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March 22, 2018, 08:45:43 PM

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Author Topic: 1x1 Incest Plot and Re-Animator plot ( Any gender welcome)  (Read 273 times)

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1x1 Incest Plot and Re-Animator plot ( Any gender welcome)
« on: September 30, 2014, 08:16:31 PM »
So this is going to be a weird request but I thought I mines well put it out there. Its on the more taboo side so Iím sure Iíll get more hits on this than a regular request thread.  So Iíve been watching American Horror Story. Love itÖ. little strange but it does what its supposed to at momentsÖ. make you think, ďwhat the hell?Ē Iím on season three and while I donít particularly want to actually role-play out that season there are elements that I would want to explore within it.  So Iím not really asking that you play a pre-made character, just use a visual of them and create your own.

In season three one of my favorite actors his character is kind of a nice outgoing frap guy who gets into an accident that takes away his life. Through out the story you realize his death is tearing his mother apart and then you find out they had sexual relations. Iím not to far into the season but that part alone gave me an idea.

I would want to explore that with somebody but not just the mother x son pairing. I would also want my main character to be an outsider, maybe a girl he actually likes. Maybe he is looking for a way out, to escape the relationship but doesnít know how. It doesnít have to abusive but it can be?  Iím willing to play both the mother and my own OC but I really would just want to focus on my main character but if the only reason your even want to play this is for that pairing I can it least try to write a few intimate scenes with the mother and son.

On that note I could also even play a step or second cousin or reg cousin, whatever floats your boat at a family reunion. Maybe they meet and have a lot in common and somehow start spending time with each other so were have a little more drama, perhaps the son would feel being with someone his own age, his own blood or not would be better than whatís happening with him and his mom? Open for discussion on this.

This is the son/character/actor.


Okay for people that clicked this link because of the Re-Animator part, which Iím sure, is few -_- READ BELOW.

I hate tying this in the same thread but I donít really feed the need to make more requests thread when I have a few out already. This part is about a second idea I got from watching the third season of American Horror Story.

Iím a real big fan of the cult film Re-Animator. Big fan of H.P. Lovecraft (havenít read a lot of his stories but Iíve read a few, one being re-animator.) I have both movies and I pretty much adore Herbertís Westís character and the actor Jeffery Combs that portrayed him.  In the movie he is a scientist/medical doctor who is obsessed with he idea of bringing someone back to life and in his crazy adventures ends up doing do.  Basically there crazed zombies but I guess to him his experiments are successful.

In the third season my favorite character is not only a frap boy who has a mysterious sexual relationship with his mother but heís killed and is brought back to life. His body is cut into different parts so they sew him back together and bring him back to life. He is kind of like a living corpse or Frankenstein.

So somehowÖsomeway Iíd like to do a role play with that.

Picture above is him before he is put back together and brought to life.

This is an old music video I made in high school of the movies. If your bored and just wanting to get the idea of it.