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Author Topic: Wordzmythe's World of Writing!  (Read 688 times)

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Wordzmythe's World of Writing!
« on: September 30, 2014, 09:27:30 pm »
Hi there! 

I'm still pretty new to E, so please bear with me while I flounder about.

I'll be using this thread to post my ideas for RP's. 

Please feel free to look around and if you like something, shoot me a PM!

All About Wordzmythe (O's & O's)
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Re: Wordzmythe's World of Writing!
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2014, 09:28:17 pm »
If interested, please contact via PM

Working Title:  "They Look Lovely on You"

Status:  Open


  • Romance
  • Some magic
  • Power exchange/Coercion
  • Transformation (Human only)
  • Gender change
  • Genderfluid/Sexuality exploration


Earth, present day


A typical power-couple, driven, definitely in love but have gotten a little out-of-touch with the romantic, lustful side of their relationship.  Sex has become rote, boring, vanilla, scarce.  That was until the rings came into their lives.  The rings  are magical, paired, gold and silver, master and slave. 

The rings are bound by some specific rules:
  • The slave cannot be removed except by one who's wearing the master.
  • The master can be removed at any time, the slave cannot.
  • The master can only be removed by the person wearing it.
  • The one wearing the slave can have their physical form altered to the master's whim within normal human appearance.
  • Changes persist even if the slave or master ring is removed.
  • The same person can wear both rings, affect their own appearance and remove the slave.
  • Further Rules negotiable

As soon as they discover these rings, excitement is brought back into their relationship as they discover each other in new and varied ways.  At first their explorations will be purely vanilla, but as time goes on, the level of control the rings give may push them into other kinks.  (D/s, power exchange, gender change, bi-curious, other games as we determine.)

In addition, I would like this play to further involve them coming out of their shells, going out into the world as different people, experiencing life as someone other than themselves.  I would like them to not only have a new way of becoming closer, exploring their kinks, but also building lots of side-stories that the rings provide a plot device for. 

Eventually, they may both choose new lives or relationship dynamics.  They may pass on the rings, or perhaps they store them away, bringing them out for special occasions as their relationship ceases to need the excitement the rings once provided.  I would prefer the characters end up with a contented ending where they have both learned and grown, experienced a multitude of new things and ended up closer than they started.

At its highest level, this is a RP about transformation & sex.  However what I would like to really explore is the dynamics of the couple and their mindsets as they slowly change into new things, adopt new bodies, and as such, explore the subtle changes in their personas because of those physical changes.  While this could easily become a smut-fest,  I very much want it to be about their mental reactions to each new change/scenario.  How they feel about it and what it teaches them.




This role is for someone to play the female lead. You should be comfortable playing different looks and styles and eventually as a male.  Other characters may be written by each of us as necessary.  The main characters will be "trying on" all roles, so please be comfortable playing multiple mindsets (Dominant/Submissive, spunky or bookish, etc.)

While I'm not at all adverse to a male bringing this character to life, I would very much enjoy having a female writer's perspective on this RP. 



If interested, please contact via PM
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Re: Wordzmythe's World of Writing!
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2014, 10:56:02 pm »
If interested, please contact via PM

Working Title:  "Rougin's Tome of Wild Magic"

Status:  Conditional  *see notes


  • Magic & Adult themes that will incorporate that
  • Mystery, Action, Adventure, Modern-day Fantasy
  • Romance, Young love


Earth, Present Day.  College Setting with characters of appropriate age.


Eric dropped onto the little dorm bed beside Emily and slid back to the wall until he was comfortable.

"So what is it?"  He asked, looking over in her lap.

"Ok."  She replied.  "Keep an open mind."  Her eyes were shining with barely contained glee while Eric waited patiently for her to explain.  "So I've been stuck in that dusty archive job in the library, right?"  she started.

"Yeah."  He nodded.  "The student-work thing that you're sick of.  You only gripe about it nearly a hundred times a week."  Eric says, rolling his eyes.

"Just listen."  she groused.  "So anyway, I was down in the basement and some of the guys were dragging out the larger equipment.  Old microfiche machines, cards going back who knows when.  When they had cleared out the big stuff and it was time for me to go through the smaller things.  I'm supposed to tag whatever looks interesting so someone else can review it.  Today, nothing was going on, I'd been alone for nearly an hour when I noticed that there was something odd about a section of the wall.  Like, the brick looked patched.  I wiggled one and it came loose.  Behind it there was one of those old metal file boxes."

"Did you find money?"  Eric asked eagerly. 

"Sssh."  shushed Emily.  "So I slid it out and opened the top of it.  And inside. . . "  She was pausing for dramatic effect, Eric was just urging her along.  "I found this."  She reached into her lap, where her hoodie was wrapped around something.  Unwrapping the garment, inside was an old, leather-bound book. 

"Holy shit, did you steal that?" Eric's eyes were wide.  "Seriously, you don't want to get caught, Em."  He warned. 

"Just keep an open mind and look with me, ok?"  Emily said.  "I wasn't going to take it, I was just really excited to find something that it looked like had been so carefully hidden."  She held out the book so Eric could look at it.  It was leather-bound, and looked incredibly old.  The hide was oiled a deep, dark brown that time had further stained.  The pages were roughly cut and hand-bound inside.  When she lifted it, he could smell a thick scent of earth and oil and time.  Eventually, curiosity got the better of him and he reached for it.

"Wait."  Emily said, pulling it back.   "Let me finish the story."  Eric looked at her impatiently, but let her continue.  "Inside the box, on top of the book, was this."  She held up a yellowed piece of paper, folded in two.  This looked newer than the book, but still pretty old comparatively.  "I opened this up first, wondering what it said."  She gently opened the piece of paper.  He could see a hand-written note in very carefully penned, feminine script.  Emily swallowed and began to read.

         To whomever finds the book,

You may think you have stumbled onto this by accident, but I can assure you, it was no accident. The magic of this book seeks
out the next owners quite specifically and in its own time.  I found it hidden in a footlocker sent home by my best friend's brother. 
He had been killed in the war, and his things were shipped to her.  In her grief I helped her go through things he had left from
the war.  Wrapped inside a woolen army blanket was this book, and a note very much like the one you're reading now.  It said
much the same thing.  The book picks an owner, and when the time comes, the book compels that owner to pass it to the next
owner.  Her brother had been compelled to ship it home to me.  How do I know it was meant for me and not her?  The same
way I know it was meant for you, Emily.  I also know you are to share it with Eric.  Both of your fates are entwined with this tome.

I must say, I'm sad to see it go.  It has brought a certain level of variety into my life, and allowed me to do some good things
along the way.  Keep it secret, and do not share it with anyone not written in this letter.  Take care of it and it will in turn take
care of you.  But I must warn you, should you abuse its power, or try to claim it for you own, no good end will come of it.

For now, my time with the book has ended.  Please, use it wisely while it is in your possession.

                                                                                                                    Nancy Millner, 1944

P.S.  I almost forgot, slide your palm across the cover and say "Reveal"  You'll need to remember that.  It's important.

Eric sat silently for a moment, then took the note and read it himself.   He swallowed, and cautiously, with a healthy dose of skepticism said to Emily, "You're messing with me."

Emily shook her head.  "No."  She said in a small voice.  "Watch."  She held the book out in front of the two of them and slid her palm across the top of it.  The leather felt almost warm to her skin.  "Reveal" she whispered.  As she did, words faded into view and glowed a faint, purple glow. 

Rougin's Tome of Wild Magic

And after a few seconds the lettering settled into black ink.  Once they'd both read and understood the words, the black ink faded away, back into nothing. 

Somewhere, in a dark and quiet part of town, two pale yellow eyes opened wide.  A nose lifted, sniffing the air.  Strange, ancient scents wafted on currents not of wind, but power.  Across the ether they could sense it again, just like earlier today.  The book had been touched.  It had been passed on.  Someone was using it.  Now was their chance.  Quickly they hurried off to prepare for the next time the power was released.


So I envision Emily & Eric as long-term friends, with some sexual tension that has been ignored or at least buried because they are unsure of how to approach it without jeopardizing their friendship.  Each of them are attractive, but not into model territory.  The finding of the book now opens a new possibilities for them to play around, will bring their relationship to a head, and pit them against obstacles they had never planned to face.  What the book contains can be discussed, but I like the idea of there being an evil element that is seeking it as well.  As long as the book is dormant, it can't be found but once it's been activated, then the book's power can be tracked.

As far as what sort of magic the book contains, I'm open for this too.  Obviously I have my favorites that I like to explore (human transformation, gender & gender change) but I'm very open to what sorts of spells could be played, and would like to mesh our O's & O's to come up with some of these.  Additionally, I will RP lots of scenarios from my Off's in a non-sexual nature as part of telling the story, so feel free to bring any up.  Maybe they make themselves more attractive, or smarter or learn some offensive/defensive spells.  It could have curses as well as things to help others.  Their decisions on how to use the contents could have far reaching consequences on their lives.  It could be a historical account as well, or journal entries from previous owners of the book.  I've got some ideas bubbling up, but I'd love to work on them with a partner.




I would like someone to write for Emily as well as other characters that may arise in the course of the story.  It would also be good if we could share in the role(s) of the protagonist(s) or at least collaborate on their behavior. 

The gender of the person writing for Emily does not matter, as long as we have chemistry writing and they can help bring the story to life.


Playing an Incarnation of this story with CarnageIncarnate in a thread titled "The Book (C &W)".  I will discuss thoughts with you using this idea, but I cannot currently commit to any RP's that are too close to this one while it is active.

If interested, please contact via PM
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Re: Wordzmythe's World of Writing!
« Reply #3 on: October 09, 2014, 10:53:13 pm »
If interested, please contact via PM

Working Title:  "From Erotic Review to Revue"

Status: Currently Closed  *See Notes


  • Some Magic
  • Gender Change (single or multiple changes)
  • D/s Play
  • Possible Mental changes
  • Femdom
  • Humiliation
  • Sexuality exploration


Earth, present day.  Busy city.


He had been reading about her for months now.  Reviews in forums, hidden chat rooms, all of the dark corners of the internet he frequented raved about her.

"She blew my mind."

"Unlike anything I have ever experienced."

"One trip was all it took.  I'm hooked."

They sounded like the cheesey blurbs of a bad movie review.  All fluff-praise and little substance.  And that's exactly what he would have taken them as, if they had been from people he'd never heard of.  But these were his peers, fellow aficionados.  People he had learned to trust. 

Living in a large city, for-hire Dominatrices were easier to come by than most people would imagine.  Even though he indulged in what many would consider a fringe recreation, he had made something more of it.  After visiting several and having varying experiences with each, he turned his kink into a nice side-hobby where he reviewed the women he spent time with.  He tried to be fair, he thought, but if a Domme was lacking, he did not hold back.  His opinion had become one people had respected, and he was part of a small, but elite group within the community. 

However, this woman would not give him the time of day.  She was very upscale, very selective, and by what the other writers said, very worth it.  One by one, she solicited his peers.  Others like him who wrote substantial reviews of their experiences.  Each in turn raved about her abilities.  He expected to be eventually contacted too, but after the all the writers he knew were selected, no offer came for him.  Finally, his ego a bit bruised, he assumed he'd been overlooked.  However when he sent her a message introducing himself, he was responded to with a flat "No."  The abruptness of it annoyed him, and so he sent a bit more formal letter, letting her know how connected he was to the D/s community and samples of some of his more generous reviews.  He received a slightly better response. "I said No." 

And so for the first time, he wrote something that he believed was unfair.  He began to take pot-shots at her online.  Little ones at first, teasing and a bit snotty in hopes of drawing her out.  When those failed, he became more razor sharp with his jabs.  He had years of reviewing experience, and so writing engaging but nearly slanderous posts about a woman who had only ever communicated four words to him was fairly easy.

And it apparently worked.  She replied to his original e-mail with her address and the time, Friday night at 7:00pm.  Delighted that he finally goaded her into an audience, he arrived at her place, expecting an enthusiastic but unfulfilling show.

Upon being ushered inside, he was placed before a table with a small, black collar.  He waited and eventually the woman walked in.  Without introduction, any other discussion she simply said the following in a smooth, easy voice.

"When you wear this collar, I control your world. You may put it on, but only I may remove it."

The collar was a simple leather one, with only a buckle, and so seeing that there was no way to permanently close it, he decided to humor her.  As soon as the last bit of the leather slid into its little loop, his world changed.

Gone was the lanky software scientist with a thin build and shaggy hair.  In an instant he had been replaced with someone far smaller, far softer, and much more feminine.  Hair spilled from his head and curves billowed from his thighs and chest.  Arms, legs and torso shrank, became toned, hairless and thin.  This was all he had a chance to comprehend before the woman leapt upon him. 

No longer of any size or strength to stop her, she easily pulled him to the ground by gripping a large handful of his hair until he was stuck on his knees.  As she pulled his head back, keeping him in place, his heart hammered in his chest.  His eyes were wide in panic and surprise.  But as her hand came around, a finger delicately traced along his temple, down his cheek and across plump lips.  They caressed his neck, and out over the swell of one of his new breasts.  Then as they moved out over the cup of the lacy bra that he suddenly realized he was wearing, her fingers teasingly pinched at the taut nipple on his chest.

A new strangeness welled inside him. A tingling, growing feeling that both excited and scared.  His measure of cockiness, of light arrogance at his success had always shielded him, kept his submissive nature at bay in the face of most dominants.  Now however, he felt vulnerable in a way he couldn't begin to put into words.  Both aroused and descending head-long into a submissive place he had never before felt.  For the first time in his life, he truly felt dominated.  Then, just as his eyes rolled back, he felt something at his neck snap. 

The collar was off and he was himself again, kneeling in front of her. 

"You may go." She said over her shoulder as she was leaving the room.  Without any further fanfare, a rather muscular servant picked him up by the arm and deposited him outside, dazed and unscathed.

Over the next week, he convinced himself it wasn't real.  Some kind of trick.  Hypnosis or some other bizarre mind-altering drug that he inadvertently ingested or inhaled.  Something that allowed her power of suggestion to let him believe he had been changed.  There was no way what he experienced could have actually happened.  Each of his peers who had visited her had been contacted, and he had made delicate inquiries about their experience, but each was tight lipped, saying they were not permitted to talk about it.  The whole experience confounded him, but more importantly it frustrated him. 

Finally, he decided that rather than his sanity being in question, he must have obviously been duped by some trick of hers.  Frustration slowly simmered into anger, and he sat down again at the laptop flustered, ready to write another scathing article about the woman.  He had just opened a blank post, when someone knocked at his door.

Peering through the peep hole, he saw no one.  However slipping outside, he looked down to see a flat, square wooden box resting in the hallway with a crisp hand written note resting on top.  He took both inside, and sitting the box down opened the piece of paper.

"When you wear this collar, I control your world. You may put it on, but only I may remove it."

Trembling, his heart in his throat, he opened the blond oak box to find the collar resting on a padded velvet lining.


I would like to indulge in some Femdom & D/s play in this story where I take control of the male character outlined above.  I'm open on D/s and teasing/denial elements.  However I would prefer a scenario where the male character is put in his place, so to speak, trained at being female as well as submissive.  My idea is for him to change back and forth at the Domme's whim.  The collar cannot be removed by anyone but her once he puts it on, but it does not necessarily have to be removed for her to be able to return his masculinity.  She may simply alter its appearance and change him back, then dismiss him.  Only to turn him again the very next evening after work.  I would like her demeanor to be instructional or training oriented, with light punishment and stronger reward.  Cruelty should be very mild or light.  Other themes can be discussed in PM.



I am looking for someone to play the role of the Dominatrix in this RP as well as share any other characters that may arise through the course of the story. 

The gender of the person writing for the Dominatrix does not matter, as long as we have chemistry writing and they can help bring the story to life.


Currently being played here.  I will entertain discussion about this story idea, but it is currently closed for starting a new play.

If interested, please contact via PM
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