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June 17, 2018, 11:12:21 PM

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Author Topic: (Currently Closed) Liege looking for Any, Long Term Fantasy/Superhero/Sci Fi  (Read 321 times)

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Offline VorianTopic starter

Currently closed to new games. Currently just a general list of fandoms and basic ideas I’m interested in. I will add more and some actual plots as I think of them. Please also read my On and Offs page linked in my signature. Please reply by PM if interested.

My preferred superhero universe if not going entirely original in setting, and the one I am most familiar with. My main interest is in the X-Men followed by Spiderman, with Avengers as a distant third - I like to read/watch them but I’m less interested in playing as them. I am open to Marvel/DC crossovers but much less familiar with DC. Current ideas:

- Exiles. I haven’t actually read the series but I love the concept and would be interested in a game with a new take on it. I am particularly interested in playing Ultimate Spiderwoman (bonus if she hosts a more traditional Venom at some point), an alternate Mystique, or possibly a Skrull but I’d have to do some research there. I am open to just about any characters to play across from but bonus points if Storm (vampire version especially) or some incarnation of the Phoenix are included. I am thinking 2-3 characters each and I strongly prefer a partner interested in M/M, F/F, M/F, and group at minimum for this one - though not every character has to be.

Naruto is a rare case of a series where I find the setting and many of the characters particularly compelling, but the execution less than satisfactory in places. Additionally, the presence of advanced time/space warping in universe provides a solid foundation for time travel and crossover plots, and Team 7 is so dysfunctional that any plausible change to the starting lineup would likely improve the team in the long run. I prefer Naruto/Hinata pairing or a group relationship involving the two, but I am open to most others as long as I feel Hinata’s character arc will be resolved in a satisfactory way. I have several different angles on this but in general I’m looking for either some form of canon rewrite or timetravel event taking a few characters from the final battle back into a previous time period. Ideas so far I think are most suited for E:

- Time travel back to around when Yahiko died, giving Naruto a chance to intervene in the turning point for the Akatsuki. Uncertain on a pairing here, I had originally thought Naruto/Anko but the timeline is a bit tricky on that. Possibly just send Hinata back as well, or Naruto/Mei after a few years.

- Naruto sent back to the second ninja world war, Naruto/Tsunade.

Basically my only interest in Frozen is in reclaiming Elsa as the protagonist of her own story. I’d prefer to do this in a crossover in the form of Elsa being transported to another world and then returning to her kingdom at the end of the story - I like crossovers in general and I think that gives her the most room to grow and develop relationships. I am mainly looking for someone to play Elsa here and this is a rare exception where I may be interested in playing a Male character in a strictly heterosexual relationship, if a pairing seems particularly good to me. Open to suggestions for the world to cross over to as long as I am familiar with it.

Other settings I may play characters from:
Fairy Tail
Mass Effect

Fandoms I am interested in only for original plots and characters:
Star Wars

General Pairings:
Vampire/Fae - Comes and goes, but a long time interest for me. I like the idea of pairing a vampire up with a living immortal and Fae are the most interesting to me.
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