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November 26, 2020, 10:16:00 AM

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Author Topic: Star Wars: Sith of the Old Republic (M for F)  (Read 503 times)

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Star Wars: Sith of the Old Republic (M for F)
« on: September 26, 2014, 02:49:43 AM »


Hey! thx for reading! =)

So the idea for this is that there were Sith holocrons that contained sexual deviations using the dark side of The Force. This was part of what later led to Jedi not being allowed to marry. It was the same reasoning behind why they weren't allowed to study Sith holocrons and practices. They were afraid that if they were allowed to marry, that they would end up uncovering these dark Sith practices.

My character would be the Sith Master, and yours would be that of the apprentice. I may 'play the parts' of some female characters, but my main character is male, and yours is female. (Sorry guys.)

(This is all open to change/alteration...)
The Sith Master, while researching in Sith temple archives, discovers a 'lost' Sith temple. (Yes, very much like Obi-Wan discovering Kamino in the Jedi Temple in "Attack of the Clones"... Hey! I never said all my ideas were original...! =p) The Sith apparently fled the temple when the Jedi invaded and flushed them out. The Jedi sealed the temple, never to return. The Sith Master steals the holocron along with a starship, and makes his way to the planet.
The 'hidden' Sith temple resides a relatively short distance away from a small spaceport. (This way, plots involving civilization and even other star-systems are very much possible.) He takes up residence there, and seeks an apprentice. (That would be your character.)
Everything the two of you could want for is provided between the Sith temple, the nearby spaceport, and the surrounding area. The temple is replete with it's own library (which is where the holocron of sexual Sith practices was uncovered) and bacta tank.

In this story, a Sith Master has taken on an apprentice in what is basically a Dom/sub relationship. There will be a lot of psychological manipulation in this. If you think of the Dark Side Cave on Dagobah in "Empire'" when Luke cuts off 'Vader's' head only to reveal his own face...and start mixing that with say..."Blue Velvet"'ll start to get the idea...
There would be a lot of 'orgasm control'. The idea that there would also be sexual humiliation and some S&M practices would also be prevalent. Definitely some bondage. There may be some branding (generally using Sith symbols) of the apprentice's body as well. Given that, there may be times when the sex is non-consensual. Specifically, there may also be 'face-fucking' and throat penetration, anal, hair-pulling, slapping, and choking. Your character may also be required to be naked or wear specific - likely provocative - clothing.
These are all dependent upon my partner as well. Also, please have a look at my ons/offs page when you get a chance. You can absolutely give me your list as well or just go through mind and say, "Yes... No... Yes... Yes..."
These elements would not appear: excrement, vore, inflation, hard torture, or anything involving mutilation (aside from the branding.)

I don't want to 'ruin' any surprises or anything...but this would include using The Force during sex... A very simple example might be using The Force to Force Choke you during sex. Something a little less 'simplistic/obvious' might be using (very mild) Force Lighting to apply shocks during sex very similar to the use of hot wax. A much less simplistic example might be a Sith sexual ritual. And I'll just...leave that one up to your own imagination for now... And hopefully you'll be able to come up with some too!

This wouldn't just be smut though. There is method to my madness. It is madness...but there is method to it. ;p
First of all, I suppose I should mention: The Master is not just evil. He actually does care for the apprentice a great deal. Probably more than she even knows... But that will come out in the plot. I thought that after mentioning some of the elements that may be involved, it might come across like, "Well this guy's just a colossal asshole!" I assure you: that is not the case. I understand that there are rp's like that. And that's fine. However, this is not one of them.
And there is to be a lot of plotting going on. For instance, the romantic connection would be explored between the two. Is she in love with him? Has he just manipulated her mind into thinking so? And does he actually love her? Then why does he treat her the way he does? What if she became pregnant?
Other plots may revolve around tests of devotion...experimenting with new holocrons... What if someone were to discover the temple they've taken up residence in...? The list really does go on.

Oh, and this also absolutely does not have to take place during the time of The Old Republic. I just titled it that as a play on Knights of the Old Republic. It could just as well take place during just about any other era. So if you favor the original films, it could just as well take place then as well. And the image of the 'fem-trooper' isn't in reference to anything either. I just finished that recently and it was handy, so I decided to use it.

Okay, I've gone on like a certain protocol droid here! (I'm gonna hafta edit the hell outta this... =[) But I'm always open to discussing more if you'd like, so if you're interested, have questions, or anything else, please don't post here, but private message me with how you feel about it!

 - "Fly casual!"
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Re: Star Wars: Sith of the Old Republic (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2014, 04:10:27 AM »
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