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November 23, 2020, 07:31:19 PM

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Author Topic: Romantic,sensual and adventurous F searching for M/bisexual F for deep story  (Read 740 times)

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Offline DevilishangelTopic starter

Hi there,

Thank you for your time and nice to meet you, I am Devilishangel, an romantic, sweet and caring female from the netherlands.

I realize the kind of man/bisexual woman I am looking for is hard to find but I am going to try anyway. I am searching for a male/female who likes romantic, slow, sensual roleplay. I like building up tension, dealing with problems, with drama and of course romantic, I am hopelessly romantic. Themes I really like are Medieval,pirates,world war 2, western, fairytale. I can play past, present and future. I can play confident and also unconfident,sweet,scared etc. I like playing humans, I am not really into anime and furry, but hey, if my roleplaypartner craves it and we can create a good story, I am willing to try. I like slow, sensual vanilla-sex as much as my kinkier side(just ask me about kinkier stuff) as long as the kinky stuff fits into the storyline, I am ok with kinky. no go: scat,vore,gore,waterplay,blood,lactation, total humiliation, animal sex.

Plot ideas/Hetero or bisexual possible:

Important Mission:
My character has been kidnapped and is held somewhere in the jungle. Your character is a soldier, he was send on the mission to save my character.  They have to get out of the jungle in a adventurous mission, they are chased by the enemy eventually some other dangerous facts like animals,weather conditions etc. There is a lot of space for improvisation as we go along. They learn to know eachother on their way to civilisation and he will find out how importnant she is and why the enemy kidnapped her...

Yoho pirate yoho
My character is a princess on a ship with infantry and her father the king, on their way home. As soon as she gets home she has to marry a prince that was chosen by her father. On their way a pirateship comes along and takes over the infantryship. The pirates where your character is the leader kill most of the infantry and only keep the important people as a hostage. The rest we decide when we go along...

Beauty and the Beast
Like the movie, beautiful woman from small village falls in love with a man that is under a spell and changed into a beast, if he finds real love he would change back into the handsome prince he was before.

Wild wild West
Another idea I am craving for is to play a western scene. I have two possiblities for this plot. Either it could be a plot like the pirate one, so you bad cowboy that robs and steals and kills, me princess that gets kidnapped by you and has to come with you and your gang. She adapts slowly to the live and learns to Love this kind of free life and he learns to love a Woman again. The other possibilty is that I am also a tough female Cowboy, you are like my biggest rival, and one day we are forced go work together somehow and we First both hate it and try to kill eachother but than it changes, we Feel attracted...

I Feel attracted by the idea of playing something with vikings. Strong men from the north That take what they want, when they want it. Maybe my character is a handmaiden or a princess of a village they take over and they take her with them.

I am an indian Girl, living with my People in the forest, you are an american man/soldier, you meet me somewhere in the forest by coincedence and though we don't talk since I run away scared, it is Love at first sight, after a few weeks you return since you can not get me out of your thoughts. We start to meet in secret,than my brother finds out and my People capture you. I , after hesitation, free you and we leave together...

Aimee and Jaguar
Some of you that are into second World war history might directly recgonize this story. It is a true story about a jewish girl That falls in Love with a german General. The german General doesn't know the Girl is jewish, in the beginning they are seperated because the General has a Duty to do, they write eachother beautiful loveletters. Than when the General finally returns they move together. They live actually a short time very happy together in Berlin, than the jewish Girl gets the letter that she has to go to One of the working camps for jewish People, of course now she has to Tell the general she is jewish. The Girl has to leave to the camp anyway, and the german General searches for her to resque her.
This story is very romantic and in Reality the Main charries were two women. But I am also very happy to Play with a man.

Romeo & Juliet
The perfect lovestory! Pm me for your ideas about this one.

Further Topics I love to play is romantic and dramatical medieval themes and apocalypse themes.

The plot should always be adventurous,dramatical and romantic. At the moment only searching for this! This does not mean that we can not have smut, but only when the Story really calls for it, so I am searching not for One liners, not for people that only want smut. No I need a romantic storyteller. The Plot ideas are only raw ideas, we can add charries, we can change the story,  I am very happy to add some depth in there with history of our main charries and so on,just talk to me about that!

I am open to any plot though, if you have a thrilling adventurous,romantic or dramatical ideas yourself I am really happy to hear and discuss the options!!
Most importnant that it doesn't start with smut, that we build a story, like a movie or book and somewhere in between if the story calls for it we could have sex. All persons that I rp with should be 18 years or older.

One thing everybody that plays with me should be aware of: I am not native english and still learning the language as well as very detailed roleplay. If you are very picky about mistakes in language and need always 5 paragraphs of answer than I am probably not the right person for you. I am trying and eager to learn though, so just be a little patient with me.

Well...still reading by now and Interested? Hurra! Send me a pm and we work something out!

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Offline DevilishangelTopic starter

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Offline DevilishangelTopic starter

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