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Author Topic: [M/M] [Seeking a Superhero/Villain or Magical Boy] [BDSM] You Look Familiar  (Read 406 times)

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Offline DotleyTopic starter

You Look Familiar
Superheroes, Villains, or Magical Boys
M/M. Contemporary. BDSM.

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Iíve only got a few vague and stray kernels for this idea but Iíve got the strongest craving for it. The gist of it is that Iím looking to explore the lives of two men who possess super powers/magical abilities and must juggle their everyday responsibilities while keeping their alter ego a secret. Iíd like for the menís alter egos to be heated rivals or bitter enemies and for them to unknowingly interact with each other on a frequent basis in their daily lives. Mostly this would be a story about the stress of maintaining a double life, superpower/magic shenanigans, and the price of keeping secrets.

I can swing with a dark and gritty tone, a more lighthearted and campy tone, or something a bit surreal and mindtrippy. But either way I would like to see psychological realism to the characters and create an interesting build up of their relationship. Eventually Iíd love to have one (or both of them) discover who the other is in their daily life and attempt to use this knowledge to their advantage to change the dynamics of their feud. How it all ultimately turns out is up for discussion.

Setting Influences & Inspiration
Choose A Flavor

Iím willing to go in three different directions where it concerns the inspiration for the story. I donít have a preference myself as I love Ďem all equally so Iíll swing whichever way my writing partner prefers.

Flavor 1: Inspired by American superhero and science fiction genres. Think Marvel or DC verse, X-Men, Watchmen, Heroes (tv series). The setting would take place in a western location like the USA, Canada, or UK.

Flavor 2: Inspired by Japanese anime, specifically the mahou shoujo (magical girls) genre but obviously weíd be writing magical boys instead. Think Sailor Moon, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, or Tiger & Bunny. The setting would take place in Japan.

Flavor 3: Mashup of the above two. Iíd be pleased as peaches to write a Japanese magical boy opposite of an American style superhero or villain.

Pairing Possibilities
Pairing Possibilities

For their interactions as their alter egos:

Rivals: Hero/Hero or Magical Boy/Magical Boy
Rivals: Villain/Villain or Dark Magical Boy/Dark Magical Boy
Enemies: Hero/Villain or Dark Magical Boy/Magical Boy

For interactions in their daily lives:

Childhood Friends
Best Friends
University Professor/Student

Pertinent Information
  • Please PM me if this idea sparks your interest. Don't post in this thread. Thank you!
  • My O/O's can be found here.
  • Seeking someone interested in writing a superhero, villain, or magical boy. Their name, age, appearance, race, ethnicity, etc is up to my writing partner. Though in order to mesh well with my own character he will need to be a dominant top or switchy top.
  • Forum only. It could go into the Bondage, NC, or Extreme category.
  • Iím not picky about post length. Though be aware I tend to post around three or six paragraphs myself.
  • As for posting speed Iím looking for someone who can post at least thrice a month. Though real life always comes first. I typically respond within a few days or around a week.
  • While I'm looking forward to the story containing kink and smut I would like there to be plot and emotional depth to the characters.
  • Iím happy to collaborate with a writing partner on adding new angles or twists to the basic idea that I'm presenting.
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