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Author Topic: Jenny's New Project (Non-con violence heavy S&M FxF looking for serious writers  (Read 537 times)

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Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter

Jenny's New Project
This guy wants to tell me we're living in a community? Don't make me laugh. America's not a country. It's just a business.

Jenny Little grew up in Hell. Well, it was the Boutin Housing Projects but it was as close as one could get in America. Born to a bipolar mother and a drunk petty criminal father, Jenny spent the first fifteen years of her life fending off pedophiles, drug addicts, gangsters, police officers, and other predators that prowled both her home and school all the while being the only parental figure for her wide eyed younger brother Michael.

Tough as nails, smart as a whip, and pretty as a picture, Jenny was discovered by Victor Benson at the age of fifteen during an urban outreach program. The wealthy business man took a great interest in the young woman and took her as his wide eyed protégé. By the time Jenny had finished college (all paid for by Victor) she had become exactly what Victor wanted: a ruthless ambitious gorgeous and completely loyal minion in his company, the Masoch Investment Group.

After six years as Victor's Executive Assistant, Jenny cruelly, but efficiently, ran Victor's trailer park and “poverty industry” portfolio to triple profits… with the minor consequence of these residents becoming squalid hell holes and the businesses becoming exploitive money pits.

On top of that she built a comfortable relationship with city law enforcement and government inspectors with the help of charm blackmail and bribery (mostly of the legal kind). There really is almost nothing Jenny wouldn't do for Victor, or his close allies, at this point which is why at 27 she's given a promotion to Executive Vice President and a brand new project. One that will take her deep in both the violent criminal underworld and the corrupt maze of power players in the city government. 

The Project is a long term goal of systematically controlling a chunk of the city through purchase, seizure, or control of the owners and then “gentrifying” the area making Masoch Group an obscene amount of money in the long run as the land will become developed and skyrocket in price. Of course, the current area is mostly inhabited by low income residents and controlled by powerful street gangs. Additionally “do-gooders” are vehemently opposing the plans and both need to be dealt with. Not an easy (or bloodless) task, but then they wouldn’t give Jenny the Project if it were…

This game will consist of a lot of bleak, cynical, violent, and sleazy elements of what I call the “Bensonverse” a series of RPs in the same shared world. The vast majority of people in this world are greedy, deviant, callous, and vicious but there are few worse than Victor and his close circle, especially Jenny. Examples can be read here here and here. My expectation is that you play Jenny with your own touch, of course, but there are some elements that should be included:

-   Jenny is a lesbian.

-   Jenny is a narcasstic, sadistic, and hypersexual prima donna. She has low opinions of virtually everybody that isn’t Victor and a handful of other trusted Masoch employees.

-   Jenny is a huge lover of BDSM and humiliation which she gladly indulges in on a frequent basis.

-   Jenny is aggressive, mean, and while she doesn’t usually express violence herself (aside from an angry slap or kick) she will gladly ask, or even demand, others do so on her behalf. She’s never ordered a murder, yet, but the amount of inner conflict she’ll have is up to you.
As for the overall game there will be a lot of lesbian sex, bondage, pain, humiliation of course. There will also be sociological elements such as racism (including a lot of racial slurs and people with ugly stereotypes), economic exploitation, political corruption, and total sexual deviancy. It’s a dark game and there is a lot of background that I can’t begin to include here, but if this sounds at all up your alley I encourage you to PM me!

The characters of Jenny’s New Project
The protagonist of our story. She doesn’t have a long time girlfriend (though if you like that can change). She provides quite a bit for her mother and younger brother Michael. Michael is probably the only person that Jenny treats like a real human being and acts in a very maternal manner with him.
Jenny’s Pictures


Anne Zhen:
Victor’s distaff counterpart and his very long time mistress. She’s married to a henpecked husband with two cruel and vicious sons. She is an amateur mixed martial artist and thoroughly enjoys fighting, and defeating, women half her age. Like Victor, she has many relationships with “boytoys” as well as young women in exploitative and heavy B&D/S&M relationshiops (with her always as the Dom of course). She’s Jenny’s chief contact, and possible, sexual partner in her Project.
Anne’s Pictures

Victor Benson:
Jenny’s boss and mentor. He has a wife and three beautiful, but royally screwed up, daughters one of which he’s grooming as his heir. Forty five years old he seemingly can never seem to keep it in his pants, though a vasectomy ensures he can’t father any more children. His long time mistress, for over twenty years, is his Chief Security Officer Anne Zhen (see below).
Victor’s Pictures

Tanya Onika:
A prominent member of the Glitter Gang, a violent but extremely colorful all female gang that controls almost all the clubs in the city as well as distributing high end drugs and prostitution. She’s an old friend of Jenny’s and very likely one of her contacts when it comes to dislodging the criminal elements out of the “gentrification area.”
Tanya’s Pictures

Inspiration for Jenny’s New Project
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