Replacement maid fantasy in Italy or France. nc- bon

Started by playfullchick76, September 24, 2008, 10:59:26 AM

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i have two ideas that can be played out, in private emails or in post by post ones.

no 1. Im on holiday in Italy. im seen by a powerfull mafia figure who is after fresh staff to fill a property for his son and daughter in law, or even himself. He has me kidnapped from my hotel or guest house and delivered there to be trained. I would be made to learn italian, accept a new name, new duties, and never try to escape.

no 2. Im on holiday in france somewhere. On my travels, i pick up a girl who needs to get out of the country fast, but wont tell me why. She is escaping her owner, who had her kidnapped and trained to be one of her maids. I give her a lift and some money. She manages to get out, but her people find me, as she left some of her stuff with me, that had a tiny gps unit in. Since she cant be found, the mistress decides to have me trained to take her place.


Ohh man...I like your first idea a lot but I am currently have quite a few active games. (Also I do not know Italian  >:( )