedule to study in, so it became a spare-time thing. However, eventually she got her degree and a good recommendation from her employer.

She continued with that line of work till she was 25 however. Her employer primarily did the mechanical aspect while she did the visual fixing. She made some extra money from the street races, and despite that her car wasn't made for driving on such wet roads, she eventually found herself driving in the same speed as the FWD cars she'd be racing against, if not faster.

When she was 27 however, the Seattle police preformed a huge-scale raid taking down most of the drivers in the area. The street racing had become a pest to the city and had to be dealt with apparently, which led to the police imprisoning most of her friends, and she spent half a month herself in prison, nothing close to what the others were to stay for.

After being let out again, she ended up travelling for a fair bit, doing small-work, staying a couple months before then moving along to the next, before two years later settling down in Miami, seeing that she missed the street-racing culture Seattle had.

(Rest is reserved for character relations)

Current Situation: Living on savings, single

Car: BMW 5-Series 545i 2006-model
Car Specifications
3.5L gasoline engine 343Hp
6-speed manual transmission
Rear wheel drive (RWD)


Wet Road Driving - After driving on wet roads for several years, Miranda has fully mastered the art of driving in high speeds on slippery and wet roads, not that she's expecting to have any major advantage seeing how sunny Miami is.

High reaction time - She has an exeptionally high reaction time, which allows her to act extremely shortly after realizing that something has happened.

Corner-cutter: - She's experienced with utilizing shortcuts, narrow sideroads and whatever happens to be available to cut down on the time


Crowded races - While handling smaller races very well, she has less of an ability when it comes to very crowded races with many cars, often over short distances.

Rich people - Despite having grown up in a rich family, Miranda isn't too fond of the upper class since she knows how hard life can be for the lower classes, and hopes she'll never end up in the upper class herself.

Charismatic men and women - Nothing beats a person with good charisma. Men and women that know their way with words definitely interest her a lot and she can quite easily be fooled by a keen enough tongue.
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Re: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Reboot - Recruiting!)
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Car: BMW 3-Series 545i 2006-model

I think you mean 5-series there!

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Re: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Reboot - Recruiting!)
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I think you mean 5-series there!

I did, thanks for pointing it out, leftovers from the old sheet.

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Re: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Reboot - Recruiting!)
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I did, thanks for pointing it out, leftovers from the old sheet.
It says 6 now! I wonder where this is going next.

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Re: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Reboot - Recruiting!)
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Lots of ladies in here o:

- Rainbow ♥

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Re: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Reboot - Recruiting!)
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It says 6 now! I wonder where this is going next.

I'm messing with you to get your attention ;)

Either way, I'm 100% certain it says 5 now.

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Re: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Reboot - Recruiting!)
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Olivia 'Violet' Johnson

Age: 21

Nickname: Violet or Vy

Current Occupation: Retail Sales Associate

Hobbies outside of racing: dancing, gaming, partying

Appearance/Style Description: Violet is very keen on being a fashionista, albeit one on a budget. When she sees an article of clothing she likes and its too expensive, she will spend the rest of the day hunting down something similar. Her wardrobe runs from baggy jeans, tank tops, and combat boots to tiny skirts and belly shirts and 'fuck me' pumps.
Personality: Violet is a woman with little to no filter on her mouth. She speaks her thoughts, no matter how unnecessary or crude they may be. She is an avid fan of cursing and raging, especially when someone pisses her off. That being said, her loud and boisterous nature is what makes her so much fun to be around and party with.

History: Olivia is a Miami native who has had to work hard in order to receive everything she has. Her parents unfortunately passed away when Olivia was 15, leaving her and her younger siblings in the care of a stern aunt and uncle. Fed up with their rules and how they ran the household, Olivia worked hard throughout high school and received a scholarship to the nearby university. She wanted away from them and if going to college was an option, she was sure as hell going to take it. She still feels a little guilty about leaving her brother and sister behind, but she tries to go by and see them often.

Olivia was introduced to the world of underground racing only two short years ago through her friend T.K., who she had known since her freshman year through a matter of circumstance. Olivia soon found she had a knack for drifting and regular circuit races, which tended to draw many drivers with lots of cash. Olivia's first race she brought in with a huge load of her scholarship money. When she won that back and them some, she realized she was hooked. During the days she picked up a job at a local fashion boutique, where she would use her earnings to fix and tune up her vehicle.

Current Situation: Work and working on refining her kickboxing skills

Car: 2010 Mazda RX-8 (Matte violet paint job)

Strengths: Persistent: She will never give up or stop at anything to achieve what she wants.

Drifter: While not the best drifter in the entire world, she is certainly not the worst. While she enjoys a traditional race, hugging corners and curves bring on a huge adrenaline rush.

Speed Demon: Put the peddle to the metal and lets burn burn burn!

Dancer: There is something in the way she moves...

Weaknesses: Road Rage: To say that she doesn't take losing well is a bit of an understatement. She has been known to get quite aggressive if she feels like she has been wronged or cheated in any way, which quite frankly happens often.

Wears her emotions on her sleeve: Olivia is not unlike an open book, expressing or displaying her emotions in such a way folk always know how she is feeling. While it makes her easier to deal with, some have been know to take advantage and manipulate her.

Speed Demon: Olivia's penchant for speed has gotten her on the wrong side of the law more than once. She recently just came off from having her license suspended for six months, but that didn't stop her from racing.
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Re: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Reboot - Recruiting!)
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Hey Divine, go ahead and add at least 2 more Weaknesses to your character.

Also, your character is extremely similar to Rel's. Can you read through her sheet and make Olivia a bit different.
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Re: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Reboot - Recruiting!)
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Hey Divine, go ahead and add at least 2 more Weaknesses to your character.

Overall though your sheet looks good.

I posted my sheet a bit above, it's mostly the same, though with some minor adjustments.

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Re: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Reboot - Recruiting!)
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Looks good Reaper!

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Re: Fast and the Furious: Miami Burnout (Reboot - Recruiting!)
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Still open for more female racers?