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June 23, 2018, 08:18:47 PM

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Author Topic: Chronoverse Online -- SAO inspired setting, original MMO story~ (M for F)  (Read 261 times)

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Offline KoibitoTopic starter

Welcome to Chronoverse Online!

Chronoverse is a world where anyone can live out their wildest fantasies. A world of swords and magic in a time magnificent to the simple history of the real world; with everything from Mages to Pirates, to Warriors of all kinds to Dragons. It's a fantasy world of the highest caliber and one filled with adventure!

Landscapes of all kinds cover the world of Chronoverse. Wide open fields, mysterious ruins, castles, almost anything one can imagine can be found if only one looks hard enough!

The world of Chronoverse takes place in a time of peak balance between technology, magic, and nature. The wilds are vast, varying, and unpredictable while cities and technology -- varying by the area of course, are largely designed beautifully and powered mainly by Magic with industry as artfully designed as nature itself. Monsters of all shapes and sizes inhabit the world, every kind imaginable beast can be found from the horrid and ugly to the majestic and even attractive, while the citizens of Chronoverse vary just as much with plenty of races inhabiting the world from the normal and strange to the unnatural.

Create your character however you like! Just place on the sensors and visor supplied with Chronoverse online and start up the game. Scanners and sensors will determine your body type so that you can be every bit as you as you like! Of course you're not limited there, from there you can edit your appearance and be the you that you really want to be! Pick your race, your class, and many more preferences in place and you'll be immersed into the game as if it were every bit as real as life. Touch, taste, and smell along with sights and sounds simulated to a completely realistic degree, you might even forget you're not in the real world at all!

Have fun~


This is the advertisement for the biggest hit game in history!

The world is in a technological age far into the future from today where advancements have pushed humanity into a new era. Things look around the same as long ago in the early 2000's just a bit cleaner, with everyday life aided by polished and streamlined machines. Every aspect of human advancement increased but none like the entertainment industry, especially video gaming. With the younger generations of gamers getting older and having children of their own, most of the world enjoys this kind of fun product and the demand caused a spike in tech that resulted in the research and perfection of virtual reality.

With humanity in an age of appreciation for the unique and individual style, the idea of a game where one could be anything, finally virtually, was insanely popular and in no time the Chaos, a game system of sorts designed with the game Chronoverse in mind by the same company, came out with the best game system sales reports in history. Immediately the game came out and most of the world hopped on to play. Consisting of a convenient and stylish headpiece visor, sensor pads, and a rather small console, all that could be stored in the headpiece, Chaos was the pinnacle of convenience as well.

The world all tuned in to a single game on one record breaking massive server, Chronoverse became a second world of sorts to humanity. Popularity, respect, all such abstract concepts could even be earned now in the real world from within the game -- high level players were honored. Even real world business meetings have been known recently to take place in game due to the social normality the game had gained throughout it's long run so far.

As such, laws such as age restriction are upheld strictly and only those aged sixteen and up can play as the game has everything the real world could accommodate from violence to sex to drugs, all of course taken more lightly in game but feeling as real, if not more so, than the real world itself. As such, it's almost seen as a right of passage nowadays to own this game at the age of 16 because of the world's heavy use of this product made heavier by the danger of laziness, laying around while in a virtual world all day, wiped out by the sensors using electric pulses to train muscles along with movements in the game. It was made initially for better sensory capabilities and to help track the body as well as a limiter to make sure the mind was not overworked by allowing players to become tired in game but the invention made sure that even the most dedicated players would not be in danger of muscle deterioration of any kind.

Characters are designed exaggeratingly fun, cartoonish anime styles, wild and exaggerated expressions, and uniqueness encouraged in the design of the game.


This is the setting I have in mind; a futuristic (just not sci-fi based super tech) world where a virtual reality game has taken great importance in the world. Most if not all of the plot will take place in this setting and equal parts plot and smut would be greatly desired here. The game, as described, would be set in a vast and varying world with many monsters of all kinds, many races of characters and NPC's, and nearly any landscape imaginable. I say this is SAO based not in plot but in function as a lot of little things I would enjoy taking from SAO such as the idea of such a hooked into the brain headgear or visor, fun little ideas like the adult content switch that lets clothing be completely removed and lets players have sex in game (as mentioned in the light novel for those who don't know) as well as emotes and expressions being cartoonishly exaggerated as also explained in the light novel like when a character would blush so much steam would actually rise and such (would make for some great sex faces~) and little ideas like that with an original setting and plot.

As for the plot itself I have many ideas but they are all basically up in the air. What I do have so far is the idea of a young man having turned 16 and finally getting to join the world of Chronoverse, him going in, getting started, exploring all the little functions of the game. I would also like the plot to, for a good while actually, be more light hearted and smutty with lots of adventure while very slowly building up to an intense late game or at least late arc plot giving us time to really establish this world and build everything up completely. I also wish for my character to either start out or eventually early on coming up with the goal to start a guild as would be a function of the game as group dynamics are one of my favorite things to explore.

Because of this I would require my partner to be the type to be able to play multiple characters as will I. I also request that my partner be active. I have many great rp's going on that take their time which is just fine but right now I'm looking for something to fill time and I'm wanting to make sure that I don't start an rp, only to lose inspiration on it because I'm only getting one post a day and this is a new idea instead of a fandom based one or one I've tried enough and thought on enough to hold my inspiration. All of my rp's now I'm solid on even if they take long, just this one I need to progress swiftly enough so please, any interested partner be sure you can be active enough.

As I said, the main plot and or plots are up in the air but I do have ideas. I would prefer to discuss them with an interested partner however to come up with something grand together. So if you're interested, my O/O's can be found in my sig and shoot me a PM! I love to discuss things and make friends and just chat so don't worry about pestering me or anything~

Hope to hear from you soon!