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March 28, 2017, 10:29:57 PM

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Author Topic: Love in Defiance (M seeking F)  (Read 170 times)

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Offline FedalasTopic starter

Love in Defiance (M seeking F)
« on: September 27, 2014, 06:23:24 AM »
Partner has been found, I'll lock the thread till further notice.

What I'm Looking for
I'm craving a heart warming and almost tear jerking love story.
I'll try hard to steer clear of clichés which will be hard since I would like it to be a forbidden love story. The two characters being of opposing factions or something along those lines.
The main thing I'm looking for is my partners character to be a Blood Elf female. If you haven't guessed at this stage it's going to be a World of Warcraft related role-play.

What I want from my Partner
  • Active - I'd like someone is relatively active. I'm the kind of person who can't wait a week for a reply, frankly ruins the flow of the role-play for me.
  • Literacy - I don't expect you to have a masters in English but just be competent. Hell, I make mistakes at times so don't worry about it too much.
  • Detail - My replies tend to be a minimum of about three paragraphs but don't let this set a standard. I do understand under certain circumstances replies will be shorter which is fine just don't give me a one liner.

Opposing Factions - The role-play can be about a Human male and Blood Elf female who are forced to interact due to some unfortunate event. I have some ideas for this which I'll just put in brief bullet points.
  • After a prolonged battle between the Horde and Alliance (For whatever reason) the Human would come across the possibly wounded Blood Elf. Feeling a great deal of sorrow and mercy he shields her and saves her by running away with her from the commanders who would see her raped and killed. She could have been involved in the battle or simply be a helpless civilian caught in the middle. This would see the two living on the run and hiding. Constantly being chased down by either factions even more so if it turns out the Blood Elf is of some great importance. Eventually falling in love despite the circumstances.
  • The role-play could be between two Blood Elves. The male would be part of a secret society, assassins mostly and he would receive his latest job. To kill the female (Reason to be thought of). Proceeding with his job till the point where he comes to face his victim. Unable to kill her due to feeling some strange attraction to her, he would opt to try and hide her. Fleeing with her only to have the secret society hunt them down like animals but they must endure and live for one another. Having saved her by sacrificing his glorious life for her, the two fall in love under the cloud of great despair.

Random Points
  • I don't mind working kinks into the sex shared between the two, heart warming love stories can still have wild sex.
  • I can be a little flexible on certain aspects of this but I'm quite set on my partner being Blood Elf. I'm approachable and don't bite ( Maybe ¬¬) so do feel free to enquire.

The second idea has been taken as of the 28/09/14 (Text with the "text is no longer applicable)
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