Man Seeking Woman for Romantic Roleplay

Started by jochannon, October 03, 2014, 02:05:09 AM

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I tend to make long posts(3+ paragraphs) once, maybe twice a day. I like sex scene, but usually only as part of a plot; there should be a connection with the characters, emotional weight and force to their personalities for the scene to have a real impact.

I'm a professional writer and editor, so I tend to stick to very proper grammar and punctuation, except when a character's dialogue calls for otherwise.

I'm looking for a roleplay, for the character interaction, for the back-and-forth of two characters talking, doing, learning, being together; I'm not set on any particular scenery.

Here's a few examples of characters I might play; if you like one I'll play it, if you'd prefer something different, I can always make another one.

The Scot

He stands tall, perhaps a shade over six feet, with wide shoulders and thick suntanned arms. He wears the plain garb of a seafarer, rough pants and seaboots, a plain white shirt open at the front, baring his broad muscular chest. His wild black hair hangs down past his shoulders, sometimes bound in a braid, and his face is wide and open, his mouth curved in a customary smile as he looks on you with his narrowed brown eyes that glint with a gentle humor.

His name is Brennan MacTavish, 'Ben': a highland Laird who has traveled all over his native Scotland and beyond: South to the lowlands of England, and to the continent beyond. Taking up a seafaring life, he has gone even further, across the wild Atlantic to the bustling port cities of New England, and south to the wild steaming jungles of the Honduras and the Amazon. Surviving robbery, shipwreck and war, the Highland Laird treated with barbarous kings, bested pirates, wreckers, and savage warriors, sailing around the horn to the wild land of San Francisco to the gold fields where fortunes were made and lost, and from there beyond to wild Cathay and Nippon, where adventure and danger await.

The Railroad Man

Not tall, five feet and a little more, he stands with his thick muscled arms folded over his chest with the air of a mountain; immovable, obdurate. His steely eyes are narrow and piercing, glancing you over with a weighing, thoughtful look. His brown hair is cut short, brown curls framing a sunburnt weather-beaten face, skin tanned to the consistency of leather by sun, rain, and win.

William Brown, for that is his name, began as a laborer on the railroad at the age of sixteen, working for ten cents and found a day. He laid track all across his native New England and the middle states before heading west; he rose in his way through the laborers, working hard all day, and studying into the night. As an engineer, he treated bandits and Indian attacks with the same unflinching determination he treated mountains and swamps that stood in the railroad's path. After ten years on the railroad he settled himself down and began working on a different railroad - the underground one. Calling his home safe for any man, he laughed to shame any slave-driver's attempt to drag freedmen back to slavery, killing three men who doubted him.

The Crusader

He is not a tall man, of average height, wearing a heavy weight of mail and helm, a longsword belted at his waist, the hilt worn with much use. His blond hair is bound with a thong at the nape of his neck, framing a thin high-browed noble face. His gentle green eyes glint as he smiles and bows graciously to you, moving easily despite the weight of mail.

Born of petite-noblesse of Gascony, with little more than a horse, a sword, and a few rocky acres to starve on, Antoine de Feaux left his native France bound for honor and glory against the Turk. Fighting valiantly at the Siege of Malta, he won his spurs carving his way through the Saracen ranks to save a noble lady from their clutches.  He traveled eastward then, to the Balkans, and joined the army of Michael the Brave in his campaigns against the Ottoman Turks, winning further glory against the overwhelming odds.

Please comment if you like the look of ay of these, and if you'd like to try something different with me, I'm adventurous. :D