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Author Topic: Sailor Venus { MxM } Updated!  (Read 353 times)

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Sailor Venus { MxM } Updated!
« on: September 29, 2014, 11:29:11 PM »
Basically I am looking for MxM play with my Sailor Venus character I made for my group rp. I don't feel like I am going to get to use him at this rate. I'm not against playing him playing with other canon heroes as long as it isn't extremely - massively cheesy.  :]

| Scenarios |
These are some scenarios I am up for, I am open to others. I may have not thought of them. So please share with me if you have interest.
Admittedly, all the scenarios I've listed are pretty smutty. I couldn't seem to think of anything balanced in story with there only being two players. It'd be too heavy on both of us.

The Cosplayer - This is a one-shot roleplay, I am mentioning it first only because it is the most basic and quickest. My character is essentially not really Sailor Venus in this roleplay, only a genderbent cosplayer whom gets quite an amount of attention at a convention. This is absolutely smut, in which my character goes to the boy's room and is taken advantage of in costume by a nerd or group of them. Masculine or geeky, fat or slim. It doesn't matter when it is against someone's will? But, maybe he'll come around once he's smacked in the face with something hard and heavy.

The Cosplayer II - Same as the original plot, however it's a boy or group of them who want the famed cosplayer's autograph. Circling him, the fanboys are actually invited to fuck him. Seeing them build up in their pants, this Sailor Scout is proving to be more of a slut than their wetdreams had ever compared to.

You Are Sailor Venus - My scout has been yet to be discovered by " Artemis " ( No real name given, just following the guardian from anime's name. )  - However once that shape-shifting guardian does find him and determine that he is Sailor Venus, the two get down to it right away. Working away at finding the others, but there is some lust building between both the Guardian and the scout when they are alone. The heavy weight and stress of being a senshi is quite real, so is the need for release.   ( Role play can start with predetermined relationship / already found or fights / hunting don't need to be gone into with extremely much depth. Though I am trying to find out how to fully do this without it flopping. )

Casual Scouts - Rather basic, our characters are both Sailor scouts. They in between fights or waiting for anything to happen still have a pretty free schedule now that they can barely take into any activities before another trouble arises. Our characters, we'd find a predetermined relationship for. They've known each other, fought along one another. They could be enemies, rivals or best friends. Perhaps not even know each other that well , they could be quite new at this. Regardless, these two have been left alone with one another thanks to the group splitting. They are at one of the scouts homes, comfortable and often spending the night at each others' places. Perhaps something odd happens once the two fall asleep? To be talked about.

Living Together - In this roleplay we'd both be playing more than one scout, at least two each. They would all be living together and come with a number of dramas such as " Why are you not focusing, I could have died! " and things of that nature to " Why are you using my hair straightener " and " Why does a dude need a hair straightener ? " among the house. However more things bubble up, crushes and rivalry. Not everything is bubbles and friendship with these Senshi though they'll all take care of one another.

My Character: Sailor Venus, Profile
♀ Sailor Venus
Name: Eden Elks
Played By: TeacupTwink
Alias: Sailor V, Sailor Venus
Age: 17
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 132
Body type: Surprisingly tight, lean , fit. Bubbly behind.
Race: Human, Caucasian
Occupation: Highschool student
Friends: Haven't met them yet!
Costume: Replace the blue with orange and the red with blue, or reverse the orange and blue with one another depending on the costume. May wear a red beanie from time to time or head-band tied behind with flowing ribbons like a fighter. Personally wears no tiara.
Weapon: Golden chakrams with gorgeous blue handles. Orange crystals ornament each one along with leafy royal looking designs along their bladed edges.
Soul Chakram: Karma - Everything comes back, right? With this move, Venus tosses one or both chakrams into the air. Flinging them hard as they soar actually dozens of feet in the air appearing to go behind him even. However they come back not only glowing, but with what appears to be golden needles like rain flinging towards the target Venus. This scout is able to move the chakrams through the air by focusing his arms, hence the term " Soul Chakram " . This type of control is only in use when the blades are glowing. The needles once hitting any enemy appear to actually go straight through  their body, but never do any physical APPEARING damage despite causing severe pain to the opponent. However they can shred clothing
Personality: Seemingly nice, possibly overly confident. Playful, flirty pretty-boy. Semi-sporty and quite popular with the ladies. Has tinges of very light arrogance but, is otherwise quite friendly. Very uppity and active.
Likes: Volleyball, soccer, flirting, karate. Used to be on dozens of sports teams and always into extra curricular activities until he was scouted by his Guardian and took on the role of Sailor V.  Venus enjoys gaming extremely, not finding that much joy in karate anymore as it's more training for Venus now though he continues it. He has no time to play or join sports things with friends due to his new path, but can often be seen playing by himself or carrying a soccer or volleyball. Enjoys watching break-dancers and adds their twist into a lot of his fighting style. Spicey foods are well loved as are sour fruits. Likes sweets, but is picky with them. Enjoys running extremely.
Dislikes: Dark chocolate, writing, silence , doing nothing ,  doesn't care much for baseball or football.  Being hinted towards not being smart when he's always been a C+ up to B+ student at nearly everything.  Hates waiting, lacks long term patience.
Hobbies: Karate student, Ex-Soccer player, Ex-Volleyball player. Likes cooking, isn't extremely good but has fun doing it.
Sexual Orientation: Tries to identify as straight or say he's bi for prideful reasons. Only likes the attention he gets from females, but is only attracted to men.
Between The Sheets: Bottom
On's & Off's: Receiving rim-jobs, having his ass played with / groped / cheeks pulled apart or smacked. Muscle worship(giving and receiving) , giving or receiving oral.  Hair pulling, costume / clothing ripping. Rough even forced sex,  voyeurism / exhibitionism. Multiple partners and multiple penetration. Dirty talk and name-calling.
Dom / Switch / Sub: Switch
History:     In process, need to find his guardian first honestly. Only he and Moon have one or will have one.  So finding out how he was a scout will be in the works.

Sailor V still at the moment does not know who the enemy is. His guardian and Moon's conversing with this scout knowing nothing of the situation. This scout has become the pretty-boy heart throb of the public. Solving crime and beating up street thugs, saving people from the usual non-world threatening drama with his powers in the mean time. Hoping to find out the reason behind these odd disappearances and illnesses that are leaving people in small masses at a time that were in the same place completely soulless if not dead.  Eden has forced himself to beat up thugs in a rage asking them what they knew before leaving them knocked out and ready for the police to pick them up whenever they were discovered.

Some have even caught this somewhat sloppy super hero beating the thugs up, criminals and bandits. A small local game made for him having been spreading in arcades around the area along with his own comics and posters. Nothing like this had been seen yet, before. This extreme power, control and justice beyond what the police could do? The public was entertained and he quickly began winning hearts of girls and making boys want to be like him and jealous at the same time.
Extra Pictures

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Re: Sailor Venus { MxM }
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2014, 09:51:08 AM »
Now has basic scenarios.  :-\ Need to add more, I had a really good one and then my train of thought died.