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November 23, 2020, 12:43:55 PM

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Author Topic: The N7 Files (multiple options)  (Read 587 times)

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The N7 Files (multiple options)
« on: October 02, 2014, 10:47:53 PM »
I came to this topic with a specific idea in mind, which then mutated into something else before I started typing.  Isn't creativity fun?  ;D

Okay, so I had a thought about a series of 1x1, one-shot RPs involving various characters (preferably original characters) in the Mass Effect universe.  These stories might take place at any point during the timeline, even before the first game or after the last (and, of course, during).  I do have a few, special ideas involving specific canon characters (Samara, for one), and I'll list those as I think of them.

Essentially, this thread is going to be a quick reference of numerous "N7" stories (even if the characters aren't actually N7 members).  I'll start off slow and just list a couple.  I'll add more as I feel a need, and/or as others conclude.  For the record, I expect these RP threads to run maybe a month or so (presuming there's daily activity).  Like I said, moderately short stories.

First Contact *UNAVAILABLE*
Set during the time of the First Contact War between the Alliance and the Turians, this RP will focus on two OC (genders to be determined) who are from opposing sides of the war, but are perhaps the first to see past racial lines.  Their story has become buried under bureaucratic tape, political spin doctors, and the flood of other stories; but as the first of their people to try and come to a peaceful arrangement, their tale deserves to be told.

Categories: Light Exotic (Turian counts as exotic, right?), romance (yes, a romance title; emphasis on love over lust)

The Quarians have always been on the cutting edge of technological development.  They push their boundaries to the limits, and beyond.  And now, their efforts have resulted in a success sure to be known across the galaxy.  They have created a new, powerful VI networking system: the Geth.  Their project is not available beyond their own boarders, yet, as the Quarians still have a few tests to run.  But, this development promises to revolutionize technology across the galaxy.  As the Quarians near finalization of their project, the Geth begin to exhibit... curious behaviors.

A Quarian and her Geth worker are the primary characters for this story.  It focuses on the Geth becoming sentient, and the initial stages of the Morning War.

Categories: Non-Adult (unless violence is adult)

A New Threat *NEW!* *favorite*
The Reapers are long gone.  The efforts of the human Commander Shepard have become legendary.  After all, who else could have united an entire galaxy of conflicting species?  The Quarians and the Geth, the Krogan and the Salarians, the Vorcha and... well, who didn't dislike the Vorcha?  Fame, though, is a fleeting thing.  Once, the Rachi Wars were the talk of the galactic community.  Then, it was the Krogan rebellion for a time.  The stories about the horrors of the Reaper War, and the downright astounding feats Shepard's team pulled off... they, too, have finally passed from front page news.  It's been nearly fifty years since the relays were fully repaired.  The galaxy has, simply, moved on.

Which is precisely why the news of missing colonial ships from the human Alliance, and science facilities from the Asari government is being kept quiet.  Everyone knew the peace between the species would be short-lived.  There were too many differing opinions, too many different cultural beliefs for a true unison to last.  However, even in the half-century since the reparation of the galactic community, the Council has not been able to refill all of their Specter ranks.  Most died during the Reaper War, and hiring has been sparse.  Many elite soldiers have shown their valor - many fought in the war.  Still, with rumors of unrest seeping through nearly every section of the galaxy, the Council's Specters are too stretched out.

So, in place of a team of Specters, the Council has called upon an N7 Alliance operative, and an Asari commando.  The small team will be dispatched to the sites of the disappearances and will be tasked with finding out what has caused the situations.  Most of the Council are reluctant to accept the idea of the return of a threat as dangerous as the Reapers, but given the results of the last time they ignored such ideas, they're not ruling anything out.

The characters will be an N7 human, and an Asari commando.  Set only 50 years or so after the events of Mass Effect 3, it's possible (if my partner so desires) to have cameo appearances from cannon characters (though most human characters would likely be either dead or elderly by now).

Genres: Light Exotic (possible Light Bondage, if desired), action/adventure
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Re: The N7 Files (multiple options)
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2014, 02:06:27 AM »
Bump.  I've added a new idea.  I'm really hoping for a good Mass Effect RP.  Any takers?  PM me if you're interested, or if you have any other Mass Effect RP ideas.