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November 25, 2020, 02:24:21 PM

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Author Topic: Fighting, Battling, Gladiator, Jungle, Victor and Vanquished RP Sought  (Read 505 times)

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Offline vorkgonTopic starter

I find the one-on-one struggle to victory or defeat quite exciting.  Be it an arena setting with gladiators in an arena, a jungle setting with Tarzan against natives, or a wild west forest or desert setting.  Defeating or being defeating either M or F are equally interesting and I enjoy not just the fight but also the aftermath of what the victor might do or with the vanquished, living or dead.

Generally, both the combatants are dominant in personality, even perhaps overly arrogant, but as the action proceeds one might realize that he or she may have met his or her match.  That can either cause the adrenaline to flow even more or cause panic -- who knows?  There is also something, at least to me, exciting in having the tables turned.  With the seeming victor, standing over the opponent, his loins burning with a battlelust of victory staring down, sneering feeling a flow of victory, only for something to happen that results in a reversal of fortunes and the seeming victor defeated and destroyed.

This type of scenario requires some degree of trust in writing.  I do not favor using dice to determine events because I prefer to play with people who are flexible enough to respond in a reasonable fashion rather than the random roll of a die or dice.  I think it is better if people go into the roleplay not knowing who will be victor and who will be vanquished, but let the back and forth of the writing dictate the results.  On the other hand, if you have a strong preference for a certain result, since I enjoy both being the brutal victor or the brutally vanquished, let me know.

I will admit that I am not necessarily a believer in long posts.  There should be enough to describe how the player's character feels based upon what happens, describes something that gives some insight to the character, describe the event taking place as seen through the character's eyes, and describes how the character reacts to or has been effected by whatever his or her opponent has done, what the character is doing in response, if anything, and what the character hopes the impact will be of what the character has done.

If there is any question of what I am describing, I would be happy to provide you some examples.

One big thing I dislike is god-modding; this can be a problem, intentionally or unintentionally, without dice.  When I post, generally, I would describe my character(s) attempted actions, and leave it up to the other person to decide if the action was effective and expect the same vice versa.  So, one player would not write that his character, from twenty feet, throws a spear that penetrates the opponent's left thigh.   One can write that the spear has been thrown strongly and deliberately at the opponent.  But the other player gets to decide if his or her character was able to escape the effort. 

I think of it as a sliding scale.   As one character or the other becomes more dominant in a struggle then one would expect greater freedom to write in such a way that might make the action more successful.  For example, if one player writes that his character is unconscious, obviously the player need not just write that she is thrusting down a dagger towards the chest of the unconscious character, but that the dagger penetrates.   And, of course, if one character has been killed, plainly the other character can describe everything, if anything, that is being done to the corpse. 

Offline Decrepitdan

Re: Fighting, Battling, Gladiator, Jungle, Victor and Vanquished RP Sought
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2014, 05:33:34 PM »
I find im quite interested in this idea, as I pretty much feel the same as you do. Let me know if youre still looking!