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May 21, 2018, 06:17:45 AM

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Author Topic: Take A Ride On Heavy Metal (Numenera RPG, Heavy Metal Magazine, Future-Magic!)  (Read 469 times)

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Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

It is a billion years in the future. The Earth we know has died and reborn eight times. The Ninth World exists in a state similar to our medieval level of technology but with an important difference. The technological remnants of eight previous highly advanced, and possibly alien and interdimensional, civilizations are strewn in huge numbers throughout the land. Powerful harnessers of nanotechnology roam the land as mages. “Angels” and “Demons” from other dimensions mingle with aliens who have made Earth their home after millennia along with countless animal species and innumerable mysteries and other dangers.

On the edges of the civilized (or what passes for civilized in The Ninth World) a growing threat is rising. Small outposts are being attack and entire villages are vanishing. Caravans are being assaulted by entities that nobody has ever heard of. Creatures of living metal of such size and ferocity that even the most prominent Nanos have never heard of them. The factious kingdoms of the Steadfast are frightened and have organized groups of explorers to investigate…

This game is heavily inspired not just from the fantastic Numenera RPG but also the artwork of Heavy Metal Magazine (and related movies). The main antagonists are the Praetors taken (more or less wholesale from the New Phyrexia storyline from Magic The Gathering) to add elements of horror as well as the common Heavy Metal artwork motif of fusing metal with flesh. YC would be one of three types of character: glaive (warrior), nano (techno-mage), or jack (rogue/jack of all trades) hired to explore the edge of civilization where sexual slavery and petty kings are common.

Expect lots of violence, sexual slavery, magic/technology, exploration, and other high action elements. A brief overview of Numenera can be found on the Wikipedia page (and I can give more info via PM or IM) but just exploring these Heavy Metal magazine covers (and some of the examples below) will show what this sort of game is aiming towards! I’d prefer one-on-one games or possible one-on-two (making it TECHNICALLY a group game) but I wouldn’t mind two (or even three) parallel games going on.

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Sample characters

The Glaive

The Nano

The Jack

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