Forbidden love x2 [M for anyone] [updated 10/18/2014]

Started by WhiteWolfDancer, October 04, 2014, 11:10:30 PM

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First of all I have more of an analytic mind rather than a creative mind so writing doesn't come easy for me versus someone with a creative mind.  Writing for me will always be a learning experience. If you are willing to work with me I will improve my writing as we go along. I will try to be as detail oriented as can be and give good responses however if my responses fall short please give me helpful tips and I’ll modify my post and learn from the experience.
I will try to post daily but I have work and school and sometimes I spend most of the day at work followed by homework. It’s my last semester of college and I’m taking Calculus which I’m not very good at.

I used to rp with a friend on skype however the story ended abruptly. I love the idea of a human finding a werewolf in the forest having been abandoned by his pack. I have below two separate paragraphs from the rp to show my writing style at the moment. I also included some pictures to spark a story.

Sample Previous Writing
It was the middle of the day and the alarm waking up Jake just barely went off. Jake lived in the middle of town in an apartment complex. He had grudgingly accepted to go on a weekend trip to the mountains with his school club. He wanted to play the latest Call of Duty that he just barely gotten last night at a midnight launch but that would have to wait, it was painful for him. His parents did not like the political views that he had, thinking that his beliefs were extreme, however they were glad that he was finally doing something that didn’t involve a computer or a Playstation. Maybe it would help with his depression, interacting with friends that weren’t somewhere around the world. His sister was in her bedroom as always playing her boy band music and texting her lover. He thought it was gross but maybe because he was jealous that at least she had someone. The only exciting thing about this trip was the cute boy that he had a crush on, but he didn’t have the courage to even say hi. He didn’t even know if the boy was gay, he hoped to god that he was. He quickly got dressed, ate in the small kitchen, and picked up the lunch bag on the table. He walked into the living room where is mother was waiting on him while watching her favorite sitcom. He raised his voice a little timidly saying that he was ready. His mother turned off the TV grabbed her coat lying next to her on the sofa and they both walked outside the apartment to the car in the parking stall reserved for them. They were both rather quiet towards each other most of the time. They drove to the school, he was nervous staring out of the window scarred of interacting with people he didn’t know. When they pulled up next to the school bus he said thank you to his mom and got out looking to see where he could position himself as to not be talking to anyone. He waited looking at his flip-phone doing anything to avoid talking to anyone, it worked for a while. His crush walked up to him right as he put the phone down for the umpteen time.  His heart was racing. “OMG what do I say, what the heck do I say,” he asked himself. The crush introduced himself as James and said hello and asked him how Jake was today. “Umm errm HELLO” he yelled not accustom to talking face to face. Jake continued to say “I’m doing well, how are you?” James giggled a little bit, “good, I’ve seen you around but I haven’t seen you talk much, why did you join the group?” He explained his political beliefs as they entered the bus, suddenly this wasn’t as bad as he thought it was going to be, hell he might not want to go home afterwards.

*He talked to me./ Jake thought as the bus rumbled along. /He talked to me. Why now?/ Jake frowned as he looked out the window. He didn't even want to be here. Why would James talk to him now? He could have said anything to him at anytime. Why would he talk to him now?! The bus came to a stop and Jake was the last person to step off the bus. The bags were being pulled out of the storage compartments. Naturally, Jake's was on the bottom. He struggled a little to get his stuff from the bottom of the pile but managed. James appeared beside him, which really scared him. Jake jumped and fell over the pile. Everyone laughed, causing him to blush. Jake gathered himself together and walked a bit away to collect himself. He was so embarrassed! James probably thought he was a doof now. Jake frowned. It wasn't long before the hike started. They'd all gathered together and started up the trail. Jake was last again. James was in front of him. Jake stared at his plump ass for a good twenty minutes before he worked up the courage to talk to his crush. "Uh James?" He called out. The other turned to look at him. "yeah?" Jake blushed, finding it hard to look at the other male's deep blue eyes. They were deep deep blue. "I uh I was wondering if you uh wouldn't mind uh maybe uh doing something uh sometime uh with me?" He glanced up at James who looked confused. "Like hang out?" Jake nodded. "Uh yeah like like that only uhm a date?" James' eyes went wide. "Dude, no." James busted out laughed. "Fuck no man. I have a girlfriend. I fuck that pussy every night." Jake looked down at his feet, fighting back the tears. "What kind of homo do you think I am? Were you staring at my ass this whole time? Oh my god you fucking loser." James left Jake standing there. He ran to catch up to the group, laughing. "Heyy Joe." He called out to his friend. "Guess what? Jake just asked me out. What a fag." Jake walked to the edge of the trail and looked down over the edge. He was an idiot. He felt so stupid for putting himself out there. He was contemplating jumping when his foot slipped and he fell. Jake yelled as his body slid down the slope. He would have made it to the bottom with just a few bumps and scrapes if his foot hadn't gotten caught on a tree root. There was a sickening crack and Jake screamed in pain. He tried to move his leg but it hurt. There was no way anyone would have known where he had gone, they were way up the trail when he fell. He was alone, and stuck.

Boy x Boy

Boy X Girl