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August 12, 2022, 03:26:03 am

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Author Topic: Cultists and other weird stuff... (F looking for any)  (Read 889 times)

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Cultists and other weird stuff... (F looking for any)
« on: September 27, 2014, 09:25:51 pm »
Hi there!

Occasionally, I get this inclination to try playing something involving the supernatural, weird cults and similar stuff. I admit I don't have any strong plots developed yet... just some plot seed and general ideas. But I thought that, hey! I might just throw them out here and see if I can get anyone interested in brainstorming a potential story!  ;D

So, below are some plot ideas for you to peruse. In all of these stories, I'd be interested in playing a female character. My writing partner could play whoever they wish :)

Fantasy Cultists

Basically, I've had this idea for a story in some sort of fantasy setting... My character would be a young woman who gets abducted by a cult worshipping some sort of an evil god existing in this universe (think: Bane, Sauron, Khorne - or, maybe, some lesser dark god). Among other abductees, she gets thrown into a sacrificial chamber and is faced with the god's manifestation. Most of the abductees get outright killed by the god or go inreverssibly insane. My character, though? She's strong enough mentally not to go completely crazy - but not strong enough to resist the god's willpower. The god looks into her soul... and, under his gaze, her soul almost dies. She emerges from the sacrificial chamber as a spiritually broken servant of the dark god.

This could be the story of this female cultist and, say, a hero who arrives to wipe the cult out. Would he / she be able to bring her back to her senses? Or, we could make this into a story of what happens to a cultist once the cult is defeated: her cult wiped out, my character wanders back into the world, trying to make sense of what to do next... Would she keep worshipping her god, or would she regain her sanity?

Or, maybe, there's another plot you'd like to do with such a character? Let's discuss that :)

Modern Horror Cultists

For a long time now, I wanted to explore the inner workings of one of those scary cults from horror book and movies. Those cults are usually the antagonists in horror stories - but I'd like to try doing a horror story about the cultists themselves: them conducting their strange plots, losing their humanity, sanity etc. The cult might be a small group that came into existence recently, with my character being the most recent inductee, gradually learning the cult's dark ways. Or, maybe, the cult could be something that has been going on for years, with my character being actually *born* into it - maybe even being prepared for a position of leadership within the cult?

Basically: some kind of horror story told from the perspective of the cultists.

Strange Community

Following on the modern horror cult idea, I'd like to propose doing something with the "strange isolated community" idea. My ideas keep coming back to the Nick Cage Wicker Man remake - not because it's a good movie (heh heh), but because it features this community of cultists wearing almost-Victorian clothes etc. I'd like to do something with a place like that. My character could be a woman who ends up in a place like that for some reason... She'd get to explore this strange community's ways, while being tempted or pressured into joining them. Would she give in - or would she escape?

This story could put some focus on the cultists' attempts to convert / assimilate / break my character, with the supernatural taking the back seat - or they could be more overt, with the character facing horrific and mysterious happenigs directly. Whatever fits the general idea of a young woman stuck in a strange community.

Becoming The Supernatural

Okay, so I've been watching Cabin In The Woods some time ago... and there was this character, the Hell-Lord, that appeared in a few scenes. According to the Internet, there was supposed to be a female minion of his appearing in the movie, too. And I kept thinking: who is this woman? Obviously, she was supposed to be some sort of demon. But maybe she was human once? After all, the Hell-Lord is obviously Hellraiser's Pinhead... and Pinhead and his Cenobites were once human, too.

So... I'd like to try making a story, a modern horror or fantasy one, about a woman who falls into the clutches of some otherdimensional dark entity (not sure if I would want it to be a literal demon) and is remade to be his / her / its servant. We could tell of her transformation, her life in this other dimension... then, maybe, her return home?

Just a loose idea about a woman made into a something inhuman...

So... these are the story seeds. Any takers for them? If so, please PM me :)