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Author Topic: The Master's Request[M for F]  (Read 1011 times)

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The Master's Request[M for F]
« on: October 14, 2014, 02:02:53 PM »

Thank you for looking at my requests!

Title: Whispers in the wind
Pairing: Riven x Yasuo [ Can be changed to another]

A lonesome winter breeze blew in across the plains and whistled through the mountains. Riven's tired feet were barely moving as she pushed forward on the narrow dirt road that led to the mountain pass. It had been months since the great warrior nation of Noxus sailed across the narrow straight and invaded the peaceful nation of Iona. The island nation offered far more resistance than the Noxians could have ever anticipated, stalling their occupation of Iona by months. Riven was once a great warrior amongst the Noxians, raised with a sword in her hand with the heart and spirit of a warrior. Her world came tumbling down when her squad was ambushed inside a small village where they did battle with the Ionians, slowly they were encircled by the enemy. Instead of sending men to save Riven and her squad they unleashed a barrage of chemical weapons. Riven was far too cunning to be caught out as she slipped past the enemy who were soon choking to death. With the sense of great betrayal, Riven exiled herself from the Noxian kingdom.

[ Riven's full lore can be found here. I've tweaked/abbreviated it a little. ]

The continent of Runeterra had turned into a violent and grim place as war wreaked havoc across the once proud and peaceful kingdoms. Bandits were more common than rats, not that there were much distinguishing the two. Slavery boomed as did a lot of other criminal activity. Riven had found herself in search of a new life at the north of Runeterra. Little did she know that a pack of bandits had been stalking her every move for the last three days, like wolves they watched their prey slowly fall to exhaustion. A pack of bandits known as "The Syndicate" specialised in slavery, they roamed through forgotten passes to hunt down unsuspecting victims before selling them off to the highest bidder. Having scouted out Riven when she stopped for the nights they knew of the broken blade she carried and assumed she knew how to use it. Hence they waited for the warrior's spirit to be whittled down by the harsh environment before pouncing on her.
Deciding to call it a day once the sky turned to a peaceful glow of soft orange, the sun setting beyond the horizon. Riven rolled out the tiny bed roll she carried over her shoulder, trying to find the softest spot with the most protection from the elements before settling down. There would be no fire for her this night as she had found herself at the base of the mountain pass, nothing but rocks encircled her as she settled into the natural rocky bowl. Night fell swiftly across the land as darkness consumed the world. Harsh shivers kept Riven awake as she huddled up into the small blanket, oblivious to the predators crawling out of the darkness. They were well equipped with lenses to place in their eyes which allowed them to see in the darkest of nights. The Syndicate were supplied by multiple underground organisations in trades for slaves. At first Riven tried to resist as she became aware of the gang but soon were overwhelmed by the multitude of bodies leaping at her from the darkness.

When Riven woke she found herself stripped of all her belongings, hands shackled as she was crammed into a small metal cage. There was nothing but rows and rows of metal cages inside the wooden warehouse. Mostly empty but one, two rows to her front that was occupied with a person that seemed dead, flies swarming the pale skin. Seagulls could be heard landing on the roof with the harsh stench of fish and death masking the blissful smell of the ocean outside. Riven had been taken to a hub of criminal activity, the town of Zann. It was perfectly located on the coast and between the kingdoms of Piltover and Noxus. Riven's clothes were torn and stained, her neck left with a aching stiffness from where she had been shocked by a strange weapon. The day was long and the heat was sweltering. One after the other men came in to look upon her cage, always accompanied by the same man - the slaver no doubt.

As the sun slowly crept across the skies the slaver seemed to grow impatient with the lack of interest in his last slave. At the last hour of trading a group of four men were stood over the cage, large in stature armed with broad axes and armoured to the teeth in an ominous black and red armour. A small bag of gold slipped from their fingers into the slavers and Riven was plucked from the cage. It was a short ride out of the town to their encampment where five more men awaited eagerly. Their intention was no mystery as they spoke openly about who gets to fuck her first, they intended on raping the woman till she passed onto the next life. The bandit encampment was merely a small tent in one corner, a few bedrolls rolled out around a large fire in a small clearing within a dense forest. Riven was dragged to a area cleared next to the fire as she was held down.

Yasuo had sat perfectly still in the tree over looking the camp for the last day as he awaited all the bandits to return. Yasuo, once a warrior of great fame and ability had now become nothing more than a wanderer. It was barely a week ago that he came across a small house burning along his journeys,  small child clinging to his dying mother, the father having been gutted near by. Upon reaching the nearest town the Sheriff had placed a bounty on the gang responsible. Yasuo was now able to identify the criminals upon looking at the sketches and moved onwards on his journeys, by luck he caught a glimpse of the men leaving the camp the night before. A small gust of wind cut the neck of the first man at the rear of the pack circling Riven. Within the blink of the eye Yasuo had leaped from the trees with the wind at his side, cutting through the men before they had as much as the chance to draw a weapon. The last one standing was at Riven's rear, cock in hand, they had been denied her body. With a clean strike his head rolled onto the floor, a spray of blood was quickly shielded with a dipping of the straw hat upon Yasuo's head.

It wasn't initially Yasuo's intention to rescue anyone but to simply kill the gang yet there she was. Something in her restless green eyes drew him closer as Yasuo pulled her from beneath the dead bodies. Yasuo, a former Ionian who was charged with treason would once have been her enemy. Neither knew of each other nor their origins. All that mattered was what came next as her pale green stare plucked at the cold wind inside of Yasuo's heart.


Role-Play Points
- I want this role play to be filled with romance. It starts with a worn out nearly raped and scared Riven who is lost both physically and spiritually. Who wouldn't be shook up after having been captured sold and nearly raped especially when she was a warrior with unspeakable capabilities. Traditionally a loner and wonderer Yasuo didn't want much to do with the slave who he set free after killing the bandits but he found something in her eyes that couldn't bring him to leave her there. Telling himself that he will only care for her till she regained her strength before sending her away which becomes harder and harder as he grows attached to her. I have some plans as to what comes next but don't want to spoil anything, feel free to enquire.
- The sex in this can be anything from as rough to as passive as you want, I find it hard to avoid the really rough stuff though.
- I would like someone who can post frequently, as stated in my O/O's
- You don't need any interest in the game of League of Legends [ From which the characters are taken ] to do this.
- I would be happy to change out the male role if you so desire, whether for another League of Legends character or for a original one for which I have ideas.
- Ask ASK ASK! Do enquire if any of it interests you ^_^

Title: A Crimson Dawn
Pairing: Leblanc x Male Knight
Genre:Fantasy, LoL/Dragon Age inspired [don't need knowledge of those games]

Buried deep within the Frel'Jord mountains rested a large fortress. It belonged not to a single kingdom but rather a collective of mages. The large stone walls had been erected nearly two centuries ago, a large castle resting at the centre of the snowy courtyard. Two large towers stood before the castle like great pillars of stone, a near extension of the mountain. The towers held a copy of every scroll, text or story to have come into existence. The fortress, named Helgarth, had been established as a school for mages after a great terror befell the lands at the hands of a rogue magical order. Two centuries ago a group of mages tapped into a unatural source of magic which they used to draw forth a evil spirit known as "Thresh, the Chain Warden". No one had any knowledge of the demons origin and hence failed to stop him as he plagued the  lands with death and disease, sweeping across the continent of Runeterra. As a result the best and brightest mages from all the kingdoms were summoned to fight the demon. The battle raged on for four days and four nights before they banished the creature, at a great cost.

The few mages who remained after the vanquishing of Thresh came together to establish an order to prevent such things from ever occurring again. United under the name of "Order of Mageous (an ancient word meaning Grand Mages)" the mages set to building the sanctuary of knowledge. It served a far greater purpose than the training of mages, it sought to protect them. It was seen as a great honour to be invited to study and train under the supervision of the order. However, some saw it as a vile way of controlling promising mages, limiting their power as a means of restraining them. Rogue mages roamed the lands with the ideology that all mages should be free and attacked any who disagreed. For years they waged a war against the order, killing many of their kin in the process but always failed to bring drown the order. It was only till the last decade that these rogue mages became a true threat as they organized themselves and united under one banner. Calling themselves the "Crimson Rose" they would meet in utter secrecy and wear a small red strip of cloth on their right arm to identify one another.

A group of elite warriors were established to guard the castle and all the mages who sought protection behind those walls. They were extremely unique as they were born with a certain talent, seen as a curse by many. A rare defect of birth allowed these warriors to nullify magic. It was quite fragile and dangerous as it drew on the wielders own life force to stop the magic. It was found that their life force regenerated as it pierced through the magical veil but it took far too long for a wielder to single handedly go rogue and annihilate a group of mages. No name had ever been given to the band of warriors as their existence was hidden from the public and were only known to the order. Proving to be extremely affective as they staved off the attacks by Crimson Rose saboteurs and assassins. The warriors were stripped of family names and titles, allowed to own nothing nor hold anyone with value. It served to protect them from emotional vulnerability that could stop them from performing their duty.

The Role-play:
My character will be one of the warriors charged with defending the mages and you will be playing the role of a mage named Leblanc. Leblanc was a descendant of one of the Grand Mages who defeated Thresh, she excelled even with the chip on her shoulder. There was no questioning that she was one of the best mages at the school and would one day potentially take up the position of the Grand Mage. My character would be captivated by Leblanc from the very first glance as he stepped into the icy courtyard. A secret relationship blooms between the two as they sneak off into forgotten rooms stuffed with books and dust, taking every moment they could to be with one another. Disaster strikes when Leblanc believes she's uncovered a plot which involved the Grand Mage. Believing he had turned to the Crimson Rose's as he saw the warriors as a way of controlling his mages. One night Leblanc decides to accend the winding stairs to the top of the keep which led to a large dome of a room where spells were practiced. There she finds the Grand Mage killing a student as a sacrifice, part of a ritual to summon a demon. Swiftly she is forced to kill the master, Leblanc tried to rescue the student and was quickly discovered by more mages. Unable to comprehend what happened nor believing Leblanc and her evidence she was charged with treason as she was blamed for cold bloodedly murdering the Grand Mage. Leblanc has the right to believe the Crimson Rose infiltrated the council that condemned her to death upon claiming she was guilty. It wouldn't take much for Leblanc to convince her lover of her innocence. Committing grand treason my character would set Leblanc free and soon follow her, potentially facing repercussions of sorts before following his lover. With only each other they set to fight the Crimson Rose and it's strangling hold on the order and world.

Some Points:
I'd like it this to be quite a eventful and dramatic role-play that's filled with a forbidden romance. Ideally I'd like Leblanc to be submissive as I tend to role-play dominant males. I'm fine with a struggle for dominance as they are both of great capability. I envision a lot of heart warming sweet moments, like stealing a kiss in the library whilst no looks, pretending to help each other with tasks only to be near one another. I'd also like a fair share of heart wrenching moments, anger and drama. Maybe another male mage taking interest in Leblanc? Their secret romance coming to light as my character intervenes as the mage makes advances on Leblanc. This forcing them to be separated within the fortress? All Ideas ^^ I'm open to any if you have any.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

What I have in mind at the minute for my characters face, might change it - seems a bit too "Soft pretty boy". I'm completely open to tailoring my character's looks to fit your desires.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Title: Aftermath
Pairing: Civilian x Umbrella Black Ops operative
Genre:Fantasy, Apocalypse, Zombie, Resident Evil inspired.

Umbrella Corporation, a name that will live on in infamy. The worlds most secretive organisation and pioneers of bio and chemical weaponry will single handedly be held accountable for a world wide apocalypse, unless they are able to contain it. A month ago the Hive, a large underground research facility beneath Raccoon City, experienced a contamination with a substance known as the T-Virus. The virus reanimated what was once dead animal tissue but quickly spread through saliva or blood, most commonly transferred through bites. The workers in the Hive were quarantined and the placed sealed.  It wasn't until two days ago that Umbrellas sent a team of specially trained operatives to reopen the Hive in an effort to bring the facility back online, simply scrub out the dead bodies and burn out the Virus. Things didn't go quite as planned. The dead didn't die off as they had expected but instead sat waiting for the gates to open, and so they did. The Virus swiftly spread through Raccoon City as neighbours tore each others flesh from bone, hospitals were swarmed with mysteriously ill people who soon died but wouldn't stay dead.

In a effort to contain the virus within Raccoon City; Umbrella proposed a large scale quarantine and cleansing of the city. A heavily armed perimeter was secured surrounding the city and anyone living or dead that approached the city boundries were shot. It was planned for the city to undergo a large nuclear explosion that would be used as a scapegoat, news would tell of the tragic meltdown at a local nuclear power plant and the world will go on as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Archer found himself overlooking a shallow valley a few miles south of Raccoon city. It was a green paradise of thick pine forests that run as far as the mountains to his rear, the valley itself was filled with lush wild grass that came up to the knees and a gentle stream that trickled downhill from its source high in the snow capped mountains. Umbrella had called in special agents such as Archer to help with the quarantine of Raccoon City, some were dropped into the city to extract high valued targets and the rest were sent to establish a outer perimeter to kill the more resourceful citizens who attempted to escape. Archer chose a vantage point between two large boulders amidst a large rubble pile of small rocks that had long past broken free from the sharp cliff to his rear. Archer had been posted to this sector nearly a day ago and had not moved from his position, his ghillie suit was altered to specifically to fit in with the moss that had overgrown the boulders, he was a rock metaphorically and nearly physically. It had been a few hours since he lost most feeling of his limbs as they laid still in the cold of the night, the dim rays of moonlight became less and less by the hour as thick rain bearing clouds moved in overhead. The only movement beneath his perfect disguise was the slight rising of his torso with the deep inhale and slow exhale, his finger gentle nested against the trigger guard of his
. His rifle was personal, notches of every kill on the butt, a custom design sound suppressor, and night optics were fitted specifically for this mission.

Nearly two days passed without a single trace of life stirring within the forest. It was the night of the second day since the perimeter  had been establish and Archer laid dead still, unwavering in resolve and determination to finish his mission. The stale smell of piss had been washed away by a heavy morning shower and the hunger pangs were kept at bay by his experience in the field. A strong wind whistled and howled deep amongst the pine forest, something stirred near the mouth of the stream, it was a small clearing in the forest. The moon seemed to be given a brief moment of reprieve from the dark clouds as it shined thick beams of bright light into the clearing. It was at that moment Archers finger gently slipped onto his trigger, it needed but a gentle persuasion to go off. Yet he was unable to execute his orders and shoot. It wasn't a morale dilemma, Archer had killed countless amount of people without question, no, this was far more personal. Something deep inside him stirred in a place he had long forgotten, the way the moonlight shimmered across her porcelain skin, the frightened look in her eyes called Archer to pause in his action.

The Roleplay
The roleplay will be set in the aftermath of Resident Evil Apocalypse [ it is fine if you don't know the movie series, I can give you the cliff notes as it won't be that important]. A experience Black Ops operative sent to kill finds himself bewildered by feelings brewing up inside of him that he never knew possible when a single woman wondered into the crosshairs of his rifle. Instead of following his orders, he boldly decides to rescue her. The woman, scared and exhausted offers no protest as her body was barely capable of keeping her upright stumbles along with the stranger who was sent to kill her, not to her knowledge anyway. Defying Umbrella as a top level operative doesn't go unnoticed as his former colleagues are sent to hunt him down and prevent the truth from escaping. It soon becomes a man hunt and a struggle to survive but Archer Steele refuse to turn back and hand the woman in [ who could potentially be a doctor or someone of importance]. As the two run for their lives and evade Umbrella they develop a close knit relationship which eventually blooms as Archers learns to express his love for her. Eventually it won't just be Umbrella hunting them as the containment failed and the Virus spread. It'll be the ultimate survival zombie apocalypse romantic story.

The only requirement I have for the story is the appearance of the female:

PS. I have over four years of experience in the Infantry and have combat experience abroad so I will have a lot of military and survival knowledge to add to this story.
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Re: The Master's Requests [M for F]
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Update - Removed all unavailable role plays, removed clutter and completely redone latest request.

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Re: The Master's Request[M for F]
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Added new role-play. Romantic/Sexually dominant male/ drama/ fantasy based. Title "A Crimson Dawn"

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Updated, new story available