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Author Topic: Hexenwolf's RP Ideas  (Read 413 times)

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Hexenwolf's RP Ideas
« on: October 14, 2014, 03:43:38 AM »
Well, here I am, looking for my first RP. Let me first say that I am extremely kinky, and submissive. There are many things that I enjoy that most people would not. I want to state that none of these are mandatory. Just because I like something doesn't mean you have to do it, like it, or even have me mention it, if it's not brought up.

First, I'd like to talk about the types of characters I play, as I'll organize my scene ideas by the characters I'm playing.

I play anthropomorphic characters, of the more feminine variety. Femboys, those without muscle, etc. I am usually open to playing most any species within this realm, and can probably pull a picture from wherever to suit my current scene. I will play anything, though I do have a few characters already developed. This is just my first attempt at creating a thread seeking RP, and I would rather fill it with text, and make a mistake that way.
My Favorite Species to play as such are; Felines (Large Cats), Scalies (Drakes, Lizards, Etc), Foxes, Deer, Bats, and Avians. Quite a broad list, no?

I play as feral animals, though these are mostly for FeralxFeral scenes. I'm the Omega, the pack slut for a wolf pack, to use and abuse to take their aggression out on. I play the new male seeking admittance into a lion's pride, and as such, am humped to established dominance, rather than killed. There are plenty of scenes, and plenty of gay animals in nature, with reasons behind them. I play these reasons, though I am open to others as well. I should have a few ideas listed.

I play shape changers. were-creatures, therianthropes. They're fun to play, and combine the best of both worlds, human(oid), and anthro. There are many things that I am willing to do in a shape changer scene, and have plenty of ideas. They are mostly included in modern fantasy scenes, or horror type scenes. There is little I tend not to do while playing a shapechanger.

I play humanoids. These are different than humans, in that they tend to be either those with animal ears and tail, elves, fae, and other such beings. These are used for M/M Scenes, and most often I enjoy playing them with feral animals and anthromorphs, but I have had many great experiences playing them with others of their kind, so I'm willing to try it.

Then there are straight humans. I enjoy using them as blank slates for a transformations scene. I enjoy using them for contrast. Muscles to skinny, fur and flesh, etc. Essentially, as a human male, I'm looking to be degraded and transformed, mind warped, until I am far less than that.

These are the species I usually play, and the places I usually play them. I hope I didn't screw this up to badly. I look at some people's ads and I'm in awe.

Offline HexenwolfTopic starter

Re: Hexenwolf's RP Ideas
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2014, 04:11:14 AM »
Anthropomorphic Scenes

The New Gelding
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It sounds quite like it is. I'd be playing a stallion male. You perhaps a ranch owner, or a ranch hand. I'd be hired upon your farm, having signed something without reading it, giving you permission to do what you wish with my body. One of the main things you want to do, however, is to castrate the new horny stallion, in order to make sure he doesn't go knocking up any of the other 'Mares' on the farm. Brand him as your property, so that if he runs away, everyone will know where to bring him back to.

Possible Scene Kinks: Castration, Sissification, Verbal Abuse, Humiliation, Degredation, and Branding

Feral Scenes

The Omega
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Just as it sounds, for those of you that know about wolves. For those of you that don't, the Omega is typically female, though in this case will be male. The Omega is the pack slut. The pack torture doll. Used for taking out both emotional and sexual frustration. The one who stays back and watches the pups, the one who eats last, the one... tormented, for the good of the pack. Perhaps you'd play a pack member, frustrated at a female rejecting your mate claim. Perhaps you'd be the lonely alpha, who had lost his mate. There are plenty of options why you'd go to the Omega. The thing is, you notice, as time goes on, repeated visits, repeated abuse... that you're beginning to fall for the omega. Who encourages your abuse, and prays that you feel better, despite how terrible he looks.. to the point you realize, that you want the Omega s your mate, and as such... refuse to let any harm come to him anymore. Then again. This could just be straight sex, and abuse... No possibility of being saved.

Possible Kinks: Multiple Partners, Physical Abuse, Degredation, Verbal Abuse, Emotional and Physical Pain, Romance

Shapechanger Scenes

The Vampire's Thrall
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Raised before he was found by those of his kind, my character would have been raised to believe that he is a monster. He was found as a young, transformed character, by a vampire... and with constant blood being received from this vamp, he was bound forever unto his service. He was trained in many things.. but the main result, was in fact, that he was to be an assassin.. an assassin of his own kind, and of enemy vampire lords. Your character could either be the lord, or he could be one of the shape shifters he has been trying to assassinate, or hell, you could even be someone who tries to convince him that there is more than this, that he can be more than a monster.

Possible Kinks: There are many things that could fit into this scene. Bondage, Torture, Pain, Romance, Each one depends on who or what you intend on playing.

Humanoid Scenes

Post Apocalypse Mutations
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Most people turned into zombies when the nuke hit us. Something within it, I suppose. But the lucky ones? We survived... though we mutated. Maybe that's not so lucky after all. We have to fight for our lives. We have to shoot down anyone who gets bitten. We have to fight, strike, and struggle to survive. We never know if we'll lose someone, or what we'll find, when we go searching for supplies...

You could play a survivor. You could GM this world. Either one, or maybe something I'm not even thinking of. But the main theme of this should be horror and survival. Struggling to find some place safe. Struggling to find the other survivors, and in doing so, perhaps find companionship as well. Love, or maybe just meaningless sex. Who knows what creatures lie in wait, other than the zombies...

Human Scenes

The New Puppy
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Puppy Play! Maybe you've heard of it, or maybe you haven't. Its the kink or lifestyle, to live as, or act like, a feral dog. Usually accompanied by bdsm gear, such as tail plugs, puppy masks, and especially paws and kneepads. You meet someone on a site designed for those into puppy play. You invite me over. I come, the stupid fool that I am, only to be knocked out, and awaken in puppy gear that has been locked on. I'm to be your new puppy... until I displease you.. and then who knows what will happen.

My favorite version of this includes being "adopted" by the police force, staying in the kennels with the other german shepherds... And, well, I'm sure you get the gist~ But yes, training the new puppy, to be a police dog! Won't that be nice?

Possible Kinks: Puppy Play, Zoophilia, Multiple Partners, Humiliation, Degradation, Verbal Abuse, Watersports.