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Author Topic: A Few Ideas and What Not.  (Read 1381 times)

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A Few Ideas and What Not.
« on: September 30, 2014, 11:55:00 PM »
{ .Stories and Pairings. }

So first off, read over this thing: Profile. Do know I'll be looking into those interested, in whichever idea here, for their O's/O's as well as past posts so I can get a feel of what you're offering. If you have neither of these, I'll most likely disregard your interest. I deeply apologize for this, but I've come across this before and it really hinders me and then I'm sitting there asking dozens of questions or feeling lost.

Anyway, I think that link up there and that little paragraph goes over most of it. Onto the ideas, do note that I can add, subtract, or alter elements within the plot. Just talk with me about it first, and I'm sure I'll be totally game for it. (As long as it harbors within my Ons/Maybes/And possibly Dislikes) Oh! And just so you know, the gender of my writing partner means little as long as you can act the role well.

This means taken, otherwise it's open for discussion.

The Life of a Sex Toy (Probably not the way you're thinking) - {N/C} {Bondage - Magical} {Size Difference - In a sense}

Setting: Fantasy; Picture a Giant's house (Like in Jack and the Beanstalk)

In a world of past times, where cottages and carriages are scattered across the land, a great travesty has come about. Giants have found their way to the kind and peaceful lands below. Villagers have ran away for safety. Some were killed before they could escape, others were kidnapped and taken to their large homes in the sky. Not only was their magnificent size a threat, the magic they had gotten a hold of was rather terrifying as well.

Giants managed to obtain magical amulets from witches below. It is rumored they were overpowered and bargained for their lives. Now their captured humans face the wrath of their magic. Most are hexed to stay in place, unable to move and essentially act as inanimate objects. From toothbrushes, to sponges, and even silverware. The humans are forced to be used as common household items.

Thus our story begins a few months after this has happened. Humans below struggle to survive, having to live in hiding as Giants come and go from the sky and the land as they please. Those that are unlucky to be out when the Giants are on a stroll, end up either dead or become a  prisoner. Your character happens to be one of the unfortunate ones. They can be either man/woman/or intersex. Just take your pick. They've been taken home by a womanly giant, one rather vulgar and lazy. She has decide to add your character to her sex toy collection. Only one other person has been so unlucky as to have this curse, and that is my character Darien. He was one of the first captured, and needless to say he's been a human dildo for all this time. Sure he had a fighting spirit, but now he's lost hope and takes his job quite seriously.

In the beginning, he's rather stand offish and cold to your character. Originally despising the way your character still has a fight within them and wants to leave. However they start to spend more time together, even start to like each other. Note: they are frozen in place so they rarely get to touch each other unless they're somehow thrown onto one another in the giant's drawer. Your character finally gives mine the will to fight back, however there still lies the problem of the magical binds that holds their arms to their sides and legs straight out.

A month after your character is captured, an eclipse comes about. Something about the eclipse negates the magic during its peak time and allows them movement, however it's at an awkward time as they're both in use. (One anal, one vaginal) This will play out to be their escape, however seemingly difficult as they're also going to try to take the amulet to give the human race a fighting chance.

This is just my general summary. Many aspects and kinks can be added into this story, I will be NPCing the giant woman (Then again, there could always be the possibility for a giant's aspect, partner's choice) that has our characters in her hold. So if you're up for the story and hammering out more details for it, just let me know. Now this can be a one time thing spanning from your characters capture to their escape. Or it can expand from that and go on to the (possible?) defeat of the Giants and their life within the fight. It doesn't have to, but the option is there.

Replacement {Exotic} {NC} {Possible Bondage}

Setting: Alt. Universe Modern, or Futuristic.

A group of shape shifters from another world have been sent to Earth. It's merely an observational mission, each of the four in the team have picked various humans to track and study in order to better understand them. Their hopes are to eventually use them as a way to replicate, but nothing is set in stone until the initial mission is complete.

One of the beings (Your character) has began studying Marletta, a dog trainer from the town of Hollows. Something about her has caught its interest, stirring many emotions within the being. A few months later, the creature finds her in her bedroom at night and takes her away to its shuttle. It can't help but to explore her body, finding her sexual organs and alluring figure hard to resists. It has a plan to keep her and use her as it pleases, regardless of what it's superiors will think.

That's just a little description there. You'll notice the being technically has no gender, but because of its ability it can duplicate one or more genitalia of both female and/or male. Now my character will be very reluctant and fight at first, thus bondage may be necessary unless you can come up with something else. However as it goes on, she can grow to enjoy herself.  I know there was some mentioning in there of reproducing, however I am initially planning this to be just the gradual scene of a couple nights or so where the creature goes into violating her to the point where she likes it. But I'm willingto go further into the whole breeding thing, if the partner is up for that, but it's not necessary on my end. As for the being its self, I really have no visual in mind as it can change its shape.

Losing Control {Mind Control} {NC} {M/F/F}

Setting: Modern

A rather talented hypnotist has been perfecting his art for years. Small suggestions here, certain trigger words, each participant falls under his spell for a brief period of time. He's just a simple street performer, and his pay is pretty nice. His friends are even better, both are equally attractive in their own ways and almost like sisters although they do have their difference. Opal is an aspiration all student, stubborn and determine yet rather skeptical of everything. She's always thought hypnotist was quite the joke, never really believing in his work but humored by it nonetheless. Isabel is a more laid back gal, not too interested in the educational path, and almost admires the hypnotist's talent. While he's charmed by Isabel's admiration, he's always had a thing for Opal. Perhaps it's the way she thinks about his skill or maybe from her bullheaded attitude, but he's determine to have her one way or another.

It starts as simple suggestions when he goes over to her house, subtle hints that are not quite caught but left buried in the back of her mind. He then places his trigger words, fully applying his hypnosis to make her do whatever he wants. It starts small, like having her serve him drinks and food, and giving him kisses with each thing she serves him. Then it grows to him suggesting she remove her shirt, and even play with her breasts before him. Every time he snaps her out of it, she remembers nothing but her body knows it. It begins craving him, wanting his touch the more he hypnotizes her. Soon it comes to a point where she's coming onto him herself, with no need of a spell. Finally it's perfect, and she goes all the way with him and simply can't get enough. But he wants more, her friend Isabel would make an excellent addition, however she's primarily into women at the time. So he puts his spell into action, having Opal seduce her friend in for a wicked threesome instead of himself. Sure he could use his ability to hypnotize Isabel, but why can't he watch them both go at it in the process?

So I'm sure you can get the general gist of this. Again, things can be changed, taken out or what ever. I really want someone who can really fit the shoes of a hypnotist, I can play both the female roles however I would not mind another player being Isabel. I'd prefer to play Opal in that case.

A Strange Bond {NC}{Bondage} {F/F} {Interracial}

Setting: Either the '70s or '60s.

A drive home was an every day routine for Anita. Another day at the cafe for the tired waitress, and dusk was just about to set in. As a kind woman of 26, she usually offered her hand to any in need. This was no different, as she drove down the barren highway to her parent's house. An odd figured was walking on the side of the road. With a bag in hand, it was obvious the woman was traveling. She pulled up alongside of her and offered her a ride, just from the kindness of her heart. The African American was skeptical, as most of her race were not too generous to her kind. However the offer was too good to be true, and the woman offering did look rather enticing. Anita was more than happy to assist, yet she had no clue the devious thoughts that were soon bubbling in her mind. Soon she found herself threatened, and the car was soon in the other woman's control. It was surely going to be a night to remember.

This will be a kidnapping of course. I would like to see the hitchhiker be very domineering with Anita. It should start out rough but slow, and eventually lead into a more romantic ending. In a sense, Stockholm Syndrome. More details can be discussed, just send me a PM.

These are just a few ideas I have at the moment, I'll have more as I come up with them. Below will be some pairings I like, no plot comes with them but if any piqué your interest just approach me. Who knows? Maybe we can come up with something.

*My preferred roles in blue*

Boss/Delivery Associate <- No plot, but a couple ideas on elements.
Teacher/Student <- College, not so much highschool.

Hopefully that covers it, for now, send a PM my way if you have any questions, comments, or interest. :3

Final thing, don't post here. Just send me a PM, please & thank you.
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Re: A Few Ideas and What Not.
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2015, 09:18:04 AM »
{.: Inspirational Pictures :. }

I've seen these here and there, and occasionally they do give me ideas. So I thought, 'Hey why not add some to your ideas page to give others and even yourself ideas'. And so, here some be, with a few ideas I have thrown into the mix.


Scene #1 - The title could make for an interesting plot. Say a wife, and a husband host a little party for some family and friends. Maybe the brother in law and husband start talking after a few drinks, raving about the wife and decide to have a little fun with her once the guests leave?

Either that or this could spark a rather nice plot for an M/M/F pairing.

My character - The wife/Woman (I'll even play the other guy/brother-in-law if needed)


Scene #2 A bullying gone horribly wrong? A single neighbor gets kidnapped by a lesbian couple? Oh the possibilities. There could even be incestual elements lined up in there. I'm up for taking a double role unless the partner is wanting to. Short-term or long-term however.

My character - The victim and possible other half.


Scene #3 Tentacles, always a favorite but I've yet to find the person who can play such a beast. The plots can vary, if you have an idea or not that's fine. I can usually craft something up and I do have certain aspects in mind.

My character - The victim


Scene #4 Now this I'm thinking could be a situation where two futas are captured by either M/F/Futa and are pretty much forced into sex with each other, the captor, so on. Different kinks can be used in this, do note the Tentacles are optional. This can go quite a few ways in matter of setting such as modern, sci-fi, even fantasy.

My character - One of the kidnapped & Kidnapper, just the kidnapper, both of the kidnapped. It really depends on the partner and their preference.

More can be added from time to time. Do note all possible plots and settings can be altered. I'm usually flexible on many things, so feel free to drop a line if anything piques your interest.
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Re: A Few Ideas and What Not.
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2015, 03:09:25 PM »
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Re: A Few Ideas and What Not.
« Reply #3 on: June 18, 2015, 09:15:24 PM »

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Re: A Few Ideas and What Not.
« Reply #4 on: June 18, 2015, 09:16:04 PM »
Added plot: The Life of a Sex Toy

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Re: A Few Ideas and What Not.
« Reply #5 on: October 19, 2016, 06:13:09 PM »
Un Bump. Also added one more to the pictures, and re-opened Losing Control.