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June 17, 2018, 11:12:49 PM

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Author Topic: Invincible's Queen(s)  (Read 431 times)

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Offline ArkanielTopic starter

Invincible's Queen(s)
« on: October 15, 2014, 12:16:17 AM »
New York, New York, there was not city like it. Not on this little mud all of a planet, really and even out there, one would be hard pressed to find a bustling metropolis like this with so many opportunities on such a small spot of land. Of course, it wasn't the largest city in the universe, but most others that reached this size had either evolved to boring, clean Utopias of peace or had fallen into utter darkness, rules by warlords or criminals. Here, the city balanced precariously on a knife's edge between either possibility. It had done so for decades already and would like keep balancing so dangerously on the edge for a long while to come.

Mark Grayson -as he called himself on Earth- had no intention of changing this balance any time soon. As he said before, it created ample opportunities for a man like him. A man that was publicly known as a philanthropist and one of the leading scientists when it came to medicines and genetics. The latest cures for a variety of cancers had been developed by him. Of course, cancer wasn't cured completely. His cures only managed to completely fix stage one cancers and had just over fifty percent chance of curing stage two cancers without the need for chemo or surgery. A simple injection of his serum in the main tumor and voila, three days later, not a trace of cancer left in the body. He became rich overnight with this invention, allowing him to create a facade of his charitable self by making a cure for HIV available for less than a dollar per dosage.

Rumor had it Mark Grayson was up for a Nobel prize in the not so distant future.

This facade allowed him to move amongst the top of the socialite ladders, meeting influential people and celebrities on an almost daily base. Not to mention the magazines covering him. He did look more than a little attractive, after all, with his six foot three, his short, black hair in ever wild spikes and his nearly black eyes that some described as soulful and intense. Oh, the irony. If they only knew what he was really up to, they wouldn't be calling him soulful. If only they knew what he really was...

Years ago, he had arrived on this mud ball of a planet as a rite of passage to his people. He was a Viltrumite, a warrior race that dominated the universe. They possessed a strength, speed and longevity that made them fierce opponents to anyone that dared oppose their continuous conquests. Three whole galaxies already bowed down to the Viltrumite Empire, often with only a single warrior needed to successfully conquer an entire planet. Strange how this world in a primitive, remote galaxy had a character of fiction that seemed to mimic a pacifist version of his race. They called him Superman. Mark possessed the same strength, the ability to fly, the same senses and the invulnerability. He did not share the weakness to some dumb little green mineral, however. Precious few could stand against a single Viltrumite and nothing on Earth could even harm him...

Yet, he did not come in peace. He was here to prove himself. The first planetary conquest was supposed to happen through guile, not through brutal strength. He was supposed to show his cunning and move himself in a position overtime to become the natural leader of this world. Already, he had gathered a fortune and a reputation large enough to count himself amongst the main players of the game. It wasn't enough. He needed political clout. He needed pedigree.

He needed a Queen, maybe even more than one.

There, the intro to a more or less OC in an as of yet unnamed setting.

I'm looking for a writer willing to play one or more Queens for me. Ideally, this would be set in a new version of the Marvelverse. DC is also a possibility, as is the Imagecomics superhero world.

Those would have my preference, but the story can also take place in an original superhero universe.

For the Queen(s), I'm hoping especially for a selection from Emma Frost, Jean Grey, Kitty Pryde, Susan Storm, Miss marvel, Black Cat, Spiderwoman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Atom Eve...

Depending on how you wish to play the specific character(s) she can be all for ruling earth, or she needs to be coaxed, even be lied to, not knowing he is an alien till she is head over heels in love for him.

There would be plenty of plot here, focusing on the romance, the steps towards ruling the world through various means, large public events, socialite manoeuvring, politics,... Action and adventure even.

On the erotic side of things, I'm wide open from vanilla to bondage to extreme, as I usually play with very little limits.

Hope to hear from you by PM.

Offline ArkanielTopic starter

Re: Invincible's Queen(s)
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2014, 05:03:52 AM »
This idea is still available!