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Author Topic: Boys Will Be Boys (M/M)  (Read 1491 times)

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Re: Boys Will Be Boys (M/M)
« Reply #25 on: October 07, 2014, 05:59:04 pm »
Alright, so I get the sense we probably won't be ready to start tomorrow, and if not, I'll hold off on creating the IC threads until Thursday. :-) I'll likely create the OOC thread tomorrow. That way we can start transitioning to that and start plotting n' stuff (not that plotting in here is a crime--or is it? I'm not aware of any unspoken rules around here.). When it is time to, I'll create these threads:

  • OOC
  • Characters
  • Academic Building
  • Auditorium
  • Student Union
  • Wescott Hall
  • Ballard Hall
  • Mitchell Hall
  • Off-campus

I think that covers it, though if anyone knows of any others that might be handy, I can consider 'em! :-)

xSnorkleRainbow: No worries!
Jason's lookin' good so far. Can't wait to see what else you have in mind for him. :-) It looks like he'll be in room 108 of Mitchell Hall.

I probably shouldn't have started off with so many rooms, haha. Ah well.

Cupcakemon: Awesome, glad to hear it! Let me know if you have any questions or need any help with anything. :-)

Offline Cupcakemon

Re: Boys Will Be Boys (M/M)
« Reply #26 on: October 08, 2014, 03:02:52 am »
Okay cause I can't resist gotta have two boys in here. I may fix them up later/add stuff when things get posted. And if this does turn into a college thing then I'm more than able to change things up for both boys.

Draven Apollo Siren

Nickname(s): Rave is the most common for people, Drave is only those he is close to. He really hates it when people call him Draven and only takes it from teachers, Shortie This he hates but always finds himself answering to
Age: 18
Birthday: October 31st
Height: 5'8"
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Number of Years at Ashton: This is his second year
Room Number: Randomize me darlin

Appearance Details: He has a
of bone wings on his back, as well as several scars on his back. He also has a music note on his left wrist. He has a tattoo on his right forearm that reads: Eu voi muri. which translates to "I will die". It's in Romanian so only he understands it. His eyes are a bright green

Personality: Rave doesn't talk to too many people, but those who he does talk to he cares about. He's a good guy at heart he just sometimes has lapses where he gets angry and will fight somebody until he's being pulled off. Its one of the reasons that he doesn't really talk too many people. He's a bit reluctant to do so because he doesn't want to hurt anybody. He's admittedly more of an introvert rather than an extrovert when it comes to him interacting with people. He is a nice guy aside from his violent outburst and tries to be easy to get along with when he does find somebody he likes. He does have a bit of a morbid sense on life, but its not like that many people know about it since he doesn't like to talk about it.

He's not the kind of guy people typically ask advice from since he doesn't talk to too many people. But he does have advice when he is asked it. With his burst of violence he in the kind of guy who once he gets angry he is not somebody who should be messed with but pulled away. When he does manage to calm down and think he does regret his actions and tries to make up for them even if it doesn't always work. How his temper is at times he tries to make up for it by being sweet to those he's friends with. Or even sometimes the teachers. He is a smart guy and easily bribed with coffee or cookies or both and is bought off into being nice and helping with things.

Bio: Rave was born the younger brother of the Siren family in New York. His older brother Kale was the one who took care of him while they grew up because their parents were too focused on their own careers. The Siren family was rather large and rich family hailing from Romania, his parents having moved from Romania to America to expand the family further out and to have their footing in more than one country. His family was very set in their ways, refusing to allow Rave and his brother to go to public or private school for most of his childhood. He was tutored at home by people who spoke Romani and Russian and would only speak those in his household. His older brother was a bit of a genius with languages and had taught him English, German, and French when their parents were away. It was his way to make sure that if and when he did go to a school with people he didn't have to be hindered by language barriers with students. He had grown up mainly kept inside the house and rarely he had gone out until two years before he came to Aston.

The year before he arrived his brother had died in a mugging gone wrong. Rave and Kale had been sneaking out for the past three years so that Kale could fight in an illegal fight ring in order to get money so he could move them out. Rave was in charge of bets on his brother's fights. Ways for them to gain more money. He made a few friends, mainly one of the guys who ran the ring and would hang out with him when Kale would fight. The mugging had happened on their way home and Kale had died trying to protect Rave from getting hurt. Only Rave ended up with several deep cuts to his back, in the end Kale had pulled his brother under him to keep him from being hurt anymore. Rave spent days in the hospital, eventually tattooing himself with "Eu voi muri." to remind him that not everybody is invincible like he had once thought his brother was. Once he had gotten out of the hospital Rave began to have random burst of violence when provoked into anger; the doctors had said that it was due to too much pent up anger that it was finally breaking through the surface. His parents didn't want to deal with it and sent him off to Aston, thinking it was better and that he would learn to control this burst of violence.

During Rave's first three months he had convinced majority of the school that he had trouble with English, speaking only in Romani or Russian towards people to confuse them. He eventually got found out when an older student pinned him up against a wall and Rave snapped, breaking the guy's arm and telling him to back off in English. Since then Rave has admitted to speaking several languages and English was one of them. He's now speaks English more but his default is to speak Romani or Russian if he's tired or annoyed. He does try to work on his temper the best that he can.

  • Cars- He likes to take them apart and put them back together
  • Reading- Books are his favorite thing
  • Making out- Seriously one of his favorite things to do
  • Coffee- He has a caffeine addiction, giving him coffee is a way to get him to talk to you
  • Cookies- Another addiction, giving him cookies is a way to get him to talk to you
  • Smoking- He smokes when he's stressed out
  • Horror movies- Pretty much the only movies he watches on netflix or online
  • The ocean/Lakes- He likes to swim and those are his favorite places to go to swim
  • Cuddling- Depends on if he likes the guy
  • Knives- He learned to use knives when he was a kid, he likes to throw them and has a few in his dorm room
  • Art- He likes art but he's also an artist, usually seem with a sketchbook and at least colored pencils on him.
  • Running, Swimming, boxing - All three things help keep him calm. Boxing less than the others but he likes knowing he can defend himself
  • Drinking- The stronger the alcohol the better
  • Guys who start things for no reason
  • Warm places- He prefers the cold since its easier to warm up then cool down
  • Romance movies- Hates them and they make him fall asleep easily
  • Being woken up rudely
  • Bullies
  • Talking about himself
  • Talking about his family
  • Being pinned down/against things- It freaks him out and usually triggers a violent reaction out of him
  • Being sick
  • People touching his scars

Ons: Making out, blowjobs, hickeys { Giving mainly, he always leaves a hickey on the guy he sleeps with }, hair pulling, light bites
Offs: being pinned, bathroom play, getting cut, Being tied up {This is usually an issue for him unless he trust the person enough to agree}

Additional Details: Anything else you want to share. Delete this line if you don't want to add anything.

Played By: Cupcakemon

Rave's Schedule:
  • AP English
  • Economics
  • Art
  • AP Calculus
  • AP Chemistry
  • Study Hall
  • Latin

Garrett James Caster

Nickname(s): Gare, Gary, Cast
Age: 19
Birthday: November 13th
Height: 6'
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Number of Years at Ashton: All four years
Room Number: Randomize me

Appearance Details: His right arm is tattooed, he has hazel eyes

Personality: Garrett is the kind of guy who has your back when your in trouble. He's not scared to back his friends up even if they're wrong because of the fact they are his friend. He will stick up for his friends no matter what and refuses to back down unless there is no way he can win the argument or fight. Garrett is a stubborn guy and that has gotten him into trouble more than once during his time at Aston. He's a good guy and a huge flirt, often times not even thinking about who he's flirting with. He'll flirt with whoever, guys, girls, students, teachers, he doesn't care. He is a bit of a sex addict so he will fuck anybody who wants to. He's the kind of guy who will have sex with whoever first then think about it later. He's easy to get along with and probably one of the friendliest people at the school and one of the flirtiest.

Bio: Ever since Garrett was a child his father held him at a high expectation, telling him he had to succeed in life or else he'd never get anywhere. He was pushed to be the best and succeed in school and sports. He wanted to be a role model to his younger sisters and show that if they pushed forward that they could do whatever they wanted. When Garrett was fourteen he had gone to a family reunion and his aunt's husband had made a move on him. He ended up cornered by the man and forced into sex with him. He had threatened to go after his sisters and Garrett couldn't have that happen so he had given in. He didn't tell anybody until the third time it happened, telling his aunt. She quickly divorced him and lied to the police, telling them that he had forced himself on her after she said she wanted to divorce. From that moment on though Garrett was tainted and found a liking for sex. He began to gave sex with whoever wanted to, keeping this secret to himself.

When he became of age his parents sent him to Ashton, completely unaware of his growing addiction. He found himself falling deeper and deeper into his sex addiction. He slept with students and teachers, even leaving campus to sleep with girls around town. He was never picky before and that didn't change when he came to Aston. He has been attending the school since and has made himself a little nitch at the school. He's made sure that he succeeds like his father wanted without his parents knowing about his little sex addiction.

  • Sex- Its his first and most important love.
  • video games- He likes to spend his time playing them instead of homework
  • Partying/clubbing
  • Drugs- its a new thing but he likes it
  • Food- especially if its homemade
  • Sports- he's fine with anything he likes watching and playing sports.
  • Drinking
  • Being woken up
  • Getting rejected
  • People messing with his friends
  • Bullies
  • Being denied sex
  • When he finds out the person he had sex with is dating somebody
  • Acid- He had a bad trip on it, has hated it since.
  • Burnt food
  • Spicey food

Ons: biting, hair pulling, rough sex, making out, dominance fights, blowjobs
Offs: bloodplay, scat, non-sexual pain,

Additional Details: Anything else you want to share. Delete this line if you don't want to add anything.

Played By: Cupcakemon

Garrett's Schedul:
  • AP English
  • US Government
  • P.E.
  • Precalculus
  • Anatomy
  • French
  • Yearbook
« Last Edit: October 09, 2014, 07:39:05 pm by Cupcakemon »

Online LyronTopic starter

Re: Boys Will Be Boys (M/M)
« Reply #27 on: October 08, 2014, 06:07:05 pm »
Okay! Got the OOC and Characters threads up: OOC & Characters. I will also put these up on the second post of this thread, where my characters currently are.

If your character is finished, please let me know and I will move his sheet over to the Characters thread.

Assuming I don't get caught up in things tomorrow, I'm still aiming to get the IC threads created by then, or at least the ones I can create, depending on how many people have finished their characters. No rush if you're still working on your character, though you might want to try to get that in by Friday evening, especially if you want plenty of time over the weekend to post; I more than likely won't have time to come on here Saturday, and maybe not until Sunday afternoon.

Cupcakemon: Looks good! :-) The only things that need to be changed are in Rave's schedule. AP Science should be an AP course in a specific science field, like Biology or Chemistry--sorry, I should have been clearer about that. Cross Country, I think, would be considered an extracurricular (which, actually, I forgot to leave a possibility to include that information somewhere).

Garrett is in Mitchell 108 with Jason.
And Rave is in Ballard 204 with Sean, which will go splendidly I'm sure.  ;D

Offline Cupcakemon

Re: Boys Will Be Boys (M/M)
« Reply #28 on: October 08, 2014, 06:32:56 pm »
Derp, I thought that I had changed that before I posted. I must have forgotten. All changed now. And I thought that it might be, the high school I went to had it as one but it was usually after school. If that doesn't work I van change that too. Other than that I think both my guys are done.

Online LyronTopic starter

Re: Boys Will Be Boys (M/M)
« Reply #29 on: October 09, 2014, 07:29:09 pm »
Cupcakemon: Can you? He can still be in cross country, it'll just have to be after school. When I create the master schedule, I'll probably put a list of extracurriculars and mention who's in what.
Awesome! I will put 'em up in the thread!

Saphir: Is Royce ready to be put up in the Characters thread?

Anyone else have their characters ready?

Offline xPeachyPuff

Re: Boys Will Be Boys (M/M)
« Reply #30 on: October 09, 2014, 07:29:52 pm »
I'll try and get Jason finished tomorrow. Sorry for the delay D:

- Rainbow ♥

Offline Cupcakemon

Re: Boys Will Be Boys (M/M)
« Reply #31 on: October 09, 2014, 07:41:06 pm »
Not a problem lovely! I changed it to art, if there's anythin' else I gotta do just let me know.

Offline Saphir

Re: Boys Will Be Boys (M/M)
« Reply #32 on: October 09, 2014, 07:48:29 pm »
Yep! Royce is ready!

Online LyronTopic starter

Re: Boys Will Be Boys (M/M)
« Reply #33 on: October 09, 2014, 08:26:52 pm »
Cupcakemon: Nope, that's it. Everything looks good. Thank you! :-)

xSnorkleRainbow: No worries! It's a work/school week, so I expected everyone might be a little busy. :-)

Saphir: Awesome! He is up now.

Online LyronTopic starter

Re: Boys Will Be Boys (M/M)
« Reply #34 on: October 09, 2014, 09:37:20 pm »
Okay! I have the threads up for each of the halls and the student union:

Wescott Hall
Ballard Hall
Mitchell Hall
Student Union

The other threads will come once I've gotten finalized characters.

I'll get at least one post up tomorrow, though if anyone is itching to get a post out before then, I don't see any harm in that. Just note the time and weather, and remember to use the post header, both of which are available in the first post of every IC thread. You're welcome to start out in your character's room, perhaps getting ready for the party. As for the party, I'll try to establish that in the first post I make, but basically, party's starting. Music, drinking (although most probably won't be so obvious about it), probably tacky decorations, that sorta thing. There's probably a few girls in the crowd that some guys have picked up from off-campus.

Also! Any links to images in the IC threads should be working now. Sorry, I hadn't realized they were broken before.

And now I'm off for the night. Again, no rush to those still working on profiles, though if you want plenty of time over the weekend to post, try to get those in tomorrow. Otherwise, keep me updated. Let me know if you need any help or anything.

If you want to plot and try to sort out relationships with other characters, feel free to stop by in the OOC. :-)

Offline xPeachyPuff

Re: Boys Will Be Boys (M/M)
« Reply #35 on: October 10, 2014, 03:19:54 pm »
OK! Here he is, all done and dusted :3 Hope he looks OK!

- Rainbow ♥

Jason Quinn Pierce

Nickname(s): Jay, Quinn or Quinny.
Age: 18 years.
Birthday: August 12th.
Height: 5'8"
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual. (Has had more experience with women.)
Number of Years at Ashton: In his First Year.
Room Number: 108 of Mitchell Hall.

Extra Eye Candy.

Personality: Being the personable guy that he is, Jason's extremely social and enjoys having people around him. He's friendly, easy to approach and happy to help those in need; whether it's keeping a secret for a friend or just lending out a game, Jason's your man. Parties are his scene but when he's not boozing it up with his buddies he's either playing video games, reading comic books or just hanging out with mates. This being said, he's not exactly a sensible drinker and tends to give in to peer pressure when it comes to drinking; he just can't seem to stop himself and has pushed way past his limits, thanks to his friends, on more than one occasion. This can also lead to him doing stupid, reckless things; things he wouldn't normally agree with sober. Intelligent and a hard worker, Jason does well in school and keeps his parents happy with his report cards. He likes to get his work finished early so there is more time for him to do what he wants to do and sometimes he even throws in a little extra credit just to keep his professors happy. That way, if he ever gets in trouble, he'll always have something to fall back on.

Bio: Growing up in a big family experience for Jason. With two older sisters, two younger sisters and a new born baby brother, Jason didn't have a lot of attention when he was younger. Since there were so many girls in the family, he was automatically chosen for the cruel tricks such as make overs and dress up, though he wouldn't trade them for the world. He's a family man, through and through; part of growing up in an Asian household. His parents were busy running a restaurant (how original, right?) while he and his siblings pretty much occupied themselves. A lot of their 'family time' consisted of them sitting around the table, eating whatever food his mother prepared for them. It wasn't a bad thing though, the food was always great in their house.

As they grew up Jason and his siblings spent less and less time together. With the pressure from school and the work they needed to do, his older sisters drifted apart and a lot of the time the girls would spent hold up in their room doing homework. The family still continued to have dinner together, despite the children growing older. Jason soon started to feel the pressure of school. Not only was the work hard on him, the fact that he was an Asian boy in a predominately white class made things a little difficult; at least his sisters had each other. The bullying started when he was very young and lasted pretty much all through his time in education. It wasn't all bad though, he made a few very good friends and even found himself hanging out with children in other classes. Thanks to his personality, Jason found it easy to bounce back time and time again.

Through middle school he started to notice that his preference had started to shift; he'd had a couple of girlfriends by this point, like he was sure every boy had had. He still found girls attractive, but he was more open minded, curious even, to dating guys. Of course, this wasn't something he openly stated to anyone, not his sisters, his friends and definitely not his parents. Hah, imagine that. Jason found himself becoming closer to an upperclassman, just as friends at first. He was invited over to his house to play a couple matches of Gears of War one night and things went from their. He had his first kiss with another guy and things progressed further than he'd like to admit, but as soon as school started the next morning, things went back to normal. They two still remained friends, but it was like nothing had happened and Jason found himself on one hand a little disappointed, on the other a little relived. It didn't take him long to get another girlfriend, but his next relationship didn't last long; barely two months.

It was his parents who enrolled him at Ashton, a Boarding School that he hadn't even heard of. It surprised him at first, but he kind of liked the idea of being away from his family and becoming his own person. Jason agreed and that was that, he transferred in his first year and is currently still settling in at Ashton.

♦ Music.
♦ Fashion.
♦ Drinking.
♦ Partying.
♦ Swimming.
♦ Video Games.
♦ Sweets and Food in general.
♦ People who take care of themselves.
♦ Comic Books.
♦ Anime.
♦ People without goals.

♦ Confrontation. (Doesn't mean he won't stand up for himself or his friends.)
♦ Watching sports.
♦ Unintelligent, air headed people.
♦ Heavy Rock / Metal music.
♦ One night stands.
♦ Being sick.

Ons: Kissing, Caressing, Oral, Teasing, Biting, Scratching, Risk Of Getting Caught. (O/O's for more.)
Offs: Scat, Fisting, Bloodplay, Needles. (O/O's for more.)

Played By: xSnorkleRainbow

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Re: Boys Will Be Boys (M/M)
« Reply #36 on: October 10, 2014, 05:18:23 pm »
xSnorkleRainbow: He looks great. :D He is up now.

Offline xPeachyPuff

Re: Boys Will Be Boys (M/M)
« Reply #37 on: October 10, 2014, 05:23:27 pm »
xSnorkleRainbow: He looks great. :D He is up now.

Awesome, thank you (:

- Rainbow ♥